Wednesday, December 12, 2012

32 degs this morn'n

Yesterday I were try'n to 'splain about the weather in south Texas. Little did I know it were gonna be super cold this morn'n. Ok, so 32 degs ain't super cold to you folks what live up north somewheres, but it's mighty cold to the old Billy Bob. When I wake up to 32 degs, I done did something wrong.

I should never have to experience uncomfortable conditions such as this. I'm retired, have a house on wheels, ain't got no roots sunk in the ground.....so why am I still in Sinton? It's simple. I 'splained all that yesterday.....winter don't last long in south Texas. Then somebody asked me why I like south Texas. I just said..."winter".

In the whole of the US, there are only 3 acceptable places to spend a comfortable winter. Southern California, south Texas and Florida. When I says comfortable, I'm talk'n 40's night time and 60's & 70's daytime. Now that's comfortable don't ya think?

Ok, what chores do I have on the agenda for today? If'n ya guessed dishes, you have just won a gold star next to your name.....drum roll, applause. God I hate do'n old dirty dishes. Where the hell they all come from? Then of course, I got to sweep the floors again (damn dog ya know), take the trash out....stuff like that. It never ends. Now there was a time I didn't have to do all that house clean'n stuff. First mate Vickie Lynn was a excellent house cleaner. Give her a "fatty" an she clean "da house" lickity split. Of course I had to feed her an' buy her new clothes...a jug of booze every once in a while....stuff like that. First mates make perfect travel companions. Damn I miss that girl.

I were sit'n here think'n....."Billy Bob, ya need a new project". I like to build stuff ya know, and that makes me happy. I been do'n that for many many years. Some projects were classified as rejects, some were give away and others made it to the dumpster. A finished product is no longer a project. It's got to go. My favorite media for projects is wood. But then, I can make something out of anything. I keep stuff ya know. It has a use in a future project. That's why I have to have such a big motorhome.....storage space for junk.

Ok.....got to cut this short....things to do ya know....laters


  1. Use paper plates nd plastic spoons which you just toss out. Only thin to wash is the pots and pans. Since you "make" things, come up with disposable pots and pans.

  2. Heck, cook in whatever food comes in, in the microwave,,,lol. (frozen dinners, etc) Been thinking about making some deer chili,, might be all i ever do, but,,it's a thot..

  3. See you didn't mention AZ as a "warm place" for the winter. Why? Yuma is pretty warm.

    1. Believe it or not, I was gonna go back and edit my post with Arizona included. The only place I've camped in Az. is Quartzite and Yuma. Yuma I like 'cause there was a Walmart just down the street.

  4. "Give her a "fatty" an she clean "da house" lickity split. Of course I had to feed her an' buy her new clothes...a jug of booze every once in a while....stuff like that."

    jajajajaja....you have made my night, I have been laughing my head off with the above statement :D