Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How do ya build baby moon hubcaps???

Ok, I got to take me a minute or two to write something. I been a busy man ya know....an' somebody may be interested in what I'm do'n.

Yesterdays appointment. It went well. Fill out a gazillion papers an' go sit in the doctors office....wait'n. It weren't a long wait an' in come the doctor assistant. He say "howdy, what the hell you here for"? Well, not them exact words, but they sound good. Check all my stuff, blood pressure, temp.....that kind of stuff. Starts lay'n out needles, big ol' knifes, bandage materials....needle an' thread.....some welder gloves an' a band aid. Then the doc come in. Look at the thing on my shoulder..."hain't nuttin to it". Do you take any blood thinner medications. "Yup I do, up to 2000mg of aspirin some days". My minor surgery has been postponed due to the fack I could bleed slap to death. October 19th. 20 minute procedure.

Yesterday an' again today, I ain't had to take my normal dose of them aspirins. Back feel pretty dad gum good for a change. That all I got to say bout that.

Busy busy busy. I'm gonna build a custom boat trailer. I'm gonna say custom 'cause I have to make it fit my Chris Craft boat.....what is longer than this one.

Ain't that one snazzy look'n trailer? Posted xtra large so's you can see the beauty of it.

I went to Hobby Lobby to look for other parts. I fount me some exact size wooden wheels. Then I went an' pick out some wooden sticks to build the trailer framework. I'm think'n it's bout the right size. Some measurements was made an' I start glue'n them sticks together. Damn, it looks just like a boat trailer.

 Ha ha, posted this size so's you cain't see the mistakes. Yes, there are 2. The wheels an' tires will be painted exactly like the photos above. Anybody know how to make mini "baby moons"?

Ok, one more photo without the boat.

Work on the boat has been put on hold until the humidity an' temps are back to "apply epoxy resin" conditions. Weather has been terrible in Georgia for build'n a boat....rain an' too chilly (lower 70's, 80+ humidity). Every freak'n day.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Doctors an' more doctors.....Grrrrrrrr..

Well I want you lookie here....I'm off to another doctor appointment. This shit is get'n old.
This appointment is with a surgeon...or something like that. To remove a growth on my left shoulder....or somewheres back there. It's not a health issue, but it does cause me some discomfort from time to time. "That" doctor say he think it's a ingrowed hair. Ok....I don't have hair on my back. Next!!!

Can hardly wait to see my back doctor again. An' get me a shot down there in the S1. Maybe that will help me feel a bit better. But....I have my doubts. Ya see, bout 2 month ago I was shot in that S1 an' it didn't help my hip pain at all. By the way, this is the doc what walked out on me 'cause he got pissed when I tell him where I hurt an' he say I don't hurt there.

Since them 2 visits to the chiropractor, I got me a brand spank'n new pain in my lower back. But I still ain't gonna blame him. It's got to be from something I ate.....ha ha ha.

Oh oh!!! The great big propane tank can not be filled. Too freak'n old. The second 10 gallon (8 gal) tank has been filled. I can purchase a 100 pound bottle what will hold 19 gallons from Home Depot. Once it get cold...upper 30's an' lower 40's, 19 gallons will last me (Mr Heater) right at 3 weeks with the help of a couple electric heaters. Too bad I cain't find me a propane place that will come to "da house" an' fill my needs....my 32 gallon house tank, the 100 pound tank an' the 2 10 gallon tanks. Top off the 2 1/2 gallon Weber grill tank.

Now let me tell ya something really really weird. My insurance company. I needed to make a payment. So's I clickity click. Enter my name an' all that stuff. Make my payment. Then I try to get back to my insurance to email me my insurance card. Name not in system....what the hell??? But I did receive a email confirmation that payment has been received. Go figger!!! Gonna have to make a phone call an' do me some ass chew'n....git this shit straighten out.

