Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Important Update.....Registration time

Well shoot, here it is another day an' I ain't got nuttin excit'n to say. But.....I'll say something.

Hot damn, I was sit here last night an' I says....."HEY, I'm *this* close to pain free". Not quite all the way but I was close. How comes? Well, here's what I'm think'n....hehehehe, I didn't do nuttin. Well wait a minute, yes I did. I sweeped all the grass clip'n out the door. I'm a hard work'n sum-a-gun.

The beard has been trimmed. I don't like it. Dang, I cut it too short. I'm yet to have a shave....I can do that some time either today or tomorrow. No rush. I'll let ya see when I tackle that job.

"Dang Billy Bob, you git'n too old".

While I was look'n at the "fix it" list, I added bout 4 more little chores I don't want to forget about. Sheesh, if'n I don't write stuff down, I forget all bout it an' it will never get done. 

Today....maybe, I'll fill out all these dad gum papers for my next doctor appointment. What bothers me is that I done fill all that information in already on my first visit to the "needle" doctor. It's all in the computer. Why fill it out again? Grrrrrr....that gonna take a good hour to fill out all that stuff.

Oh no, it's time to re-register "Sally da house". Since I'm no wheres close to Texas, it will have to be done online.....just like the last time. In Texas, I have the option to register for 1, 2 or 3 years. I'm go'n for 3 this year.

Now read this....Texas will no longer place a inspection sticker on your windshield.....after March 2015.
Texas drivers will enjoy a little better windshield view starting in March 2015 when safety inspections become tied to vehicle registration.
Texas’ inspection sticker — a front-glass fixture for more than half a century — will go away in the process.
The inspection itself is still required. Vehicle owners will have to get one within 90 days before renewing their registration. They will have to provide proof the inspection was passed, just as they now provide proof of insurance.

Now how this will effect RV's that travel all over the US, I ain't found no information for when you are out of state. You can only get a Texas safety inspection in Texas ya know.

Ok, that's enough read'n for one day. See ya laters.
Important Update:
Ha....the great state of Texas no longer accepts multi year registrations. Dang, that pisses me slap off.
But anyhows, "Sally da house" is registered for another year....just one. 


  1. My motorhome has been in the shop so long that probably both the plates and the registration has may have run out.

  2. Dang, Billy Bob, for an old guy you look pretty good! I like the beard and think you did a good job of trimming it, at least as far as I can tell by the picture.

    I'm getting to the age where I like to renew things for just one year if possible. What happens to the unused portion of you don't drive any more? I'd bet they don't refund it.

  3. My niece, going to school in Lubbock, TT, had to go to Houston to get her car inspected. Cost a lot more too. It was bought there and was due the last dealer inspection too, if i'm understanding it right. Never knew that the coastal states did that.

  4. According to Escapees, folks who happen to be out of state at the time of registration renewal can still do so by mail. Not sure what documentation, if any, will need to be provided, but that's the scoop from Escapees. Hope that's what happens, because II sure don't want to have to go all the way back to Texas in the summertime just to do my truck renewal!

  5. I agree with Gypsy, Billy Bob, I like the beard. Course you never gave us many pics when it was longer, but you'll get used to it, I guess. Shave? That's something you only do when you really have to, isn't it? DH does it when it starts to itch, or before Sunday church, whichever comes first. Says that's one of the many perks of being retired. Golf ball swackin' whenever you want is the best perk of all!

  6. Here's the link to the Escapee's information about registration: http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?showtopic=111982&hl=%2Btexas+%2Bregistration. You do not have to be a member of Escapees to participate in their forums in case you want to watch for their next update.

  7. Change the registration to South Dakota.