Thursday, September 3, 2015

Two days off

The boat construction project has been put on hold for the last 2 days due to "circumstances". "My God, I thought I was gonna die".

Speak'n of boat build'n....not the big boats ya take on a fish'n trip, but the little ones ya hang on the wall an' look at. They are not TOYS like what ya would buy for $20 from the toy section in Walmart. These are replicas of the real thing....classic an' historic boats, down to the finest detail. Just thought you should know that.

Nuttin at all has happen at Billy Bob's house, other than health issues. An' I'm fed up to [here] with health issues. I'm kind of like everbody else when I think I'll get better. In the real world, it don't always happen that way, but we try anyhows. Ha ha....then we roll over in our grave an say..."what the hell just happen"? 

I keep think'n "Texas". You have no idea how much I miss be'n in Texas. Then I get to think'n, with my health issues, what the hell would I do in Texas? Rent a RV space? Sit on my ass an' "do nuttin"? Have nobody to come visit or to call on when in need? At my present location, "yo mama's", I have both. I am checked on daily. My needs are met...daily. I am provided food....daily. Shoot, I got it made.
But that still don't cure my desire to be back "home" in Texas. 

Today, I will attempt to make that long walk (50 feets) to the shed an' work on my model boat. For those that have some extra time on their hands an' ain't got nuttin to do...Google "1949 Chris Craft photos" . You won't be sorry. Will attempt to update today's construction on a post tomorrow...or the next day....or so.
This is the REAL thing......

Ok, got my shoes (sandals) sit'n next to me....got things to do. See ya laters.


  1. Yep Texas is TUGGING real hard but I can also see in a very few short years I will be here in Alabama near my son a lot more. You are really fortunate that you have so many folks that will take care of you. Relax, enjoy it and buy some insulated underwear for the winter.

  2. Many of us have that same problem - being in a place we love, or being near people we love and who love us. I've never been anyplace I loved more than North Carolina, but with no family there it holds no joy for me. I think you are very lucky to have it so good in Georgia.

  3. hi BB. once you get your health issues fixed you can always come down to deep south texas and i would help you and visit you and make sure you are still kicking and for approx.5 or 6 dollars an hour we will easily find you one of the illegal mexican women to change your dipper and clean your house and cook you some real mexican meals and do your laundry go buy your groceries ect... . the only thing about that is after Donald Trump is president there will no longer be anymore illegals to find .

    1. Hopefully, Louie, Billy Bob won't be hiring ANY illegals. I know I won't! Having lived overseas for 8 years myself, I know of no other country that has such a slack and open border, and where illegals are free to openly invite others to come over and join the party. NOT meaning you, Louie, but there are rules and laws to follow.

  4. hi BB. can you answer why is the steering wheel in boats always on the right side of the boat ? that is like the cars from england ?

  5. Texas sounds good, better weather than Georgia, hope ya can get there and be feeling better.
    Got lotsa time to build that boat.

  6. Told yesterday it IS my hip. Seeing THAT doc on the 22nd. Replacing it will take care of almost all of this pain. AND, one of those radio freq thingys will help too.

  7. How is Leonard doing?

  8. hi BB. yes i want to see some law and order here in this country , where i live it would seem that the law official ( police )do not care about all the illegal stuff right in front of them , i am an american citizen and am dreaming of someone to take control of all the illegal stuff down here.

  9. Beautiful Boat!
    May your travels be on the wings of God’s Angels
    Till next time
    Cyndi & Budhi
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