Ok...time to go.....see ya laters.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy birthday Billy Bob......yeee haa, I made 74

Oh my God, you don't even want to hear what I did to that boat. Ha ha, but I'm gonna tell ya anyhows.

But first.....I made it.  I've had my doubts along the way this last year, if'n it was possible or not. But guess what....the old Billy Bob just completed 73 years walk'n barefooted upon solid ground, not so solid ground, water an' a bit of quicksand. I been through forests full of big ol' trees, go through brier bushes full of big ol' needle stickers, climbed mountains where man has never trudged, waded streams an' rivers chin deep, trudged across burning desert sands with only a half pint of water....an' I never flinched once. That ain't quite a accurate description, but it ain't off by a whole lot in a few instances. Seasonings, spices an' herbs ya know.

As I sit here an' look back on my life, I git to think'n...."Billy Bob, you should have been dead years ago some the stuff you done". Or....."Billy Bob, you had a rather excit'n life". Well, it weren't ALL excit'n....I had my share of bad times too. But we don't talk much bout them times.....bad memories.

My blog, up to this point, has been a recap of my life. Mostly the good times an' weird shit I done as a younger adventurer. I wrote many many stories of them events. An' as I was writ'n 'em, I relived them events. There are times, like when I'm root'n round in the dump (depressed), I'll go back in my blog an' relive them events again. There ain't a whole lot of my life what I ain't wrote about....other than the bad times. It was a good 73 years. Pick'n up smoke butts off'n the streets, beg'n a neighbor for a tater, a pet chicken turn into a pot of soup, skeeters as big as horse flies, cain't swim an' almost drown....yup, I had me a good life.

Speak'n of good life, that doctor I was talk'n bout that I ain't never gonna see again...well, I have me 2 appointments. One the stomach doctor an' the other to remove a growth thingy on my back....ingrowed hair or something like that.

Still ain't decided what to do bout the "billy jeep". State inspection is due in January....registration due in February. To place the Jeep in my sons name will cost almost $400 an' the insurance will increase. It would be much cheaper for me to take a bout 700 mile ride down the road a piece to Texas an' get the sucker inspected myself. Decisions decisions.

Ok, here's what you all been wait'n to hear. I screw up on the boat build'n project again....two times. Ya see, when ya put epoxy resin on something, the weather has to comply to the rules. Hot an' low humidity. Well, I didn't even give that a thought when I applied a coat of resin in 70 degree weather. It curdled just like cottage cheese.....orange peeled. Had to sand all that shit off.
So's I builded a heated spray booth. Installed a heater an' applied a coat of resin to the same side again. It curtled...orange peeled. Hmmmmm, what's the humidity outside? 80+%. For the next 3 days we will have rain an' low temps. No resin will be applied.

A trip is planned for this afternoon. Me an' "yo mama" is go'n to Douglasville. That's where Ace hardware is at. I need me some Colonial Red paint for the seat repairs an' the engine compartment. I also need me a piece of 7/32 brass tubing for the shaft stuffing box.....sailor talk.  Motor, brass prop an' piano hinge has been shipped from Dumas in Arizona.

Now, for anybody attempting to build a 1949 Chris Craft Runabout Racer, take heed. Are ya listen'n JB? This project is expensive. I'm up to right at close to $500 smackers as of today. The radio gear has NOT been ordered yet. At least one or two more cans of urethane spray will be needed....at $10 a can. The spray does a much better job than brushed on polyurethane. No bubbles an' much less sand'n. Depend'n on the surface quality you want. I'm go'n for mirror finish. Ha....only to sit on my desktop an' draw dust an' dirt. Did you know, flies shit on model boats. Bastards!!!

Well, I rekon that's it for another excit'n day. Maybe next post I'll have something to bring a smile to yer faces.     

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Nuttin much today....this sucks

Well....here I am again....dag nab it. Today's post will contain NO photos of that boat. It looks the same today as it did a couple days ago...'cause I didn't work on it....'cause I didn't want to. But don't be jump'n up an' down 'cause I ain't got nuttin to say bout that boat.....I will shortly.

