Sunday, September 20, 2015

Nuttin new here....next!!!

Ok, here it is Sunday evening....."where the hell you been Billy Bob????

Well, ya see, it's like this....since I been post'n the building of my remote control boat, my blog is fall'n slap down. I don't know what to post no more. All I got at this time is my health issues an' build'n a boat.

Speak'n of health issues, today was the third day in a roll where...."you ain't gonna be on yer feet today Billy Bob". Can I blame it on the chiroquacker, or is it just that I'm a few days older an' gonna hurt more?
My Walmart trip was put off for the second day....an' I ain't got nuttin to eat. Poor Leonard is starv'n slap to death. Oh, did I mention, Leonard is on a diet again. He went through a 6 pounds bag of cat food in lickity split......bout 10 days. (I let him eat as much as he wanted from the open bag) My guess today, he weighs right at 8 pounds.....or more. He gonna be a big cat. 

I been do'n great on the smokes. Had me a couple 7 1/2 days an' a 6 1/2 yesterday. But....today I splurged while work'n on the boat. While sand'n an' apply'n resin, I smoked 4 for the afternoon....just lighted up #8 for the day. Looks like it's gonna be a 10 smoke day.

I don't know why, but I been think'n "road time". You don't know what it's like to be stuck somewheres an' can only think. I've all but give slap up on get'n my back repaired. All this time see'n doctors an' I ain't no better than I was a year ago. I have good days an' I have bad days....but the pain never ceases.

My last visit to "that other" general practitioner, I'm think'n I won't be see'n him no more. I had to remind him why I went to him in the first place. An' he still ain't gonna do nuttin. Well wait a minute, he DID refer me to a stomach doctor. They gonna do a endoscopy to see why I have so much stomach problems.

Now let's talk bout that boat. My God, where is all these screw ups com'n from? As of today, most screw ups have been repaired. If'n I ever build another plank on frame boat, all them planks is gonna be glued down extra special. Loose planks are a no no.
As of today, I have 4 coats of epoxy resin smeared on the boat. Holy cows, it looks wonderful.
Botton has been fiberglassed an' 2 thin coats of resin.
 4th coat of resin....look at that shine.
This would pass as a shiny boat......but, another sanding an' a thin coat of resin required before apply'n the finish coats of polyurathane. Probly bout 4 to 6 coats.....each sanded wih 600 grit.
 See them tiny little hole look'n things....next time you won't see 'em.

Remember that steer wheel I was tell'n ya bout? Well, it's finished. But....I drop it on the floor an' mess up the paint job...what I fixed. Now where the hell is the pic???? Next post.

The seats are finished.....but, I can see wood grain. I'm out of red paint. I need help!!!

Posted extra large so's you can see what I'm talk'n bout....wood grain.

Oh wait, I almost forgit. Me, Robert an' HIL Harry was talk'n bout classic Chris Craft boats. "Let's go fish'n daddy". Ha, I got to think'n bout that, what would people say if'n we was to take a classic boat like this fish'n...troll'n motor, Igloo ice chest, camp'n chair on the front deck......rod holders. Well, the old Billy Bob has started construction on the ice chest....looks just like the real thing. Trolling motor is next. Pics later.....


  1. Everything is looking better an better on dat boat. Can rhat polyurethane be sanded and rhen rubbed and buffed out kinda like the old laquer finishes??

  2. It's a dam shame that your getting so crochity in your old age. I remember times when you could fill up 3 pages talking about nothing, and it was fun to read. I get up each morning looking forward to reading about BB and his nonsense. We don't care what you want to write about, it could be about them cobwebs in the corner up there. or how in the hell are you going to insulate for this winter.

    You ant been fishing all summer,go get a line wet. You still need to tell us about those years you were gold mining, what kind of equip. did you have.

    Anyway I look forward each morning to see if you posted anything, and if you don't then my day is starting off bad. Get'er done.

  3. hi BB. yes that is the best news i have ever heard coming from old Billy Bob's travel place . a full size 1949 classic Chris Craft boat will be produced by mr. hil , robert and you . yeah ha ! yeeppy ! so that should mean that we will be hearing from you every day now on your blog . how long did you say it was going to be ? 19 feeties ? i can not hardly wait . you will need to buy a boat trailer . this is wonderful BB. .

  4. hi BB. what kind of motor are you guys going to put in the 1949 classic Chris Craft boat ?

  5. I can almost see that ice chest. Coleman Cooler green? Or Scotch Plaid? Or?