Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I got stuff done

Sorry folks, but today ya gonna hear some more crap bout my pain issues. But before we get into that, let me tell ya bout all the "household" chores I did yesterday before I broke down.

Ya see, as I sit in my chair at the computer every morn'n, my back begins to feel better. It's got something to do with the coffee.  Speak'n of coffee, my coffee sucks.

"Yo mama" had come to visit for a while yesterday morn'n. She called me a "slob". Dirty dishes in the sink. Tools, little chunks of 2 x 4's, dirt an' pieces of grass on the floor. A full trash can. Stuff like that. Well shoot, I live in here, that's normal. Anyways, when she left, I looked around. I can do this, so I began "do'n stuff. I fixed the warsh machine an' got my laundry done. I warshed up, an' stowed all them dishes. Picked up a few tools an' sweeped the floors. Put me a razor sharp edge on a brand spank'n new chef's knife. Charged the battery on the "billy jeep". By 5pm....I was done for....cain't do no more. My back done give out on me. I got to sit down.

The newest issue with my back is "sciatica" that has returned, like I mentioned yesterday. If'n ya ain't never had sciatica, ya don't know what pain is. An' there ain't nuttin you can do to relieve it....other than bout 1000 mg. of Bayer aspirin an' a stiff shot...or two, of Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey. I ain't got no Jack Daniels whiskey. That's what I had again this morn'n....sciatica in both legs. An' that's what make me get out of that soooo comfortable bed early this morn'n. Dang I wanted to sleep another hour.

I been up for bout almost 4 hour an' my back is feel'n much better now. Maybe I will "do something". But you won't know till tomorrow. Oh by the way, if'n you betted I would go to Walmart yesterday, you lost what ever you betted. Now, ya wanna bet again.....today or tomorrow?

Chigger bites are come'n along just fine. Only a couple of 'em are still itch'n an' most are haft as big as before. That's why they call me Dr. Billy Bob the "fix it" man. I should be fine in a couple more days. 

Ain't got nuttin excit'n to write about, so I rekon I'll just shut up. Dang I cain't wait to get my life back. What ever that life will be.

Oh wait wait....that stiff foam rubber in the couch....it seems to be "break'n in". I was comfortable sit'n on that thing last night. Does foam rubber break in? Anyhows, Robert call me. He got the new foam rubber in his truck. Will be here later on today. This is it folks, I ain't mess'n with no foam rubber again. Third time is a charm....right?
NOTE: I freak'n lied. I just sit on that couch an' that sucker is stiff. I'm talk'n stiff. Way way stiff.

Oh wait again....I got me another project. I'm gonna rebuild my 3 drawer thingy I builded bout 6 years ago. It's in the basement compartment full of "got to have stuff", tools, nuts an' bolts...screws....a must have place to stow stuff. The drawer guides are wore slap out. The sides are begin'n to fall apart. It's a piece of junk. Pics to follow.


  1. I can't remember ever having sciatica but have known a few people who have. It must be god-awful! Hope you feel good today, but don't overdo all the projects. They don't go anywhere and will always be waiting for you!

    1. It's like a woman hav'n twins....both at the same time.

      I tried to pace yesterdays work. Took my normal breaks an' all that stuff.
      No project will be started today. I still have a bedroom to finish clean'n up.

  2. At least you got some stuff done but probably over did it.
    Pace yourself a bit maybe?

    1. I like get'n "some" stuff done. Yup, you right, I should a quit with just the dish warsh'n.

  3. BillyBob - I have a 11 yr old grandson just starting golf.....and, he has hurt his back twice swinging that golf club; once when he was taking lessons. What's wrong? Would you know? Why would his back twist? He didn't make the school golf club because on the first hole he hurt his back on the first golf swing. I want to tell him something. Thanks

  4. Oh by the way, if'n you betted I would go to Walmart yesterday, you lost what ever you betted. Now, ya wanna bet again.....today or tomorrow?

    On 19 August you said you had only two days of medication left. I'm going to assume that you took one days worth on the 19th and one days worth on the 20th. That means that today, the 21st, you have no medications.

    So, I'm betting that you will go get refills on the 22nd or maybe the 23rd after Yo Mama and Robert give you a tongue lashing for not taking your medications.