Monday, December 31, 2012

Liv' it up in south Texas

Pssssst.....don't tell Billy Bob I tole ya, but yesterday he tore into that solar charge controller again. Had that sucker lay'n all over the table in pieces. Said something bout he was gonna modify it. I did see some sparks fly'n a couple times, but I didn't wanna say nuttin......he was in a foul mood....cuss'n an' stuff...tools all over the floor. What he did was to put some modified terminal lugs on the ends of all them wires. Of course he done broke something install'n them. That was when the controller was all in parts on the table.....resolder'n what ever it was he broke. Then he hook it all back up an' the little red light comes on. Then he starts beat'n hisself on the back...great big ol' grin on his face. When I asked him if'n it was fix, he says..."hell, I don't know".

I'm think'n somewheres in my wording bout me being cold and miserable, everbody got the impression that it's super cold here in south Texas. That's what the comments led me to believe anyhows. Well, it ain't an' I ain't. Speak'n of comments, yes, I read 'em all....an' I think bout them too. Now about the cold. I ain't never live nowhere that 40 degs outside was really that cold. Oh sure, it's a bit uncomfortable, but '0' degs is cold. Most my life I lived in places where the temp seldom got under 40 degs...."cept for 10 miserable years in West Virginia and the first 10 years of my life in Missouri.....couple other places too. So don't be worry'n none bout old Billy Bob freez'n to death in 40 degrees temp.....he ain't gonna do it. Just something to moan an' groan bout ya know. An' I'll keep it up till the day I die.

MsB done told me "don't ever change Billy Bob". Well, I ain't never had no intention of chang'n, but the older I get, I got to make some changes to fit my abilities an' what time I got left. I got to take it easy, rest a bit, don't do'n nuttin....take me a nap. I 'member one time when I were all "antsy". Couldn't sit still for a minute....had to be do'n something. Well, you older folks know what I'm talk'n bout. But that ain't what she was mean'n. She was talk'n bout my sense of humor an' the way I talk. All my life I been a humorous kind a guy....do a bunch of stupit stuff too. I could always put a smile on somebodys face just by walk'n in the room. I try to convey that in my blog writing. But like everthing else, that is gradually slip'n away too. Fore ya know it I'm gonna be just a sour grouchy old man.

That reminds me the time....my daughter Angela was spend'n the summer with me on the boat. (The boat was a 41 foot Formosa Ketch...a big ol' sail'n boat.) She was at the age of "boys" hang'n round. I come in from work one day an' there a bicycle sit'n on the dock....right behind the boat. Angela was sit'n in the cockpit with a swim suit on. I says "what's go'n on" "Oh just swimm'n daddy". I hears a splish slpash in the water....what the hell is that? I looks over the side an' there this "boy" hang'n onto the boarding ladder. I tells him..."git up here".....real mean like. I gits him up in the cockpit and commence to read that boy some rules. Told him I knowed where he lived an' what his dogs name was. Ya git what I'm talk'n bout....right??? Anyhows, that boy got hisself so skeered he done turn all white an' wet his drawers.....right there in front of Angela. Never did see that boy no more.Word got around too.

Life is good.....rather ya like it or not.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sit'n in the cold

Oh my God....I survived another night. It's get'n to the point where I don't know if'n I'm gonna wake up dead or alive. Mostly from freez'n to death ya know. I know that that old "Mother Nature" is a awesome lady an' all that. An' pretty much knows what she's do'n, but damn..... There ain't no reason at all that I can see for the need of cold weather in south Texas. None what-so-ever. If'n she wants to make somebody miserable, let it be somewhere's up north where people are used to it.

Ok.....some ya don't know how we rough an' ready RV'ers conduct our lives when we ain't got no electricity an' stuff like that when we out boondock'n. The first and foremost is stay'n warm when it's colder 'n hell outside. Ya don't just set a thermostat on 80 degs and forget it. Ya use heat only during the day time when you're awake. When ya go to bed, ya turn the heat slap OFF. Bout 4am, I'm gonna guarantee ya, it's cold in "da house". Some people is gonna say 65 degs is good sleep'n weather. I guess I could agree with that. But when ya wake up to 50 degs, don't ya suppose that would be considered a mite cold? So why don't "boondockers" leave the heaters on when they go to bed? Simple....it's a waste of precious propane. You're heating a space where you ain't at. That's why God invented piles of heavy blankets an' thermal long johns.

Sure do thank everbody what left a comment and suggestions bout my electricity problem. As far as the controller goes, I'm think'n that it's work'n just fine. Crank'n out bout 12 amps right bout noon time....when there's sunshine. Tilting the solar panels would give a few more amps (bout 2), but my panels only tilt one way (modification on the draw'n board), an' the way I got "Sally da house" parked (pointed west), a tilt wouldn't do no good. And I ain't gonna move "da house". I'll let my battery problem rest for a while until I have good news to post. I'm get'n tired of hear'n bout batteries, batteries, batteries too.

As of news around the campground, State Park and Falcon Lake, there ain't a thing to say. As you know, the old Billy Bob don't go outside when it's cold. Gonna sit right there on that couch and do some think'n.

Ok....I got things to do....like nuttin....laters

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fart for a hour

Yup....that ol' weather thingy got it right. It's nasty outside again today. Weren't that cold last night, but it ain't come up much all morn'n. A chilly 61 degs out there.

Before anybody asks, I'm late this morn'n afternoon with my post 'cause I slept in again. When I look at the clock, it was 10am. I ain't never sleep that late since I got drunk one time and stay up all night chas'n little bikini clad wimmins down the beach. Dang, they sure did run fast....never catched a one. I rekon the old body is in need of some rest or just some extra beauty sleep. Didn't need that when I was a young cuss. I were one handsome dude ya know. Wavy almost black hair slicked back in a DA. Tight fit'n jeans an' a black tee with the sleeves roll up. Winnins chas'n me round the block....stuff like that. Now I cain't even get a old granny to look in my direction, much less chase me round the block. Times do change when ya get a little older.

Old Billy Bob has had a hard life, but it was a good life. Ain't many things what I would want to change....even if'n I could. But there are a few, just like everbody else. I 'member a time there weren't no milk in the frige for the babies. Didn't know what day they was gonna turn the electric off. I didn't have no money....not even pocket change. But I can sit here an' look back on them days and rejoice in the closeness we had as a family. Little smil'n faces around the table. A wife stand'n tall beside me. Yup....life is good.

Well, as you can see, the old Billy Bob ain't took no pics. The header photo sneeked up on me last night. I look outside an' there it were....a beautiful sunset. Them freak'n green birds was back this morn'n look'n for some free food. Bout half a dozen of 'em. And one the purtiest cardinals I ever did see. I'm talk'n fire engine red he was.

Speak'n of photos, I done forgot to take one of the brew'n Billy Bob South Texas Chili. Now I ain't say'n I'm the best cook in the world, but that chili come out just bout right. Got a little tang to it and tastes something like chili. Ate me up a big ol' bowl with a hand full of nacho chips, lay back on the couch....and fart for a hour. LOLOLOLOL....I thought that was funny. Make me smile anyhows.

Had a great visit with OFM Barney yesterday afternoon. He come by to help me do the track'n round "Sally da house". Look'n for bear tracks ya know. There weren't none....only little Sadie Mae tracks.

I been hav'n a hard time try'n to post stuff what might be of interest to my wimmin followers. That's a hard thing to do for an old "do nuttin" fart like me. I don't crochet, knit, make dresses and stuff like that. Most the stuff I do and talk bout is "man" related. But hang in there girls. Ya never know what Billy Bob gonna write about.

Speak'n of man related....Houston, we have a problem. It's an ongoing problem what I ain't been able to pinpoint yet. Yup, you guessed it, batteries. It ain't that the batteries get critically low at night, it's that they don't get charged during the day. I have 270 watts (14 plus amps) of solar panels, 4 brand spank'n new deep cycle golf cart batteries (over 450 amp hours). Enough power to run Tim Taylor's "Tool Man" shop with. Somebody explain to my how comes my batteries use almost half that ever night with just a couple 12 volt light bubs on. Of course, we've had a bunch of days without much or any sunshine, but damn....

Ok, I done said way more than what I intended......laters.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Beautiful south Texas windy day

Vitamin 'C'.....yup I'm here to tell ya. Loaded up on that stuff yesterday and I weren't a bit cold last night like I was the night before. But then again, it weren't as cold last night as it was the night before by bout 8 degs. That just shows the power of miracle drugs....can even control the weather.

Yesterday I drawed me up a little grocery list. Not that I needed anything, but I needed to get out the house.....go somewheres. Down the road a piece, bout 14 mile, is a little town right on the border with Mexico. I'm gonna call it a little Mexican town since there ain't many anglo people out and about. My quest was to buy up some bird seed for the starv'n birds. Nope.....there weren't no bird seed. I rekon they gonna have to be satisfied with old stale bread.

Anyhows, in the little Mexican town of Roma, Texas, is this really nice grocery store...."Where's your camera Billy Bob"? Nuttin compared to the Walmart right down the road a piece, but still nice. Start load'n up my cart with stuff. Some of it I probly never gonna eat, but I got it anyhows. But the main attraction in the store was the meat market section. Cut up what ever ya want right there in front of you. You remember the old timey meat markets, right? Dang, wished I had room in the freezer for them big ol' steaks an' super thick pork chops.

Well shoot, here come the high wind again. It's a beautiful sunshiny day, but the wind is blow'n way too much to do anything outside. A quick look see at the weather forecast thingy and, it's ain't look'n too good for this part of the country. More cold is headed this way for the next week or so (low 40's at night an' 60's day time)....with scream'n north winds (bout 20 miles a hour). Cain't play golf ball swak'n in this kind of weather.

Shhhhhhsh!!! There's a woodpecker out there in my tree. Hold still there little feller, Billy Bob gonna take your picture. "I said HOLD STILL".....poooof, he's gone, just like that.

Speak'n of bears....did ya read OFM Barney's blog. Bear warning over there in the State Park. Anyhows, me an' Sadie Mae had just settled down for a good nights sleep last night an' I hears this loud "bump bump" on "da house". Sadie Mae start bark'n up a storm. Now what the hell could that be? I grabs holt my trusty .357 an' go take me a look. Any times I grab holt to my .357, something ain't right. Didn't see a thing. Since I read western books, I'm think'n there should be some tracks left behind by some intruder. I'm a tracker ya know. 

