Sunday, August 31, 2014

Holy crap, give me a break

All a gonna hear today is bad news. "Who the hell turn my electric off"???

It all started yesterday morn'n when I got up not feel'n so hot. This is get'n to be a too frequent position to be in. An' there ain't a damn thing I can do bout it.

I had made me some plans for yesterday. Clean out from under the bed. Did ya make a bet? I ain't did a thing with that bed clean'n project. I sit in my chair most the day feel'n sorry for myself. So I took me a nap.

Hot damn, I can hardly wait....this was yesterday. Golf comes on in bout 3 minutes. Channel 46-1.....what ever that is. What the hell, there's people hit'n little yeller balls back an' forth....a tennis game. I don't watch tennis. I sit in my chair some more.

I cain't go outside 'cause it was rain'n out there. And the rains continue into the night. Thunder boom'n all over the place, lightning light'n up the sky. Right in my yard. Skeer the liv'n hell slap out me. Sadie Mae skeered too....lay'n right at my feet. There ain't nuttin on the TV, so's I just sit here in my chair.....think'n.

My hamburger meat has "that" smell. We will not be eat'n no hamburger tonight. By the way, HIL Harry did not fire up his grill. I'm hungry. "Eat ya up a cold hot dog Billy Bob". There's some little ants in my bread. I'm out of Spam an' my taters have eyes. At 10pm I cain't take it no longer, I got to eat "something". I got some breaded fish in the freezer. Fires up a pan an' toss me a chunk in there. My god, where all this smoke come from? That was supper.

Yesterday was not a good day at Billy Bob's house. Then for the start of a new day, I'm all bended over like that old crookit man. I make it to the coffee pot. Spill grounds all over the place again. I push the brew button. No lights come on. How comes I don't got no electricity for my coffee pot? I checks the breakers. None are tripped. The kitchen counter plugs are dead. I need my coffee.

I did me some check'n.......15 minutes.
If'n you remember bout a week back, I had to charge the battery in the "billy jeep". I left the charger sit'n out in the weather, along with a Walmart special wind up extension cord. It's plugged into the outside 115 volt receptacle, what is hook up to the "ground fault" receptacle in the bathroom. It rained. The ground fault tripped. What took out the kitchen receptacles an' my coffee pot receptacle.

So you see, Billy Bob ain't do'n too good today. Plus me an' my mind had us a little conversation last night. I got plumb tired of listen'n an' went to sleep, but my mind is still harp'n on the same subject early this morn'n. Don't he ever shut up???


Saturday, August 30, 2014

I work tooo hard

Well it was good while it lasted. I got up hurt'n like a sum-a-gun this morn'n.

I was back there in the bedroom yesterday....see, I tole ya I was gonna work back there. You ain;'t never gonna guess what I fount. A freak'n Logitech surround sound system. Not sure if'n I remember buy'n it or not. Now that's what I'm talk'n bout, carry'n stuff around for years an', in this case, not even know'n it's there. Think'n Robert may have a use for it in his travel trailer (RV).

Ha...you call that a surround sound system?

 This is a surround sound system.
 500 watts of romp'n stomp'n winder shak'n power......yeee har!!

The bed room is get'n close to be'n completed. Still have to jump my ass under the bed an' sort all that stuff out. Ok, I'm not say'n I have to get on the floor to get under my bed. It has a hinged lid on it an' all I got to do is raise it....an' there is under my bed star'n me in the face. Work'n under theret will take a good hour or two or so....I got me a ton of junk under there. One more "big" drawer to clean out. That's where I put all the extra kitchen stuff. Rusty knives, set of dishes (Correl plates an' saucers)....shoot, I don't know what all I put in there....but it's got to go. The way I see it, if'n ya put it in a drawer, you ain't gonna never use it again. God I hate throw'n stuff away. Shoot, I don't like clean'n neither.

By the way....I have some empty drawers. Nuttin to put in 'em. Now I got to think'n. If'n I was to put some that stuff under the bed in them drawers, wouldn't I have enough room under there to stow my cowboy (western) books out of sight? 

I spent a good 3 hours back there. Throw'n stuff out, sort'n an' restow'n. I sweeped the floor. I mopped the floor. I took me some breaks. I warshed the dishes. I took the trash out. Yesterday can be considered a successful day.

Computer time. This has been talked bout before. We all seem to spend tooo much time sit'n at a computer. My computer time is morn'n right after I get up. That's when I have to take me a couple hours to get that other eye open an' my joints loosen up a bit. I read the blogs. I read the news. I even check out Facebook. Then I sit an' write my daily blog. Most afternoons an' evenings the computer just sit here....do'n nuttin.

Respond'n to the comments left after I shut down the computer is a chore. Sometimes I never see them until it's too late in the day to comment back. If I comment back in the morn'n, there ain't nobody gonna see it. I know, I should write my blog at a different time every day....like evenings. In the mean time, I try my best to leave a few answers to your questions. I'll work on this. Frustrating ain't it???

Ok, "yo mama" dropped by for a visit. It's now time to get up an' do something. HIL (husband in law) Harry is gonna grill up some hot dogs an' hamburgers later in the day. Yum Yum!!!!
"Crawl under the bed Billy Bob".

Oh wait, this is for MsB. The hospital did not "give" me aspirin. I had to get it "contrabanded" in when nobody was look'n an' then "stash" it out of sight. The aspirin was my do'n.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Where the hell is my internet????

Hmmmmm, I got internet problems. Yes I paid Verizon for what is supposed to be super fast service. Ha, yesterday it was like "dial BR-549 an' wait for operator". Then on top of that, blogger was giv'n me hell. Yahoo just sit there do'n nuttin. My mail said, "try again later". Weren't much I could do.

Speak'n of "weren't much I could do", yesterday I did nuttin. It weren't that I couldn't do nuttin, it was I just didn't WANT to do nuttin. Ate me up my last bowl of Billy Bob beef stew soup an' lay don't on the couch. Lay'n on the couch was just a "test" ya know.....see if'n it relax's me. Boy howdy did it ever. I waked up 3 hour later.

While my internet was down, I got to think'n....is the end of the world com'n? My god, what would we do if'n the internet shut down for good? An' then, there's that dad gum TV I watch every night. There ain't a damn thing on there worth a flip. I flips the channels. Well crap, I done seen that a couple days ago.

Did I break 80????.....LOLOLOL hahahaha, you got to be kidding Barney. The way I see it, it's gonna be a while before I ever see the 80's again. If'n I ever do. The course we played the other day, I played from the "old farts" tees, 5370 yards. Only had me 2 pars an' enough double bogies for 2 rounds.
Ha, speak'n of double bogies....we was on a par 4. I hit a excellent driver right down the middle. My next shot I could reach the green. With my trusty 5 wood I rared back an' swak that ball....right at the green. Up there close to the green was one them sprinkler thingys. My ball hit that sucker an' takes off to the left. Right into the sand trap. It was wet in there, an' in Georgia, sand traps have 50/50 mix of red Georgia clay an' river sand. Four strokes later I'm still in the sand trap....cuss'n. You git the picture, right?

Now, bout that Lipitor. Back in 07....that's when I was *this* close to a stroke, a doctor put me on Lipitor to lower my cholesterol. I was up in the 250 range. It did an' I had no side effects.

Bout that "*this* close" to a stroke". Most of ya already know all bout it but there are some that don't. Ya see, it was get'n on to winter time in Deming, Nm. an' I had just buy a old golf cart. It was cold when we met up at the golf course (upper 30's). The golf cart needed a cover. Well shoot, I can build one of them things.

With a old $15 sew machine, a bunch of thread an' yards of heavy canvas look'n stuff I proceeded to sew. My god, I got to go to Walmart an' buy me up some more needles....bout a dozen of 'em. My blood pressure began to rise....cuss'n word flowed from my lips. Poor ol' Lug Nut an' Sadie Mae hit the door any time I would sit down to that sew machine. By the time I finished the cover for MY golf'n cart, "pesky neighbor" Wayne wanted one for his. By the time I finally reached a doctor what would see me "right now", my blood pressure had reached 210/110. An' that was sit'n on my ass do'n nuttin.

Speak'n of blood pressures...and weight. My appointment Wednesday, the nice little girl weighed me an' took my blood pressure. 142 pounds....I lost 5 or 6 since I last seen Dr. Frokersteen last year.  Now ya got to remember, I put myself on a diet bout 6 months or so ago. 145/70 on the blood pressure. Then on Thursday, this really cute little girl (bout 5 foots 8) weighs me in at 137 pounds an' 177/70 blood pressure. I don't care none bout the blood pressure, that's called "white coat syndrome", but there ain't no way a person can lose 5 pounds over night. The first scale was a mechanical scale an' the other was a digital scale. Figger that one out.

Boy howdy did I enjoy the link sent me in the comments. I spended a good hour read'n bout them electric bicycles. But that led me to read'n other "travel" blogs. It was 3:45am when I turn the computer off last night. Yes, the internet was up an' run'n full bore.

I'm kind of run'n round in circles with our little talk this morn'n. It's 'cause I don't want to touch too much on what my mind is think'n. It does this stuff every morn'n. An' then by bed time, it's off in another direction on the finer things in life..

Since aspirin was brung up, I'll put my two cents in. Back in 1980 when I was in the VA hospital (back injury), they had me on super heavy duty pain pills. But I found the only thing that killed the pain was aspirin. 5000 plus mg's a day on a good day an' right at 10,000 on a bad day. An' no stomach problems. With the 1500mg's I take now, I have no problems....that I know of. My back surgeon will put me on pain pills what will take me off aspirin, but I'll still take the one itty bitty 81mg every day.

