Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm camp'n....yeah I am

I'm in complete agreement with OFM Barney what he said bout the road noise and gun shoot'n over in town. Maybe by this time tomorrow, I will be located in a more desolate camp site away from the road.

One other reason I have for moving to another camp site is my solar panels. These damn trees are block'n the beautiful sunshine from do'n it's thang. Last night "go'n to bed" voltage was down to 12.20 volts. Piddl'n round with the charge controller this morn'n, I done figger I got me some kind of a problem. Surely I don't need to replace it I hope. Be do'n some more investigat'n here in a bit when the sun is a might brighter.....and it's warmer outside.

Little did I realize that in 3 days Santa will be mak'n his rounds. Don't rekon I'll be get'n nuttin this year since he don't know where I live no more. And I sure as hell ain't go'n to Walmart an' buy me something. All them last minute shopper would only piss me off....make me mad like a dog.

My little trip over to the State park yesterday was quite a experience. I was driv'n "that jeep" in places where last year was under 5 feets of water. The old dead trees I was catch'n fish out of is way up on the bank bout a hunnert foot from the water. Fount me a little island what wasn't there last year where I'm gonna be catch'n me up that 14 pounds bass this year.
This brush line was a fish haven last year. Now look at it. Where the fish gonna hide in that?

Plenty of "bubba boat" launch areas with access to great fish'n spots. Yeee ha....Billy Bob gonna catch up some fish. Good wade fish'n spots for the OFM Barney too. I could loan him  my waders so he can wade up to his arm pits......catch big ol' fish.

Accord'n to the weather thingy, today is gonna be windy with a high temp of 77 degs. Well, it better get with it 'cause there ain't even a breeze out there yet and it's still only 58 degs......clouds all over the place.  



  1. Two years of drought has not been good for Texas lakes and waterways. But it does bunch up the fish (grin).

  2. Billy Bob you have a Bass boat or Kayak to get out there in??