In fact, I got something to say bout it right now while I'm think'n bout it. The motor has been ordered. Along with some mini piano hinge for the engine compartment 2 piece hatch. In the kit, I received a POS plastic propeller (prop). That won't do, so's I ordered a 3 blade 1 inches brass propeller (prop). This boat will go a hunnert mile a hour with these hi dollar parts...or I'll eat me up a big ol' balony an' mater sammich.

I didn't mention that Robert has returned to work last week. He's a union (yuk) electrician, so he make boo-koos the $$$$$$. Work'n at a power plant shut down not far from "da house". They do that every year....maintenance or something like that. This leaves me with Yo Mama an' HIL Harry to look after me during the day. Do a pretty darn good job too.

Still no word from the doctors office I was referred to for my stomach issues. I don't like no water hose poked down my throat (endoscopy), but if'n that's what it takes to fix stuff, I'll do it. Damn, another one them big ass needles stuck in my hand. Just "when"?....I don't know.

If'n I goes out to the shed, I'll take a couple pics, an' post 'em' of the finished steer'n wheel, the Igloo cooler an' the almost finished trolling motor I builded. You'll be proud when ya see "em.
Hold on, I'll be right back.....

"Shoot Billy Bob, when you take pics, you take pics". 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Nuttin new here....next!!!

Ok, here it is Sunday evening....."where the hell you been Billy Bob????

Well, ya see, it's like this....since I been post'n the building of my remote control boat, my blog is fall'n slap down. I don't know what to post no more. All I got at this time is my health issues an' build'n a boat.

Speak'n of health issues, today was the third day in a roll where...."you ain't gonna be on yer feet today Billy Bob". Can I blame it on the chiroquacker, or is it just that I'm a few days older an' gonna hurt more?
My Walmart trip was put off for the second day....an' I ain't got nuttin to eat. Poor Leonard is starv'n slap to death. Oh, did I mention, Leonard is on a diet again. He went through a 6 pounds bag of cat food in lickity split......bout 10 days. (I let him eat as much as he wanted from the open bag) My guess today, he weighs right at 8 pounds.....or more. He gonna be a big cat. 

I been do'n great on the smokes. Had me a couple 7 1/2 days an' a 6 1/2 yesterday. But....today I splurged while work'n on the boat. While sand'n an' apply'n resin, I smoked 4 for the afternoon....just lighted up #8 for the day. Looks like it's gonna be a 10 smoke day.

I don't know why, but I been think'n "road time". You don't know what it's like to be stuck somewheres an' can only think. I've all but give slap up on get'n my back repaired. All this time see'n doctors an' I ain't no better than I was a year ago. I have good days an' I have bad days....but the pain never ceases.

My last visit to "that other" general practitioner, I'm think'n I won't be see'n him no more. I had to remind him why I went to him in the first place. An' he still ain't gonna do nuttin. Well wait a minute, he DID refer me to a stomach doctor. They gonna do a endoscopy to see why I have so much stomach problems.

Now let's talk bout that boat. My God, where is all these screw ups com'n from? As of today, most screw ups have been repaired. If'n I ever build another plank on frame boat, all them planks is gonna be glued down extra special. Loose planks are a no no.
As of today, I have 4 coats of epoxy resin smeared on the boat. Holy cows, it looks wonderful.
Botton has been fiberglassed an' 2 thin coats of resin.
 4th coat of resin....look at that shine.
This would pass as a shiny boat......but, another sanding an' a thin coat of resin required before apply'n the finish coats of polyurathane. Probly bout 4 to 6 coats.....each sanded wih 600 grit.
 See them tiny little hole look'n things....next time you won't see 'em.

Remember that steer wheel I was tell'n ya bout? Well, it's finished. But....I drop it on the floor an' mess up the paint job...what I fixed. Now where the hell is the pic???? Next post.

The seats are finished.....but, I can see wood grain. I'm out of red paint. I need help!!!

