Thursday, August 14, 2014

I feeeel good.....well, close to good

I deleted the shit I writed up here so's no hard feel'ns. 

So....on with today............what ever it may be.

Speak'n of today, yesterday was a pretty good day at my house. Some pains in the lower back an' right hip, but a few aspirin an' a ice pack relieved that. My mind was straight most of the day, not think'n on all that negative shit what's been go'n on in there.

Had a very good visit from "yo mama"....drink'n coffee an' shoot'n the bull. Discuss'n the finer things of life an' how we got to where we are today. Dang, how did I manage this?

Robert showed up later in the afternoon. Gonna build "yo mama" a ramp. She just had foot surgery ya know, an' shortly she gonna have a knee replacement. I assisted Robert with the supervision of the project. He's a good boy....listens to his daddy.
*pic go here*

I also had Robert remove the broke down couch seat section so's I'll have something to work on today.
*beginning pics go here*

Ya see, I cain't sit on my couch. Even after all the work we did in replacing the "old" foam rubber.....with junk. The "new" foam rubber awaits me out there in the garage. 1.8 density 54 pounds support. Note: Most storebought couches has 33 pound support. That gonna be like sit'n on a old tree stump out in the pasture. Should be perfect.
For me, this is a project. For Robert, it's a "fix it" chore.

I went to bed a hour early last night with "git'n up early" in mind. My right hip hurted a bit. So's, I let some air out the mattress. Just enough to relieve the pain. It worked. Got up this morn'n in the least pain I had in weeks. Shoot, I didn't bump into nuttin go'n down the hallway to the coffee pot this morn'n.

I sure have been want'n to go play a round of golf. I don't care if I hit them out in the trees, in the lake, or down over a steep hill, I got me more golf'n balls. Had to hit out of water one time. Ask the OFM Barney, he'll tell ya. Landed right on the green pretty close to the hole. Have I ever hit a hole in one? Hell no, I cain't hit a ball that far. Dang I love golf ball swak'n. Hope to be back to it in the near future.

Ok, that's bout all the subjects I gonna touch on today. Maybe.....


  1. How did the borrowed inhaler work out? If that is the top of the ramp, it looks like its a steep uphill for a wheelchair. Maybe some decorative but useful pillows are needed for the revamped couch. Did you find any good things (coins, lost things) when you took it apart?

    1. Kristine, the ramp angle is 1.3 inch per foot of run. Very easy for a wheelchair.

      Pillows on the couch get cussed at. Damn things won't stay where I put 'em. By the way, I do have 2 couch pillows....bout 18 inches square. They work just fine.

      Ha to find'n any coins. But I did find a couple my forks I been look'n for. An' I sticked my finger with a toothpick. Ouch!!!

  2. BB did not just hit a ball out of the water. He hit it just perfect so no water got on him and the ball nearly went in the hole. It was so good it needed to be on a show called Golfs Most Amazing Shots.

    1. Don't blow me up too far Barney....I might get me one then "big heads".

      Hope we can get together again for another "interesting" round or two. I know one course in San Antone you would just love....not too many trees. 'Riverside Municipal' if'n ya want to Google.

    2. Not blowin you up, it was a very spectacular shot or my senility would not remember it.

  3. Billy Bob, you need to come show me how to build a little table so I can put one of my plastic containers, elevated enough for Walter to drink out of...yet for him not to move it while at the same time not have his owner see it.

    Did I make any sense? :D

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling better, BB. A little less pain leads to a new attitude, leading to a good day. And another project in the works ~ you're all set! Hope things continue getting better from here!

    Hermit's Baby Sis

  5. Nothing like feeling better, maybe its a good sign that you are getting out of the slump.
    Georgia is being good for you, now get out there golf ball swak'n.

  6. Feeling better is good way to start the day...or week! Here's hoping you can get back to swak'n soon!