Thursday, April 13, 2017

UPDATE: There are replies to comments....what's this world com'n to? A simple request and life goes on....

Ok, it's been a while but here I am. What I'm gonna talk about I ain't got the slightest. Have ya ever feel that way. You know, sit down to write a letter an' don't know where to start.

Well here goes.
This blog belongs to none other than the old Billy Bob. I don't post no religion stuff an' I don't post no political stuff. It's most important that you don't do it neither. From this point on, all religious stuff an' all political stuff will be deleted as soon as I see it.
Now that we are all in unity on the subject, let's move on to some Billy Bob nonsense.

First on the agenda, let's all talk to RunNRose. Hey Rose, tell us bout the birdhouse. Have any birds taken up residence. Tell us what ya can Rose....get us all excitis.

I had to done build me a couple camp fires to get rid of all the scrap from build'n birdhouse an' bird feeders. Two container totes full an' one to go. Each tote full of scrap makes a good 3 hour campfire. Love it.
 Hey dad, whatcha cook'n?

Don't ya just love a afternoon campfire?

I did me some work on the Mississippi stern wheeler river boat. The boarding ramp got demolished an' I had to completely re-rig it an' repair a couple broke pieces.  
 This was a 2 night cuss'n event. But that sucker won't be break'n no more. It is super glued in place.

The finished product of my daughter Doris' bird feeder. It is installed in her front yard right under her Billy Bob log cabin bluebird birdhouse. Damn, that was a mouth full. Ha, she filled it with sunflower seeds. All birds don't eat sunflower seeds.

Due to my older age an' get'n up from a short sit'n position, I decided I would replace my commode with a taller one. It arrived yesterday. Ha Ha, my commode photo has been photobombed by a orange cat.
This morn'n, bout 1pm I decides I'm gonna tackle the replacement before Robert gets home. Shouldn't take but bout 30 minutes with a 10 minute break. 3 1/2 hour later I have a brand spank'n new hi boy r/v toilet installed.
Now let me tell ya bout those other 3 hours. The freak'n supply line nuts were so tight a 24 inch pipe wrench was required (12 inch channel locks). I finally got the nut loose. The pipe will not come out of the fitting. Cuss cuss cuss....Robert is home. I finally get the old commode out of the bathroom. The freak'n black water tank is full. Full of sheit. I needs pumped. This is just the beginning.

Robert hooks up the discharge line to to "yo mama's" septic tank clean out. He turns on the macerator pump. This is a device that grinds up poop and pumps it to the clean out through a 1 inch flex line. No leaks please. The pump does it's thing an' then it quits pump'n. The black tank is still half full of undigested sheit. There is a blockage. A dam of poop stop'n the flow. 2 hour later the dam is broken up with water hoses, a few cuss'n words an' a homemade copper jet on the end of a water hose. Tank is empty an' commode is set an' functioning.
This was the most excit'n thing happen to me in close to a year. I smell like shit.

I been think'n bout buy'n new seats for "Sally da house" but got to think'n....WHY? So's I ordered a set of seat covers in hopes they will fit. Modifications have already begun. The arm rest covers don't fit right. So's "ya mama" did me some stitch work with her trusty sew'n machine. Will know tomorrow how they fit after modification.

 Think'n this may be the one I ordered. Less the dog.

Health issues bout the same. No better, no worse. Heart doctor appointment Monday for a ECCO, what ever that is and have a monitor installed for 24 hours. We gonna find out just what is go'n on with this old heart and skip'n beats all the time. Hope I don't need no pacemaker. "Pills Doc, give me pills".

Until next time....good night and wish me some good luck with the doctors.


Monday, April 3, 2017

Projects have kept me going

It's been a hard hard hard 3, 4, or 5 weeks. Have ya ever had that "don't give a shit" attitude an' throws everthing in the dumpster? Now that's what I'm talk'n bout.

We had us some cold weather. We had us some pretty darn warm weather. I took advantage of the pretty darn warm weather an' done me some projects. As best I could with these damn health issues. My arms is all bruised up. My lungs are full of sawdust. I ain't shaved in bout a month or so.

Had us some tornado warnings this morn'n. One hit in Carrollton, Georgia just 10 mile to the south of "Yo Mama's R/V Resort and Recreational Park" where the old Billy Bob is camped at. Had a ton of rain here an' some them sissy Georgia high winds (25 mile a hour or so). No tornadoes. 

So, what have I been do'n all this time?

 Just thought you might like one of my birds....him are pretty.

 Then Levi wanted his picture took.

See....I tole you, we gonna put some step'n stones on the porch deck.

Robert tells me...."daddy, go sit down, I'll do this for you".

He did a good job too......

A few months back I had builded a plywood storage rack outside the shop. But fully loaded, the bottom fell slap out. It was covered with my old R/V awning with no doors to keep the rain out. It needed rebuilding. An' that's exactly what I did. I have the bruised up arms to proof it too. It now has a solid floor, a wood roof, siding an' 2 homemade Billy Bob doors.
I'm think'n I did a pretty good job on this project. Robert is tickled pink.

In the mean time, my daughter Doris come over beg'n me to make her a bird feeder to go along with the birdhouse I builded for her. She said she didn't want a big log cabin feeder, just a little bird feeder. Well the old Billy Bob don't work that way.

So's I started build'n her a bird feeder.
Oh my God, Billy Bob is building a log cabin.

 This is a log cabin bird feeder....less the chimney.

This is a chemney.....yet to be paint washed to a beautiful sandstone finish.
Not the normal perfection you would expect from Billy Bob chimney construction, but what the hell, birds don't care what it looks like.

On other news.....the old Billy Bob is get'n older ever day. Health issues are tak'n their toll. I sit a lot. Even work'n on projects I sit on my ass....except when using the table saw. Breathing is still bout the same. It sucks.

Still haven't made a solid decision on building birdhouses for sale. I know I could be a millionaire in bout a years time, but what the hell would I do with all that money? It's never been a goal of mine to be rich. Just enough to get by with is just fine with me. My name ain't Donald Trump.

Camping trip in 3 weeks. It's a new place Robert found. He's gonna do some electrical work for the owner and the owner said we can come camp out any time we want.....even family camp outs. They got a 5 acre pond there, so's I'm tak'n the remote control tug boat with us. Can hardly wait. Hope my health is good that weekend.
Oh, by the way. I been work'n on the Chris Craft boat a little. Moved it back to the livingroom. Installed a servo motor in it to control the rudder....after some "modifications". Works just fine.
This is under the back seat.

I hope my next post is sooner than this one. It's hard.