Saturday, August 23, 2014

Nuttin new today

I've sat here all morn'n long an' still don't know what to write about. Think'n maybe not to write anything. But then, this wouldn't be "Billy Bob's Place" would it?

I got up early this morn'n think'n I was gonna get some stuff done. Wrong thought. But anyhows, Robert showed up an' is gonna jump on a couple projects as soon as he finishes the ramp for "yo mama".

That pot of Billy Bob beef stew soup come out just so so. Guess I've lost my touch in cook'n too. What the hell, I've always been a good cook. Maybe not one them television chefs, but it sure did taste good to me. Shoot, let's go to Taco bell.

You knowed I once opened me a Mexican Restaurant....right? My god that was a long time ago. I were a "gringo" chef. I spent a good 6 months get'n that thing open while all around me the economy was tak'n a dump. This was bout 1980 or there bouts. My refrigeration business also felt the crunch.

Speak'n of refrigeration business.....mine was named "Servico"....the service company. Most my customers were commercial with a few residential customers. I took care of 7 Taco Bells anywhere from electrical, air cond./heating, plumbing, tile work/countertops, paint'n little white lines in the park'n lots. Five grocery stores called me at all hours of the night......"my walk in freezer is broke".  It was a good business.....until the economy crunch which closed both the refrigeration an' restaurant businesses. Damn I hate to work for someone else.

When I arrived back in Texas in 1986, I went right back into the refrigeration business. But only for a short time. The University of Texas hired me in the maintenance department. An' that's the "rest of the story". I retired in Jan. 2002 an' been "on the road again" ever since.

Ok, I'm gonna attempt to "git off'n my ass" an' do something. Grrrrrrrrr.....clean up my mess in the garage an' yard. Aspirin is work'n.


  1. 1980 or there abouts was when I came to Texas. Texas was doing better than the rest of the country at that time.

  2. I think as we age our taste buds become less sensitive. Please, pass the salt.

    1. It is not that our taste buds become less sensitive we just have less of them. Therefore, we add more salt, sugar, hot sauce etc to our foods.