With more cold weather in the forecast, I rekon I'll brew me up another pot of Billy Bob South Texas chili. What's "Billy Bob South Texas Chili" ya might ask. Well, it's regular ol' chili brewed up by Billy Bob in South Texas. But any times I brews up a pot of "regular" chili, I add me some special stuff to it. You know, like a hand full of chop up onions, extra comino, a big ol' spoon of Gebhearts chili powder, a gob of garlic an' a quarter cup chop up canned jalapenos.....to taste. Little sweat beads....stuff like that. It don't set ya a fire like some them "macho" chilis do, but it sure do tastes mighty fine.

"So what's for breakfast Billy Bob"? Breakfast??? I'm think'n more along the lines of lunch. Damn, it's almost 11:30am. Slept in ya know.

What am I gonna do for the rest of the day??? Tune in tomorrow for a full recap. Laters!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cold sucks....

Ok, what's so bad bout it be'n 45 degs.???? I done tole everbody that I could handle 40 degs with no problem. So last night I were sit'n there on the couch read'n a book and the temp outside went down to 45 degs. But I were cold. Had little chill bumps all over my body....my feet were cold. The Mr Heater propane heater was crank'n out btu's all over the place. Like bout 18,000 of 'em.

Then I went to bed.....Mr Heater off of course. Drag a ton of blankets up over my head. I were still cold. Freez'n cold. By the time my first "pee" alarm went off at 4am, I was figger'n I was gonna die if'n it got any colder. There weren't nuttin special bout last night what would make me feel colder than usual. It were just cold. The wind weren't even blow'n. Maybe I'll drag out the bottle of vitimin 'C' again and overdose. By the way, it only got down to 44 last night.

I moved the bird feeder the other day. Fill it up with some old squished up bread. This morn'n there must a been a hunnert birds out there peck'n round in that feeder. It were too late for pics. Them birds done eat all the bread and flew slap off. One set of birds in particular was need'n a photo took of 'em. Some people call 'em green jays, and that probly what they are.....accord'n to Google. Will try again tomorrow morn'n for a pic and you can decide for yourself. Maybe I oughter run down to Walmart an' get me some bird seed an' a few donuts since I gonna be here a while.

Went off to the lake yesterday. Stop by OFM Barney's house, but he were feel'n bad. Hav'n him one them nasty migraine headache thingys. Didn't stay long 'cause I knowed he was in pain. I 'member one time I had me a split'n headache like that. Thought I were gonna die. Ya see, I were sit'n in this bar mind'n my own business....sip'n up a cold one an' talk'n to this motorcycle dude. Some other guy walks up behind me an smak me with a beer bottle/pool cue/baseball bat....or something like that....right up side my head. Knock me slap out cold. I rekon it was this guys what I was talk'n to boyfriend or something like that an' he thought I was cut'n in on him. Anyhows, I had this big ol' lump on my head bout the size a agg. Hurt like all bloody hell. I had me a migraine.....pooof, just like that. 

Ok....what the hell??? This morn'n I crank up the generator to brew my morn'n coffee. The 40 amps battery charger is hook up to the generator.....come on automatic. The voltage go all the ways up to 14.2 volts and beyond....just like it suppose to do. So's I let the generator run for bout 30 or 45 minutes. Ok, so now I got charged batteries. I scratch my head think'n bout all this. Why all a sudden my batteries take a charge? It's cloudy today so there ain't no way to check if'n the solar panels will hold the charge. Life is hard....but life is good.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

One more week....

Boy howdy am I ever so glad that stuff is behind me. It's not a new year yet, but that's just around the corner. One more week of holidays......yeee haaa, can't wait.

Dang, and I thought I was the only one that didn't do holidays and stuff like that. Thanks for the comments to set my mind at ease. I'll never feel guilty the next time I says "bah hum bug". Actually, holidays are a good thing. Perks the economy up a bit with all the stuff people go out and charge on their credit cards. Banks get a big boost from interest. Grocery stores make a kill'n. Oil company stocks skyrocket from fuel sold for travel to "grandma's house". Your local Walmart appreciates your business.

Holy crap. I thought I were gonna freeze to death last night. But when I take a close look at other people around the country, I ain't got it so bad. It got down to a whoop'n 40 degs last night. Wind was blow'n a hunnert mile a hour. This is gonna be one bad winter I mean to tell ya. What's next....snow? Ok, so I have a big advantage over most people in the US. Me an' Sadie Mae can jump in "Sally da house" an' go somewheres where it's nice and warm. Lay out in the sunshine if'n we want to, while everbody else is all wrap up in blankets in front a roar'n fireplace blow'n "winter smoke" out their lips. Boy howdy I sure don't miss that one bit. That's why God invented the deep south.

Now there was a time.....I lived in West Virgina for 10 years. Right on the mighty Ohio river....an' that sucker would freeze over in dead of winter. I'm think'n WV is bout the coldest god forsaken place on the planet Earth. I like to freeze to death. There sure weren't no fish'n I can tell ya that right now. Golf balls had to be spray painted black just to get a glimpse of them before they buried in 2 foots of fresh fallen snow. What the hell was I think'n when I moved to West by God Virginia?

I was read'n a book. A western book. The guy says to the other...."I thought you said you was from California" The other guy says...."when I'm in Texas, I'm a Texan".  Now I ain't never though of it like that. I don't rekon it matter where ya come from, but where you're at. I was borned in Missouri, raised in Missouri, California, Idaho, Nevada an' Texas. So what am I??? I'm think'n Texan....'cause that where my heart lives. Texans, whether borned there or not, are a different breed of people. Proud people. Give ya the shirt right off'n their back......for a dollar. Stop to help ya change a tire out in the middle nowhere. Yup....ya gotta love Texas.

I were think'n.....when did I come to Falcon lake last year when I catched up a hunnert fish. So I went back in my blog. Dang!!! It were February 16th, not December like what I was think'n. So in other words, I'm here way too early. "So now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"??? I got me some choices ya know. I could pack up an' go somewheres else until the bass start their spawn and then come back. I could go to the gulf coast somewheres around Brownsville....be nice an' warm there. Maybe a trip up to Del Rio for a week or so. Or....I could just lay back an' wait right here for free.

Ya know what??? My batteries still ain't got fully charged after fix'n the charge controller the other day. Somewheres in the system is a problem. Somewheres I am losing voltage. So's I make me up a list of stuff what uses battery power. Even stuff ya wouldn't think bout....like the little circuits what run the refrigerator, furnace, amplified tv antenna, propane monitor, system monitor, water heater.....ghost circuits....stuff like that. And that damn porch light what was left on. Yesterday, I turn off the tv antenna and the outside mirror heater. Next I gonna be pull'n fuses....until I find the problem. Then fix it....maybe. Wish me luck, 'cause that all I got left. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holiday blues....

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas

  What the hell??? That old fat bastard ain't showed hide nor hair at me house last night. A couple girls from Mexico was roam'n round the park last night sell'n their wares....or so it seemed. Lots of traffic. That was it, Christmas eve at the Falcon Heights Community Park.

I'm think'n that pot of Billy Bob beef stew soup was the bestest I ever did make. It's all gone.....poooof, just like that. Here's what ya do when you're out camp'n an' don't want to go to town to some fancy restaurant. Ya brew up a one pot meal that will last bout 3 days. If'n ya eat it all up in 3 days, and don't throw none away, ya know ya make a good pot of mak'ns.

Holidays.....bah humbug. There was a time when I looked forward to holidays. Especially the 4th of July. Firecrackers an' stuff....you know what I'm talk'n bout. Blam, Booom....rockets, cherry bombs...stuff like that. Blow stuff up. But I suppose Christmas was my favorite of the other holidays. Watch the kids all excitis, smil'n faces as they opened their presents. A big whoop de do. Then a great big afternoon meal with a hunnert relatives sit'n round the table stuff'n their faces. Kids scream'n an runn'n in an' out the doors. Yeah, that was some good times.

But it ain't like that no more. I cringe at the thought of buy'n gifts, wrap'n 'em up, mail'n them out to God only knows where. All the bicker'n an' fight'n over "this ain't what I wanted". "Pappa's cheap, look what he got me". "I wanted a iPod, not a damn old shirt". Then there's all that food. Enough food to feed a army....stuff what nobody likes. Lay'n on the couch beltch'n an' fart'n. And all this goes on for weeks before the grand day and another week after. It's just flat out depress'n to think about. I'm old. That shit don't excite me no more.....git it over with so's I can sit back an' relax (do'n nuttin).

Don't know what to say bout catch'n any bass fishes. The damn things are way out there in deep water where the old Billy Bob is skeered to go. But it ain't always been like this. I remember a time when I were much younger, I weren't skeered of nuttin. Had me a little red speed boat. Motor was too big for that size a boat. Modified that big ol' motor. That sucker go a hunnert mile a hour. Flipped it one time jump'n the wake of another boat. I was airborne....fly'n through the air....scream'n "MOM'S". Had stuff lay'n all over the water. Thought I was gonna die. Now I get over 3 miles a hour in the "bubba boat", I'm say'n "slow this sucker down".

The "bubba boat" ain't the safest boat in the world.....if'n ya know what I mean. It's only 10 feets long and not very wide. If the air leaks out, ya gonna sink. Ya can't stand up unless you're a good swimmer. I don't see no way an old man could ever get back in once he falls out. I'm think'n "bubba boat" weren't designed for old cripple up folks to go fish'n. Plan is to launch this unsafe little bass fish'n boat next week an' go catch me up some fish. "Wear your life jacket Billy Bob. Don't stand up and don't smoke in the boat".

I don't know what go'n on, but my life has been unfold'n right in front my eyes. Childhood memories, early adult life, weird stuff I've done, run'n amuck....good and bad times. I ain't had a good nights sleep since I been down here. Just toss an' turn, wake up all hours of the night.....what the hell??? I've heard of winter blues, but this is ridiculous. I'm gonna blame it all on the holidays. One more week an' I'm good to go.

OFM Barney pulled out early this morn'n. His plan was to head up to Del Rio till he fount out it's gonna get below freez'n up there.....oh hell, I'll let him tell ya in his blog tonight.

Until laters....Merry Christmas. 


Sunday, December 23, 2012

"Sally da house" has moved

Well dag nab it, what's wrong with my batteries this morn'n? Ya see, yesterday morn'n I notice my voltage was much lower than what it supposed to be. OFM Barney was here, so he can verify that I have a problem. The charge controller. I giggles some wires around and the controller was do'n all kind of stuff it ain't supposed to do. I giggle 'em some more and now I got the connection block in one hand and the controller in the other. Holy cows, I done broke it for sure now. I breaks out my trusty solder gun kit an' fix it up lickity split......just like brand spank'n new. A hour later an' we back on line produc'n god sent solar energy to my batteries. Yeee ha!!!!

