Friday, September 11, 2015

Chiroquacker visit......Ho Hum!

Well shoot, here it is the finish of another day. Not the best day in my book.

For 2 nights in a row, I been hav'n these "new" awful pains in my back. Different from the usual pains. Two big ol' aspirins an' a couple three hours sit'n in front this computer, an' I'm in better shape.

Today, at 3pm, I had me a appointment with a chiropractor. Well, before I even fill out the first piece of paperwork, I had to talk to the doc. "What much good can you do for me with arthritis of the spine"? I was surprised by his answer..."I don't know"? He then proceeded to tell me "there's no harm in try'n what he has to offer". I says..."I can do that". I filled out the paperwork. They call my name.....that quick.
I 'splained to him the kinds of pains I was hav'n an' where the pains were at. He start do'n some bending an' twist'n tests for the pain. It weren't too good. Don't bend backards worth a poop an' don't twist worth a poop. Ha, now my back hurts. He did some things with a couple electronic gizmos....don't even ask. Did another bend'n test with seat belts....don't even ask. Electrical stimulation....damn that feel good. A couple other things....don't even ask...an' I can bend a little bit further without much pain. Left his office feel'n a bit better than when arrived. See ya next week doc.

Then me an' Robert climb in the truck....head to Ace Hardware to pick up some Red Mahogany stain. I used no buggy in Ace to help support me...."a walker with 4 wheels". Back in the truck, the back pains are back in full glory. I need me some big ass aspirins an' lay back for a spell.

Build'n a boat. I been tak'n my time, tak'n a day off when I'm in pain, but damn, I need to slow down.

I know, let's install some plank'n on the rear deck

Look'n pretty good Billy Bob....keep up the good work

Oh man, you finished the back deck

Well shoot, may as well put some plank'n on the front deck. Oh my God, let me tell ya....did ya ever try to remove a super glued crookit piece of plank'n? Never gonna make that mistake again. Note: There's a trick to get'n the planking straight as a arrow. Remind me to show ya laters.

This is the fully planked hull. It has bout 50 coats of hand sand'n with 100 grit applied....my God, my arm hurts.
Up to this point, there is 2 or 3 tiny cracks that need filled. How to fill them....don't even ask. I have to do some 'spearmint'n. Hmmmmm....maybe sand'n dust an' carpenters glue???? After stain'n of course. Have to give that a test on scrap mahogany.

Am hav'n a terrible time pick'n out stain colors. My 1949 Chris Craft runabout will be of 2 colors....dark mahogany an' light mahogany. Wish me luck.
Ha, like this......
No....not like that, but close. 


  1. That Chirpoquaker sounds like he may be helping, probably needs a few more twists and cracking, nice that you gots to be pain free for a bit.
    Boat lookining wonderful !

  2. You can buy your own gismo for giving those electrical stimulations BB. The trick is to find where to put the probes to do the job.


  3. Keep up with that chiropracter,they can do you some good. That there boat looking mighty good,it's encouraging to me that i can do this,lol.

  4. hi BB. your friend mr. croft says you can buy the electrical stimulation gizmo . i know that is very true because i used to own one , i loved it . google is you best friend ,you can buy your own . i just did some googling and ebay has all sorts of this Electrical Stimulator Body Relax Muscle Therapy Massager,Pulse Tens Acupuncture gizmos for dirt cheap . they even have some for your feeties .

    1. A quick Google search found this one in Austin, TX. There are many more.


  5. hi BB. hey when are we going to see some pictures of that dam cat and how much bigger he has gotten ? and hey i guess you never did down load windows 10 yet ? let me know what you think of windows 10 after you do down load it ok ? thanks BB.

  6. hi BB. god bless america ,today is one year that i am an american , thank - you god !

  7. You made me laugh out loud today before I even finished reading the title of your blog. Thanks for that muscle relaxant. Dave enjoyed it to when I passed it on to him.