Sunday, August 17, 2014

Downhill continues.....ouch

I had a doctor tell me one time..."Mr. Piep, you know too much about back issues". That was way before Google. Now, in 2014, with the help of Google, guess what? I know all bout the doctors that will be see'n me. I know their bedside manners, what they eat for breakfast, what kind of car they drive....I know everthing.

Then I got on Google an' learn how to read a MRI. That took a while. But with my MRI, the damage is obvious. Even a 6th grader can see that. I posted only one MRI image. I have bout 20 of 'em. An' some are worster than the one I posted. I have Mr. Arthur I Tiss of the spine. Along with the rusted out disks. I know tooo much bout back issues.

I been keep'n track of my down hill battle for the last couple months. It ain't git'n no better. People what seen me in person just 6 months ago would never recognize me today. I can't find anything to be "happy" bout or anything to be excitis bout. This really sucks.

Me an' Robert took a trip to Alabama yesterday to take a look see at a piece of lake front property. We drove mile after mile of wind'n country roads. The lake came into view. We're close. The seller guy says...."turn here, turn there, it's up on top that hill". "Sally da house" would never climb that steep rutted gravel road. As we approach the property, I'm think'n West Virginia....this sucks. The property has West Virginia wrote all over it....an' ya know, the old Billy Bob don't like West Virginia nary a bit.

Back at "da house", I takes me up a couple aspirin, sit back in my easy chair an' relax a bit. Outside a "spud gun from hell" awaits me. Very little was accomplished....but what was, looks absolutely awesome. Do you how much a ten pound bag of taters cost in Georgia? My god, almost $5. 

Today I will sit back, watch some golf on TV an' take it easy. 


  1. At least potatoes still cost less than real ammunition. Dang, retailers are sure proud of their products, especially ammunition.

  2. Groceries here in Decatur are running about 50% higher than south Texas. Sticker SHOCK every time I check out.

  3. You know too much about back issues and I know too much about Statins! I think I was best off when I was in the dark.

    While Google is like you like to call it "your best friend" it can just as easily become "your worst enemy". Too much knowledge has been driving me crazy. Why didn't the doctor tell me this or that...is this why I feel so bad? I'm I having adverse side effects?

    Hope you find a piece of land to your liking but I would certainly miss visiting with you in Del Rio.

  4. You may be getting to the point of Google information overload. At some point you have to just quit thinking about it and trust the doctor to do a good job. I think attitude has a lot to do with how things go and your recovery as well - think positive BB!