Posted extra large so's you can see what I'm talk'n bout....wood grain.

Oh wait, I almost forgit. Me, Robert an' HIL Harry was talk'n bout classic Chris Craft boats. "Let's go fish'n daddy". Ha, I got to think'n bout that, what would people say if'n we was to take a classic boat like this fish'n...troll'n motor, Igloo ice chest, camp'n chair on the front deck......rod holders. Well, the old Billy Bob has started construction on the ice chest....looks just like the real thing. Trolling motor is next. Pics later.....

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Yesterday sucked....damn!!!

Yesterday was another one them days,....nuttin went right.

First thing to happen, I got up late. Was put'n my coffee grinds in my Mr Coffee, an' pooof, just like that, the grinds was lay'n on the floor. Dogs an' cats don't eat coffee grinds, so's it was up to me to clean up the mess. Then I forget to push the freak'n brew button.

I sit back sip'n on a fresh cup of [this] close to nasty brew, in a feeble attempt to get that other eye open all the ways. Morn'ns are tuff at the old Billy Bob's house. You would have to be here to know what I'm talk'n bout. Anyhows, I got this pain in my back....damn, I need this fixed.

While sit'n out on the deck gabber jaw'n an' sip'n up a few cups with "yo mama", I looks at the mater plants. I had decided a couple weeks ago that they were destined for the dumpster, so they were weened off of fresh daily water. There's half a bag of maters on them bushes.....what I give to "yo mama". Well shit, there's bout 15 new maters on the vines. I give them a drink of water. What the hell, I was think'n they was dead.

After a bit, it was time to go visit the chiropractor. "Yo Mama" skeer hell out me driv'n the "billy jeep" the short 10 miles. Went through the routine with the doc. He try'n to get me to say "Oh I feel so much better since you work on me". I tryed to add some seasoning an' spices like I do here on the blog, but ended up just tell'n him "Hell no I don't feel no better". He start do'n his thing. I'm hav'n doubts.
That was all fine an' dandy until I told the nice lady "see ya Monday". She says...."that will be $57".
OOPS.....this ain't right, I have insurance. OOPS, she tell me Medicare don't pay for what the doc is do'n to me.....only adjustments. The doc don't do adjustments. End of story, I won't be go'n back.

Back at "Yo Mama's RV Resort", I heads out to the shed. Hmmmmm, boat is look'n pretty good, let's put a coat of epoxy resin on it. so's I sand a bit to level the surface. I sand right through the fiberglass on a couple places. Now I got to restain them couple places. I rubs stain all over the deck. Mix me up some resin, grab holt to a brush an' smear that stuff all over the boat. Oh my God, that's look'n good.

Well I thought it was look'n good. "Billy Bob, you done screw up again". Ya see, before you apply any coating over stain, the stain MUST dry for no less than 8 hours. That's a written law...right there on the can. I got a severe case of "orange peel" finish. The resin didn't stick to the stain. Got to be sanded down an' do it again.

The front seat cushions have been sanded, beading applied an' bout three coats of paint. Damn, they almost look real.
 This photo is not the finish product.....needs a little attention.

Now let me tell ya bout the steer wheel. I finished that sucker. Looks wonderful. It needs to be wrapped in butt wipe an' placed in a baggie so's it don't get no scratches an' dings. I drop the sucker on the floor....sheesh, a big ass ding in the paint job. I fix that. "What the hell Billy Bob, ya forgit to take a pic". 

Today I go see that other doctor. This is the one I went to see for a broke arm an' he give me a pill for a sore toenail. Arm is still broke. Ha ha, just kid'n with ya. But that's basically what happened on my first visit for super low energy levels, dizzyness an' swolled feet. Nuttin was done. Today he wants to do a lung test an' something bout check'n my stomach. Will let ya know as soon as I know. Is this the way doctors treat ALL their patients??? God I love the way I spell some words.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Not much to talk bout today

Nuttin much to say today. Mainly 'cause I ain't done nuttin to write about.

