Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Picnic at the beach

Ain't look'n too bad outside this morn'n. Sun shin'n, a little breeze blown'n the trees....62 degs. A little chilly for the old Billy Bob to be out there yet, but when it warms up a bit, I may just go wash the car. Look'n at it through the winder,....forget that.

There's freak'n bugs fly'n round in my kitchen. Where the hell they come from??? "Wash the freak'n dishes Billy Bob". Maybe the better part of today will be consumed do'n housework....go do the laundry. I hate housework.

Yesterday I took a look at that big basket of clothes back there in the bedroom. Then I took a look outside. I'm go'n fish'n. To hell with them clothes. Me an' Sadie Mae jumps in "that jeep" headed for Aransas Pass and "my secret hole". What the hell? My secret hole is under water. The tide is very high this morn'n. Ain't gonna be no fish'n here.

Off to Port Aransas we go, just a few more mile down the road. The ferry boat is wait'n. I pick up my mail.....nothing important. Go to the bank an' draw out some pocket change, enough to last a couple months. Pick up some more smokes at the booze barn. Order me up a big ol' Subway sammich an' head for the jetties for a picnic. This is work'n out well.

It ain't very often that company shows up when the table is set for a nice meal. Most people don't have boats like this in their back yard.This ain't no fish'n boat ya know. They headed to Corpus Christi to pick up a load of grain or something like that. Ships are cool.

By the time I got back to "da house" in Sinton, there was this great big black cloud overhead. It's gonna rain like hell I betcha. Ha, not a drop. I remember a couple or three years back that everwhere the old Billy Bob traveled, it rained bucket fulls. Didn't matter where I went, it rained. Big black cloud followed hang'n over his head...one them "oh-man" or karma thingys......something like that. People was begg'n me to come to their house for a visit so's they could get some rain.

Feel pretty good this morn'n. I rekon my sick is bout played out. I consider myself pretty lucky when it comes to get'n sick. Only happens when I eat something I ain't supposed to. Which is quite often. That bag of roasted peanuts over there may be the cause of get'n sick this time. They hard as rocks an' don't taste right. But I ate a bunch of 'em anyhows.

Well shoot, I rekon I better get busy an' do something....as much as I hate housework. Somebody gotta do it ya know.



  1. Glad you are on the mend! Sounds like you might want to feed those peanuts to the birds!

    Housework isn't one of my favorite things either!

  2. Those chores just don't seem to go away by themselves do they. Gotta love them big boats too.

  3. I feel the same way about laundry, and usually wait until I'm down to the last set of underwear before I do it.

  4. Have you ever had boiled peanuts? Used to get them in ihe Carolina's. I even grew some here in Texas. Loved them until I found out how bad they are for you. Now I use almond butter instead of peanut butter.

    1. I ate a boiled peanut one time. Puked my guts out. So yes, I've tried boiled peanuts.
      Peanuts are bad for ya???? So I googled. I'll continue to eat peanut butter. They are good for ya.

  5. Gotta have my peanut butter to keep me healthy. Need the energy for climbing hills out here.

  6. Glad you are feeling better.

    Have a barter situation for you. I will do your housework and laundry and you can mow Mom's yard, pick up her leaves and cut down those darn mesquite trees :D

  7. I'll trade ya places. We're down with a puked radiator. Sittin' on a hoist in Spring Hill Fl. Not bad though. Owner of the place has bent over backwards to accomidate us. Parts coming in Friday..Wooeeee $1200 for this large triple cooler. Gonna have to do some kinda boondocking to make that up! Keep up the great workon your blog, we enjoy it every day.. RollingEarthquake.blogspot.com Charlie