Monday, September 28, 2015

Doctors an' more doctors.....Grrrrrrrr..

Well I want you lookie here....I'm off to another doctor appointment. This shit is get'n old.
This appointment is with a surgeon...or something like that. To remove a growth on my left shoulder....or somewheres back there. It's not a health issue, but it does cause me some discomfort from time to time. "That" doctor say he think it's a ingrowed hair. Ok....I don't have hair on my back. Next!!!

Can hardly wait to see my back doctor again. An' get me a shot down there in the S1. Maybe that will help me feel a bit better. But....I have my doubts. Ya see, bout 2 month ago I was shot in that S1 an' it didn't help my hip pain at all. By the way, this is the doc what walked out on me 'cause he got pissed when I tell him where I hurt an' he say I don't hurt there.

Since them 2 visits to the chiropractor, I got me a brand spank'n new pain in my lower back. But I still ain't gonna blame him. It's got to be from something I ate.....ha ha ha.

Oh oh!!! The great big propane tank can not be filled. Too freak'n old. The second 10 gallon (8 gal) tank has been filled. I can purchase a 100 pound bottle what will hold 19 gallons from Home Depot. Once it get cold...upper 30's an' lower 40's, 19 gallons will last me (Mr Heater) right at 3 weeks with the help of a couple electric heaters. Too bad I cain't find me a propane place that will come to "da house" an' fill my needs....my 32 gallon house tank, the 100 pound tank an' the 2 10 gallon tanks. Top off the 2 1/2 gallon Weber grill tank.

Now let me tell ya something really really weird. My insurance company. I needed to make a payment. So's I clickity click. Enter my name an' all that stuff. Make my payment. Then I try to get back to my insurance to email me my insurance card. Name not in system....what the hell??? But I did receive a email confirmation that payment has been received. Go figger!!! Gonna have to make a phone call an' do me some ass chew'n....git this shit straighten out.

Ok...time to go.....see ya laters.


  1. Gettin al things worked out is good, you be keeping warm enough I think.

    1. Insurance companies, doctors, etc, seem to milk Medicare for all they can get and spread it around between docs. Of course I could be wrong. . .

  2. Hard to say which ones are the worst. The insurance folks or the doctors!