Friday, December 7, 2012

YES!!! to wonder drugs

Vitamin C the wonder drug. That's what I called it yesterday. I call it the same today.

In small doses, vitamin C has very little affect in stop'n the dreaded cold an' virus. Eat a orange....forget it. It takes mega-dose....saturate your body with rose hips, or whatever. If you Google vitamin C, you'll find it has no ill affects like you're gonna die or something like that. Although, you will find a few sites have a warning against overdose. It's bout a 50/50 deal, but I'm liv'n proof that mega-dose works.

Yesterday morn'n bout this time, I was in misery...weak, raw throat, burn'n lungs, cough'n....stuff like that. This morn'n, after mega-dos'n  10 (ten) 1000mg of vit C throughout yesterday, I feel rather chipper an' on a even keel. I was worried that maybe I had waited too long, but it appears I'm already on the heal. 50/50 chance I'm gonna make it.

Went off to the clothes wash'n place with bout a hunnert pound of dirty clothes. That's what it felt like anyhows. Washers, $1.75 a load. Dryers, $1.50 a load. I got me enough clean Wranglers and underdrawers to last a month. Inside was 2 hefty wimmins talk'n on cell phones while sort'n an' fold'n clothes. Ok....why? Voices carry in a high ceiling buildings and I could a swore it was the Sesame Street studio. So I go outside an' sit in the car. The door opens an' out come a lady still talk'n on her cell....squeaky voice....like a chipmunk. My God lady, shut up, leave me alone.....go somewheres else.

Laundry done, picked up 14 gallon water, back at "da house", lay on the couch. I was wored slap out. Got me some new seat covers for "that jeep". Well hell, they don't fit worth a crap. Look like a sack....or something like that. I done modified one, so I can't take 'em back. "Why you buy seat covers Billy Bob...."that jeep" is junk"? Here in a minute, I gonna go try to put the other one on. Slick up the dashboard (Armorall) an' vacuum the floors. Look like a brand spank'n new Jeep when I get done. WHY???? 

Ok, on with my day....got things to do ya know.


  1. I am glad you are doing much better, and happy that you were able to get your laundry done.

    Had to laugh about the women you described talking on the cell phone. I see them everywhere, skinny ones too, even men talking so loud like the person on the other end was deaf or something. Have I mentioned I HATE cell phones?

    Wish people had better phone etiquette. I for one could careless what they are talking about but if they are shouting I have no choice but to hear about your personal life!

  2. hahahaha...leave it to you to "modify" your new seat covers...picture please :D

  3. Glad you are feeling better. Vitamens work.

  4. Whenever there are annoyingly loud phone talkers handy, I quite often have the thought of letting lose with one of those "air horn in a can" type of deals. Just a thought, mind. Most likely best kept to myself.
    Don't get any idears.

  5. Glad the mega-dose did good for ya!

    Nothing like having all the laundry done! Makes everything seem cleaner somehow!