Then at bout 9am this morn'n, my voltage is low. What the hell??? OFM Barney climbs his old raggity up the ladder and says...."Yo Billy Bob, your solar panels are 90% covered with shade from them trees". That ain't never gonna work. So's I jumps in "that jeep" an' go off look'n for a new camp'n site where I can have 100% sunshine on the solar panels all day long. Fount 3 pretty nice ones. Then back at camp, I figger it's easier to just move "da house" to the other side the trees where there ain't no shade. And that exactly what I done. And.....the water hose will even reach now. A couple days of good sunshine and we be good to go.

Checked the fish'n reports for Falcon Lake. Ain't look'n too good. All the fish is sleep'n or something like that. Most bass fish what's been caught are in the 4 to 5 pounds range and are in deep water. You know, deep enough for the old Billy Bob to git drowned in. Sheesh....ain't gonna be no day like that. I got things to do ya know.

Speak'n of things to do, I rekon I'll cut this short an' do something. Laters....

Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm camp'n....yeah I am

I'm in complete agreement with OFM Barney what he said bout the road noise and gun shoot'n over in town. Maybe by this time tomorrow, I will be located in a more desolate camp site away from the road.

One other reason I have for moving to another camp site is my solar panels. These damn trees are block'n the beautiful sunshine from do'n it's thang. Last night "go'n to bed" voltage was down to 12.20 volts. Piddl'n round with the charge controller this morn'n, I done figger I got me some kind of a problem. Surely I don't need to replace it I hope. Be do'n some more investigat'n here in a bit when the sun is a might brighter.....and it's warmer outside.

Little did I realize that in 3 days Santa will be mak'n his rounds. Don't rekon I'll be get'n nuttin this year since he don't know where I live no more. And I sure as hell ain't go'n to Walmart an' buy me something. All them last minute shopper would only piss me off....make me mad like a dog.

My little trip over to the State park yesterday was quite a experience. I was driv'n "that jeep" in places where last year was under 5 feets of water. The old dead trees I was catch'n fish out of is way up on the bank bout a hunnert foot from the water. Fount me a little island what wasn't there last year where I'm gonna be catch'n me up that 14 pounds bass this year.
This brush line was a fish haven last year. Now look at it. Where the fish gonna hide in that?

Plenty of "bubba boat" launch areas with access to great fish'n spots. Yeee ha....Billy Bob gonna catch up some fish. Good wade fish'n spots for the OFM Barney too. I could loan him  my waders so he can wade up to his arm pits......catch big ol' fish.

Accord'n to the weather thingy, today is gonna be windy with a high temp of 77 degs. Well, it better get with it 'cause there ain't even a breeze out there yet and it's still only 58 degs......clouds all over the place.  


Friday, December 21, 2012

Bright sunshiny day in south Texas

Holy crap, did you see the temps last night? I though I were gonna freeze to death. Well now wait a minute here. How ya gonna freeze to death when it's only 41 degs outside an' you're inside all wrap up in a dozen blankets???

Right bout 8pm last night, I went outside and dug the Mr. Heater out of a bay. Hook that sucker up and got myself warm in nuttin flat. At that time, it was 55 degs an' drop'n fast. In case you're wonder'n, I don't use a propane heater while I'm sleep'n. It's safe an' all that with a winder cracked open a inch or so, but it's a waste of propane. That why God invented blankets and long johns.

Today will be the coldest day at 66 degs this afternoon. I'm think'n Monday will be the first day of wind free fish'n on Falcon lake. Gonna blow like hell all week end....'cord'n to the weather thingy.

Andrea was ask'n bout the Community park here in Falcon Heights. In answer to another comment question, yes this is the lake where the guy got shot on a jet ski. His wife got away safely. Anyhows, camp'n is free...with water hook up on site. The community park is bout 30 to 50 acres of freshly cut grass and well maintained dirt roads, with a bunch of trees here an' there. Dumpsters are provided and there's a community shower right up there with hot water. Or so I heard anyhows. You can camp as long as you want. I suggest a Google search for Falcon Heights for directions to get here.

In the mean time, I'm gonna go jump in "that jeep" an' do some explor'n. Take a few photos. Let Sadie Mae chase critters.....stuff like that. Will be back later with some update pics and a few words of wisdom. That means ya gotta come back if'n ya wanna see where I'm at.

Falcon Heights Community Park:

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Free camping....

I saw a buffalo. Now what would a buffalo be do'n in south Texas? I'm think'n some rancher with way too much money had that buffalo imported from some buffalo ranch out west somewheres. If'n I had me a buffalo, I would probly try to ride that sucker. Yeee haa....giddy up.

I 'member back one time when buffalos roamed all over the west....not in south Texas though. There was so many buffalo that they look like "fuzzy" rivers flow'n out the mountains down through the valleys. Gazillions of 'em. There was some people what would eat buffalo, mostly the starv'n Indian tribes that didn't have no cows, so they killed a few. Then some guy in Paris, France, or maybe New York City, figger out that buffalo hides was good for mak'n blankets, rugs and clothes out of. There go all the buffalo. Shot all to hell with big ol' elephant guns an' AK-47's....stuff like that. Not too many years ago, buffalo was almost extinct.....'cause some dumb asses shot 'em all. Now ya only see one on rare occasions. Especially in south Texas.

After many miles of fighting a 20 mile a hour winds on the nose, "Sally" was get'n tired. It was late afternoon when we finally arrived at destination Falcon Heights, Texas. It were hot at 92 degs and not a breeze was blow'n. It was now decision time again....do I camp for free at the Community Park, or do I camp for $96 a week at the State Park. When I look across the street at the Community Park I says...."holy cows, somebody mowed all the grass an' graded all the roads. Looks like a nice place to camp. So that where the old Billy Bob set up his camp. See header photo.  

When I was pull'n out of el Rancho Abraham RV Resort, I done something I ain't never did in all the years I been RV'n. I smak'ed a tree limb with my TV antenna. Yes I had lowered it before pull'n out, but it weren't all the ways down. Inspect'n it from ground level, I don't see much damage....just a little bent arm thingy up there. I was lucky ya know. Most times when ya smak a tree with a antenna, it will rip it slap out of the roof and cause all kinds of headaches. Like tear a big hole in the roof and peel the rubber roofing slap off.

Today ain't the day for climb'n up on no roof to be access'n damage. The wind is blow'n a hunnert mile a hour (25 mph out of the north). The old Billy Bob would be lay'n on the ground scream'n "MOMS" after he got blowed off.

First thing I did this morn'n was to let Sadie Mae out to pee and put on a fresh pot of coffee. What the hell???? I ain't got no water. Just outside my door is a water spigot thingy. WOW...free water too. I make up my coffee....from the spigot out there, but don't know the quality of the water. Does it have little bitty tiny bugs in it?? Coffee tastes the same as everwheres else, so's I guess the water is ok. "Clean the coffee pot Billy Bob, clean the damn coffee pot". I was gonna do that a while back if'n ya remember. But I didn't. Will I??? Maybe!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Updated update....Yesterday is gone

Yikes, "I tole you to hook up "that jeep" and leave yesterday Billy Bob...... now look what ya done went an' done". Holy crap, the wind is blow'n a hunnert mile a hour this morn'n. If'n ya ever drive a big ol' motorhome in gusting wind on the port quarter, ya know what I'm talk'n bout. It ain't no fun. Did ya ever stand out in a open field an' spit in the wind? That's what I'm talk'n bout.

I slept in a little late this morn'n. Already 8am an' I ain't got nuttin ready to hit the road. I could probly cure that in right bout a hour or two. It ain't like I got a ton of junk lay'n in the yard what has to be pick up. The distance I got to travel ain't all that far, so get'n out of here long bout noon or something like that is fine. The most dreaded task is find'n a gas station "Sally da house" will fit into. Gas station designers piss me off. They never took into consideration that motorhomes use gasoline too. The pumps are like this l l (perpendicular to the store front) instead of like this  =. It do make a difference when you are almost 60 feets long.

I was stand'n there at the stove last night cook'n me up some stuff. Don't know what ya call it, but it were something like carne quisada....a Mexican dish. Only it a whole bunch more "hot" than carne quisada. Any hows, here come nephew Joseph with a big ol' plate full of groceries. Grill chicken breast, hot link on a stik, a pile of mash taters an' gravy and corn. Now what would you do? That's right, put the "stuff" in the frige an' chow down on free food. Damn that were good.

Yesterdays trip to Walmart proved to be successful for a change. Usually I get all flustered an' start cuss'n. There weren't nobody stand'n round talk'n and block'n the aisles. Most everthing had prices. Checkers were wait'n for someone to check out. No lines. Even the Walmart greeter had a smile on her face. Picked up my meds and a basket full of groceries....all in bout a hour or so.

Ok, got stuff to do......laters

Ok, here's the deal. Pulled out of El Rancho Abraham RV resort somewheres around 10:30. Hell, I don't know, who watches time? Then I pulled into the one and only gas station in Sinton that "da house" will fit into. Oh great, they got plastic bags over the nozzles. On up the road a piece, I pull in and fill my propane tank. Then I got lost. How the hell can ya get lost??? I ain't say'n.....would embarrass me. By the time I reached Alice, Texas, my knuckles was sore for sure, grip'n that steer'n wheel like that. I mean to tell ya, the wind was blow'n "da house" all over the place. As I headed south out of Alice on 281, the winds subsided a bit. Still blow'n bout 15 or 20 mile a hour, but better than what I just come out of. Fount me a gas station and put a hunnert dollar worth in the tank ($2.97 gal.). Good to go. Only bout 85 miles to destination Falcon State Park.....or the free Community Park.

See ya down the road a piece. Oh, did I mention it's almost 92 degs???? Acord'n to my therm thingy.

Just a shortie to let everbody know the old Billy Bob an' Sadie Mae make it to Falcon Heights all in tact.
I say a buffalo. Details tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cold again????

I ain't never had much in my life, but I wouldn't change a thing if'n I could. I don't play the lottery 'cause I ain't got no use for that kind of money. I could win ya know....if'n I wanted to. I ain't never owned no 3000 square foot home with a acre of grass to cut every 2 weeks. Never really wanted one neither. I've never owned a brand spank'n new car. I've made do with what ever I could afford at the time. Junkers were just fine. I've been a poor boy all my life an' I ain't gonna do nuttin to change that now. I survived. That's what matters. Life is good.

Well shoot, I were lay'n there on the couch last night watch'n some nonsense on the tv an' I says...."damn Billy Bob, it's get'n cold in here". Now I had no idea it was gonna get cold last night, even after watch'n the weather guys every day. I been tell'n myself that it's time to move to somewheres warmer.....an' then it gets warm again. So I just sit here in Sinton enjoy'n the warm and sunshine. But all that is gonna change. It started last night with 42 degs. Come thursday, another cold front is due to blanket south Texas with more cold. That ain't to my like'n. Time to move south.