I do want to touch on my chiropractor visit. It seems just cause I had me a couple good days, everbody think'n the chiro fixed me up. Ya got to change yer tune on that idea....I ain't no wheres close to fixed up. A couple 500 mg aspirins do the same thing.

I just couldn't stand it, I had to put some fiberglass on the deck of the boat.

After a while....bout 3 hours, I was able to trim off the fiberglass cloth from the edges.

While I was wait'n for the fiberglass resin to set up, I worked on the steering wheel. In kit form, the steering wheel is in poor shape....mold marks an' stuff like that. Sandpaper, fingernail files an' a pumice stone removed them marks. Then came the 600 grit wetordry sandpaper an' my Dremel tool fitted with a buffing wheel an' some Brasso. Puts a nice chrome look'n shine on pot metal....I rekon that's what it is.
Much more polishing yet to be done. The outer ring will be painted (sprayed) with acrylic enamel....color ivory. Yes, I will post a pic when completed.

I got a big (for his age) damn cat. Leonard be his name in case ya forgot.

Still kind of hard to see his size, but he's get'n quite big. Probly bout 5 or 6 months old now. Hell, I don't know.

Windows 10 has been installed on the laptop computer. Since I don't use the laptop, I cain't tell ya what I think of Windows 10. But it is different from Win 8.1. Do I install it on "this" computer??? Not yet.

Ok, it's time to take me a little walk out to the road an' back. Then I'm gonna go work on a boat....but you already knowed that....right?

Monday, September 14, 2015

Two tone boat....Yeeee Haa!!!

It's midnight, I don't usually do this. But I ain't ready to go to sleep.

Before we get into boat building, let's touch on the subject of how the old Billy Bob feels. I know this ain't the best subject to talk about, but, dad gum it, when I feel pretty good, I'm gonna tell ya bout it.
With the chiropractor visit the other day (Friday), I don't want to paste no gold star on his forehead or pat him on the back or nuttin like that, but yesterday an' today, my back an' that dad gum hip feeled much better. Never took no aspirins until late in the evenings.

Now let me tell ya bout this chiropractor. He ain't no bone twist'n an' pop'n chiro. He uses other methods to align things. One machine does a beep'n sound as he runs this thingy down my spine. When it comes to a "bad" place, it makes a weird low pitched sound. Then he take this electronic hammer thingy an' goes over the area of the spine....until it don't make that weird sound no more. He got all kind of gadgets lay'n round. Other than the electrocution device, a TENS unit, the only other thing he did was a new kind of electronic acupuncture machine what I ain't never see before. On my right ear, he run this little gizmo around until it make a certain sound. Then he pull a trigger....or something like that, for 15 seconds. Then he place a stick on "seed" for me to massage later when I'm in pain. Doubts kick in an' I'm listen'n for a "quack". The first night I reaches up there an' I massage them seeds. Damn, that hurts. The following day, there was no longer any seeds in my ear.

"Hot damn Billy Bob, let's celebrate". I been puff'n under 10 smokes a day for almost a week. Yup, I hit 8 a day for the last two days. An' both them days was 18 hour awake days. That's a 73% decrease in smokes a day. I'm think'n Chinese food is in order.
Ha, looks like today is gonna be a 9 smoke day.

Well, I spended the last couple days try'n to figger out the 2 mahogany colors to stain the boat with. Shit, I was do'n it all wrong. I read the instructions on the cans, an' in nuttin flat....I had my colors.

A couple more hours of sand'n an' we ready to apply some stain.

The deck was masked off an' the lighter stain was applied.

Fine look'n job Billy Bob
The lighter stained deck was masked an' the darker stain applied.
I like it, I like it, I like it. Excitis, that what I are.
When the first coat of epoxy is applied, the colors will come alive. Damn, I can hardly wait.

