Sunday, February 9, 2014

Possible work day

Here it is Sunday morn'n already. Where has the week gone?

I paid dearly for pick'n up that microwave. No, it weren't all that heavy....cheap ain't heavy ya know, but put'n that sucker into my cart an' then hav'n to take it back out to place in the "billy jeep" was just too much. You got to remember, I used to carry a hunnert pounds in one hand. Them days are long gone.

Nephew Frank helped me install the microwave. He did the pick'n up. I did the tell'n him how to do it.
The fit ain't perfect, but nobody gonna know it but me.

Ok, back to hav'n a bad night. It was 1:30am before I finally got to bed. I lay there on the couch watch'n stuff I had no interest in at all. TV in 2014 sucks. My back an' hip feel like hell. I waked up at 6:15 this morn'n, no better off in the pain department. In fact, it was the pain what waked me up. Pain an' them bastard backwards leg cramps radiat'n down my legs. I was also quite grouchy an' grumpy when I got up.

So here I sit, a cup of coffee in one hand, a smoke in the other an' a couple 500 mg. aspirin do'n their thing. It's still too early for the sunshine an' temps to get higher. I need to go outside....this sucks.  Oh, did I mention there is a couple more "cool" days in the forecast....an' a few buckets full of rain water?
This is why I have no plans in my mind for "hit'n the road" any time soon.

Checked the Falcon lake fish'n report. It ain't look'n too good. Water temps are in the 50's, what bass don't like at all. Very few fish are being caught. I'm think'n I should just go buy me a bulldozer.

If we get the "billy jeep" tore apart today, I'll update an' show you some pics. I'm think'n there's a possibility the "billy jeep" could easily turn into a "that jeep". Find'n some broke stuff an' that whine noise. Oh, did I fail to mention, the emergency brake don't work? What the hell, I thought I bought a brand spank'n new Jeep.


  1. Microwave install looks pretty good, from here.
    Good luck with "billy jeep".

  2. Microwave looks good to me, also. Have you tried to taking magnesium at night for your leg cramps?

    1. Apparently you missed what I said in my blog. My leg cramps were not the cause of my back an' hip problems, it was my back and hip problems that caused the leg cramps.

    2. And....I don't have leg cramps every night. Only after over exerting my back.

    3. The ONLY way you are going to NOT get advice about what you should do about your leg cramps is quit saying that you have had them.
      Good luck with trying that. There will be regular readers that then want to know if you have had a leg cramp.

  3. That is a nice looking microwave :)