But there is a problem mission control. Where I'm gonna go is gonna be cold too. Falcon lake, is also in south Texas and that same cold front is gonna hit there too. That means, cold wise, I'm gonna be in the same boat I'm in now. No, not the "bubba boat"....sheesh, that for fish'n ya know. So now I have another decision to make. Do I sit out the next cold front here in Sinton or sit out the next cold front at Falcon lake? Either way.....I gonna be sit'n.

Even though I suck at golf ball swak'n, me and OFM Barney had a wonderful golf game yesterday.  I don't think I uttered a cuss'n word the entire game. That's unusual for me. I knows how to cuss ya know. Learnt how many years ago when I were a teenager an' do stupit stuff. An' of course, I were in the Navy too ya know. That helped a bunch in the learn'n process.

My secret weapon to win yesterdays golf'n game was some brand spank'n new golf'n balls. High dollar jobberdoos what supposed to go a country mile and straight like a arrow. Didn't take the old Billy Bob long to swak the first secret weapon slap dab in the middle a big ol' pond full of water. Kersploosh....it were gone. Them "secret weapon" golf'n balls weren't worth a poop. Don't go where I aim 'em. So much for secret weapons. Yes, Barney stomped me a new one again. Damn, I can't beat this guy. Maybe next time.....what ya think???

OK, I got decisions to make an' a bunch of stuff what needs my attention.....laters.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday golf ball swak'n....

Well shoot, since I missed a post yesterday, I rekon I should try to make one today.

Ok, that sounds easy huh? Well it ain't. There ain't no if's and's or but's about it, if'n ya ain't did nuttin, ya ain't got nuttin to write about. That seems the norm at Billy Bob's Place here lately.

Had a surprise visit from the OFM Barney yesterday. Ya see, I was laid back on the couch rest'n, when all a sudden I hears a big ol' truck outside. It were Barney. We was both on the hungry side so's we decided on a trip up the road a piece for something to eat. When we got there, they weren't. They was closed....locked up tighter than a drum. Back in Sinton bout a hour later, we settled for a buffet style lunch at the "greasy butter" place (Butter Churn). As usual, I ate way too much again, got sick an' lay on the couch most the afternoon. Didn't do nuttin like what I said I was gonna do. This is get'n old.

While I were lay'n there on the couch watch'n TV last night, I got to think'n...."what am I gonna do when summer gets here"? Where am I gonna go? What special thing do I want to do that I ain't done yet. If'n you're think'n bungee jump, I done give up on that idea long time ago. I'm think'n I'm probly finished with "death defy'n" feats like that. So what's left for an old guy, hobbl'n along on his last leg, to do? Take up knit'n an' basket weav'n??? I would think not. There's got to be something I can still do what would bring some excitement back into my life.

Speak'n of excitement, me and Barney will be swak'n golf'n balls here in just a little bit. It don't matter what I do, or however far I hit my balls, he beat me every time we play. But things are gonna change today....even if'n I have to cheat. I keep score ya know. Barney is a good person to play golf with. He takes his game very very seriously, hit a good straight ball.....bout a mile and counts every stroke. Now how the hell do I win play'n someone like that???

Ok....got a few things to do.....laters. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

On a roll

Hot damn, the old Billy Bob is on a roll this morn'n. Yeee har!!! Remember them dishes what been soak'n for a few days? Well, they ain't soak'n no more. I warshed 'em all sparkl'n clean an' they drip dry'n on the sink counter. Went through a years supply of old mail, keep'n only the important stuff. Got a couple bags of trash ready for the fire pit (burn barrel). Pick up all them boxes what was lay'n on the floor. Get'n ready to sweep and mop the floor. Now we got a problem....I ain't got no mop. If'n you think'n the old Billy Bob is gonna get on his hands an' knees, ya better get that idea out your head right now. Last time I did that, I was hurt'n for 2 days.....laid back on the couch watch'n tv an' tak'n naps. Did I ever mention I hate housework???

When I lived on the boat, I didn't mind housework too much. I was a lot younger back then and I had wimmins to entertain. Plus, the boat had less liv'n space than what "da house" has. Plus, the boat didn't go all over the country pick'n up dirt, sand, grass clip'ns and leaves. Clean'n was a 30 minute chore if'n I really got with it. Now that I'm older, just do'n dishes takes days. And that's really get'n with it.

Don't know for sure, but I'm think'n I may be los'n weight again. I were look'n in the mirror an' says...."my god Billy Bob, it ain't no wonder ya can't hit a golf'n ball very far". "Ya skinny"....I been hear'n that all my life. When I was taller, I weighed less than what I do now. Last time I check, I were 5 feets 8 inches an' 155 pounds. At one time I were 5 foot 10 1/2 inches. My favorite weight is 150 pounds. All my clothes fit at that weight and I feel better at that weight. I never did want to to be a short fat guy an' I don't rekon that will ever happen. Not the way I eat anyhows.

For some reason this morn'n I got to think'n bout my old 1927 Buick roadster. The top had been took off by a previous owner, but I woulda took it off too. It had a rubble seat. Costed me $12 in two easy payments. Probably the funnest car I ever had. Had to start it up with a hand crank if'n ya wanted the motor to run. It had a 6 volt starter on it, but I were 6 volt battery poor back then. Didn't have no brakes an' the gas tank only hold 5 gallons of gas. But back then, we couldn't afford 5 gallons all at one time. The old wooden spoke wheels would make all kind of weird sounds. But let me tell ya, that old Buick was one hell of a Jeep. Go where no cop car dare to follow. Climb mountains an' never get stuck.

Me and Gerry was out one afternoon in that Buick, spin'n tires, tear'n up the new dirt streets what some developer had laid out. Uncle's house was only a couple mile away. Out of nowheres, here come a cop car do'n a hunnert mile a hour, one little red light flash'n, sireen scream'n ....think'n he gonna catch the Billy Bob. I heads to Uncle's house. Whips into the yard, throws the transmission in reverse, gears grind'n...no brakes ya know....let fly the clutch an' them back wheels start turn'n in the other direction, dirt and rocks fly'n. That Buick comes to a grind'n halt behind a 6 foot fence....out of sight and out'a mind. For 30 minutes, the entire police force of 3 cars, patrolled the area look'n for Billy Bob, Gerry and that old 1927 Buick roadster. That were only one time of many I had cause to make myself scarce from local law enforcement. I knowed 'em all by first name.

Ok....got more housework to do......maybe.  

Friday, December 14, 2012

Updated...Too hot last night...

Dang, here it is already 9:30. But I got a excuse. Ya see, it's been cold every night for the last week, so I put a extra blanket on my bed. So last night, I climbs in under all them blankets and it was hot. Instead of get'n up and turn'n the heater down, or remov'n a blanket or two, I just lay there toss'n an' turn'n most the night try'n to "git cool". So I slept in this mor'n.

Speak'n of lazy, the old Billy Bob is get'n the hang of it. Ya see that empty box the water filter come in? Well instead of throw'n it in the trash, I fell over it in the dark last night. And 'no', the dishes ain't done yet neither. They soak'n. I didn't ever figger I would be one to lean to the lazy side since I always been do'n something or another, but here lately, lazy is easy. Betcha a dollar I can find me a reasonable excuse for that too.

I'm sit'n here think'n bout them new golf balls I got. They need broke in. Weather forecast says it's gonna blow like the dickens here in a little bit, an' there's a chance of rain. But who gives a care, I'm go'n golf ball swak'n.

Will update laters.....maybe

See, I tole ya I was gonna be back. Yup, I went off to the golf course an' swak me up some balls. When I par the first hole I says...."I'm gonna have me a good day". Then on the second hole, I got me a tripple bogie. That's three strokes over par ya know. Then a double bogie on the next hole. Now I'm in trouble. Ain't never gonna break 80 like this. 

The wind was blow'n just like what the weather guy said....almost a hunnert mile a hour. Some folks won't play a round of golf when the wind gets over bout 15, but the old Billy Bob smak a golf ball slap into a hurricane. He don't care....'cause ya get to hit it again.

There's a science to hit'n golf balls in windy conditions. You know, like what kind of spin ya want on the ball. How high ya want the ball to go. What golf ball choice ya make, hard or soft, for different wind directions. Yup, it's all science....and yes, I failed science in school.

After a great round of swak'n golf balls, I headed down to the greasy butter....Butter Churn that is. Had a nice selection of food today, unlike what they do on Mondays. After tear'n hell out a 10 dollar bill, I headed back to "da house" where here in just a bit, I'm gonna take me a refreshing nap....while them dishes finish soak'n. 

This morn'n I received a phone call from Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne. He just got out of the hospital again. Peemoania again. He say he almost die again. Damn it, that's not good news. Hope he can survive long enough to visit him again this summer. Other news from Wayne....the old man died. That's not really bad news since he outlived his time. He was 94 I'm think'n. Mean as a snake. Knew he was gonna die, just didn't know when. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Beautiful cloudy cold winter day

I don't rekon 42 degs is too bad for a night time temp. That what it were when I got up this morn'n. As far as I know, I slept pretty good too.

We got it pretty good right here in the good ol' US of A. With all the stuff what's go'n on in the world and right here at home too, people are still go'n on with their lives like nuttin was happen'n. Ya gotta look really hard to see the 23 million what are out of jobs, liv'n on the streets, don't have no food....stuff like that. People are buy'n brand spank'n new cars, go'n out to eat at some fancy restaurant, spend'n gazillions of dollars for Christmas presents....liv'n high on the hog. Kids out of control with their hi-tech cell devices that costs hunnerts of dollars. Amateur golfers buy'n new gold plated golf'n balls. Where the hell all this money com'n from if'n we are so broke, an' ain't got no job......? Let's not get political with this....OK????

I remember one Christmas, not too far in the past, I were slap broke. Barely make ends meet. I had a good job at the University of Texas, but I were still broke. My 2 youngest kids was liv'n with me after the divorce and they wanted, and deserved, a nice Christmas. But I strapped for cash. We decided on one gift each and a cheap Christmas dinner. At the store, I fount this duck. Ham was too expensive and we didn't like turkey. Christmas duck....that gotta be good. I ain't never cook no big ol' duck before.....what could possibly go wrong. Have ya ever tried to eat the soles off'n a pair of old shoes??? It were tough....grease run'n out it...I ain't lie'n. For gifts, we each exchanged our most precious possessions with each other. Angela was in tears when she opened her present from Daniel. It was his favorite green shirt that she so desired. Now that was a Christmas I'll never forget. Nuttin but love, togetherness an' that old tough duck. By the way, we went out to eat. Throwed the duck in the dumpster.  