A hour or so later.....
Now that was a nice visit. Yo Mama come down from the house an' we sit here sip'n up a cup an' talk'n bout all kind of stuff. Mainly our aches an' pains. Her foot surgery is not heal'n as expected. An' she has knee surgery in January. Poor girl.

Today....I'm gonna git off'n my ass an' do something. Hmmmmm......"finish the bedroom Billy Bob". God I don't want to go back there. But somebody got to do it.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Doc #2 done with....almost

Late? The old Billy Bob ain't never late. Ya see, I didn't have much time this morn'n to spend writ'n a blog post. Doctor appointment #2 ya know.

Before I get into what I did yesterday, I sure would like to know what I did or said to piss so many of my followers off. Pooof, they gone....just like that.

Ok, we showed up at the "blood draw'n" doctors office yesterday. It was a "blood clot" doctor. I ain't got no freak'n blod clots.  Not that I know of anyhows. Me an' him sit down an have us a little chat. Answer a few questions, give some medical history....an' he says...."we ain't gonna draw no blood, you're good to go". That relieved a lot of stress, what was mak'n my back hurt like a sum-a-gun. I was so relieved I wanted to do something special for my wonderful son Robert.

Robert said a golf'n game would be special to him. I'm think'n...."can I do this"? "Be very very careful Billy Bob". We played 18 holes. I hit some beautiful shots....an' I hit some not so beautiful shots. I had no control over my lower body. I look like a drunk stand'n at the tee box.

By the 10th hole, I was start'n to hurt. Took me up a big ol' aspirin an' continued the game. By the time we reached the 16th hole I was say'n...."damn this hurts". Then I got to think'n bout what my night would be like. Two doses of ice packs helped that situation an' I got up straight this morn'n.
So YES, I can still play golf. But not every day.

We arrived at my second appointment right on schedule. This is a cardiologist doctor. Check my heart an' stuff. EKG was performed. ???????.....shoot, I don't know. Then he check my heart through one the testiscope thingys. Listen to my back an, front side. Says it sounds pretty good an' I should have no "risks" with the back surgery. But.....a stress test was ordered for the 18th of Sept. That's as close to today as they could come. A intravenous (needle) stress test an' a intravenous (needle) nuclear stress test, where they take pictures an' all that stuff. Go through a machine like I did for the MRI.

The nice doctor takes me slap off of Plavix. He says it's nuttin more than a blood thinner. Ok, I'll take his word for that.....(Google is your best friend). But he put me on Lipitor for cholesterol in place of the Plavix. He also renewed my other meds for another year. Hot damn, I'm good to go.

Oh wait, I forgot to tell the nice doctor I'm on Advair....what my insurance no longer pays for. But, next week, my 3rd appointment is with a lung doctor (pulmonary)....or what ever he is. I can get him to prescribe a replacement for Advair that my insurance DOES pay for. Hot damn, I'm good to go.

Have ya ever sit down an' have a serious talk with yerself? Well I been do'n that for the last two months or so. I've had me some good thoughts (no more pain) an' I've had me some bad thoughts (live in pain the rest of my life). Ok....so what? Either way, I still have a life to live an' adjustments will have to be made. I rekon I'll have a choice of buy'n a brand spank'n new bicycle, or buy me up a fancy device to make walk'n an' get'n round a bit easier. I'm think'n ELECTRIC bicycle here.

As far as lifestyle changes, I'm ready for that. I knew this day would come some time down the road a piece, but I didn't want to do much think'n bout it. I don't want it to happen right now. There is still hope that my next bicycle will be a good'un.
Do not try to read something into my thoughts that I'm not think'n.

That's it....two days rolled into one. Hmmmmmm.....maybe something excit'n will happen this afternoon.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Doctor an' lab appointment

I went to bed early so's I could get up early this morn'n. Oh wait a minute, I got to watch this last program on TV......it's 1:30am.

This is day 3 of not feel'n too bad. I ain't say'n that I ain't feel'n, it's just that I ain't hurt'n like a sum-a-gun. Now I question "why". When I feel like this I get to think'n, can I live the rest my life like this? "Well hell no ya cain't Billy Bob, you cain't do nuttin".

Back to the state safety inspections an' registrations. Texas has a new rule, what I stated yesterday. YOU CAN NOT re-register your vehicle without a yearly safety inspection. This goes into effect March of 2015. As it is now, you can re-register, drive your vehicle....go anywheres you want without a safety inspection. I'm living proof of that fact. Mine expired bout 4 years ago. Let's just say, I've been very lucky to not have been pulled over.

Now, here's what I'm get'n at......if'n I am travel'n in another state, let's say I'm in Alaska, an' my registration becomes due. Are ya with me? Under the new rules, you got to make a quick trip back to the state of Texas an' get you a safety inspection before you can re-register. I'm sure somewheres in their rule books they will address this problem. It's just that I ain't found the answer yet. I would suggest that all Texas Rv'ers look into this. Let me know what ya find.

Well, today is the day. My first "test'n" appointment. They gonna draw blood.....bout a half gallon. Now I ain't say'n that I cain't stand pain or nuttin like that, but they gonna use one them big ass needles what skeers hell out me. Shoot, I could pass out right then an' there an' they have to revive me....an' start all over again. Man boy howdy I gonna be soooo glad when this day is done.

Second thoughts have been run'n through my mind. I suppose this is a normal reaction when the odds of a great recovery are lower than what you would expect (75/25). Then when ya got a hunnert other things go'n on, those odds decrease. That's what these tests are for, so's the doctor can decide on my chances to live another day. I have some doubts an' fears on that subject. I'm only human ya know.

Ok, I may as well shut this down. My mind is on only one thing an' that is "today". Maybe tomorrow I'll have a great story to tell ya bout the "needle from hell". 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Important Update.....Registration time

Well shoot, here it is another day an' I ain't got nuttin excit'n to say. But.....I'll say something.

Hot damn, I was sit here last night an' I says....."HEY, I'm *this* close to pain free". Not quite all the way but I was close. How comes? Well, here's what I'm think'n....hehehehe, I didn't do nuttin. Well wait a minute, yes I did. I sweeped all the grass clip'n out the door. I'm a hard work'n sum-a-gun.

The beard has been trimmed. I don't like it. Dang, I cut it too short. I'm yet to have a shave....I can do that some time either today or tomorrow. No rush. I'll let ya see when I tackle that job.

"Dang Billy Bob, you git'n too old".

While I was look'n at the "fix it" list, I added bout 4 more little chores I don't want to forget about. Sheesh, if'n I don't write stuff down, I forget all bout it an' it will never get done. 

Today....maybe, I'll fill out all these dad gum papers for my next doctor appointment. What bothers me is that I done fill all that information in already on my first visit to the "needle" doctor. It's all in the computer. Why fill it out again? Grrrrrr....that gonna take a good hour to fill out all that stuff.

Oh no, it's time to re-register "Sally da house". Since I'm no wheres close to Texas, it will have to be done online.....just like the last time. In Texas, I have the option to register for 1, 2 or 3 years. I'm go'n for 3 this year.

Now read this....Texas will no longer place a inspection sticker on your windshield.....after March 2015.
Texas drivers will enjoy a little better windshield view starting in March 2015 when safety inspections become tied to vehicle registration.
Texas’ inspection sticker — a front-glass fixture for more than half a century — will go away in the process.
The inspection itself is still required. Vehicle owners will have to get one within 90 days before renewing their registration. They will have to provide proof the inspection was passed, just as they now provide proof of insurance.

Now how this will effect RV's that travel all over the US, I ain't found no information for when you are out of state. You can only get a Texas safety inspection in Texas ya know.

Ok, that's enough read'n for one day. See ya laters.
Important Update:
Ha....the great state of Texas no longer accepts multi year registrations. Dang, that pisses me slap off.
But anyhows, "Sally da house" is registered for another year....just one. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

3 minutes each side Robert......sheesh!!!

Feel'n good is a good thing. Feel'n bad sucks.

Yesterday I feeled good. Low pain levels not only make ya want to do stuff, it clears your mind of negative thoughts that ain't suppose to be there. You know, walkers, crutches an' high powered 4 cylinder wheelchairs. Hmmmmmm, betcha a buck I could design one what go a hunnert mile a hour.

Boy howdy, I sit on that couch yesterday after it was checked off'n the "fix it" list.....an' let me tell ya, I like this. My butt cheeks sinked down just the perfect amount, I didn't hurt....an' my eyes fall down. I can take me a nap on this couch again. I got so comfortable I done missed the rest of the golf'n game on TV.....cut'n zzzzz's.

 Grandson Mack showed up at my door yesterday....."did ya work on the spud gun papaw"? "Well Mack, yeah I did do a little work on it, but I still cain't get that sucker  to shoot". Mack looks it over an' says...."can I try it papaw"? A paper towel was stuffed down the barrel an' two spurts of "butane" powered underarm deodorant was shot in the combustion chamber. He pull the trigger an' that thing go "SWOOSH-BOOOOM". Sound just like a real "spud gun from hell".
"Taters Mack, we gotta go buy us up a big bag of taters".

I got to teach my son Robert a few things bout cook'n an' eat'n steak. When I says "three minutes each side" I mean three minutes each side......on the hottest part of the grill....put some burn on that sucker. An' then, ya NEVER ever in yer lifetime, put steak sauce on a steak. Ya ain't eat'n beef no more. You're eat'n dad gum chemicals. Grrrrrrrrr......

There's a possibility I may be trim'n my beard today. How much of a possibility I don't know. I like it long, but long, I looks kind of like a ol' timey "geezer" redneck what live way back in the hills away from civilization.....brew'n up moonshine. With all the shop'n trips I make to Walmart, I need to look respectful. I know what yer think'n......I fit right in.

