Monday, August 11, 2014

No title....just nonsense

Yow boy howdy, here it is already noontime an' I ain't done a thing. An' I cain't think of all the stuff I was think'n bout writ'n this morn'n. Shoot, last night I has bout a hunnert subjects to write bout. They all gone.

But I do have one thing on my mind this morn'n, when is the best time to post a blog? Some people wait till even'n to do it. Others do it in the morn'n......that's me. Now I got my reasons for writ'n my stuff in the morn'ns instead of the even'n of the day I did all that stuff. It takes me no less than two hours ever morn'n to get some coffee down, get that other eye open an' time for some aspirin to kick in. It's my time of day for computer exercises. You know, read all the nasty news of the world, check out the "drama" on Facebook, read'n "yesterdays" blogs, do'n some silly blog write'n of my own an' most important, get my body in good enough shape to stand up. That take me 2 full hours.....more or less, but seldom less.

Now what the hell did I do yesterday that I can write bout today? Sheesh....I done forget.

Robert come back from the mountains yesterday afternoon. He had to pick up his travel trailer what he been pay'n rent for a space an' bring that sucker home.
*pic goes here*
Ha, travel trailers ain't that big.

Then we visited for a while. Talked him into go'n up there on the roof an' look at that leak'n roof vent. He fix it right up in case ya missed the update yesterday.

Shoot, turns out, I didn't "do nuttin" yesterday. My back issue grows a little worse each day, I couldn't get up to do stuff. Ice pacs an' aspirin, an' sip'n up cups all day long. But the golf tournament sure were good on TV. Lasted until almost dark time. Golf tournaments don't last that long.

My Walmart list also grows a little each day. Ya know how much I love shop'n at Walmart, but damn, I don't want to go. A mile of walk'n just don't excite me much this morn'n. I rekon one of them "handicap" gobber-doos would be OK, but the damn things don't go fast enough an' they ain't got no roll bar on 'em. "Beep beep, git out my way".

Think'n bout roll bar....way aback in bout 1974 or therebouts, I builded me a go cart. To redneck specs. I fount me a old 3 horsepower B&S motor. It needed some modification. I yanks off the heavy cast iron flywheel an' replace it with a light aluminum one. Reworked the carburetor so it would put more "modified" gasoline (denatured alcohol mixture) into the combustion chamber. Man boy howdy, that sucker would fly. Back to the roll bar. There was none.

I flip that go cart. On a tight corner. An' here go Billy Bob fly'n through the air....land'n with a splat on the hard surface blacktop park'n lot.  An' here come that go cart land'n right on top me lay'n there in pain. Dang, I thought I was dead git'n out from under that thing. I was skinned up, bruised an' see'n all crookit like. Once I figger out I ain't got no broke bones, or nuttin like that, I climbs back on that sucker an' have me a blast. Damn, I hurted the next morn'n something terrible

Tomorrow, me an' Robert will go sign some papers for my surgery. Git it started. Lots to be done. Cut back on my little cigar smok'n, breath'n exercises, eat up some healthy foods, a month supply of groceries, locate daily used items at hands reach (no bend'n over). Then I got to figger out what to do with that bed. I toss an' turn every night. That won't work. Wear'n the back brace to bed each night may help.   


  1. I like to read your blog in the mornings. Sorta starts my day off with a smile, except when I think of you flying off that go cart - man, it's no wonder you have trouble with your back! I need to go look at vacuum cleaners at Walmart and I'm really dreading the trip.

    1. I bought a small 1 gallon shop vac a few years ago for the extra suction, light weight and wet pickup ability. It has been one of my best decisions in my life for tools.

  2. I write my blog when it is dark outside and I can't go play. The best time to post a blog is when you can fit it into your life best.

  3. i bought a brand new ten gallon wet and dry shop vac approx. 8 months ago , i could not afford not to buy it . it was on sale at johnny's true value for a ridiculous price of $39.99 . the only problem i had after this purchase was i had no room to move around in my motor home so that forced me to buy a 10 x 8 barn style tool shed , so cheap some times can turn to be expensive . i bought the shed from some one in this rv park 5 lots down from me i paid $ 175.00 total for the shed , anyway i just want to say that i 100% agree with barney that a shop vac is the way to go gypsy .

  4. About that go cart with the 3hp B&S engine. I assume that is a Briggs & Stratton, but it could just be B.S. (grin). You son has himself a nice looking camping trailer. You said he uses it for work, but does he ever take vacations in it?

  5. I've been known to wear a back brace to bed. Keeps me from twisting in the middle of the night. Gets hot, though. You'll soon figure out what you need to do.

  6. Hello,
    Glad you are going to get the back surgery. I remember waking up as they were wheeling me to my room and I told the nurse how much better I already felt. No leg spasms and I could feel my toes again. I hurt like hell from the surgery incision but I could deal with that....I knew what was causing my pain. Recovery for me was pretty easy. I just kept reminding myself this wasn't half as bad as before and now it is barely a blip on the radar. I could kick myself for waiting so long and suffering as long as I did...but probably like a lot of people with chronic back pain I just put up with it and figured that was as good as it was going to get. I guess when we get tired of biting on a stick.....
    I won't give advise, just my experience...after the surgery, walking did me the most good. It cleared my head and made my body tired, in a good way. I also smoke and I really tried to slow that down, with varying degrees of success but walking helped me get my strength and stamina back.
    I'm really hoping you get some relief so you can continue to do what you love doing. Golf might take awhile but you'll be surprised how fast activities come back when you aren't in screaming pain...
    By the way, you do beautiful woodwork, fun to see what can be done in a pre-fab motorhome. I look forward to reading more about your adventures. It's so nice to see all of the support you have. I figure that is a few bonus points towards your successful recovery.

  7. I like to write my blog after dark, so I don't fall asleep to early.
    Them go carts sure were a lotta fun back then when we had no fear.

  8. Since my blog also serves as my cyber journal, I like to write it late at night when I can relax and not worry about being interrupted.

    I detail the events of that particular day while it is still fresh on my mind and before my CRS kicks in.