Yesterday afternoon I was sit'n here and I got a thought. Go swak some golf'n balls. Then I got to think'n bout the OFM Barney over there in the Big Bend....freez'n his butt slap off up there in the mountains. I betcha he's bout ready to head back to the gulf coast, where it bout 20 degs warmer, an' go swak some golf balls with the old Billy Bob. A little later, my computer go "ding....you got mail". It were Barney....be here in the morn'n. Now tomorrow (friday), if'n it ain't rain'n, an' wind ain't blow'n a hunnert mile a hour, an' the sun is shin'n, we gonna be swak'n golf'n balls in Sinton, Texas. Yeee haa!!!!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

32 degs this morn'n

Yesterday I were try'n to 'splain about the weather in south Texas. Little did I know it were gonna be super cold this morn'n. Ok, so 32 degs ain't super cold to you folks what live up north somewheres, but it's mighty cold to the old Billy Bob. When I wake up to 32 degs, I done did something wrong.

I should never have to experience uncomfortable conditions such as this. I'm retired, have a house on wheels, ain't got no roots sunk in the ground.....so why am I still in Sinton? It's simple. I 'splained all that yesterday.....winter don't last long in south Texas. Then somebody asked me why I like south Texas. I just said..."winter".

In the whole of the US, there are only 3 acceptable places to spend a comfortable winter. Southern California, south Texas and Florida. When I says comfortable, I'm talk'n 40's night time and 60's & 70's daytime. Now that's comfortable don't ya think?

Ok, what chores do I have on the agenda for today? If'n ya guessed dishes, you have just won a gold star next to your name.....drum roll, applause. God I hate do'n old dirty dishes. Where the hell they all come from? Then of course, I got to sweep the floors again (damn dog ya know), take the trash out....stuff like that. It never ends. Now there was a time I didn't have to do all that house clean'n stuff. First mate Vickie Lynn was a excellent house cleaner. Give her a "fatty" an she clean "da house" lickity split. Of course I had to feed her an' buy her new clothes...a jug of booze every once in a while....stuff like that. First mates make perfect travel companions. Damn I miss that girl.

I were sit'n here think'n....."Billy Bob, ya need a new project". I like to build stuff ya know, and that makes me happy. I been do'n that for many many years. Some projects were classified as rejects, some were give away and others made it to the dumpster. A finished product is no longer a project. It's got to go. My favorite media for projects is wood. But then, I can make something out of anything. I keep stuff ya know. It has a use in a future project. That's why I have to have such a big motorhome.....storage space for junk.

Ok.....got to cut this short....things to do ya know....laters

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thanks for the comments...

Gooolleee.....or something like that. That what Gomer would say. I'm speechless......
Thanks for all the support.

Ya see, when I made that post yesterday, I were just think'n out loud. And I talk to myself too. An' I give some purty good answers too. But anyhows....I been read'n a lot of blogs what ain't on my followers list. You know, just surf'n round from blog to blog. I found there are other people with a like minds as mine.....think'n bout settle'n down in a little sticks & bricks, park'n "da house" out back, redneck style, up on concrete blocks and do'n nuttin the rest of my life. That's been on my mind for quite some time now.

As far as "go'n out of business", I don't rekon that's gonna happen any time soon. I remember when I was in the commercial refrigeration business, I would hate to get up in the morn'n an' go to work. During the 80's crunch, I was los'n customers right an' left. I was contemplat'n shut'n down the business, but I had a family to support. I had to keep on keep'n on. So I rekon as long as you keep send'n me money, I'll keep on blogg'n.

Ok, what did the old Billy Bob do yesterday? I were sit'n here freez'n my ass off an' got to think'n bout coffee. I like my coffee ya know. But it ain't been tast'n right with this nasty water I been put'n in my fresh water tank. Need me a new water treatment system. I used to have a excellent one, but it broke a few years back. Flooded the carpet from the bedroom all the ways to the front windshield. Anyhows, me an' Sadie Mae load up in "that jeep" and head off to town. Home Depot to be exact. Fount me a filter thingy what take everthing out the water but the "wet". No more bugs an' stuff float'n round in my coffee. Ummm, good coffee......almost. "Clean the coffee pot Billy Bob....it's nasty". Ok, how the hell ya clean a coffee pot???

Cold last night??? You betcha. Although it could have been worse. But let me tell ya bout winter in south Texas. It don't last long. Not the miserable freez'n cold like up north what last for months on end, but just a couple few days of lower 40's at night then back up in the 50's. I used to go to the fish'n piers in the dead of winter. Nuttin to keep me warm but a light jacket and the exhaust pipe on a little Honda generator. I was tough back then ya know. That's winter in south Texas....enjoy it.

Now let me tell ya bout Sadie Mae. She's a good dog an' all that, but she's completely worthless. She don't do nuttin. She don't play, she don't socialize, she don't do nuttin. Eat, sleep, run in an' out the door a hunnert times a day....and roll in grass clip'ns an' burro poop. That what she do. I had just sweeped all the floors in "da house" from where she brung in a whole bucket full of grass clip'ns. No sooner I get done, an' here she come again....all covered with grass clip'ns an' poop. Shake it all over the floor. Not just one day, but every day. This dog ain't right. Damn!!!

I'm think'n it's bout time for the old Billy Bob to be head'n further south. I think I done wored out my welcome in this part of the country. I cain't go too far south or I would be in Mexico by morn'n. An' there ain't nuttin to do in Mexico but git in trouble. It's still a bit early to go to Falcon Lake....fish ain't bite'n. But.....I could go to the Community Park in Falcon Heights an' camp for free as long as I want. Or I could stay at the State Park for $98 a week with all the electricity and water I could ever want. Decisions decisions.

Ok, got things to do......laters.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Fire sale....go'n out of business

The little grocery store across the street closed their doors. The furniture store has "going out of business" signs in the windows. The shoe repair store shut down years ago. Kelly's bar & full service gas station is on it's last leg. The economy is bad, money is short. Business depends on satisfied customers.

What started out as a place to write a old time modern day diary of our lives, has turned into a business proposition. It's called a freak'n blog. We share our lives with the world on a daily basis. The good times, the bad times, humor, sadness...our thoughts. We ain't skeered of what we sell.

When I first started my blog, "Billy Bob's Place", it was for me. A replacement for the Walmart special notebooks I so dearly loved to write my nonsense in. To record experiences of my travels what I could later look back on an' say...."Oh I remember that". Then customers began to frequent my blog. In no time flat, my blog was no longer just for me. It was for my customers (followers). I was in business, sell'n....nonsense, humor and my lifes experiences. But like any business, when your customers dwindle and no longer pay your prices (comments), it makes ya wonder if it's time to have a "go'n out of business" sale. I can't sell Billy Bob's Place to the highest bidder 'cause I manufacture everything I sell. One man operation ya know. That's where I am today.....disgruntled an' undecided. "Perk up Billy Bob, it's winter, tomorrow the sun will shine".

Before I went to bed last night, I had decided I would be at the golf course early this morn'n to swak me up some golf'n balls. But....Boy howdy let me tell ya....a freight train roared through the camp last night. It were somewheres bout 3 oclock in the morn'n, I were sleep'n like a baby, all cozy an' warm wrap up in my little blankie, when all a sudden I hears a hell of a commotion outside....wake me slap up. Wind was blow'n a hunnert mile a hour, "da house" shak'n to an' fro.....dogs was howl'n....what the hell go'n on? It were that cold front everbody been talk'n bout. Not that it got very cold, only bout 48 degs., but them winds was something to remember. Scare hell out me until I realize it weren't no freight train at all.....just a little breeze. Damn, what a breeze.

Ok, I got that water pumped into the fresh water tank on "da house" and installed that other seat cover yesterday. Laundry is still in the basket wait'n. I've been accused of procrastinat'n a few times in my life, but that ain't really what it is. If a chore ain't press'n, it can wait till I'm ready to tackle it at another time. Folded clothes left in a basket ain't gonna get all wrinkle up. They gonna stay folded just like they are. So what's the hurry.....not press'n.

There was a time in my life when if'n I had a chore to do, I would jump right on it with both feet. That didn't always work out too well, as I had to go back and re-jump that same job.....do it right the second time. I learn long time ago, ya gotta think. Like the time I build a dog house so's the dumb dog could get out of the rain and cold. I was proud of my construction abilities as I stood back admiring my work. I pushed an' shoved and that dumb dog wouldn't fit through the too little door. "It's not a 'taco bell' chihuahua dog Billy Bob, it's a Labrador". See what I mean....ya gotta think.

Ok...enough nonsense for one day....see ya laters. 


Sunday, December 9, 2012

1 in jail, 4 chomp'n grass

Well, the damn goat is back in jail. Seems he couldn't stay away from the crime scene and got caught again. He has 5 acres to run free on and what does he do, goes off to the neighbors and eats the chicken feed. I just don't understand the think'n of a goat.

I brewed me up a pot of chili yesterday. Now why does it taste terrible? It's hard to screw up a pot of chili, but the old Billy Bob did a number on this one. Only two things can go wrong. The choice of meat and the water. I were shop'n at HEB the other day. Bought me some course ground chili meat. That makes the best chili ya know. In this case, it didn't. As it was cook'n, I notice that meat was turn'n ugly an' the pot was fill'n up with grease (2/3 cup of grease removed for 2# of ground beef). Then I got to think'n....pink slime. Could HEB still be using pink slime in their ground beef? Won't be buy'n no more meat at HEB that for sure.

Then there's the water. For the last few days, my fresh water has this awful taste to it. I don't see any way it can be contaminated, but when it mess up a pot of coffee, something ain't right. So here what I gonna do. Drain that stuff out on the ground an' go get me some more....only for the sake of a "good" cup of coffee ya know. Now what to do with the "terrible"chili? Do burros eat chili???

Speak'n of burros, these critters are John Deere lawn mow'n machines. They been at "El Rancho Abraham" for a little over 6 months and have cleared 4 acres of land. Burros are really cool animals, but that one lay'n down.....he mean as all git out. Kick'n an' bite'n the others. Run around the yard like a Comanche on the war path. In that cage is that damn goat. No parole for that feller.

Ok, if'n I'm gonna get them seat covers installed today, I got to get with it. Times a wast'n.  

