Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Scratch scratch scratch....dad gum chiggers

I don't see nuttin to write bout this morn'n but these dad gum chigger bites. It's been a few years since I got in a batch of chiggers an' I don't have no idea how I did it this time......but, I did. What surprises me is that I don't have nary a one bite below my knees. They all on my thighs from the knees up to my whatsadoolies.

First night I says...."strip down an' bug spray them suckers before ya shower". And that what I did. But I was already covered with bout a dozen itch'n bites. But anyhows, I spray that bug killer too high. Set my sak slap on fire. Boy howdy that was uncomfortable. I'm think'n I kilt all them little bastards 'cause I ain't got no new bites. But the ones I got....MY GOD!!!!

Then last night them bites was so bad I had to do something. Doctor Billy Bob to the rescue. I looks in the medicine shelf an' I ain't got nuttin but alcohol, peroxide, hydrocortisone, maximum strength Ambosol an, some mouthwarsh. I strip down to my underdrawers an' apply each. This morn'n I have a little relief.

But as I was apply'n all that stuff, I see this little spider crawl'n up my leg. I knock hell out that spider. Then I got to think'n, "do spiders bite"? Think'n this 'cause chiggers usually bite hell out your ankles an' lower legs. Anyhows, I will live through this episode of "beat hell out the old Billy Bob".

Them two jobs that was so necessary to do yesterday are on todays list of "things to do today". What's one more day??? But......

I grabs holt to my medication containers last night. I'm gonna fill my pill dispenser thingy. What the hell, I'm out of meds. Only got two of each. This means a trip to Walmart, either today or tomorrow. Any bets on which day???   

Holy cows!! I had me a case of sciatica last night. Hurt'n pains run'n down my right leg all the ways to my big toe. I ain't had this happen in quite some time. I take me up a aspirin an' get my ass off'n the couch...."that couch". Then.....it was 4:30 this morn'n an' I got me some them dad gum leg cramps. Regular ones what make ya stand on yer toes. That's been a while too. I'll be sooo glad when all this doctor stuff is behind me. Go fish'n in the "bubba boat". Go golf'n. Do a little walk'n. Maybe another "billy bike".

Ok, I got to get this day underway. Been talk'n too much. See ya laters.

Grrrrrrrrr.....just for fun.
Got laundry warsh'n an' the damn "billy jeep" won't start.


  1. I bet you invented a new dance when you sprayed a little too high.

  2. What brand bug spray did you use that I NEED it too. Please tell me. YES, some spiders bite and leave a lump big as a marble that itch like nothing else; but I don't think they bite many times in one course of feasting! Maybe 5 times one has got me, usually at the base of my hairline. A soda paste, jewelweed/waterweed (you probably don't know what this is) cider vinegar are remedies I use for bites, itches, stings, poison ivy. Guess you didn't take that advice using nail polish. It sure works on chiggers.

    Dang blogger always messin' up! Won't show my identity until I sign in again and again; then by that time my comment is GONE. Cuss it!

    I bet DD is right! Tell me the bug spray name; quick b'fore you forget BB.

    I'm gathering jewelweed NOW; drying it to make my potent "medicine"/tea.

    1. Hi Sissy. It was Bug Stop from the garden supply at Walmart.

      Ha, I don't got me no fingernail polish. That's for girls.

      Yup, Blogger messed up on me too earlier. Comment went.....poooof, all gone.

  3. I bet you danced quite a jig! We all gotta be careful when applying medical sprays or ointments above a certain point.

    1. I'm just happy it wasn't Ben Gay. Yikes, I would have died.

    2. I think I've made the Ben Gay mistake a time or two.

  4. BB
    Somehow 2 weeks ago I came in contact with those little nasty chiggers !
    I had to go to the DR this week .I thought I was going crazy from scratching.
    I remember having chiggers as a kid playing in the yard and my Mom mixed Crisco and salt and rubbed it on my skin .My Mom and Grandmother believed in home cures ,some of the stuff they came up with was pretty weird.
    One time I cut my food really bad and they packed it with sugar and wrapped it up.
    We lived in a area where there was one Dr within a 100 mile radius.
    I try to read your blog everyday.
    Try not to scratch! lol