Monday, August 4, 2014

Good days, bad days...we get 'em all

I'm think'n this ain't gonna be a good day. I was lay'n there in bed an' I says...."do I want to get up now, or wait for a while"? I look out the winder....it's pitch dark out there. I look at the clock....it's 5:30am.

I make it to the coffee pot. Gonna brew me up a strong one this morn'n. I drop the used coffee filter full of grinds on the floor. My broom is outside.

I got a "old age" bruise an' dried blood on my left arm.

An' my freak'n back hurts something terrible this morn'n.

The humm'nbird feeder is empty. My desk is a disaster. I got a headache. This sucks.

Ok, you may have thought that onest I got that box put together that the old Billy Bob would call it quits for the day....right? If'n you bet a dollar on it, you are a dollar short today. The drawer guides have been measured out an' installed on the box. The front of the drawer will be constructed out of high dollar oak.

I goes out there to the garage, fire up the table saw an' I'm cut'n wood. Measure this measure that, it's gonna fit. Oh Oh....I mess up. Only a pic would explain it, so's I ain't gonna say nuttin. But, you know how the old Billy Bob operates, he's gonna fix it. Should be very unnoticeable when I'm finished. Either that or start over.

 The mess up......
The fix......
 This what it gonna look like. Well, there's still some router work to be done, sanded an' polyurathaned (varnished). It gonna be soooo purdy.

Tomorrow is the day. Doctor appointment at 1pm. I would tell ya bout all the crap what been go'n through my mind, but you probly already know. Damn I cain't wait for Wednesday to get here.

Now let me tell ya.....my son Robert suggested that we go play a round of golf after we visit with the doctor tomorrow. We'll see how that turns out. Anybody wanna bet a dollar?

Yo Mama is do'n pretty darn good. Ride'n round in a dad gum wheelchair when she should be in the kitchen cook'n food. Carpets to be vacuumed, floors to be sweeped an' mopped......big ol' bags of trash to go out. Poor ol' HIL (husband in law) Harry, daughter Doris an' grandson Mack. She got 'em hopp'n.

Ok, aspirin kick'n in.....I got things to do.

Don't tell nobody, but Google is all screwed up again today.
Where the hell is my blog post for today????   


  1. Well, I am here at the house, nursin the knee the doctor worked on. I having a time getting the swelling down.
    What the heck u tryin to build now!!!

    Billy ur son

  2. Wishing you good luck tomorrow. Hopefully they can find something to improve your situation. If surgery isn't an option, ask what else on you do-- brace. pain pills that work better than aspirin, furniture that doesn't exacerbate the situation, etc.

  3. Blog was displayed just fine for me today.

  4. I thought I wanted to go out to dinner after my first physical therapy appointment this round. Wrong! I just wanted to go home and curl up into a ball. Except curling up hurt too much. I sure am hoping all I can for your appointment to go well.

    Your blog displayed fine for me, too.

  5. The fix does look better. But you know that or you wouldn't have fixed it.

  6. My back now hurts when I am lying down! This is a new development that I don't like. I hope you get yours fixed up right. That will give me hope.

  7. Thats gonna be one purdy door for your drawer.

  8. Wishing you whatever answers you seek tomorrow, and saying an extra little prayer for you, Billy Bob.
    If you're still building, you're better off than many, so I'm hoping the golf course is in your near future.
    Your blog is showing fine, and I watch for it daily, even though I'm so early I usually see yesterday's.

  9. Js myelogram is tomorrow, they told him the wrong day, and TG he called before. It's Wednesday.