Friday, December 14, 2012

Updated...Too hot last night...

Dang, here it is already 9:30. But I got a excuse. Ya see, it's been cold every night for the last week, so I put a extra blanket on my bed. So last night, I climbs in under all them blankets and it was hot. Instead of get'n up and turn'n the heater down, or remov'n a blanket or two, I just lay there toss'n an' turn'n most the night try'n to "git cool". So I slept in this mor'n.

Speak'n of lazy, the old Billy Bob is get'n the hang of it. Ya see that empty box the water filter come in? Well instead of throw'n it in the trash, I fell over it in the dark last night. And 'no', the dishes ain't done yet neither. They soak'n. I didn't ever figger I would be one to lean to the lazy side since I always been do'n something or another, but here lately, lazy is easy. Betcha a dollar I can find me a reasonable excuse for that too.

I'm sit'n here think'n bout them new golf balls I got. They need broke in. Weather forecast says it's gonna blow like the dickens here in a little bit, an' there's a chance of rain. But who gives a care, I'm go'n golf ball swak'n.

Will update laters.....maybe

See, I tole ya I was gonna be back. Yup, I went off to the golf course an' swak me up some balls. When I par the first hole I says...."I'm gonna have me a good day". Then on the second hole, I got me a tripple bogie. That's three strokes over par ya know. Then a double bogie on the next hole. Now I'm in trouble. Ain't never gonna break 80 like this. 

The wind was blow'n just like what the weather guy said....almost a hunnert mile a hour. Some folks won't play a round of golf when the wind gets over bout 15, but the old Billy Bob smak a golf ball slap into a hurricane. He don't care....'cause ya get to hit it again.

There's a science to hit'n golf balls in windy conditions. You know, like what kind of spin ya want on the ball. How high ya want the ball to go. What golf ball choice ya make, hard or soft, for different wind directions. Yup, it's all science....and yes, I failed science in school.

After a great round of swak'n golf balls, I headed down to the greasy butter....Butter Churn that is. Had a nice selection of food today, unlike what they do on Mondays. After tear'n hell out a 10 dollar bill, I headed back to "da house" where here in just a bit, I'm gonna take me a refreshing nap....while them dishes finish soak'n. 

This morn'n I received a phone call from Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne. He just got out of the hospital again. Peemoania again. He say he almost die again. Damn it, that's not good news. Hope he can survive long enough to visit him again this summer. Other news from Wayne....the old man died. That's not really bad news since he outlived his time. He was 94 I'm think'n. Mean as a snake. Knew he was gonna die, just didn't know when. 


  1. At least I'm glad to know I'm not the only one to put off doing the chores until later!

    Better go ahead and break in those new golf balls! To heck with the weather!

  2. When swawking them little round balls, make sure that high wind is at your back.

  3. I can put off anything til later, and later, and later,,,,,

  4. butterbean carpenterDecember 14, 2012 at 2:52 PM

    Howdy BB,

    How long have you been playing 'cow-pasture' pool?? We never had no 'real' golf balls, just the ones with the covers knocked off and the rubber bands showing, we made our 'clubs' outa saplings that had a knob on the ends and if you hit a 'cowpie' it counted as an extra stroke!!! It was a lot of fun knocking them 'rubber-band' balls around!!! When I was a little older I played a 9-hole 'round' of real golf with a little Mexican kid, who used a Dr. Pepper bottle for a club and beat us by about 10 strokes; he growed up to be Lee Trevino!!! By the way it wuz 18* here Wednesday morning, in Coleman county, but then we're a lot farther North than Sinton!!
    Vitamin C is GOOD STUFF!!!

  5. I've been trying to figure out when I started to get so lazy. Must be age related. By the way, I really like your header picture. Lookin good, Billy Bokb.

  6. I don't do anything any more if i can put it off until Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow.

  7. I don't think it is age related. I have been the "Queen of Procrastination" practically all my life :-(