That's one of the good things bout grow'n old. You can dress any ways ya want to, say most anything what comes to yer mind, say a few cuss'n words....an' you can even fart in the aisles. An' nobody thinks anything of it. Well not at Walmart anyhows. I love Walmart. Shoppers paradise.

So what am I gonna do for the rest of the day? When I got up I says "I ain't gonna do nuttin today". But.....ya never know. Think'n I won't be start'n on the new projects today, but I may do a little housework. Bedroom is look'n good. But, I still have drawers an' under the bed to go through....toss shit out to the dumpster. Who knows, maybe when I finish, all them books will fit under the bed. Note: In motorhomes, under the bed is a enclosed storage area. "Alice", my first motorhome, had a 125 gallon fresh water tank under there. Big ass water tank. Not much room left for "stuff". "Sally da house" has enough room under there to smuggle 6 or 8 illegals across the border.  Well it would if'n I didn't have it full of "stuff".

Ok, I probly done said too much.....I'm out of here. I feel good again today. 


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Update on project.....Couch project underway

Ok....did I tell ya it's hot in Georgia? They had high temp warning out yesterday all around the area I am camp'n in. I had a a/c on spit'n out cold air. Today is more of the same.

I got all that foam rubber cut an' glued together. All that is needed now is to cover it with batting or what ever they call it. I'm think'n that stuff is so the foam can move around in the upholstery cover. But hell, what do I know bout couches.

In order to finish this project today, my sawhorses workbench will be moved into "Sally da house". I mean it's like hot out there already....93 degs with high humidity. I sweat'n like a hog in a hog waller....how ya spell waller? High for the days is predicted to reach 96 degs.

Speak'n of hogs, when I was a little tyke, I didn't know hogs would eat people. To this day I still have no proof of that, other than what I see on tv a few years ago. Some farmer got eat slap up.
Back to when I was a little tyke, bout 6 or 7 year old, I used to get in the hog pen an' ride them big ol' fat hogs. Man you talk bout a ride. Me an' Joe sneeked up on a couple sleep'n pigs. Joe was a skeerdicat, so it was that rambunctious little Billy what climb on that pigs back. I grabs holt to them two ears an' hold on for dear life. It weren't me what was holler'n for "Moms", it were that big ol' hog. An' "Moms" come a run'n. Beat the dickins out me with a switch.
*Google is your best friend* I just google "do pigs eat people". Yes they do....but they either got to be very hungry or very angry. Hmmmm, does ride'n on a pigs back make 'em very angry?

A horse bite me one time.......

A donkey chased me one time snort'n like a wild animal.....

My frick'n monkey bite me many times.....

Cats....Ha, I could tell ya some stories bout cats......

Ha ha....Yeee ha an' all that good stuff, the couch project is finished. And in record time. It sits much better than the other two tries, so this is it....finished for the rest of my life.
Now I gotta warsh it. I hate warsh'n couches. 

Daught in law Mandi brung me a dozen Krispy Kreems. I said that was too many, so's her an' Robert scoffed up half of 'em. I ate 2 of 'em an' now I'm gonna starve to death by tomorrow morn'n. Yum yum donuts.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Nuttin new today

I've sat here all morn'n long an' still don't know what to write about. Think'n maybe not to write anything. But then, this wouldn't be "Billy Bob's Place" would it?

I got up early this morn'n think'n I was gonna get some stuff done. Wrong thought. But anyhows, Robert showed up an' is gonna jump on a couple projects as soon as he finishes the ramp for "yo mama".

That pot of Billy Bob beef stew soup come out just so so. Guess I've lost my touch in cook'n too. What the hell, I've always been a good cook. Maybe not one them television chefs, but it sure did taste good to me. Shoot, let's go to Taco bell.

You knowed I once opened me a Mexican Restaurant....right? My god that was a long time ago. I were a "gringo" chef. I spent a good 6 months get'n that thing open while all around me the economy was tak'n a dump. This was bout 1980 or there bouts. My refrigeration business also felt the crunch.

Speak'n of refrigeration business.....mine was named "Servico"....the service company. Most my customers were commercial with a few residential customers. I took care of 7 Taco Bells anywhere from electrical, air cond./heating, plumbing, tile work/countertops, paint'n little white lines in the park'n lots. Five grocery stores called me at all hours of the night......"my walk in freezer is broke".  It was a good business.....until the economy crunch which closed both the refrigeration an' restaurant businesses. Damn I hate to work for someone else.

When I arrived back in Texas in 1986, I went right back into the refrigeration business. But only for a short time. The University of Texas hired me in the maintenance department. An' that's the "rest of the story". I retired in Jan. 2002 an' been "on the road again" ever since.

Ok, I'm gonna attempt to "git off'n my ass" an' do something. Grrrrrrrrr.....clean up my mess in the garage an' yard. Aspirin is work'n.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Today could be better

Boy howdy, I hate wak'n up to days like this. Again, I don't give a flip one way or another. Grrrrrrrr.....why does this happen to me???

Now yesterday was a different story. Shoot, I even got the urge to do a few things. Well let me take that back....I was thinkn'n bout do'n a few things. By the time I got a big pot of Billy Bob beef stew soup all brewed up an' fix'n a fan blade for "yo mama", two hours, I didn't wanna do much more. Got my bed half ways changed out, sheets, pillow cases an' straighten the topper. Would you believe I had to lay on it to see if'n it was nap ready? It were.

Gonna hold off on the projects for a few more days. Shoot, that turns into work.....the four letter word. But, I still have plenty of inside housework that needs done (more work). Dad gum shelves need something on them an' fill a few more "dumpster" bags. My god, I ain't gonna have nuttin left. Clean'n the bedroom is the #1 priority right now.

Ok, that's it, this pressure cooker has got to go. What's the use of hav'n one when ya use it like a open pot? When I brewed up my soup yesterday, all I used the pressure part for was to "tenderize" the beef. Did a good job too. After that was done.....twenty minutes, it was just a plain ol' boil'n pot like I usually use. No.....it ain't go'n back on the shelf.

In the last few weeks I have had a great fear of go'n back to Texas. Or any other destination "down the road a piece".  Now don't get me wrong, I ain't stay'n in Georgia if'n that's what ya got in yer mind. I like be'n around my family, Robert giv'n me so much of his time, visits from "yo mama" but this is get'n old. So yes, I am get'n me some "hitch itch", "on the road again"....that kind of stuff.

As it stands right now, I'm gonna be here in Georgia, whether I want it or not, for another 3 months. Dang, I don't like that one bit. I wanna go camp'n, fish'n, golf ball swak'n....fire up that "bubba boat", make a campfire, look at the stars an' the big ol' moon. Dang I hate days like this.

Ok, that's it, nuttin else to say. First appointment out of 4 in like 5 days. Then set up another appointment for the surgeon. Sheesh!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ha ha ha, you lost your bet

And we have a winner. Somebody betted I would make it to Walmart yesterday....betted a hunnert dollar. But, that person don't know how close they was to be'n a hunnert dollar short this morn'n. Bout *this* close.

Ya see, Robert come by to drop off the new foam rubber for the couch. You know, that stiff couch. We sit down an' talk bout stuff....buy'n property, vacations, camp'n trips, my back. Walmart entered the picture. Let's go to Walmart. I'm think'n I only cuss one time the entire ordeal. *some guy parked in the "expressway", block'n traffic in all directions, wait'n for his wife to return....or something like that. I had to say something 'cause I was want'n by. But I was kind of sorta nice in my selection of "profanities"....damn, shoot, hell....stuff like that.

I was gonna only spend something like $43 at Walmart. That was my plan...an' I'm stick'n to it. Well, when you take your son shop'n with ya, ya spend a bit more. $157 an' some change.

I don't own a belt sander an' my files are all rusty, so I bought me up a electric knife sharpener. Dull knives piss me off. I sharpen knives last night. I also burn my Digerno (spell check is of no help) pizza out there on the Weber grill. Dang, why didn't I take a pic of it??? But I eat it anyhows.

Now how do ya answer a comment when ya don't know? I ain't no doctor or nuttin like that, but I'm think'n that 11 year old golfer had a previous back injury of some sort before he took that first swing. With my back issues, I am very careful not to twist my back on the swing. Well, as little as possible anyhows. Think 3/4 swing. The ball don't go as far, but it don't hurt as bad neither. I would get the little golfer checked out by a professional....not golfer, but doctor.

Speak'n of golf, damn I sure do miss swak'n golf balls. This is the one thing I hated see'n in my final days....NOT swak'n golf balls. Think'n ahead by bout 3, 4 or 6 to 8 months....."Barney, you hit that tree over there". I'm in the fairway...bout 200 yards or so. Dang, I can hardly wait.

Ok, I done got me too many projects. Think'n there's bout 4 of 'em now. An' I ain't started one. I got the materials sit'n out there in the garage, but I ain't got the energy to walk that far. Did some bedroom clean'n, sort'n an' toss'n. Big ol' bag full of button up shirts to go to Goodwill. Shelves are still half empty.

All that clean'n I did a couple days ago, you know, make "Sally da house" all spik an' span??? Well, that was two days ago. In my book, that clean'n was a total waste of my precious time. You git to where I'm com'n from....right? "Sally da house" is again a disaster.

Ok, this morn'n I got up feel'n pretty good. Oh, before I forget, I bought up some that Chiggerex stuff. Hmmmmm, that stuff does a pretty good job. I'm think'n I slept the whole night an' never waked up one time. It's been a while.

Only a feww more days till they stick that big ol' needle in me an' draw out some my blood. As thin as my blood is, it shouldn't take very long. Of the meds I take, one is a blood thinner (Plavix)....along with the aspirins I take every day, my blood is very thin....like water.

