Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This is NOT good

From where I'm sit'n at "my house"....this is not good.
Yesterdays follow up appointment with the back doctor did NOT go good. First, he said..."you do not hurt from there.....I killed them nerves". Ya see, for the last 3 weeks, I've been hav'n me pain....right here....at the joint of the F5 vertibre  (SP) an' the S1....he killed that nerve. I know where the pain is an' I know what joint it is com'n from...there is no mistake. "Ok doc, if I don't know where my pain comes from, you tell me where it comes from". He says, "lower Billy Bob, it's from here". I feel nuttin there.
This is when the doc is git'n furious with me...."I don't know what to do". "Have you considered physical therapy or go'n to a chiropractor"? Whoa doc, let's back up a minute. "I came to you as a last resort to kill the nerves that cause pain an' you say you cain't fix me up"? This is when the doc walked out of the room an' I don't see him no more. Nice nurse lady come in an' says..."you can go now". Appointment set up for a injection in S1 Oct. 8th.

To appease the doc an' my son Robert, I agreed to see a chiropractor. But not physical therapy. I've had dealings with chiro's before an' out of bout a dozen, only one did me any good. A Texas chiropractor. You can tell a duck by his quack. I have absolutely no confidence at all that this visit to a chiropractor will do me any good. I've been this route before. For a back injury or a slipped disc, there's a good possibility he could help. But with Author Itis....????? Appointment has been set up for Friday.

 My other health issues, we will not talk bout that today. That shit above was enough for one day.

Now.....bout that boat project. "My God Billy Bob, how many times ya gonna screw up"? You would think that a master boat builder would not make simple little mistakes. Well, I did. While installing a few pieces of mahogany planking on the top deck, they was crookit. Had to be carved off with my trusty box cutter type knife. Resanded an' re-measured...let's git 'em straight. I did that. But....now they are off center by 2mm...that's bout a 16th of a inch. It will show in the finished installation. Grrrrr......modification in order. Anybody else build'n a boat....take yer time an' "think" before ya apply a glob of super glue.

That's all I have to say today.


  1. Sounds like a possible case of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Referred_pain which I experienced before and after my shoulder surgery a few years ago.

  2. Take time,slow down and think,got it.

  3. Good luck with the Chiro, just went to mine this morning, he made me feel new again.

  4. Doctors have the wrong opinion that they can't be wrong and should be highly respected.

  5. I told my doctors that I am paying you so you work for me!!

  6. I have arthritis but the main reason I decided to see a chiropractor is scosoliosis. My spine is all bent out of shape and that affects the nervous system, so a problem "here" shows up as a pain or other problem "there". With about 2 months of treatment you wouldn't believe how I've straightened up and noticed I don't have the symptoms I used to have. You can't straighten a spine overnight (or put the spinal curves in the right places), but a little at a time, and each time I see an improvement. I quit every single prescription med and over-the-counter crap, including the poisonous daily aspirin, and feel like a million bucks compared to how I was feeling 6 months ago. There are things I have to do - eat right, do certain exercises (nothing strenuous) and spend about 10 minutes a couple times a week with the chiro. It has to be a "corrective chiropractor", who should be able to answer at least 5 of the following 7 questions:
    Questions for a Good Chiropractor

    1. Do you take x-rays? (essential to find the subluxations)
    2. Do you get listings off of x-rays? (shows where to adjust)
    3. Do you take post x-rays to document structural changes made?
    4. Are your treatment goals to reshape and restore the natural curves?
    5. Are you familiar with correcting disc injuries?
    6. Do you work on post surgical patients?
    7. Can you reverse arthritis?

    If you are interested and would like help in finding a corrective chiropractor in your area, please let me know and I will help you look.

    Any medical doctor can tell you to take Tylenol, Alleve, etc. for arthritis pain, and they may mask some of the pain and symptoms. Arthritis CAN be reversed so you don't need those poisons that often cause other problems. Good luck to you.

  7. hi BB. i am a firm believer of all the miracle work that a chiropractor can do . i would of suggested to you a long time ago . i thought you have already exhausted that avenue of treatment ,so for that reason i did not suggest that . and also let gypsy help you find the right chiropractor , because she seems to know much more than most peoples . every time i have ever gone to a chiropractor i felt like a million dollars and i never even thought there was anything wrong with me , i would sleep like a new born baby after wards . a chiropractor is all that they are cracked-up to be . i always got immediate result .

  8. hi BB. i can not stop thinking about what your friend ( Hermit's Baby Sis ) said and how eloquently those words where about not hiring illegals . i am sorry that i had suggested to you that we can easily find a illegal woman in my park to hire . i am so frustrated to see first hand on all the illegal activity here . they will work for cheap because they all are getting free food stamps , housing , medical insurance , moneys and education for there dam anchor babies from the usa government . this is why a usa citizen down here can not earn a living wage . $7 to $9 an hour for a CDL licensed truck driver is all that you can expect to earn down here . and yes they are emboldened and are inviting there other illegals friends and family to come join the PARTY . and party they love any reason to celebrate , they are partying often and like kings on the usa governments dime . so i thank hermit's baby sis 's words .

    1. Thanks for that comment, Louie. I was afraid I had hurt your feelings, but I do feel very strongly about the illegal problem, no matter from what country they come. And congratulations on your citizenship anniversary! We're glad to have you, and others who come in through the front door and follow the rules. God Bless America!

  9. hi BB. by the way billy i will have my one year anniversary in 3 days from now on saturday, september 12th 2015 at 10:00 am will be one year that i became a united states of american citizen .

  10. I once had surgery where they blew air into my abdomen which resulted in pain in my right shoulder. I never did figure that one out. Plus, I had one wisdom tooth that needed removing where the nerve did not run in the "normal" place. They tried to tell me I couldn't feel what they were doing but couldn't explain why I flinched each time they went in there. They had me come back another day to give me gas instead of trying to hit that nerve with the pain killer needle. Some things, and some of us, are just odd.