Monday, September 14, 2015

Two tone boat....Yeeee Haa!!!

It's midnight, I don't usually do this. But I ain't ready to go to sleep.

Before we get into boat building, let's touch on the subject of how the old Billy Bob feels. I know this ain't the best subject to talk about, but, dad gum it, when I feel pretty good, I'm gonna tell ya bout it.
With the chiropractor visit the other day (Friday), I don't want to paste no gold star on his forehead or pat him on the back or nuttin like that, but yesterday an' today, my back an' that dad gum hip feeled much better. Never took no aspirins until late in the evenings.

Now let me tell ya bout this chiropractor. He ain't no bone twist'n an' pop'n chiro. He uses other methods to align things. One machine does a beep'n sound as he runs this thingy down my spine. When it comes to a "bad" place, it makes a weird low pitched sound. Then he take this electronic hammer thingy an' goes over the area of the spine....until it don't make that weird sound no more. He got all kind of gadgets lay'n round. Other than the electrocution device, a TENS unit, the only other thing he did was a new kind of electronic acupuncture machine what I ain't never see before. On my right ear, he run this little gizmo around until it make a certain sound. Then he pull a trigger....or something like that, for 15 seconds. Then he place a stick on "seed" for me to massage later when I'm in pain. Doubts kick in an' I'm listen'n for a "quack". The first night I reaches up there an' I massage them seeds. Damn, that hurts. The following day, there was no longer any seeds in my ear.

"Hot damn Billy Bob, let's celebrate". I been puff'n under 10 smokes a day for almost a week. Yup, I hit 8 a day for the last two days. An' both them days was 18 hour awake days. That's a 73% decrease in smokes a day. I'm think'n Chinese food is in order.
Ha, looks like today is gonna be a 9 smoke day.

Well, I spended the last couple days try'n to figger out the 2 mahogany colors to stain the boat with. Shit, I was do'n it all wrong. I read the instructions on the cans, an' in nuttin flat....I had my colors.

A couple more hours of sand'n an' we ready to apply some stain.

The deck was masked off an' the lighter stain was applied.

Fine look'n job Billy Bob
The lighter stained deck was masked an' the darker stain applied.
I like it, I like it, I like it. Excitis, that what I are.
When the first coat of epoxy is applied, the colors will come alive. Damn, I can hardly wait.

 Grandson Nick drop by to see his papaw. He's such a good boy...bringed me a sammich an' a ice tea for lunch. 

Sorry Louie, I still don't have that pic of Leonard you want soooo much to see. He's almost a full size cat. I'm think'n 7 pound or so. Damn cat eats too much.


  1. Great job on the smokes and the boat BB. I have had both good and bad experiences with chiropractors but it is the good ones I remember mostly.

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  3. The boat looks excellent. I think you miscalculated saying it would take you a year. You are whizzing right along building that little beauty.

    Have patience with the chiropractic, for your problems didn't happen in a day and it won't be fixed in a first and only treatment. The upside with chiropractic is staying away from those addictive pain remedies. How great I felt when I was able to get my adjustments - wishing and desperately needing them now. Stick with the chiro as long as needed. A Gonstead practicing chiropractor I found to be best for all my creaking issues. As we well know "getting old is not for sissies.


  4. Nothing like a good chiropractor to relieve pain, works for me every time.
    Your boat looking awesome !

  5. Great job, Billy Bob, all around. My experience with chiros was not good, but Mama swears by them. If it works for you, and I hope it does continue to do so, then go for it!

  6. Chiros come in all sorts -some better than others, and some are really great! One bad experience shouldn't keep a person from trying another one. I;m glad you seemed to get a good one BB. I smoked 2 packs a day for years. I often tried to cut down, but the only thing that worked was quitting them for good. I envy folks who really don't have a bad addiction and can just smoke now and then, or not.

  7. Now build a model hot rod engine with a big blower sitting on top of it and put in the boat. That would finish it off in style.

  8. Two tune boat Hmmm--Eyes of Texas and Yellow Rose of Texas? Looking good.

  9. hi BB. i am happy to hear you say that ( I feel pretty good ) and that all the credit goes to your chiropractor . i think you are falling in love with him . i never heard you be so optimistic and enthusiastic over anything before ,including S---X . i think it would be a good idea if you go back several times a week . and ask him if and what Electrical Stimulator Body Relax Muscle Therapy Massager,Pulse Tens Acupuncture gizmos you should by . ( it would be like the equal to a womens vibrator ) ( what is a machine that releaves tention and stress and causes you to let go of the chronic pain .) thank god for giving the world the chiroprator with his miracle heeling hands . i am so excitis for you BB. .

  10. hi BB. your boat is coming along very nicely ,keep up the good work .