 Grandson Nick drop by to see his papaw. He's such a good boy...bringed me a sammich an' a ice tea for lunch. 

Sorry Louie, I still don't have that pic of Leonard you want soooo much to see. He's almost a full size cat. I'm think'n 7 pound or so. Damn cat eats too much.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Chiroquacker visit......Ho Hum!

Well shoot, here it is the finish of another day. Not the best day in my book.

For 2 nights in a row, I been hav'n these "new" awful pains in my back. Different from the usual pains. Two big ol' aspirins an' a couple three hours sit'n in front this computer, an' I'm in better shape.

Today, at 3pm, I had me a appointment with a chiropractor. Well, before I even fill out the first piece of paperwork, I had to talk to the doc. "What much good can you do for me with arthritis of the spine"? I was surprised by his answer..."I don't know"? He then proceeded to tell me "there's no harm in try'n what he has to offer". I says..."I can do that". I filled out the paperwork. They call my name.....that quick.
I 'splained to him the kinds of pains I was hav'n an' where the pains were at. He start do'n some bending an' twist'n tests for the pain. It weren't too good. Don't bend backards worth a poop an' don't twist worth a poop. Ha, now my back hurts. He did some things with a couple electronic gizmos....don't even ask. Did another bend'n test with seat belts....don't even ask. Electrical stimulation....damn that feel good. A couple other things....don't even ask...an' I can bend a little bit further without much pain. Left his office feel'n a bit better than when arrived. See ya next week doc.

Then me an' Robert climb in the truck....head to Ace Hardware to pick up some Red Mahogany stain. I used no buggy in Ace to help support me...."a walker with 4 wheels". Back in the truck, the back pains are back in full glory. I need me some big ass aspirins an' lay back for a spell.

Build'n a boat. I been tak'n my time, tak'n a day off when I'm in pain, but damn, I need to slow down.

I know, let's install some plank'n on the rear deck

Look'n pretty good Billy Bob....keep up the good work

Oh man, you finished the back deck

Well shoot, may as well put some plank'n on the front deck. Oh my God, let me tell ya....did ya ever try to remove a super glued crookit piece of plank'n? Never gonna make that mistake again. Note: There's a trick to get'n the planking straight as a arrow. Remind me to show ya laters.

This is the fully planked hull. It has bout 50 coats of hand sand'n with 100 grit applied....my God, my arm hurts.
Up to this point, there is 2 or 3 tiny cracks that need filled. How to fill them....don't even ask. I have to do some 'spearmint'n. Hmmmmm....maybe sand'n dust an' carpenters glue???? After stain'n of course. Have to give that a test on scrap mahogany.

Am hav'n a terrible time pick'n out stain colors. My 1949 Chris Craft runabout will be of 2 colors....dark mahogany an' light mahogany. Wish me luck.
Ha, like this......
No....not like that, but close. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This is NOT good

From where I'm sit'n at "my house"....this is not good.
Yesterdays follow up appointment with the back doctor did NOT go good. First, he said..."you do not hurt from there.....I killed them nerves". Ya see, for the last 3 weeks, I've been hav'n me pain....right here....at the joint of the F5 vertibre  (SP) an' the S1....he killed that nerve. I know where the pain is an' I know what joint it is com'n from...there is no mistake. "Ok doc, if I don't know where my pain comes from, you tell me where it comes from". He says, "lower Billy Bob, it's from here". I feel nuttin there.
This is when the doc is git'n furious with me...."I don't know what to do". "Have you considered physical therapy or go'n to a chiropractor"? Whoa doc, let's back up a minute. "I came to you as a last resort to kill the nerves that cause pain an' you say you cain't fix me up"? This is when the doc walked out of the room an' I don't see him no more. Nice nurse lady come in an' says..."you can go now". Appointment set up for a injection in S1 Oct. 8th.