Saturday, December 8, 2012

It ain't funny....no more

Boy howdy does it feel good to feel good or what. That ol' flu bug or what ever it was is completely gone this morn'n. Still a bit on the weak side an' I got this funny taste in my mouth....you know, like dinosaur poop.....or something like that. I 'member one time I woke up with a dinosaur lay'n in bed with me. Damn....what was I think'n?

I noticed when I turned 70 year old, my life changed. I was officially "old", so I figgered I was gonna do what old people are supposed to do.....nuttin. I 'member when I were a young man I would see some old guy sit'n on the porch do'n nuttin, an' I would say...."damn!!!....hope I never get that way". Well, ya do get that way.....like it of not. Your attitude changes, your body deteriorates before your eyes, ya sag in places what used to be muscles, your git up an' go has got up an' gone. You're an old man.

I rekon one the worst things bout get'n old is when you lose your ability to look on things with humor. Humor has always been a important aspect of my life. Now it seems I am los'n that ability also. The little things that I found to be funny are now just an event....nuttin to get excited bout. But I'm gonna keep chug'n along in hopes I'll find that lost humor again. Stay tuned, the old Billy Bob ain't done yet.

All that stuff I was gonna do yesterday is sit'n there wait'n in the same place it were yesterday. I didn't do squat yesterday. Not that I had much to do. Laundry is still in the basket wait'n to be put up. Water is wait'n to be pumped into the fresh water tank and one seat cover is lay'n on the floor. What the hell did I buy seat covers for???

I can hardly wait the cold front next week. Gonna freeze my ass off I betcha. One night has been forecasted to get down to 36 degs. YIKES, that's cold. "Break out the Mr Buddy heater Billy Bob". Oh nevermind, they done changed the forecast. Weather forecasts suck when they keep chang'n them. But still....I'm break'n out the Mr Buddy heater.

Ok....got things to do.....laters

Friday, December 7, 2012

YES!!! to wonder drugs

Vitamin C the wonder drug. That's what I called it yesterday. I call it the same today.

In small doses, vitamin C has very little affect in stop'n the dreaded cold an' virus. Eat a orange....forget it. It takes mega-dose....saturate your body with rose hips, or whatever. If you Google vitamin C, you'll find it has no ill affects like you're gonna die or something like that. Although, you will find a few sites have a warning against overdose. It's bout a 50/50 deal, but I'm liv'n proof that mega-dose works.

Yesterday morn'n bout this time, I was in misery...weak, raw throat, burn'n lungs, cough'n....stuff like that. This morn'n, after mega-dos'n  10 (ten) 1000mg of vit C throughout yesterday, I feel rather chipper an' on a even keel. I was worried that maybe I had waited too long, but it appears I'm already on the heal. 50/50 chance I'm gonna make it.

Went off to the clothes wash'n place with bout a hunnert pound of dirty clothes. That's what it felt like anyhows. Washers, $1.75 a load. Dryers, $1.50 a load. I got me enough clean Wranglers and underdrawers to last a month. Inside was 2 hefty wimmins talk'n on cell phones while sort'n an' fold'n clothes. Ok....why? Voices carry in a high ceiling buildings and I could a swore it was the Sesame Street studio. So I go outside an' sit in the car. The door opens an' out come a lady still talk'n on her cell....squeaky voice....like a chipmunk. My God lady, shut up, leave me alone.....go somewheres else.

Laundry done, picked up 14 gallon water, back at "da house", lay on the couch. I was wored slap out. Got me some new seat covers for "that jeep". Well hell, they don't fit worth a crap. Look like a sack....or something like that. I done modified one, so I can't take 'em back. "Why you buy seat covers Billy Bob...."that jeep" is junk"? Here in a minute, I gonna go try to put the other one on. Slick up the dashboard (Armorall) an' vacuum the floors. Look like a brand spank'n new Jeep when I get done. WHY???? 

Ok, on with my day....got things to do ya know.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Saturated with Vit 'C'

For many years I have bragged bout not having colds and virus' since 1990 something. I've lived in different environments since way back it the 70's from the Texas gulf coast, to industrial Atlanta, Ga. to freez'n cold of West Virginia.....then back to the Texas gulf coast. I was tuff back then....only had pneumonia one time. That's when I learn bout vitamin 'C', the wonder drug. First sign of a cold show up and swaller 6000 to 10000 mg. of 'C'. Followed by 3 days of no less than 3000 mg a day.

Last night I was lay'n there, coughing, an' I says...."Billy Bob, take some vitamin 'C'". Since I do most everthing "my way", I suffered all night long before break'n out the bottle early this morn'n. Now we'll see if'n I caught what ever it is in time. In 3 days I should be fit as a fiddle. Or I'll be lay'n back there in the bed whinn'n like a 10 year old foster child. I ain't even fully recovered from my stomach sick and now this.....damn!!!

Now......I been think'n bout head'n back west to Del Rio, away from this humidity and morn'n fog of the gulf coast. Well, it didn't take me long to do some other think'n. There's a "great blue norther" headed to Texas. Snow, sleet, rains, blow'n wind......it gonna be cold I mean to tell ya. Just south of here in La Feria, Texas is my old Canook buddy Louie. He has invited me to come visit him. You remember Louie, right? He's the guy what got me red tagged crossing the border from Juarez Mexico back into El Paso back in 2008. Back then you needed 2 pieces of identification to return to the US. I had just one. Once you get on the government shit list, you're there forever.

    But anyhows, it looks like the old Billy Bob is back to the draw'n board with decisions to make.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Picnic at the beach

Ain't look'n too bad outside this morn'n. Sun shin'n, a little breeze blown'n the trees....62 degs. A little chilly for the old Billy Bob to be out there yet, but when it warms up a bit, I may just go wash the car. Look'n at it through the winder,....forget that.

There's freak'n bugs fly'n round in my kitchen. Where the hell they come from??? "Wash the freak'n dishes Billy Bob". Maybe the better part of today will be consumed do'n housework....go do the laundry. I hate housework.

Yesterday I took a look at that big basket of clothes back there in the bedroom. Then I took a look outside. I'm go'n fish'n. To hell with them clothes. Me an' Sadie Mae jumps in "that jeep" headed for Aransas Pass and "my secret hole". What the hell? My secret hole is under water. The tide is very high this morn'n. Ain't gonna be no fish'n here.

Off to Port Aransas we go, just a few more mile down the road. The ferry boat is wait'n. I pick up my mail.....nothing important. Go to the bank an' draw out some pocket change, enough to last a couple months. Pick up some more smokes at the booze barn. Order me up a big ol' Subway sammich an' head for the jetties for a picnic. This is work'n out well.

It ain't very often that company shows up when the table is set for a nice meal. Most people don't have boats like this in their back yard.This ain't no fish'n boat ya know. They headed to Corpus Christi to pick up a load of grain or something like that. Ships are cool.

By the time I got back to "da house" in Sinton, there was this great big black cloud overhead. It's gonna rain like hell I betcha. Ha, not a drop. I remember a couple or three years back that everwhere the old Billy Bob traveled, it rained bucket fulls. Didn't matter where I went, it rained. Big black cloud followed hang'n over his head...one them "oh-man" or karma thingys......something like that. People was begg'n me to come to their house for a visit so's they could get some rain.

Feel pretty good this morn'n. I rekon my sick is bout played out. I consider myself pretty lucky when it comes to get'n sick. Only happens when I eat something I ain't supposed to. Which is quite often. That bag of roasted peanuts over there may be the cause of get'n sick this time. They hard as rocks an' don't taste right. But I ate a bunch of 'em anyhows.

Well shoot, I rekon I better get busy an' do something....as much as I hate housework. Somebody gotta do it ya know.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sick to the bone

Here I was think'n I was all well again. But I ain't. Ya see, after a  wonderful round of golf with the OFM Barney, what I ain't gonna talk about, and a late dinner at the Greasy Churn, I'm still sick.

And I'm bored. I'm let'n all these little "need to be done" jobs pile up to the point I ain't never gonna get 'em done. Got to make a trip to town for fresh water again and there's a big ol' basket of dirty clothes what needs to be washed. That bout a half day of chores right there. It's no freak'n wonder I get bored all the time hav'n all this housework to do instead of go'n off on a adventure somewheres. Housework sucks ya know.

Yesterdays excursion up to the golf ball swak'n place proved productive for "that jeep". Was a wonderful ride. None this turn'n the steer wheel correcting what direction "that jeep" was gonna go....it went straight like a arrow. It still rides the same, like a WWII half track....or a big ol' farm tractor, but I feel much safer with the repairs.

Ok, I got things to do.....laters.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Updated....Swak that ball

Today should be a fun day. An appointment has been made at the local golf ball swak'n place for an excit'n round of golf with the renowned OFM Barney golf ball swak'n team. The object of the game is not to beat hell out of your opponent, but to hit that little ball a country mile. Straight down the middle the fairway. Not off in the woods somewheres where ya can't find it. Although, traips'n through the woods look'n for golf balls adds to the excitement.

Being that I have only 45 minutes to ready myself for todays round of golf, I'll cut this short and return later today with the results. Today may be the one day I finally beat Barney. I have a secret weapon ya know.

Yup, here it are laters. I don't even want to talk bout no secret weapons. Don't wanna talk bout no golf'n game neither. I suck!!!!

Last night I was sick. After supper....a banana an' a bowl of cereal, my stomach began to boil. Yeah I know what I'm talk'n bout....my stomach was boil'n over, all the ways up to my teeth an' gums. I were sick. Then it start go'n the other way. Damn, I was up 5 or 6 times last night with the squirts. Sorry, but that's the best I can do to describe what was ail'n the old Billy Bob. By the time I crawled out of bed this morn'n, I were wore slap out, weak as a fresh hatched chicken puppy. But....I were feel'n soooo much better. I'm gonna live I betcha. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ain't got no job

Holy crap, why didn't somebody tell me it's December? That means that if'n I was on a schedule, I would be late for supper.

I been roll'n it around in my mind about the next 4 years under the Obama administration. Ok, this is political....but it really ain't. I'm think'n more along the lines of the millions of people out of work. Not able to feed their families a real meal. You know...fried chicken, mash taters, corn of the cob, fresh baked bread, peach cobbler....fresh squeezed milk, stuff like that. People stand'n on a corner panhandling. Little children barefooted. It's already like that in some parts of the country, but blinded eyes don't see it. If there was ever a time that America needed a optometrist, it's now. We in deep trouble folks.

How will the coming days affect the old Billy Bob? Consider'n what time I have left, not much. I already did my work thingy, so a job ain't no concern. Ya know that jobs ain't gonna return in the near foreseeable future. I don't need no perfect credit score 'cause I ain't got nuttin I need to buy on time. Cash baby....cash. I'll eat every day...as long as there's a Walmart close by and the food holds out. Just can't picture grocery stores run'n out of food.....other than Twinkies. I'll always be able to travel, although I may pay out the nose for fuel. Nope, the old Billy Bob is gonna be just fine for the next 4 years.

