Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Not much to talk bout today

Nuttin much to say today. Mainly 'cause I ain't done nuttin to write about.

I do want to touch on my chiropractor visit. It seems just cause I had me a couple good days, everbody think'n the chiro fixed me up. Ya got to change yer tune on that idea....I ain't no wheres close to fixed up. A couple 500 mg aspirins do the same thing.

I just couldn't stand it, I had to put some fiberglass on the deck of the boat.

After a while....bout 3 hours, I was able to trim off the fiberglass cloth from the edges.

While I was wait'n for the fiberglass resin to set up, I worked on the steering wheel. In kit form, the steering wheel is in poor shape....mold marks an' stuff like that. Sandpaper, fingernail files an' a pumice stone removed them marks. Then came the 600 grit wetordry sandpaper an' my Dremel tool fitted with a buffing wheel an' some Brasso. Puts a nice chrome look'n shine on pot metal....I rekon that's what it is.
Much more polishing yet to be done. The outer ring will be painted (sprayed) with acrylic enamel....color ivory. Yes, I will post a pic when completed.

I got a big (for his age) damn cat. Leonard be his name in case ya forgot.

Still kind of hard to see his size, but he's get'n quite big. Probly bout 5 or 6 months old now. Hell, I don't know.

Windows 10 has been installed on the laptop computer. Since I don't use the laptop, I cain't tell ya what I think of Windows 10. But it is different from Win 8.1. Do I install it on "this" computer??? Not yet.

Ok, it's time to take me a little walk out to the road an' back. Then I'm gonna go work on a boat....but you already knowed that....right?


  1. Fiberglass? What a totally cool idea!! That boat is going to be a cut or two above the rest fer sure!

  2. hi BB. yes i can see that that dam cat is getting to be big and is it still growing ? i asked your best friend (google) about how long does a house cat take to stop growing . he told me one year and some cats takes as long as two years . now about the downloading of windows 10 . i need to know approx. how many hours did it take ? so that i can have an idea before i undertake the download myself to my windows 7 laptop . now i have to say that when you say ( Nuttin much to say today. Mainly 'cause I ain't done nuttin to write about. ) well what i have to say about that is ( just the fact that your still kicking and breathing that itself is a great accomplishment ) and i for one likes to see that . so keep-on kicking BB.

  3. The boat looking good and Leonard he gonna be a big boy. Wow !