Ok, I'm gonna do something. Don't know what, but I got a big choice. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I got stuff done

Sorry folks, but today ya gonna hear some more crap bout my pain issues. But before we get into that, let me tell ya bout all the "household" chores I did yesterday before I broke down.

Ya see, as I sit in my chair at the computer every morn'n, my back begins to feel better. It's got something to do with the coffee.  Speak'n of coffee, my coffee sucks.

"Yo mama" had come to visit for a while yesterday morn'n. She called me a "slob". Dirty dishes in the sink. Tools, little chunks of 2 x 4's, dirt an' pieces of grass on the floor. A full trash can. Stuff like that. Well shoot, I live in here, that's normal. Anyways, when she left, I looked around. I can do this, so I began "do'n stuff. I fixed the warsh machine an' got my laundry done. I warshed up, an' stowed all them dishes. Picked up a few tools an' sweeped the floors. Put me a razor sharp edge on a brand spank'n new chef's knife. Charged the battery on the "billy jeep". By 5pm....I was done for....cain't do no more. My back done give out on me. I got to sit down.

The newest issue with my back is "sciatica" that has returned, like I mentioned yesterday. If'n ya ain't never had sciatica, ya don't know what pain is. An' there ain't nuttin you can do to relieve it....other than bout 1000 mg. of Bayer aspirin an' a stiff shot...or two, of Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey. I ain't got no Jack Daniels whiskey. That's what I had again this morn'n....sciatica in both legs. An' that's what make me get out of that soooo comfortable bed early this morn'n. Dang I wanted to sleep another hour.

I been up for bout almost 4 hour an' my back is feel'n much better now. Maybe I will "do something". But you won't know till tomorrow. Oh by the way, if'n you betted I would go to Walmart yesterday, you lost what ever you betted. Now, ya wanna bet again.....today or tomorrow?

Chigger bites are come'n along just fine. Only a couple of 'em are still itch'n an' most are haft as big as before. That's why they call me Dr. Billy Bob the "fix it" man. I should be fine in a couple more days. 

Ain't got nuttin excit'n to write about, so I rekon I'll just shut up. Dang I cain't wait to get my life back. What ever that life will be.

Oh wait wait....that stiff foam rubber in the couch....it seems to be "break'n in". I was comfortable sit'n on that thing last night. Does foam rubber break in? Anyhows, Robert call me. He got the new foam rubber in his truck. Will be here later on today. This is it folks, I ain't mess'n with no foam rubber again. Third time is a charm....right?
NOTE: I freak'n lied. I just sit on that couch an' that sucker is stiff. I'm talk'n stiff. Way way stiff.

Oh wait again....I got me another project. I'm gonna rebuild my 3 drawer thingy I builded bout 6 years ago. It's in the basement compartment full of "got to have stuff", tools, nuts an' bolts...screws....a must have place to stow stuff. The drawer guides are wore slap out. The sides are begin'n to fall apart. It's a piece of junk. Pics to follow.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Scratch scratch scratch....dad gum chiggers

I don't see nuttin to write bout this morn'n but these dad gum chigger bites. It's been a few years since I got in a batch of chiggers an' I don't have no idea how I did it this time......but, I did. What surprises me is that I don't have nary a one bite below my knees. They all on my thighs from the knees up to my whatsadoolies.

First night I says...."strip down an' bug spray them suckers before ya shower". And that what I did. But I was already covered with bout a dozen itch'n bites. But anyhows, I spray that bug killer too high. Set my sak slap on fire. Boy howdy that was uncomfortable. I'm think'n I kilt all them little bastards 'cause I ain't got no new bites. But the ones I got....MY GOD!!!!

Then last night them bites was so bad I had to do something. Doctor Billy Bob to the rescue. I looks in the medicine shelf an' I ain't got nuttin but alcohol, peroxide, hydrocortisone, maximum strength Ambosol an, some mouthwarsh. I strip down to my underdrawers an' apply each. This morn'n I have a little relief.

But as I was apply'n all that stuff, I see this little spider crawl'n up my leg. I knock hell out that spider. Then I got to think'n, "do spiders bite"? Think'n this 'cause chiggers usually bite hell out your ankles an' lower legs. Anyhows, I will live through this episode of "beat hell out the old Billy Bob".

Them two jobs that was so necessary to do yesterday are on todays list of "things to do today". What's one more day??? But......

I grabs holt to my medication containers last night. I'm gonna fill my pill dispenser thingy. What the hell, I'm out of meds. Only got two of each. This means a trip to Walmart, either today or tomorrow. Any bets on which day???   

Holy cows!! I had me a case of sciatica last night. Hurt'n pains run'n down my right leg all the ways to my big toe. I ain't had this happen in quite some time. I take me up a aspirin an' get my ass off'n the couch...."that couch". Then.....it was 4:30 this morn'n an' I got me some them dad gum leg cramps. Regular ones what make ya stand on yer toes. That's been a while too. I'll be sooo glad when all this doctor stuff is behind me. Go fish'n in the "bubba boat". Go golf'n. Do a little walk'n. Maybe another "billy bike".

Ok, I got to get this day underway. Been talk'n too much. See ya laters.

Grrrrrrrrr.....just for fun.
Got laundry warsh'n an' the damn "billy jeep" won't start.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Yesterday I did nuttin....absolutely nuttin

Another day is behind me. I did exactly what I said I was gonna do....nuttin. An' while I was do'n that tedious job, my mind filled with all kinds of thoughts. One was "who the hell is Billy Bob"?

Well let me tell ya who Billy Bob is. He's the guy that lived his childhood in somebody elses house. He's the guy that had no parents to guide him to a adulthood life. He lived on the streets up to the age of 20 with an' occasional assist from his Aunt Myrt an' Uncle Luke. I would have made a perfect orphan boy.

I was called "Billy" up till the day I joined the Navy. They legally changed my name to a simple "Bill", William or just my last name. The government does that ya know. Later in life I was knowed as "Uncle Bill", not only to nephews an' neices, but to inlaws an' even the local beer establishments where I did my damnest to dance with all the young wimmins.....hoochi coochie girls. It was a hard life.

When I went to work for the University of Texas, I was still knowed as just "Bill". I didn't like that. My name is Billy. A boat captain from the university, a Wisconsin redneck, started call'n me Billy Bob, an' that name fit me just fine. It fit my lifestyle....a redneck.

When I moved aboard my sail'n boat, I changed my name to "Barnacle Bill". That lasted for 7 years when I went back to Billy Bob. 

Speak'n of redneck. Rednecks keep everthing ya know. Little used nuts an' bolts, screws, pieces of wood, chunks of aluminum an' steel....broke stuff that will never see life again. While at the university I had drawers an' shelves full of "stuff". The rest of the maintenance crew would ask me...."hey Billy Bob, ya got one of these"? Most time I did. In my RV "Sally da house" basement, I have such a collection today. Stuff that may someday be of some use to me. After I fix it that is.

Let's change the subject. That one is too boring with out spices (details). I like spices ya know.

I was still wide awake at 4am this morn'n. The old mind go'n a hunnert mile a hour think'n bout "crap". I don't know how everbody else thinks, but I'm think'n my life as a adventurous rambunctious little boy is slap over. But then, this is today.....tomorrow is a new day. But seriously.......?

I sat on "that couch" last night. Well, not really sit on it, I lay my ass down for a hour nap. That was a big mistake. When I got back up, I feeled like that neighbor done run slap over me with his bulldozer. It was that bad. Robert should be pick'n up the new foam rubber today. What's the old say'n....third time's a charm???

I got freak'n chiggers. That trip to Alabama, them suckers jump on me think'n they was gonna have a feast. An' a feast they have. Ok, here we go....Google is yer best friend. I googled chiggers. Look'n for a way to stop all this itch'n I got. Did ya know, chiggers, spiders an' ticks are of the same family? Anyhows, hydrocortisone is all I got. It don't help very much.

Speak'n of buy'n property, I ain't think'n of a final rest'n place to put "Sally da house" up on blocks an' never go nowheres again. It's Robert that is look'n at property with enough space for his daddy to have a "homebase" to visit from time to time. Nuttin permanent.

Did I mention the pot of beef stew soup I made yesterday. One bowl an' I'm done with that stuff. To the bushes it goes. Maybe the cats will eat it. "Billy Bob, don't buy no more generic stuff". Yuk!!!

Ok, I got a couple things that must be done today to have a successful day. Where the hell are my shoes???         

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Downhill continues.....ouch

I had a doctor tell me one time..."Mr. Piep, you know too much about back issues". That was way before Google. Now, in 2014, with the help of Google, guess what? I know all bout the doctors that will be see'n me. I know their bedside manners, what they eat for breakfast, what kind of car they drive....I know everthing.

Then I got on Google an' learn how to read a MRI. That took a while. But with my MRI, the damage is obvious. Even a 6th grader can see that. I posted only one MRI image. I have bout 20 of 'em. An' some are worster than the one I posted. I have Mr. Arthur I Tiss of the spine. Along with the rusted out disks. I know tooo much bout back issues.

I been keep'n track of my down hill battle for the last couple months. It ain't git'n no better. People what seen me in person just 6 months ago would never recognize me today. I can't find anything to be "happy" bout or anything to be excitis bout. This really sucks.

Me an' Robert took a trip to Alabama yesterday to take a look see at a piece of lake front property. We drove mile after mile of wind'n country roads. The lake came into view. We're close. The seller guy says...."turn here, turn there, it's up on top that hill". "Sally da house" would never climb that steep rutted gravel road. As we approach the property, I'm think'n West Virginia....this sucks. The property has West Virginia wrote all over it....an' ya know, the old Billy Bob don't like West Virginia nary a bit.

