Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ain't got no job

Holy crap, why didn't somebody tell me it's December? That means that if'n I was on a schedule, I would be late for supper.

I been roll'n it around in my mind about the next 4 years under the Obama administration. Ok, this is political....but it really ain't. I'm think'n more along the lines of the millions of people out of work. Not able to feed their families a real meal. You know...fried chicken, mash taters, corn of the cob, fresh baked bread, peach cobbler....fresh squeezed milk, stuff like that. People stand'n on a corner panhandling. Little children barefooted. It's already like that in some parts of the country, but blinded eyes don't see it. If there was ever a time that America needed a optometrist, it's now. We in deep trouble folks.

How will the coming days affect the old Billy Bob? Consider'n what time I have left, not much. I already did my work thingy, so a job ain't no concern. Ya know that jobs ain't gonna return in the near foreseeable future. I don't need no perfect credit score 'cause I ain't got nuttin I need to buy on time. Cash baby....cash. I'll eat every day...as long as there's a Walmart close by and the food holds out. Just can't picture grocery stores run'n out of food.....other than Twinkies. I'll always be able to travel, although I may pay out the nose for fuel. Nope, the old Billy Bob is gonna be just fine for the next 4 years.

Man.....you talk bout a good nights sleep. I jumps in bed last night, roll over once an' it were lights out. In part, it was 'cause of the weather....beautiful. The other part was 'cause I didn't have "that jeep" on my mind. That don't happen very often an' when it does, I savor the flavor. No, "that jeep" ain't done yet.

Nephew Joseph grilled me up a big ol' 1 1/4 inches steak last night for supper. Hot damn that thing was good. A few years ago I cut back on eat'n beef. Doctors orders ya know. He says...."white meat only", so's I switched to chicken and pork. Lot's of pork. Anyhows, this was the first juicy medium rare steak I ate in almost a year. An' I were in cow heaven....I mean to tell ya right now.

I got me a dose of what some people call "road fever". It's still too early to head further south to Falcon Lake. But where can I go for a couple three weeks and enjoy myself? There just ain't that many excit'n places to go in south Texas ya know. Did I hear somebody say Del Rio? Well, I been think'n bout that. Oh wait a minute....no internet in Del Rio. That sucks. I should fire Verizon and hire ATT. Wonder if'n ATT will work at Falcon Lake. Since I own part of ATT (stocks), maybe they give me a discount. Yeah right!!!

Ok, got lots of things to do. Shower, water run, groceries, laundry (not today), oil change in "that jeep" (not today)......stuff like that. Laters


  1. I will be in Del Rio Tuesday enjoying the wonderful weather for one day before heading to the west.

  2. All them bass in all those lakes all over Texas are getting nervous not knowing which one you will end up at. You scare those fish, cause you are such a great fisherman. Isn't that what you told us?

    1. No....that's what Barney told ya, an' Barney stretches the truth bout [ ] this far. I'm lucky if'n I even get a bite.

  3. I got a good laugh about your next four years :D

    Come on down to Del Rio and fire Verizon...