Thursday, August 28, 2014

Doc #2 done with....almost

Late? The old Billy Bob ain't never late. Ya see, I didn't have much time this morn'n to spend writ'n a blog post. Doctor appointment #2 ya know.

Before I get into what I did yesterday, I sure would like to know what I did or said to piss so many of my followers off. Pooof, they gone....just like that.

Ok, we showed up at the "blood draw'n" doctors office yesterday. It was a "blood clot" doctor. I ain't got no freak'n blod clots.  Not that I know of anyhows. Me an' him sit down an have us a little chat. Answer a few questions, give some medical history....an' he says...."we ain't gonna draw no blood, you're good to go". That relieved a lot of stress, what was mak'n my back hurt like a sum-a-gun. I was so relieved I wanted to do something special for my wonderful son Robert.

Robert said a golf'n game would be special to him. I'm think'n...."can I do this"? "Be very very careful Billy Bob". We played 18 holes. I hit some beautiful shots....an' I hit some not so beautiful shots. I had no control over my lower body. I look like a drunk stand'n at the tee box.

By the 10th hole, I was start'n to hurt. Took me up a big ol' aspirin an' continued the game. By the time we reached the 16th hole I was say'n...."damn this hurts". Then I got to think'n bout what my night would be like. Two doses of ice packs helped that situation an' I got up straight this morn'n.
So YES, I can still play golf. But not every day.

We arrived at my second appointment right on schedule. This is a cardiologist doctor. Check my heart an' stuff. EKG was performed. ???????.....shoot, I don't know. Then he check my heart through one the testiscope thingys. Listen to my back an, front side. Says it sounds pretty good an' I should have no "risks" with the back surgery. But.....a stress test was ordered for the 18th of Sept. That's as close to today as they could come. A intravenous (needle) stress test an' a intravenous (needle) nuclear stress test, where they take pictures an' all that stuff. Go through a machine like I did for the MRI.

The nice doctor takes me slap off of Plavix. He says it's nuttin more than a blood thinner. Ok, I'll take his word for that.....(Google is your best friend). But he put me on Lipitor for cholesterol in place of the Plavix. He also renewed my other meds for another year. Hot damn, I'm good to go.

Oh wait, I forgot to tell the nice doctor I'm on Advair....what my insurance no longer pays for. But, next week, my 3rd appointment is with a lung doctor (pulmonary)....or what ever he is. I can get him to prescribe a replacement for Advair that my insurance DOES pay for. Hot damn, I'm good to go.

Have ya ever sit down an' have a serious talk with yerself? Well I been do'n that for the last two months or so. I've had me some good thoughts (no more pain) an' I've had me some bad thoughts (live in pain the rest of my life). Ok....so what? Either way, I still have a life to live an' adjustments will have to be made. I rekon I'll have a choice of buy'n a brand spank'n new bicycle, or buy me up a fancy device to make walk'n an' get'n round a bit easier. I'm think'n ELECTRIC bicycle here.

As far as lifestyle changes, I'm ready for that. I knew this day would come some time down the road a piece, but I didn't want to do much think'n bout it. I don't want it to happen right now. There is still hope that my next bicycle will be a good'un.
Do not try to read something into my thoughts that I'm not think'n.

That's it....two days rolled into one. Hmmmmmm.....maybe something excit'n will happen this afternoon.


  1. If you notice side effects from the Lipitor (maybe sore muscles & joints) let the doctor know. It affects many people, but I hope you are one that can take it. You sound like you're almost good to go for the surgery.
    I don't recall you writing anything in your blog recently that could have upset anyone, but then if it don't upset me I don't look for it to upset anyone else. Hey, just write what you feel like writing - lots of us want to read it!

  2. Don't take silence for disapproval or leaving. I'm pretty much always here. I just don't write every day. Still sending prayers and good thoughts (and a few, well, lets just say your picture is lookin' good the other day...). Sometimes it is best to not get into (any more) trouble.

  3. I wonder if taking the aspirin before the pain starts would make the pain lesser during the round. Did you break 90?

  4. I'm here too. I just can't think of funny things to say every day. Sounds like you are about ready to go for the surgery.

  5. This fellow did a lot of research on getting an electric bike for boondocking. His story starts here: http://strollingamok.wordpress.com/2014/06/27/adieu-old-friend/

  6. Suggestion - Mayo.com and read about Lipitor. Good source for information on medicines. Thins the blood. Aspirin also thins blood and causes internal bleeding using any amount.

  7. I'm with Shadowmoss in the background, but enjoy hearing you're up to a golf game. That's a good sign, and a positive step that you did it! The 2 stress tests aren't that bad - done them both. The worst part for me was lying still on a little 6" wide hard bed for 45 minutes while the big slow clicking camera is hanging over you - sheesh indeed!
    You're on the right path, getting out there swackin' and having positive thoughts, and we're still here waiting to hear the next chapter.........

  8. Im here for every one, just dont comment because you rarely answer... Answering makes it lots better... Just me. And i know what YOU say about it...

  9. Get one of them Chinese bicycles so you can go riding and then decide if you want to peddle!