Sunday, August 24, 2014

Update on project.....Couch project underway

Ok....did I tell ya it's hot in Georgia? They had high temp warning out yesterday all around the area I am camp'n in. I had a a/c on spit'n out cold air. Today is more of the same.

I got all that foam rubber cut an' glued together. All that is needed now is to cover it with batting or what ever they call it. I'm think'n that stuff is so the foam can move around in the upholstery cover. But hell, what do I know bout couches.

In order to finish this project today, my sawhorses workbench will be moved into "Sally da house". I mean it's like hot out there already....93 degs with high humidity. I sweat'n like a hog in a hog waller....how ya spell waller? High for the days is predicted to reach 96 degs.

Speak'n of hogs, when I was a little tyke, I didn't know hogs would eat people. To this day I still have no proof of that, other than what I see on tv a few years ago. Some farmer got eat slap up.
Back to when I was a little tyke, bout 6 or 7 year old, I used to get in the hog pen an' ride them big ol' fat hogs. Man you talk bout a ride. Me an' Joe sneeked up on a couple sleep'n pigs. Joe was a skeerdicat, so it was that rambunctious little Billy what climb on that pigs back. I grabs holt to them two ears an' hold on for dear life. It weren't me what was holler'n for "Moms", it were that big ol' hog. An' "Moms" come a run'n. Beat the dickins out me with a switch.
*Google is your best friend* I just google "do pigs eat people". Yes they do....but they either got to be very hungry or very angry. Hmmmm, does ride'n on a pigs back make 'em very angry?

A horse bite me one time.......

A donkey chased me one time snort'n like a wild animal.....

My frick'n monkey bite me many times.....

Cats....Ha, I could tell ya some stories bout cats......

Ha ha....Yeee ha an' all that good stuff, the couch project is finished. And in record time. It sits much better than the other two tries, so this is it....finished for the rest of my life.
Now I gotta warsh it. I hate warsh'n couches. 

Daught in law Mandi brung me a dozen Krispy Kreems. I said that was too many, so's her an' Robert scoffed up half of 'em. I ate 2 of 'em an' now I'm gonna starve to death by tomorrow morn'n. Yum yum donuts.



  1. If something has teeth it can bite you and probably will do so sooner or later.

  2. I think you spelled "waller" correctly. I've always been leery of those big old sows, but I guess they are most dangerous when they have babies. Most mother animals are like that, including humans. I'd tear anyone apart that tried to hurt one of my babies, and they are all in (or close to) their 40's!

  3. I was a public health nurse early in my career. That means I visited sick folks in their homes. I had a very rural area in which to visit these folks and this was before cell phones. I went to a farm house on a very hot day. 105 or so. ( but a dry heat) ;-) So I parked under a large tree and casually got out of the county car right in the face of a large pig. He/she was snorting at me and scared me silly. Of course I locked the car as I exited the car by pushing down on the thingie on the door. So I took off running all around that tree yelling for help. I was rescued by a laughing farmer who merely yelled at the pig who stopped immediately. Oh yeah, all this was done in Spanish. I definitely did not have the vocabulary (in Spanish) to talk about how to stop that pig. To this day, I don't remember why I was visiting that particular patient, but I sure remember that pig.

  4. Family in Ocala, Florida told me of a 3 year old child being eaten by a hog fairly close to where they live. This was in 1990 if I'm not mistaken. How horrifying.

  5. I did some wild hog trapping when I lived in Jacksonville, Texas and let me tell ya...when you get a two or three hundred pound hog in a trap, there is no doubt he would eat ya given half a chance! I never gave 'em that chance!

    Scary animals, especially when they charge at ya!

  6. Them Krispy Kreems are so tasty, yum yum....
    God that you got that couch all fixed up, you good to go now right?