Sunday, February 16, 2014

Billy Bob chili

Ok, read all the blogs, read the news, checked out Facebook....I slept good last night.

Before I went to bed last night, I turned off the lights over the couch. It didn't go off. Dad gum switch is broke. One more item to add to my "fix this" list......Grrrrrrrrr.

Speak'n of fix'n stuff....."where the hell is my cook'n pot"? I'm gonna brew me up a big pot of chili.

In the refrigerator I find my pot. It's got some chicken veg. soup in it. I go to the door, stick my head out an' holler...."GOAT", real loud. Here he come lickity split, know'n he gonna get something to eat. He clean that pot pretty darn good.

I rinses that pot out an' put it on a high heat, number 7 on my stove. Add me 2 pounds of crumbled up 80/20 hamburger. Now 80/20 is Ok for chili, but the best is the greasy stuff....70/30. Chili has to have some grease in it. I ain't got none. I brown the 80/20. To this I add half a medium onion. Now speeak'n of onion in chili, it got to be in there too. The yeller kind....all cut up in little bite size pieces. A little salt is added along with a heap'n tablespoon full of course black pepper. These two items are absolutely necessary. That's why God invented 'em. A great big ol' can of diced maters is added to the mixture an' brung back up to a fierce roll'n boil. Now I lower the heat an' let it cook a while. Like bout 15 minutes...with a lid.  Some people call that a simmer.

At this point, I open me up 4 packages of McCormics chili season'n....an' stirs it in. Also with the McCormics season'n, I add two secret ingredients to make it "Billy Bob" chili instead of regular old chili. Two cans of pinto beans are added at this time. Now bout beans in chili. Beans are a filler, nuttin else. They are not needed in a pot of chili. But there is only one kind of beans for chili. Pinto beans. No further discussion.

It's now time to add some jalapeno peppers. "Billy Bob" chili contains jalapeno peppers, not for the bite, but for the flavor. Ok, I add too many an' now it has "bite". I puts the lid back on an' let it simmer for a hour on very low heat. An' then I turn off the heat an' let it rest. Rest period should be a few hours, but I cain't wait. "What the hell????"....I forgot the garlic. Yesterdays chili is mediocre compared to what it supposed to be. "My god, somebody give me a towel, I'm sweat'n up a storm".

Yesterdays post, I was not expect'n the interest I got. I was think'n I was the only one with them kind of problems. I'm kind of think'n it has nuttin to do with the way ya lived, the foods ya ate, or took care of yourself....you're just get'n old. Seems everbody has the same problems....or close, an' they all bout my age. With all the input bout teeth, I rekon I'll be see'n a dentist in the near future.

Went outside yesterday an' check the water in the house batteries. Add bout a cup of water to each cell an' we good to go for another couple months. One more item check off my "fix this" list.

Oh, did I mention I did up them dirty dishes in the sink? I figgered since I was stand'n there at the sink....why not? I'm miss'n two bowls. "GOAT, where my damn bowls"???

I could sit here an' write for a couple more hours, but "damn, this is get'n too long". Maybe I'll go outside an' climb up under the "billy jeep" an' install the brake light kit. Anybody got a 1 inches hole saw I can borry? An' can somebody help me get back up off'n the ground?

I knew it, I just knew it....eff'n Google did not update my post for today.......Grrrrrrrrrr.....

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  1. We got a hole saw you can use and My woman said she'll help ya back up,,,just like she does with me when I get on the ground,lol.
    But you'll have to come up here to Michigan just darn near to the Mackinac bridge to borry it.Might want to wait a month till the snow melts.
    Plenty of yard to park in.Bring yer goat with ya.
    We're puttin ya back in our prayers again tonight.

    What's those two secret things ya put in yer chili again?.You forgot to say,heheheh