Man.....you talk bout a good nights sleep. I jumps in bed last night, roll over once an' it were lights out. In part, it was 'cause of the weather....beautiful. The other part was 'cause I didn't have "that jeep" on my mind. That don't happen very often an' when it does, I savor the flavor. No, "that jeep" ain't done yet.

Nephew Joseph grilled me up a big ol' 1 1/4 inches steak last night for supper. Hot damn that thing was good. A few years ago I cut back on eat'n beef. Doctors orders ya know. He says...."white meat only", so's I switched to chicken and pork. Lot's of pork. Anyhows, this was the first juicy medium rare steak I ate in almost a year. An' I were in cow heaven....I mean to tell ya right now.

I got me a dose of what some people call "road fever". It's still too early to head further south to Falcon Lake. But where can I go for a couple three weeks and enjoy myself? There just ain't that many excit'n places to go in south Texas ya know. Did I hear somebody say Del Rio? Well, I been think'n bout that. Oh wait a minute....no internet in Del Rio. That sucks. I should fire Verizon and hire ATT. Wonder if'n ATT will work at Falcon Lake. Since I own part of ATT (stocks), maybe they give me a discount. Yeah right!!!

Ok, got lots of things to do. Shower, water run, groceries, laundry (not today), oil change in "that jeep" (not today)......stuff like that. Laters

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chas'n car parts

Boy howdy, here it is another week end. Where did the week go? But, when ya get to think'n bout it, what exactly is a week end? I know that for a "worker....that's the guy that punches a clock, the week end is a couple days rest. But for the retired person, we don't get no days off. We have a 7 day work week and only get paid once a month.

Yesterday turned out to be quite a day. If ya make the round about trip from Sinton to Aransas Pass, then to Corpus Christi and back to Sinton, that's right bout a little over a hunnert miles. Well, that's what I did yesterday. Ya see, I told ya I was gonna replace everthing under the front end of "that jeep"....tie rods, tie rod ends, steer'n damper, bushings....that kind of stuff. So I hit every auto parts store between Sinton and Aransas Pass. No parts....have to order. What the hell??? At Autozone, the nice parts guy tells me I can get everthing I need in Corpus Christi. Off to Corpus Christi me an' Sadie Mae go. With parts in hand, and $200 lighter, I head back to Sinton so's nephew Joseph can install them.

Where the hell is nephew Joseph? What you mean he's in San Antonio? The tie rod tools are locked up in the storage container. I ain't got no key. Had I knowed he was gonna stay in San Antonio till midnight, I would have bought me a tie rod tool and be done with the job. Damn I hate crawl'n up under "that jeep".

I get up early this morn'n so's me an' Joseph can get to work fix'n "that jeep". He jumps in his truck an' poooof, he's gone, just like that. Now where he go'n???

I suppose everbody knows me an' OFM Barney will be swak'n golf balls Monday morn'n....right? Ok, so you don't like swak'n golf balls....but the old Billy Bob do. When life begins to wind down, ya do the things you love to do. And are still able to do. I won't be restor'n no old antique tractor in the near future. Or dig'n in the dirt for gold. Only so much you can do when ya get me age. I guess I could take up knit'n or something like that. 

* This post will be updated after whiles.*

Ok, here's your update. Front end tie rod replacement finished and adjusted. Out of 12 bushing points, 6 have been replaced in the last 3 days and 4 ( ball joints) in the last 2 years. That leaves 2....drag link bushings. Since I don't plan on drag'n anything....well, you know what I mean. ( What the hell is a drag link???)

Friday, November 30, 2012

Stop the car....

"My God Billy Bob....stop the car" It seems I may have been too quick to say that "that jeep" rode like a Cadillac. Ya see, yesterday I went to Academy in Corpus Christi so's I could bitch out the manager bout them camp'n chairs what the webbing fell apart.....butt hang'n to the ground. It was a good ride on the way over there, but on the way back to Sinton....not so good. We was cruis'n along, bout a hunnert mile a hour (65), when I hit a tiny little bump in the road. I ain't talk'n no 4x4 or nuttin like that....it were a tiny bump. We was on a overpass, traffic was heavy....."death wobble". Holy crap, "that jeep" is wobbl'n like a hoochie coochie girl....what ever that is...but you get the idea. I were scared. Got a death grip on the steer wheel an' push'n on the brakes. Sadie Mae says "what the hell"? Back to the drawing board.

Nephew Joseph came in from the oil fields yesterday night for a couple days off. Hot damn.....now we gonna both climb up under "that jeep". Replace every bushing under there. Are ya get'n tired of hear'n bout "that jeep" yet??? Well, if'n I ever get the damn thing fixed, you won't hear bout it no more. I'll find something else to entertain ya with.

Speak'n bout be'n too quick to brag, this damn computer done froze slap up this morn'n. Wouldn't do nuttin. I ain't quite ready to go out and spend another $$$$$ on a brand spank'n new one. Not yet anyhows.

Remember I was tell'n ya bout that last step I missed an' fall down? Well, it did more damage than what I was think'n. I hurt when I stand, when I sit down and last night, when I was try'n to sleep. If'n ya don't know what sciatica is, it's when ya hurt your lower back (slipped disc's) and the pain goes all the way down your leg to your toes. I'm think'n I would rather give birth to a rhinoceros than experience this pain day in an' day out. Although, some days are better than others. Today ain't one of 'em.

Speak'n of today, why would anybody want to live anywhere else when the weather is so beautiful in south Texas?

Ok, I got some things to do.....laters 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dumb luck...."that jeep"

By a stroke of dumb luck, "that jeep" went down the road a hunnert mile a hour like a brand spank'n new hi dollar SUV yesterday. I mean, I could have swore I seen a Cadillac hood ornament pop up on the hood ever once in a while. Ya see, I made a little trip yesterday, bout 35 mile down the road,  to the gulf coast little resort town of Rockport Texas. That where the OFM Barney live ya know. We had lunch at a great little Mexican food eatery....boy howdy, I ate too much. Make me sleepy wanna take a nap.

After I left Barney back at the "castle", I headed down to the harbor fish'n place. Ain't nobody catch the first fish. Then I got to think'n, water filter....go to Aransas Pass Lowes and buy a water filter. Ok, sounds simple huh? Well Lowes in Aransas Pass don't carry the water filters they advertise on their web site. They ain't even close. Whirlpool junk. That 'causes me to mumble some stuff, cuss a few words an' storm out the door talk'n to myself.

By the time I got back to Sinton where "da house" is parked, I done forgot I was supposed to go get some fresh water. Grrrrrrr....turn around. Ok, this is where things turn ugly. Ya see, my water jugs are 7 gallon gobberdoos. That's 56 some odd pounds what gots to be toted from the water dispenser to the "that jeep"....down a couple three steps. Or is it only one? Anyhows, I takes just one. And down I go, plop, right there in the park lot. "Watch that last step Billy Bob". Loaded up and back at "da house", I'm hurt'n. Times like this I wish I had listened to what my old girlfriend would say...."slow down big boy, take your time".

Seems that that damn goat went off to the neighbors house an' eat up a bag of chicken feed. That what the neighbor lady says anyhows. From where I'm sit'n, there ain't no way for that goat to escape an' eat chicken feed. The yard is fenced in. So now, the damn goat is imprisoned in a little cage.....have me some fun here....not big enough to turn around, no water, no food, no shade from the blaz'n sunshine....miserable conditions. Hee hee hee, just kid'n ya know....pull'n strings...piss off PETA. The goat is fine. That's his house....TV, queen size bed, microwave.....stuff like that.

Don't know what I gonna do today. It's still a bit chilly out there to be do'n outside stuff. Was think'n I might run over to the "secret hole" an' throw my fish'n pole in the water.....just for something to do ya know. Oh wait, I need to go to Academy an' try to get me some new camp chairs. Remember the ones what fell apart? Webbing died in less than 2 years. Academy should sell products what last more than 2 years....right? Well, I'm gonna go raise some hell. Maybe get me some new ones.....free. "Where's the manager, I want to see the manager". Do I have a receipt? Well hell no. Who keeps a receipt for something that should last a lifetime?

Ok....things to do ya know.....laters.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Damn it were cold last night

Don't see much reason to be mak'n a blog post this morn'n. There ain't a thing go'n on at Billy Bob's house that would interest ANYONE.

It was cold this morn'n. Not what would be considered cold up north somewheres, but in south Texas, 43 degs is freak'n cold. But that don't last very long way down here. Gonna be beautiful weather for the next week or so....back up in the 80's daytime. That's good fish'n an' golf'n weather ya know. In fact, I may just load up "that jeep" and head over to Rockport an' try to catch me up some supper fish.

After go'n for a ride in "that jeep" the other day, I have removed bout half the rattles by replac'n the sway bar grommets....or what ever the hell ya want to call them. I was really surprised. Next I'll be jack'n up the rear of that thing and try to figger out how to get rid of the rest. Damn.....71 year old man climb'n up under a Jeep. I'm get'n too old for this kind of stuff. From my last inspection of the rear suspension, I got some weld'n to do. Yes, I know how to weld. I weren't born yesterday ya know.

Went online yesterday look'n at fish'n reports. They ain't look'n too good. Lake Amistad is still chugg'n along with a few bass being caught here an' there. Falcon Lake ain't do'n too good at all. A few 4 an' 5 pounders in 3 to 10 feets of water. Salt water fish'n ain't much better. Maybe now that the fronts have passed, things will pick up. We can only hope.

Speak'n of online.....this computer what has been giv'n me so much trouble seems to have straightened it's self out. I ain't had no blue screens in a month or more. It don't lock up 3 or 4 times a day. Everthing seems to be work'n just like a brand spank'n new one. Well everthing but that button on the touch pad what don't work no more. Wonder what happen that it just up an' quit like that.

Ok, remember that little dog I were talk'n bout? Well you can forget that. I have enough problem get'n up every 10 minutes to let Sadie Mae outside....or inside. I'm think'n one dog is enough.

Got things to do ya know....laters.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rained a wash tub

Yesterdays golf game with OFM Barney took a bunch out of me. Since I'm prone to knock the hell out a golf ball, instead of a nice easy "girlie" swing, I ache all over this morn'n. Feel like I been run through a antique Westinghouse wringer warsher machine. Then to top it all off, Barney stomped me again. Did I keep the score card? Well hell no.....don't keep score cards that bad. Anyhows, it was a wonderful day of golf ball swak'n. Topped off with a great lunch/supper at the Greasy Churn.....no....Butter Churn. Thank ya for a great day Barney.