To appease the doc an' my son Robert, I agreed to see a chiropractor. But not physical therapy. I've had dealings with chiro's before an' out of bout a dozen, only one did me any good. A Texas chiropractor. You can tell a duck by his quack. I have absolutely no confidence at all that this visit to a chiropractor will do me any good. I've been this route before. For a back injury or a slipped disc, there's a good possibility he could help. But with Author Itis....????? Appointment has been set up for Friday.

 My other health issues, we will not talk bout that today. That shit above was enough for one day.

Now.....bout that boat project. "My God Billy Bob, how many times ya gonna screw up"? You would think that a master boat builder would not make simple little mistakes. Well, I did. While installing a few pieces of mahogany planking on the top deck, they was crookit. Had to be carved off with my trusty box cutter type knife. Resanded an' re-measured...let's git 'em straight. I did that. But....now they are off center by 2mm...that's bout a 16th of a inch. It will show in the finished installation. Grrrrr......modification in order. Anybody else build'n a boat....take yer time an' "think" before ya apply a glob of super glue.

That's all I have to say today.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Oh oh, you go'n too fast Billy Bob...slow down

"Oh my God, I want you lookie here....there's Billy Bob". "Were ya been"????

Ha, where I been???? I been out there in the shed, that where I been. An' I ain't been build'n no household cabinets, lay'n roof shingles...driv'n nails....none that kind of stuff. I been work'n on a model boat....but you already know that.

So let's see what progress we made the last couple days. Until yesterday, I was right on schedule...this build will take months if'n I stay on schedule.
I decided it was time to build the engine room hatch cover thingy.

Then I planked it with strips of mahogany.....

Then I sanded it down to a very smooth surface....ready for stain an' fiberglass'n.
When finished, this engine room cover will be a 2 piece hatch on tiny piano hinges. Ha, ordered from England. 

A couple cockpit parts to git one more polyurethane coat'n an' then glued in place
See, I tole you....all finished parts glued into the two cockpits.
"Oh wait Billy Bob, did you install the deck sub planking"? "And what is that that I see on the side the boat....is that mahogany planking"?
Ok, this is where I got ahead of myself. Should have never installed the side planking. Although, it looks pretty damn good from my house.

Side planking installed....a couple little cracks to be filled, the top sub deck sanded an' faired. Two outside deck plank thingys measured an' prepared for glue'n down to the deck.
"My God Billy Bob, that sure is purr-ty". 

Sanding an' fairing on the starboard side has begun. My God, this will take forever.

By the way, I'm ahead of schedule....

Today, I have decided to take the day of an' do me some much needed housework....YUK!!!

Speak'n of "purr-ty", Leonard sure is get'n some kind of big. I would take a wild guess an' say he is bout 6 of 7 pounds right now. He eats tooo much. Frick...I don't have a recent photo, an' he's outside do'n what cats do. I don't know how he did it, but last week he catched a humm'n bird. Bringed it in "da house" for me to see how he has turned into a 'hunter" of wild critters. He drops it at my feet an' that little sucker flaps his wings an' out the door he goes. Leonard says...."what the hell"?
Photos of Leonard later.

Ok, dishes are done. Stacked on the counter, but warshed up pretty good.
Got half a chicken bout defrosted up for a pot of "chicken noodle tater vegetable soup".
I ain't pregnant or nuttin like that, but I sure have been crav'n me some this soup for over a week now. Today is the day. Will let ya know how it turns out....but not today.

My back issues have much improved the last few days. Ain't took me no aspirin for over a week. Git'n skeered to take aspirin with the stomach problems I been hav'n. Everthing I eat I feel like I need to puke it up. Burp'n an' stuff. Had me a couple bouts of constipation....yeah I know, ya don't wanna hear bout that. Come on doctor, call me for a appointment.

Oh, I didn't tell ya. Robert is on a family camp'n trip up in the north Georgia mountains. No, I weren't invited to tag along. Not that I would have been able to go, but damn, I could have at least been invited. No ill feel'ns on my part.....hope they all have a wonderful camp'n trip.