Back at "da house", I takes me up a couple aspirin, sit back in my easy chair an' relax a bit. Outside a "spud gun from hell" awaits me. Very little was accomplished....but what was, looks absolutely awesome. Do you how much a ten pound bag of taters cost in Georgia? My god, almost $5. 

Today I will sit back, watch some golf on TV an' take it easy. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Couches an' spud guns....good combination

Ha ha "Goldilocks and the three bears". Now that was funny. *a comment from yestarday*

I sit on that "damn couch" last night. An' let me tell ya right now, I didn't sit on it very long. Grrrrrrrrrr....that sucker is way too hard. Shoot I could build me a couch out of old oak pallets an' be just as good.

Now is the time ya got to understand something bout the old Billy Bob. No matter how many times  attempts to fix something, if'n it don't work, or I don't like it, I'm gonna fix it again. Even though it could easily be replaced with a brand spank'n new one. Yes Robert will be pick'n up another piece of foam rubber next week. I'm gonna get this thing right if'n it's the last thing I do.

Then I can sit back like the little bear did an' say...."this couch is just right".

I sure have been creat'n some turmoil around the house. Grandkids say I'm too grouchy....say'n stuff I ain't aughter. How the hell do ya spell aughter? Hell, I don't mean to be grouchy an' say stuff, but shoot, when ya hurt, your brain malfunctions. When your brain malfunctions, you ain't the same guy ya was last week. Anyways, if'n any my grankids are read'n this, I'm sorry an' will try to be a good "papaw". Shoot, I'll even brew ya up a pot of "girlie" coffee". "Billy Bob, 7 year olds do not drink coffee". Anybody else offended by me say'n something off course....I'm sorry to you too.

Mack says...."papaw, can we shoot the spud gun"? I says to him, "well shoot, lets go work on it first". We look at stuff an', my god, we got a lot of work to do before we can shoot this thing. I learned Mack something ya don't learn in school....how to draw a straight line down the side of a piece of pipe. Then he drill a bunch of holes in that pipe. This is the "fake" barrel cooler thingy. Then he paints it gloss black.

We begin work on the back grip an' trigger. Ha, I screw up an' have to start all over. This will work. Mack says..."where are we gonna put these long wires papaw"? I don't know I says. "Inside the handle papaw, nobody ever see 'em". This boy is learn'n. Then it got too dark to see outside.

Mack decided HE will paint the entire spud gun gloss black. That's the only color we have an' he wants to paint. He also wants to shoot a russet tater a hunnert yards. Damn, I can hardly wait.

Did I lift too much heavy stuff yesterday? Couch seat part bout 40 pound. This morn'n I got me a pain back there that just won't go away. Like a 16 penny nail in there. Dr. Bayer is work'n on it as we speak. An' I got me that ice pack back there too.

Got a pile of papers in the mail for my first appointment. I look 'em over an' all they gonna do is draw a gallon blood out me for test'n. I hate needles. Then I got to talk to a doctor. First appointment should be a breeze. But it still stresses me out just think'n bout that great big needle they gonna stab me with. Damn I hate needles.

See what I'm talk'n bout???


Friday, August 15, 2014

Couch update....Too much feet time....damn I hurts

Well, I rekon I done said too much again. Or could it a been the ways I say some things? I ain't perfect ya know. Ha...neither was George Foreman.

Whooooeee, I done mess up again. Actually in more ways than one. I worked too hard yesterday. Well, it wasn't really "hard", but it was way too much feet time. You knows me pretty good by now, an' you know I take lots of breaks....sit my ass down sip'n up on a good cup of coffee. Well, I didn't do that yesterday. I stayed on my feet work'n on that dad gum foam rubber replacement in the couch. Now I ain't say I didn't take a couple breaks....you know me better than that....Billy Bob is gonna take breaks.
Last night I couldn't get comfortable for 4 or 5 hours of restful sleep.....hurt an' toss an' turn all night long. This morn'n I'm dead to the world.

Then on top of that, the damn foam rubber don't fit. Ya see, when I bought this last foam rubber, I failed to measure the thickness. It's 4 1/2 inches, not 4 inches. I had also increased overall size by 1 inch. Boy howdy, it's gonna be tight. An' that's exactly what it was....it don't fit.

Another hour or so was spent on my poor old ach'n feet cut'n that foam rubber down to the correct size. Maybe it will fit now. But it's still gonna be a chore since it's over thickness. The old Billy Bob will fix that.
*pics go here*

 "Take a break Billy Bob, ya need it".

Now....where was we? Oh yeah, I was bitch'n bout all thse tests an' stuff they got me lined up to do. I got to think'n bout that stuff. When they find something wrong, they can fix it, right? Well I know a lot of stuff what ain't right an' get'n it fixed sure would ease my mind. This could result in more time spent in Georgia. There's a possibility I may be in the market for a big ol' propane tank so's I don't freeze to death this winter. They don't deliver propane for motorhomes. They have a minimum delivery an' "Sally da house" don't meet that minimum.

Ok, that's it for another day. Gonna go outside an' "try" to put that couch seat back together. Along with bout a hunnert breaks.

Couch update:
It don't look that pretty, but that sucker is back in "da house" all bolted down.
Now you talk bout sit'n on a stump...I sit on that thing an' "Holy Crap...this is stiff like a log"
 I don't like it. But I'll be damn if'n I'm gonna go through that again. I'll get used to it.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I feeeel good.....well, close to good

I deleted the shit I writed up here so's no hard feel'ns. 

So....on with today............what ever it may be.

Speak'n of today, yesterday was a pretty good day at my house. Some pains in the lower back an' right hip, but a few aspirin an' a ice pack relieved that. My mind was straight most of the day, not think'n on all that negative shit what's been go'n on in there.

Had a very good visit from "yo mama"....drink'n coffee an' shoot'n the bull. Discuss'n the finer things of life an' how we got to where we are today. Dang, how did I manage this?

Robert showed up later in the afternoon. Gonna build "yo mama" a ramp. She just had foot surgery ya know, an' shortly she gonna have a knee replacement. I assisted Robert with the supervision of the project. He's a good boy....listens to his daddy.
*pic go here*

I also had Robert remove the broke down couch seat section so's I'll have something to work on today.
*beginning pics go here*

Ya see, I cain't sit on my couch. Even after all the work we did in replacing the "old" foam rubber.....with junk. The "new" foam rubber awaits me out there in the garage. 1.8 density 54 pounds support. Note: Most storebought couches has 33 pound support. That gonna be like sit'n on a old tree stump out in the pasture. Should be perfect.
For me, this is a project. For Robert, it's a "fix it" chore.

I went to bed a hour early last night with "git'n up early" in mind. My right hip hurted a bit. So's, I let some air out the mattress. Just enough to relieve the pain. It worked. Got up this morn'n in the least pain I had in weeks. Shoot, I didn't bump into nuttin go'n down the hallway to the coffee pot this morn'n.

I sure have been want'n to go play a round of golf. I don't care if I hit them out in the trees, in the lake, or down over a steep hill, I got me more golf'n balls. Had to hit out of water one time. Ask the OFM Barney, he'll tell ya. Landed right on the green pretty close to the hole. Have I ever hit a hole in one? Hell no, I cain't hit a ball that far. Dang I love golf ball swak'n. Hope to be back to it in the near future.

Ok, that's bout all the subjects I gonna touch on today. Maybe.....

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Short post....Yeah right

Dang....Grrrrrrrr an' all that stuff.

Today's post was gonna be extra short....an' hopefully it still will be. I'm tired bout writ'n bout all this crap go'n on. But then again, this crap is part of my "adventurous" life. Everbody wants to read bout my adventures.....right?

In short, yesterday was not a adventure. In fack, I was highly pissed. Poor little girl was only do'n her job. Me, not know'n much bout get's surgery an' that kind of stuff, had no idea all this "new" stuff has to be done before I can "git fixed".  "Git fixed"???? That's just a maybe situation. I almost throwed in the towel right then an' there. I can be pessimistic if'n I want to. Thanks to Google, I am more pessimistic than I was at the start. There's some things that a laminectomy does not take care of. Mainly "back pains". Some relief, if all goes well, but will still experience back pains.

Now, bout all these damn tests I got to take. I'm think'n I realize the "whys" of 'em, but I'm also think'n there ain't no way I'm gonna pass 'em. Lets take a look at one of them that is gonna git a flat out "F". My breathing. Shoot, I cain't even walk to the "billy jeep" without get'n winded. I puff little cigars an' cough up a storm. I have to work really hard to get a full breath. That's COPD ya know, or as Dr Fronkinsteen said, emphysema. What the hell does he know, he's a cardiologist, not a freak'n lung specialist. But....I agree with him.

Then there's the "no energy" factor I have. I don't walk ya know or get any physical exercise. Now let me 'splain that one to ya. When I try to do any walk'n, or exercises, my freak'n back an' legs hurt something terrible. Would YOU walk if'n it hurt ya like that? It's not a "ya gotta walk to feel better" situation. I cain't walk. Period. Well, maybe I could on a golf ball swak'n course try'n to whooop the OFM Barney.

Then bout my heart condition. Shoot, it works just fine. Or I suppose it does. Blood pressure is OK, blood oxygen level is just fine, ain't got no chest pains....shoot, I feel fine. But, I had decided this was the year to have Dr Fronkerstune to give me that stress test he's been whinn'n bout for the last 3 or 4 years. So, no complaints for a stress test in Georgia before surgery. Should be able to also get my prescriptions renewed. Maybe even changed.

Now I got to have a complete physical by a general practice doctor. Now how in God's name am I gonna pass something like that? I'm 72 year old. Old people ain't anywheres near as physical as young kids. Well, let me take that back. Kids now days just sit on their ass text'n, play'n games an' stuff like that.