Speak'n of warsh machines....when I was a a tot on the farm, bout 5 or 6 year old, "moms" got her arm hung up in the wringer thingy. There weren't nobody there but me an' moms do'n laundry. Before we got electricity and a brand spank'n new washer machine, it was 2 big ol' tubs an' a scrub board. She was yell'n for me to hit the release so's she could get her squished arm out. "What the hell is a release?" I screamed jump'n up an' down. I don't know nuttin bout wash'n no clothes.....sheesh! I heared stories an' see cartoon sketches of women get'n their boobie thingys hung up in the wringer, but I ain't never see it really happen. Hemhaw'n round, moms finally hit the release thingy and got her arm out. Moms' arm was fine other than a few bruises.

I were sit'n there on the couch last night an' I see lightning right over there. What the hell? Where this come from? Before long here come the rain. Buckets full. Damn, the yard is float'n away....water everwhere. The rain quit after a couple hour, but the winds continued all night long. This morn'n the temp had dropped to 55 degs and stayed there (64degs at 11:30am). Not a good day for outside activities. Yup, still windy.

Nephew Joseph has got a little dog he wants to give to me. If'n I can get him to stay still long enough, I'll get a pic. Cute little bugger and Sadie Mae likes him. But.....I'm think'n he is just a cute little package of never end'n stress. Something I don't need at this time of my life. Lug Nut gave me a lot of stress but this little bundle of joy would run circles around Lug Nut. He never slows down.....zooom zoooom zoooom. Anyhows....we'll see. 

Ok....got things to do....laters

Monday, November 26, 2012

A productive day

For all ya what think the old Billy Bob don't do nuttin all day long, I'll have you know I had a productive day yesterday.

I had filled the sink with dish wash'n water the day before, so I washed up all them dishes....'cept'n for one pot. It's full of left over vittles what has to be taken out in the woods for the critters that roam the area. They eat anything.
After that, I grab up my broom an' sweet all the floors....shake out the rugs an' stuff. Just for the hell of it, I climbs up on the "billy bike" an' take me a ride up the street. Not very fast mind you, but a ride it was.
Then after that, I pulls "that jeep" up on a couple ramps so's I can get under the damn thing and do some inspections of the suspension components. Well lookie here, the sway bar bushings are wore slap out....shot all to hell. What I replaced.

Don't be say'n that I done fixed "that jeep", 'cause I'm think'n there ain't no fix for it. Why did I buy a Jeep with "long arm" suspension"? Ya see, if'n I was to put a lift kit back on it, I'm think'n half the rattles, bangs an' clangs would disappear. But I ain't gonna do that. Just gonna grease everthing up an' go. Not that I won't be keep'n my eyes open for a replacement. I'll find one eventually.

Me and OFM Barney are gonna meet up at the golf ball swak'n place here in a little bit for a exciting round of professional golf ball swak'n. I'm think'n Barney is more excited bout the "after round" dinner we gonna eat at the local greasy spoon buffet. There ain't many places in Sinton Texas to get good food, but the ButterChurn....or what ever they call it, is about the best we gonna do. I'm all excitis too. 

Boy howdy is it ever a beautiful day or what? No clouds, sunshine bear'n down, 70 degs and not the slightest puff of wind....would be a perfect day for fish'n in the "bubba boat". Ain't often ya gonna find a perfect day, but today may just be one of them. Life is good.

Ok, got things to do.....laters

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Morn'n rambles

I were sit'n there on the couch last night bout 8pm and says...."damn, it's get'n cold in here". Holy crap, it's 54 degs an' drop'n fast. Low last night was 48 degs. So....what's in store for the rest of winter? From over 25 years of experience with winters on the gulf coast, all the way from Galveston to Port Aransas, Texas, it don't get no better than this. With bout 4 weeks of uncomfortable weather from a few freak storms, the Texas gulf coast is an excellent place to frolic on the beach, wet a hook in the rolling surf or take a leisure sun filled drive through the countryside.

Today there ain't no sunshine, so I ain't go'n to the beach and I ain't go'n fish'n. "So what the hell ya gonna do all day Billy Bob"? Look'n out the window, I'm think'n I may go outside, jump on the "billy bike" an' take a ride up the street. Or I could go out there, jack up "that jeep" and see what's mak'n all them noises com'n out from under it. Rattle rattle bang clang clunk....stuff like that. "Dishes Billy Bob...ya got a sink full of dishes". Oh yeah, I forgot bout those.

Life gets hard when ya let it pass ya by. You know, like sit'n on the couch watch'n nuttin on tv, wast'n time on trivial things....like wash'n dishes, when you should be outside enjoy'n what little time ya got left. I done just bout everthing I ever wanted to do....and then some. Well, I ain't bungee jumped yet. Came close wait'n in a long line, but not yet. I figger I done used up all my dreams. I was once knowed to be a dreamer ya know, but I don't dream no more. Boy howdy, if'n I were only 20 years younger......damn, them were the days. Ya wait too long an' it's gone.....poooof, just like that.

The OFM Barney brung up a good subject yesterday. Wild critters. When I was much younger, critters were my #1 priority on any outing. You know, camp'n, fish'n, hike'n through the woods. I was always on the lookout for a critter. Didn't make no matter what it were. We was camped for the weekend at Robbers Roost in southern Calif. Mountain lions roamed the area. I'm gonna go get me a mountain lion. Back then, man eat'n critter hunt'n was a sport and the old Billy Bob was a sportsman. So's I head off around the mountain with a little single shot .22 rifle and a hand full of ammunition. It was dark....very dark. I'm all alone. My mind begins to work. "What was that noise"? Rabbit. I see things what ain't there. "What's that over there"? A bush. Now I'm get'n rattled. Do mountain lions eat 18 year old mountain lion hunters? You bet they do. But they KILL ya first. Bite the shit out ya. At a fast walk, bout a hunnert mile a hour, I quietly work myself back towards camp....stumbl'n through bushes an' stuff like that. Up there on a big ol' rock I see something. Eyes. Two of 'em....an' they look'n at me. I fires off a shot in that general direction an'....I'm out of here....gone....pooof, just like that. Of course, nobody in camp believed one word of my close encounter with a wild mountain lion.

I'm get'n all excited bout the trip to Falcon lake. Gonna catch me up a 14 pounds bass I betcha. I said that last year didn't I??? Well, this year I gonna do it. Well actually, I'm gonna attempt to catch me up one over 10 pounds. Do I eat bass? Well no I don't. Taste like water an' you know, I don't like water. But now if'n I was to hook me up a bunch of bluegill, we'll have bluegill an' fried eggs for breakfast. Pan fried up real crisp like...eat tail an' all. Hot damn....yum yum eat'em up.

Ok, got things to do. Laters....

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Car shop'n an' golf ball swak'n

As predicted, the storm hit the area with torrential rainfall.....Bahahahaha, what a crock. Here I was expect'n the sky to fall and holy crap, it didn't rain enough to make a fresh pot of coffee. "that jeep" is still caked with Del Rio dirt an' grime. There ain't a wet spot or the first sign that it rained at all. And the cold that was supposed to come in with the rain....Bahahahahaha, that's a crock too.

I went to bed last night a little later than usual. Right bout 12:30am....or something like that. It was still 64 degs outside. That's not what I consider cold. Not that I'm complain'n or nuttin like that, but weathermen suck. It's a rip roar'n 59 degs this morn'n.

Went off to the golf ball swak'n place yesterday morning. I were expect'n the place to be crowded with golfers swak'n balls in all directions....a big line to the first tee box. I paid my ridiculously high priced green fee an' cart rental, load up my ball swak'n gear and head 'em up to the #1 tee box. To my surprise, I'm the 4th person wait'n to hit a line drive right down the middle. I pair up with a couple fellers bout 5 years short of my age, Juan an' Jose, an' we off to a great day of golf ball swak'n.

On the first hole I was on in 3 and sink a 15 foots putt for a nice par to start the game. By the time we was finish play the front 9, I had a very decent score of 7 over par. Hot damn, the old Billy Bob is hot today. But then all hell break loose. The next 3 holes I am 7 over par....2 doubles an' a triple bogie. Finished the round with a decent 92. Not professional, but close.

I pulls into the the yard at "El Abraham RV Resort & Goat Farm" an' here come nephew Joseph with his cell in his hands. "Look here Uncle Bill, I found you a Jeep". He shows me a couple pics an' I says, "that one good look'n jeep". So we go check it out. 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4.7 V-8, 4x4....color dark blue. On the front is a Towmaster....or something like that, towbar (this is a $800 item). This Jeep was once a "toad". The leather seats are in very good condition except'n for the tear in the driver seat. Further inspection, we find the tires need replaced ($500), hood and lift gate shocks need replaced ($200), engine has a miss at idle....but go 60 mile a hour in 6 seconds flat. And it need brake pads all the way around ($200). I make a offer, $1,000 less than asking, what they flat out refused. Now I have a decision to make. 


Friday, November 23, 2012

Storm a brew'n

I were sit'n on the step eat'n up a couple pieces of chicken and a couple jalapenos. I had just finished shortening the chain on the "billy bike" and readjusting that derailer thingy on the back wheel. Took a short ride up the road a piece an' now I were hungry.

I finished eat'n up my chicken an' boy howdy, I sure do like cold chicken. Something bout the texture make ya wanna gnaw it to the bone. I don't like white meat so's I don't eat the breasts. But the rest that chicken ain't gonna be nuttin but a pile of bones when I get through. Well anyhows, I was lay'n on the couch and here come the nephews an' nieces tote'n plate loads of Thanksgiving dinner for the old Billy Bob. There was enough for bout 3 or 4 days worth of eat'n. And boy howdy was it ever some good eat'n I mean to tell ya.

I hear there's a big storm headed this way. 'Sposed to be a couple inches of rain mixed with cold. I ain't made me no plans for the next few days, so I don't rekon it will affect me any shape or form. Sure would like to go swak some golf balls, but if'n it gonna get cold, you can forget that idea. Maybe. I'm think'n if'n I get there bout 11am, I can finish before the storm gets here. What ya think???

Nephew Joseph is gonna jack up the front of "that jeep" an' check see what parts are wore slap out an' need replaced on the front end. I were want'n to find me a brand spank'n new one, but if'n Joseph can fix this one, I guess I could live with that. Ain't had a oil change in 3 years, so I rekon one them won't hurt nuttin. Cain't believe I been driv'n this thing for over 3 years.....damn!

Ok.....got things to do. Laters.....