Friday, August 15, 2014

Couch update....Too much feet time....damn I hurts

Well, I rekon I done said too much again. Or could it a been the ways I say some things? I ain't perfect ya know. Ha...neither was George Foreman.

Whooooeee, I done mess up again. Actually in more ways than one. I worked too hard yesterday. Well, it wasn't really "hard", but it was way too much feet time. You knows me pretty good by now, an' you know I take lots of breaks....sit my ass down sip'n up on a good cup of coffee. Well, I didn't do that yesterday. I stayed on my feet work'n on that dad gum foam rubber replacement in the couch. Now I ain't say I didn't take a couple breaks....you know me better than that....Billy Bob is gonna take breaks.
Last night I couldn't get comfortable for 4 or 5 hours of restful sleep.....hurt an' toss an' turn all night long. This morn'n I'm dead to the world.

Then on top of that, the damn foam rubber don't fit. Ya see, when I bought this last foam rubber, I failed to measure the thickness. It's 4 1/2 inches, not 4 inches. I had also increased overall size by 1 inch. Boy howdy, it's gonna be tight. An' that's exactly what it was....it don't fit.

Another hour or so was spent on my poor old ach'n feet cut'n that foam rubber down to the correct size. Maybe it will fit now. But it's still gonna be a chore since it's over thickness. The old Billy Bob will fix that.
*pics go here*

 "Take a break Billy Bob, ya need it".

Now....where was we? Oh yeah, I was bitch'n bout all thse tests an' stuff they got me lined up to do. I got to think'n bout that stuff. When they find something wrong, they can fix it, right? Well I know a lot of stuff what ain't right an' get'n it fixed sure would ease my mind. This could result in more time spent in Georgia. There's a possibility I may be in the market for a big ol' propane tank so's I don't freeze to death this winter. They don't deliver propane for motorhomes. They have a minimum delivery an' "Sally da house" don't meet that minimum.

Ok, that's it for another day. Gonna go outside an' "try" to put that couch seat back together. Along with bout a hunnert breaks.

Couch update:
It don't look that pretty, but that sucker is back in "da house" all bolted down.
Now you talk bout sit'n on a stump...I sit on that thing an' "Holy Crap...this is stiff like a log"
 I don't like it. But I'll be damn if'n I'm gonna go through that again. I'll get used to it.


  1. There must be a Donut shop where all the old fart's hang out early in the morning, go down there and ask if anyone has a 25 gal tank you can buy cheap. That propane store will rent you a tank also. The problem is you took the heater out of Da House now your going to wake up with frost on your pecker.

    1. Hi ya River.....that's the size tank I need. Talk the boys into tak'n it down once a month to fill it back up. I got good boys ya know. May have to rent one if'n I cain't find one to buy.
      Ha....I have 2 electric heaters for when I turn the Mr Heater off every night. That should deal with the "frosted pecker" situation.

  2. Lol, how can a follow up after a comment like the one above? :D

  3. I'm with MsBelinda - don't have a thing to say that hasn't been said!

  4. Vada in Tx. I would have bet money on the fact that B.B. wouldn't put his pecker at risk!

  5. The couch story reminds of Goldilocks and the three bears. Gotta find baby bears foamy?

  6. You should be fine there if you have to stay the winter, Mr heater and a couple electric heaters you be good.