I'm think'n I'll do just fine on everthing except for the lung thing. I'm go'n with it....first appointment on 8/27/14 an' the last on 9/11/14. My god, I'm gonna be wored slap out.

Ha....got me another little project. Ya see, I need to "git off my ass" an' do something. I got a Walmart special cabinet that I'm gonna rework....modify.

Ain't gonna tell ya what I'm gonna do, but when it's finished, you can bet a dollar there will be some photos. Before, during an' after. Damn, I can hardly wait. I love projects.

Ok, I wrote too much. Yesterdays comments were perfect....'cept'n for one. In case ya think I don't read comments, I hope ya didn't bet a whole lot. I try my best to answer, but sometimes I'm lost for words. Hang in there. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Update Update Update.....Oh my god! More trash thoughts.....negative stuff

Boy howdy, am I gonna survive another day? The last two days have been total hell at Billy Bob's house. "Am I gonna die or what"?

Ya see, it's like this....I don't feel worth a crap. Ain't talk'n bout my back here, we talk'n bout a overall feel'n. All the ways from the top my head (headaches) all the ways down to my toe nails (little bit of sciatica). My dad gum legs feel like jelly (the cheap shit from Walmart), I got them wooosie feel'ns (dizzy), eyes look'n different directions.....I call that "crazy eye", an' I think I got to puke (junk foods). A couple more issues, but we ain't gonna mention them this morn'n. I feel like hell!!!

As much as I try to not think bout those negative thoughts, there them suckers are. When I had my open heart surgery, I didn't have a negative thought at all. Never even thinked bout that kind of stuff. And open heart surgery is way to hell an' gone a more serious operation than a simple laminectomy (cut'n chunks of bone out yer back). This sucks.

Won't be long an' me an' Robert will be up at the doctor place fill'n out all kinds of papers for my surgery. I dread this. As mentioned earlier, what if'n Medicare don't want to pay?  Will my secondary insurance cover the operation 100%? They did once before for a procedure Medicare refused to pay for.

I researched the cost for a single laminectomy in Mexico and India. India is cheaper by bout a thousand dollar. In Mexico the cost is from $6000 for a single, to $16,000 for a double. With out insurance in the US, $20,000 to $40,000. Also in Mexico and India, the success rate drops considerably. Google is your best friend.

I rekon the most fearful thing I'm think'n bout is that I can have me a heart attack. Remember what Dr. Fronkersteen tole me...."did you think you would live forever"? Accord'n to what I read, bypass surgery is temporary....not permanent. It's been go'n on to 7 years (April 2008) since that surgery. How long do I have to live?

For some strange reason yesterday, I got to think'n bout fish'n an' golf ball swak'n. Maybe things ain't as bad as I thought.

Ok, Robert showed up....got to get some shoes on an' head up the road a piece


Ok, we done the doctor place thingy, but all is not well. My next appointment will be with a cardiologist. STRESS TEST an' all the good stuff to see if'n my heart will hold up to the surgery. I'm think'n it will 'cause I never have any heart issues. That I know of anyhows.

The appointment after that is with a general practitioner (family doctor) for a physical an' all the related stuff to make sure I'm healthy enough for a surgery. A breathing test will be done. I have COPD, so don't know how that will work out.

This reminds me of when I was in school an' we had test to see if'n we graduated to the next grade. I didn't always pass all them tests. I know how healthy I feel an' "OH SHIT....this sucks".

With all this information, I'm now back to square one...."can I stand this pain the rest of my life? What changes can I make? And then, on the other side the coin...."Billy Bob, you passed all your test with fly'n colors.

Oh shit, Robert just called. I have 4 appointments with doctors for all kinds of stuff. Sheesh!!! Heart. Lungs. Blood clot.???? And a gen. pract.   

Monday, August 11, 2014

No title....just nonsense

Yow boy howdy, here it is already noontime an' I ain't done a thing. An' I cain't think of all the stuff I was think'n bout writ'n this morn'n. Shoot, last night I has bout a hunnert subjects to write bout. They all gone.

But I do have one thing on my mind this morn'n, when is the best time to post a blog? Some people wait till even'n to do it. Others do it in the morn'n......that's me. Now I got my reasons for writ'n my stuff in the morn'ns instead of the even'n of the day I did all that stuff. It takes me no less than two hours ever morn'n to get some coffee down, get that other eye open an' time for some aspirin to kick in. It's my time of day for computer exercises. You know, read all the nasty news of the world, check out the "drama" on Facebook, read'n "yesterdays" blogs, do'n some silly blog write'n of my own an' most important, get my body in good enough shape to stand up. That take me 2 full hours.....more or less, but seldom less.

Now what the hell did I do yesterday that I can write bout today? Sheesh....I done forget.

Robert come back from the mountains yesterday afternoon. He had to pick up his travel trailer what he been pay'n rent for a space an' bring that sucker home.
*pic goes here*
Ha, travel trailers ain't that big.

Then we visited for a while. Talked him into go'n up there on the roof an' look at that leak'n roof vent. He fix it right up in case ya missed the update yesterday.

Shoot, turns out, I didn't "do nuttin" yesterday. My back issue grows a little worse each day, I couldn't get up to do stuff. Ice pacs an' aspirin, an' sip'n up cups all day long. But the golf tournament sure were good on TV. Lasted until almost dark time. Golf tournaments don't last that long.

My Walmart list also grows a little each day. Ya know how much I love shop'n at Walmart, but damn, I don't want to go. A mile of walk'n just don't excite me much this morn'n. I rekon one of them "handicap" gobber-doos would be OK, but the damn things don't go fast enough an' they ain't got no roll bar on 'em. "Beep beep, git out my way".

Think'n bout roll bar....way aback in bout 1974 or therebouts, I builded me a go cart. To redneck specs. I fount me a old 3 horsepower B&S motor. It needed some modification. I yanks off the heavy cast iron flywheel an' replace it with a light aluminum one. Reworked the carburetor so it would put more "modified" gasoline (denatured alcohol mixture) into the combustion chamber. Man boy howdy, that sucker would fly. Back to the roll bar. There was none.

I flip that go cart. On a tight corner. An' here go Billy Bob fly'n through the air....land'n with a splat on the hard surface blacktop park'n lot.  An' here come that go cart land'n right on top me lay'n there in pain. Dang, I thought I was dead git'n out from under that thing. I was skinned up, bruised an' see'n all crookit like. Once I figger out I ain't got no broke bones, or nuttin like that, I climbs back on that sucker an' have me a blast. Damn, I hurted the next morn'n something terrible

Tomorrow, me an' Robert will go sign some papers for my surgery. Git it started. Lots to be done. Cut back on my little cigar smok'n, breath'n exercises, eat up some healthy foods, a month supply of groceries, locate daily used items at hands reach (no bend'n over). Then I got to figger out what to do with that bed. I toss an' turn every night. That won't work. Wear'n the back brace to bed each night may help.   

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Update....Refrigerator went out......damn!!!

Man! I don't know what to talk bout this morn'n. Ain't no use talk'n bout no surgery until I goes up there an' sign some papers. One little issue I have though, is the possibility that Medicare ain't gonna pay nuttin. I hear they do that to old folks what ain't of any use to society no more. You know what I mean, living off SS that we paid into for 40 or 50 years. Try'n to claim healthcare what we paid into for the same amount of time....an' still pay into every month (bout $104). What freak'n good are old folks? I hope you catched my sarcasm. But dad gum it, it could happen ya know.

My god, we had a rain storm last night. Thunder an' lighting all over the place. Skeer hell out of Sadie Mae. That was bout 6pm or alongs there. Hell, I don't know, I was watch'n TV. Anyhows, it turned the midnight hour. I looks up at the refrigerator controls. There ain't no lights, my refrigerator is not work'n. In a sprinkl'n rain, I goes out there an' start check'n voltages. They OK. Got 115 volts an' 12 volts to the refrige control thingy. It still don't work an' water is run'n out the drain line. My stuff is gonna defrost an' everthing is gonna rot.

Now I ain't the brightest guy in the block, but I knows what's inside that control thingy box. A circuit board with two fuses in it. Ha, I don't even have to check voltage, that 3 amp fuse is burn slap up. Now where did I put my "glass" fuses? Frick, I ain't got none. "Tin foil Billy Bob, put some tin foil". As a test, I placed some tin foil on the burned fuse an' installed it. Walla, the refrigerator come back on.

Slow down before ya say anything....I ain't done yet. Ya see, I said this was a test. Do I need to 'splain what a fuse is for? Simply to protect a expensive circuit board from catch'n a fire.
I'm get'n wet....an' it's dark as hell out here. But I need to check the amp flow....the redneck way. Pull one end of the fuse loose, they gently touch it to make contact....watch the spark. A big spark, something gonna burn up. A tiny spark, it works. I had a tiny spark. We have refrigeration.

But, when I transfer over to propane from electric, it don't work. I transfer back to electric for the night. Tin foil an' all.

Then I got to think'n...."why did that fuse burn out"? The only thing I can figger is that dad gum light'n storm what was hit'n so close to home. I'm talk'n right across the street. Weren't no way it got wet from the rain....it's sealed. Old age? There's that possibility, but I'm think'n lightning.

Bout not work'n on propane. Ok, who ever designed to drain system, hung the drain line right over the propane gas valve. It were sop'n wet from the freezer melt. The old Billy Bob know how to fix that....move it. So....the refrigerator repairs were added to the "fix it" list.

Next......I was sit'n here yesterday mind'n my own business watch'n golf on the TV. It was rain'n. Drop drip drip, water was fall'n on my shoulder. What the hell, the overhead vent is leak'n rain water. This means a trip to the roof with my trusty caulk'n gun. Where the hell is my son Robert? Added to the "fix it" list.