That's bout it for this post. Shoot, I cain't think of nuttin else to write about. Maybe next time.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Two days off

The boat construction project has been put on hold for the last 2 days due to "circumstances". "My God, I thought I was gonna die".

Speak'n of boat build'n....not the big boats ya take on a fish'n trip, but the little ones ya hang on the wall an' look at. They are not TOYS like what ya would buy for $20 from the toy section in Walmart. These are replicas of the real thing....classic an' historic boats, down to the finest detail. Just thought you should know that.

Nuttin at all has happen at Billy Bob's house, other than health issues. An' I'm fed up to [here] with health issues. I'm kind of like everbody else when I think I'll get better. In the real world, it don't always happen that way, but we try anyhows. Ha ha....then we roll over in our grave an say..."what the hell just happen"? 

I keep think'n "Texas". You have no idea how much I miss be'n in Texas. Then I get to think'n, with my health issues, what the hell would I do in Texas? Rent a RV space? Sit on my ass an' "do nuttin"? Have nobody to come visit or to call on when in need? At my present location, "yo mama's", I have both. I am checked on daily. My needs are met...daily. I am provided food....daily. Shoot, I got it made.
But that still don't cure my desire to be back "home" in Texas. 

Today, I will attempt to make that long walk (50 feets) to the shed an' work on my model boat. For those that have some extra time on their hands an' ain't got nuttin to do...Google "1949 Chris Craft photos" . You won't be sorry. Will attempt to update today's construction on a post tomorrow...or the next day....or so.
This is the REAL thing......

Ok, got my shoes (sandals) sit'n next to me....got things to do. See ya laters.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

When it rains, it pours

Holy cows.....this stuff sucks.

Let's take the most important problem at Billy Bob's house an' work from there. Last week I had ordered some hobby stuff through Amazon. I received a phone call from my debit/credit card holder from some dude I couldn't understand worth a poop. He was verify'n a couple charges on my card. Then he says..."Contact Edward Jones". Then I received a email for Geico..."your insurance" payment was rejected". Then I call the credit card holder...."you have a zero balance"....."Contact Edward Jones" Well that cain't be, I just installed a whole 5 gallon bucket of dollars in that account.

First thing this morn'n...I contact Edward Jones. Pat is such a nice lady. She bring up my account on the computer...."you got's a whole bucket of dollars in your account". Then she call the card holder. It seems I need a physical address. Me an' Pat take care of that lickity split....even though I don't live there. She call the card holder back, the restriction has been lifted. But...I only have access to a thousand dollars for the next couple days. All is well. *fingers an' toes crossed*

Ok, this "master boat builder" done screw up. I glued a piece of wood in the wrong place an' it had to be removed. I break out my trusty box cutter like hobby knife an' commence to cut between the two pieces. The knife slips. My thumb is in the way. A big ass deep gash in my thumb. Blood all over the place. Well.....maybe it ain't that bad, but it hurted like hell. Doctor Robert bandages it up an' I go back to work.

Go'n back to work, what little I got done, you cain't see unless ya look real close.
I painted the engine room compartment. While that was dry'n, I builded 4 mahogany side boards an' 2 floorboards for in the cockpits. 
Oh oh, I done forget to take pics of the construction of the "modified" engine room hatches. Modified from a single hatch to a double hatch. That's it right behind the foward cockpit...two little white do-hickies. That white deck covering will give ya a idea what I'm do'n. Pretty ain't it? 
 These are the sideboard thngys with 2 coats of polyurethane. I don't like it. Will sand the poly off an' sand out a couple bad places in the mahogany. In other words, start over.
The 2 decks come out lookn sharp. Hmmmm, did Chris Craft have grey floor boards?

 Health issues ain't so bad this morn'n. I've had much worse. Still no doctor appointment. But they did receive my records from other doctors. Dang, this is tak'n way to long.

 Just called Geico. My payment went through....Yeeee Haa!!!

Now it's time to go out to the shed an' work on a model boat.