Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Nuttin much today....this sucks

Well....here I am again....dag nab it. Today's post will contain NO photos of that boat. It looks the same today as it did a couple days ago...'cause I didn't work on it....'cause I didn't want to. But don't be jump'n up an' down 'cause I ain't got nuttin to say bout that boat.....I will shortly.

In fact, I got something to say bout it right now while I'm think'n bout it. The motor has been ordered. Along with some mini piano hinge for the engine compartment 2 piece hatch. In the kit, I received a POS plastic propeller (prop). That won't do, so's I ordered a 3 blade 1 inches brass propeller (prop). This boat will go a hunnert mile a hour with these hi dollar parts...or I'll eat me up a big ol' balony an' mater sammich.

I didn't mention that Robert has returned to work last week. He's a union (yuk) electrician, so he make boo-koos the $$$$$$. Work'n at a power plant shut down not far from "da house". They do that every year....maintenance or something like that. This leaves me with Yo Mama an' HIL Harry to look after me during the day. Do a pretty darn good job too.

Still no word from the doctors office I was referred to for my stomach issues. I don't like no water hose poked down my throat (endoscopy), but if'n that's what it takes to fix stuff, I'll do it. Damn, another one them big ass needles stuck in my hand. Just "when"?....I don't know.

If'n I goes out to the shed, I'll take a couple pics, an' post 'em' of the finished steer'n wheel, the Igloo cooler an' the almost finished trolling motor I builded. You'll be proud when ya see "em.
Hold on, I'll be right back.....

"Shoot Billy Bob, when you take pics, you take pics".