Then on top all that, I was still wide awake at 4am. I musta been think'n bout that girl over there in Del Rio. She stays up late too ya know.

Speak'n of ice pacs, I made me a ice pac yesterday. 2 to 1 mix water an' alcohol. Ok, it didn't work. Ya see, I ain't got no regular rub'n alcohol. Mine is the 91% stuff. It's a macho thing....more is better. Anyhows, it didn't even start to freeze to a slush. Ain't got no room for more water. "Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? Well shoot....does Walmart sell ice pacs? Or I could put it in a bigger zip loc an' add a cup of water. I'll try that first.

Pain levels. Yesterday morn'n I thought I was gonna die. Through the day it got better. Better enough to warsh them dishes an' sweep the floor. Worked on the old furnace cover thingy so water don't come inside. Boy howdy did I ever screw that job up. Ya see, the plastic I used, 1/16th inch thick, was in a roll. An' when I glued it in the cover, before the RV caulking set up, it decided to roll up again. I got caulking all over my hands an' fingers, ruined a perfectly good pair of Wrangler jeans an' a $15 Walmart special shirt I play golf in. That shit don't come off. In my stash of "stuff I may need" was a flat piece of plastic, bout 1/32nd inch thick. The cover was completed at a total cost of bout $40.....sheesh!!!

Ok, the roof vent is fixed. Hail the other day busted a hole in it. Caulked that sucker right up.

For Barney.....here are the batteries.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

A desision has been made.....

I see the light....behind the drawer. When the furnace was removed to make room for a great big ol' drawer, the outside furnace cover was not yet sealed. Big ol' holes in that sucker....let in sunlight an' showers. Billy Bob gonna fix that. Thick plastic sheet an' RV sealer.

Speak'n of drawer, it's gonna require a drawer stop to keep it from open'n when we go round corners. The stops on the drawer guides are not strong enough. Poor design in my book. Now 'that' causes a problem. I don't have room at the top of the drawer. May have to disassemble an' run through the table saw.....remove a inch. A easy job.

Ok, I'm done Googl'n....done, finished. Right now I know so much bout backs that I could go to work at the hospital "fix'n backs". I know the in's an' out's of a laminectomy. I know the recovery time. I know everthing. It's gonna have to be done. The possibility of cur'n 'all' what ails me ain't all that good, but what it does cure, would be a bless'n.

So....it seems, I got to get myself ready for a hospital visit in Sept. That's my decision. Whether it works or not, I got to give it a try. I mean, the odds of it mak'n me worst is only bout 1 to 2%. The odds of "some" relief is bout 70 to 80%. I'm bet'n a dollar I'll be in the 70 to 80% range.   

Now let me tell ya why it's gotta be done. I cain't live the rest my life like this. It's gotten worse in the last 2 or 3 weeks. It will continue to get worse. Yesterday morn'n I weren't surprised that I couldn't hardly walk all day....hurted like a sum-a-gun. But this morn'n, I should have been all fine an' dandy. What I wasn't. I was look'n for a dad gum wheelchair. Tears was in my eyes as I stood there watch'n my morn'n coffee brew. I got freak'n dishes to do. Floors to sweep. Tools all over the place. Damn, I need help.

Back in Dec. of 2000, I hurt my back for the 3rd time in 20 years. Was off on workmans comp for 3 months. I lived on "Coyote", a 41 foots sail'n boat. I had nobody to assist me. The walk down the pier was right at a hunnert yards or so. That was the hardest hunnert yards I ever walk in my life. I never healed from that injury.
Of course, the last 14 years have tooken their toll too. Old age....stuff wears slap out. Two inches in my height has been lost. I used to be a tall dude ya know. but I'm now a short dude at 5' 8" hemm'n up all my pants. Dang, I need a sew machine.

My thoughts run into other issues I have. Like my dad gum heart. My doctor Fronkersteen in Deming has been cry'n for me to have a stress test to see if'n those bypass veins are leak'n. I put him off for 3 years. This year I decided...."what the hell, why not"? But....I won't be in Deming in Sept. Then I got to get off'n my ass an' find me a doctor that will renew my heart prescriptions. Blood press med, Plavix an' a "slow yer heart down" med Coreg for tachycardia. Would love to get off the Plavix, but that probly ain't gonna happen. Damn I hate bruises ever time I bump something.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Project done.....but I hurt

Today is one them days. You know what kind I'm talk'n bout. Ya get up all grouchy an' pissed off at the world an' don't wanna talk to nobody.

I'm think'n I'll kind of lay back on the discussion of surgery this morn'n. That's bout all we been talk'n bout for the last week, two weeks, month....what ever. I don't know what more can be said. Still a couple issues of great concern before a decision is made. After bout another 5 or 6 hours of read'n stuff on the innernet......we [this] close.

I seen that comment ya know. You know who you are....

Speak'n of comments. Yes your comments mean soooo much to me an' I dwell on each one. And yes, they help in my decision process. Makes me think ya know.

Ok, let me tell ya how stupit I was yesterday. If'n you have ever worked on a project, ya know how important the completion of that project is. Self gratification, that kind of stuff.
The third an' final coat of polyurethane was applied to the drawer front. My god it looks good.
I got to lower the refrigerator. Or so I thought. So's I lug all this stuff in "da house" to jack that sucker up to remove the supports. I take my first break.....danm, that was work lug'n all that stuff.
Then I says...."just how tight is this refrigerator"? A great big ol' screwdriver is inserted under the front trim at the top. The top slides out a half a inch. I need 4 inches to remove a water damaged piece of wood an' replace it. I gits a holt that sucker an' give it all I got. Yup, that's 4 inches.
I got to take a break.
I rips out that bad wood. Take me some measures an' go cut me a piece of beautiful oak an' install it. Still needs 3 coats of stuff on it, but fits perfect. I'm on the floor now ya know. Up an' down bout 3 or 8 times. Damn, that was work....get'n off the floor.
I got to take me a break.
I got me some drawer guides what need screwed in place. Measure stuff. "What the hell", it's not level. Now if'n ya ain't never see a motorhome built, ya don't know what crookit is. They use carpenters from down at "Kelly's Bar". Anyhows, up an' down off'n that floor, the drawer is level an' operates [this] close to perfect.
Break time.
The poly on the drawer front is dry. Time to install that sucker. Measure, measure....I install it with a few screws. Close the drawer an' "YEEEE HAAA", that sucker fits perfect. Project is done.....well almost. Some poly an' a drawer handle.

Damn, I didn't think I was gonna write that much. But what I was get'n at, is that I should have waited for help. I were one hurt'n sum-a-gun when I finished. An' all that stuff I lugged in "da house", is still in "da house". Ice pacs (froze veggies) was applied to my lower back. It helped.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Encouraging comments make me feel good

Well, I've sit here this morn'n try'n to figger out how to answer all the comments from yesterday. When I started read'n 'em last night, I said there ain't no way I can respond to each one. I would have still been writ'n at 3 a clock in the morn'n.

Now I didn't read them comments just one time last night....I read 'em two an' three times, let'n all them words of encouragement sink into this hard head of mine. You do know I'm hard headed....right??? I was overwhelmed by what everbody had to say. Ok, overwhelmed probly ain't the correct word to use in this situation.....what the hell am I try'n to say? I were all excitis, that what I was. Gold stars for everbody.

Some of the things said last night had already floated through my mind the entire day. I weren't think'n "decisions decisions", I were think'n silly stuff. Like "damn, it's gonna be cold here in Georgia". "What good is it to fix my legs an' still hurt in my back"? That's a biggie. "How am I gonna get my heart medications prescribed for another year"? I even think'n bout....watch it now....that dad gum wheelchair. I cain't live in "Sally da house" in no wheelchair. There was a ton of other "negative" thoughts I was think'n bout, but there was a few positive thoughts also. Ha ha, don't laugh, but I could swak a golf ball 250 yards.....just think'n out loud here. Shoot, maybe even beat the OFM Barney's ass.

Back to yesterdays comments. I ain't gonna mention no names....although in some cases I do. The thought of "do'n nuttin" struck me right where I live. I know how I feel today...an' for the last two years, I don't want to go another two years feel'n the same, or much worse. It can only get worse as time goes by.

After do'n some research on laminectomy, I got me a bunch of questions I would like to discuss with the doctor. Mainly the part bout not fix'n the pain in my back. But....when I look at that MRI an' see what gonna be done, it has to correct the pinch'n on the nerves that are caus'n the pains. But then again, I ain't no professional MRI reader. There could be other issues back there caus'n these "in my back" pains. Then there was the part where I'm gonna hurt for maybe a month after surgery. Shoot, I were think'n instant pain relief. Dang....negative thoughts piss me off.

Anyhows, I will still be do'n some more research. I'm close to say'n "to hell with it".....git it fixed or continue to live like ya do. Liv'n like this sucks.

Once again I want to commend each of you that commented yesterday. Made my heart do a flip flop. A good 'un flip flop.

Ok, that's all I have to say bout that for the day. I got me some think'n to do. You know, make arrangements an' stuff like that. Do some more read'n.

Oh, while I think bout it. I'll be in a hospital for this surgery. If'n I was to have a heart attack, there should be enough doctors there to take care of me. Right??? That's my think'n anyhows.

That project drawer front was sanded an' has two coats of polyurethane on it. One to go. It's freak'n beautiful....through my eyes. Not professional, but ain't nobody gonna see it but me. There's a slim possibility I may try to lower the refrigerator today. I ain't do'n no dad gum dishes, or sweep'n no floors....stuff like that. I have a project to finish. 


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Doctor appointment is behind me....now what?

Got some good news an' we got some not so good news. I'll insert each was we have our little talk this morn'n. Speak'n of morn'n, what the hell, my left shoulder is got a crick in it.....hurts like hell.

It didn't take me but a second to take a like'n to this doctor feller. He walk through the door with a smile on his face, reaches out his hand an' says "Mr. Piepmeier, I'm doctor so 'n so". We look over a MRI image an' he splain to me where my aches an' pains is com'n from.

Ok, now where was we? Son Billy came by for a visit....just check'n on his daddy ya know.

If'n I decide, I will have a laminectomy. The only option I was given. That's removing part of the bone thingys (lamina) that run up your spine to make more room in the spinal canal....not pinch no nerves no more. You can see in 2 or 3 places where, the doctor says is arthritis, an' needs to be removed. Chainsaw, grinders an' a big ol' hatchet. In case ya may want a better look at what he gonna do, here is a link. Laminectomy Video.

Now, let's take a look at the down sides of this operation. First an' probly most important, is I can have me a heart attack right there on the operat'n table. Because I take Plavix, and my age, the doc has some concerns. Will be off of Plavix for 2 to 3 weeks after the operation. Doctor Fronkerstine in Deming will be consulted if I can be off Plavix for that length of time. No aspirin for pain like I take now.

The next big concern is that the odds ain't all that good. 75/25%. The 75 being good results an the 25 being no relief at all. Old age is a factor in these numbers. Decisions decisions. 

Of course "smok'n" was mentioned, as it slows down recovery time. So HE says.

 Research on laminectomy shows that there could possibly be no relief from the pains in my lower back. That is what I have. Right hip an' lower back pain all the time. But, the lower extremities, both legs an' both feet, I should gain tremendous relief. Pains, swelling of feet, numbness of feet, both regular an' backards leg cramps, tingles an' shoot'n leg pains (sciatica). On top of that, the ability to take a "normal" whizzz. Oh shoot....just Google "laminectomy" an' see for yourself.

Then we come to a surgery date. Five weeks after I sign the papers. Then 3 or 4 days in hospital. Then wear a brace for 6 weeks. That puts me in the "peach state" up into November. An' it gets cold in November. As it does for the rest of the country. That makes total time to remain in Georgia right at 4 more months. That sucks.

Ok, on the bright side, I builded me a brand spank'n new drawer front. Looks much better than the other one. A little sand'n an' a couple coats of polyurathane, I can install this sucker on the drawer. But....the drawer ain't yet finished. Ya see, when we raised the refrigerator, we raised it too far. Ain't no way in hell anybody can remove it for repair 'cause it's jam up tight to the top framework. Gotta drop it 1/4 inch, then install the drawer guides. I love my projects.

Holy cows....here come "ya mama" for a visit. She's walk'n this soon after her operation.

See ya laters.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stressed out

Hot damn.....you talk bout hurt'n an'crookit. That what I am  this morn'n. I done take me two 500mg aspirins an' I still hurt like hell.

Dang....I cain't wait for this crap today to be over. I got myself all stressed out over it all. My back is kill'n me. I ain't talk'n just a little pain, I'm talk'n tears in my eyes kind of pain. This sucks.

Have ya ever say you gonna do something an' then when the time comes, ya get all skeered to do it? Welcome to Billy Bob's world this morn'n. Well, not only this morn'n, but for the last couple weeks, I'm skeered bout get'n surgery. On one hand I'm think'n it's gonna do me some good, an' on the other hand.....well, you know what I'm talk'n bout. Today's doctor appointment should either make me or break me.

Back to the project...screw ups an' all. I put all that stuff together yesterday an' I now have a front for that big drawer under the refrigerator. Is anybody old enough to remember when a refrigerator was called a Kelvinator?
But, when I fired up that router, gonna do me some fancy woodwork, I'm think'n I should have left well enough alone. Ya see, I was try'n to kind of match the woodwork on the frige (Kelvinator) door. It didn't happen. I screwed up. An' there ain't no "fix" for it.

But....who cares? There ain't nobody gonna see it but me, an' the way I feel this morn'n, I don't give a fly'n flip. It's gonna be beautiful....depend'n the angle ya look at it. The garage door is down, so no photos this morn'n.....maybe.

There will be no golf ball swak'n today. It's gonna be a hot one this afternoon. I got so hot yesterday, sweat run'n down my face, I had to take a break an' go sit down for a bit. Sip me up a cup. Closed the garage door an' call it quits. Ahhhh, air conditioning sure do feel good. 


Monday, August 4, 2014

Good days, bad days...we get 'em all

I'm think'n this ain't gonna be a good day. I was lay'n there in bed an' I says...."do I want to get up now, or wait for a while"? I look out the winder....it's pitch dark out there. I look at the clock....it's 5:30am.

I make it to the coffee pot. Gonna brew me up a strong one this morn'n. I drop the used coffee filter full of grinds on the floor. My broom is outside.

I got a "old age" bruise an' dried blood on my left arm.

An' my freak'n back hurts something terrible this morn'n.

The humm'nbird feeder is empty. My desk is a disaster. I got a headache. This sucks.

Ok, you may have thought that onest I got that box put together that the old Billy Bob would call it quits for the day....right? If'n you bet a dollar on it, you are a dollar short today. The drawer guides have been measured out an' installed on the box. The front of the drawer will be constructed out of high dollar oak.

I goes out there to the garage, fire up the table saw an' I'm cut'n wood. Measure this measure that, it's gonna fit. Oh Oh....I mess up. Only a pic would explain it, so's I ain't gonna say nuttin. But, you know how the old Billy Bob operates, he's gonna fix it. Should be very unnoticeable when I'm finished. Either that or start over.

 The mess up......
The fix......
 This what it gonna look like. Well, there's still some router work to be done, sanded an' polyurathaned (varnished). It gonna be soooo purdy.

Tomorrow is the day. Doctor appointment at 1pm. I would tell ya bout all the crap what been go'n through my mind, but you probly already know. Damn I cain't wait for Wednesday to get here.

Now let me tell ya.....my son Robert suggested that we go play a round of golf after we visit with the doctor tomorrow. We'll see how that turns out. Anybody wanna bet a dollar?

Yo Mama is do'n pretty darn good. Ride'n round in a dad gum wheelchair when she should be in the kitchen cook'n food. Carpets to be vacuumed, floors to be sweeped an' mopped......big ol' bags of trash to go out. Poor ol' HIL (husband in law) Harry, daughter Doris an' grandson Mack. She got 'em hopp'n.

Ok, aspirin kick'n in.....I got things to do.

Don't tell nobody, but Google is all screwed up again today.
Where the hell is my blog post for today????   

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fly'n missiles.....an' tater salad

Ed brought up a very good subject in the comments yesterday.....flying missiles. Everbody has them, whether go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour in a RV, or sit'n on the counter in a stick & brick.  . Some are more dangerous than others. Stuff that can fly off counters at any unexpected moment. Boat engine parts be'n a #1 "fly'n missile". Don't nobody say they don't work on boat engines in the kitchen.....sheesh, that's pure "down town" American.

But anyhows, we are talk'n bout my books as fly'n missiles. An' we talk'n bout RV's. When I lived on my boat an' a fierce storm was headed my way, I "battened down the hatches". That's securing movable objects so's they down fly all over the place when the storm hits. I've seen many RV'ers do the same thing ever time they hit the road. It's just a safety concern so they don't have to go to Walmart an' replace all the stuff what gets broke. I suppose it's also so's somebody don't get swaked with "fly'n missiles".

Dang, this is gonna take longer than I was expect'n. Now at Billy Bob's house, we do things differently. "Sally da house" goes down the road like a Cadillac car. Nuttin gets spilled an' nuttin falls off the dash. Concerns of stuff fly'n all over the house don't even cross my mind. Well, my refrigerator door does. I've turn a corner on a gazillion occasions when that door would sling open, stuff fly out the refrigerator an' land in piles on the floor. Busted jars of pickles, pots of Billy Bob beef stew soup, gallons of milk....anything sit'n on the shelves lands on the floor. My refrigerator door has a "click" lock on it. Ya gotta push on the door till ya hear the click, then you're good to go. But I sometimes forget.
Anyhows, back to the book "missiles". They won't FIT under my bed. Although it would be a perfect place for 'em. I'm think'n I placed two Walmart bags full of books under there after I read them. The other 250 or so books have been stowed in boxes an' more Walmart bags....on the floor, in a closet, on the bedroom counter. in the passanger seat....all over the place. It may be noted, that if'n I had me a bunch of the right size boxes, I have a bunch of empty shelves in the closets. There Ed is where the books will eventually end up....maybe.

This is under my bed. There are no Walmart bags full of books under there that I can see at this point. By the way, I will tackle the job of sort'n, toss'n an' restow'n all this stuff in the very near future.....maybe. But not today. "My god Billy Bob, you got way too much stuff". I don't own a dumpster, so's I have no choice.

Ain't got no important plans for the day. Big ol' rack of ribs may go on my Weber grill later on this afternoon. Undecided at this time. Got to try out my new trivet thingy ya know.....Walmart special. Now I don't BBQ the way they do over here in Georgia.....just throw it on the grill an' forgit bout it. I'm a old timey open pit BBQ'er.....slop bbq sauce on what ever I'm cook'n. Make some smoke an' fire. Dang, I need me some tater salad, but I ain't got no eggs, celery or taters. My onions will "kick yer ass".

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR......this shit pisses me off. I posted/published this blog post earluy this morn'n. Where is it????

Anyhows, the drawer project is com'n right along. The drawer box is completed. The front is yet to be constructed.

"Dang Billy Bob, that's a big box". 22" W, 17" D, 10" H  Shoot, I could put over 300 western books in that drawer. But I ain't. Or am I.....Hmmmmmmm.