Thursday, December 6, 2012

Saturated with Vit 'C'

For many years I have bragged bout not having colds and virus' since 1990 something. I've lived in different environments since way back it the 70's from the Texas gulf coast, to industrial Atlanta, Ga. to freez'n cold of West Virginia.....then back to the Texas gulf coast. I was tuff back then....only had pneumonia one time. That's when I learn bout vitamin 'C', the wonder drug. First sign of a cold show up and swaller 6000 to 10000 mg. of 'C'. Followed by 3 days of no less than 3000 mg a day.

Last night I was lay'n there, coughing, an' I says...."Billy Bob, take some vitamin 'C'". Since I do most everthing "my way", I suffered all night long before break'n out the bottle early this morn'n. Now we'll see if'n I caught what ever it is in time. In 3 days I should be fit as a fiddle. Or I'll be lay'n back there in the bed whinn'n like a 10 year old foster child. I ain't even fully recovered from my stomach sick and now this.....damn!!!

Now......I been think'n bout head'n back west to Del Rio, away from this humidity and morn'n fog of the gulf coast. Well, it didn't take me long to do some other think'n. There's a "great blue norther" headed to Texas. Snow, sleet, rains, blow'n wind......it gonna be cold I mean to tell ya. Just south of here in La Feria, Texas is my old Canook buddy Louie. He has invited me to come visit him. You remember Louie, right? He's the guy what got me red tagged crossing the border from Juarez Mexico back into El Paso back in 2008. Back then you needed 2 pieces of identification to return to the US. I had just one. Once you get on the government shit list, you're there forever.

    But anyhows, it looks like the old Billy Bob is back to the draw'n board with decisions to make.


  1. Don't take to much of that there C BillyBob not good for the exhaust part of your body...

  2. Darn Billy Bob you are not through with one illness and now are on to the next!

    That is a good picture of you. Was it taken in Ciudad Juarez?

    It is going to be cold starting Monday but I hear say it will only be for a couple of days or at least that is what the weather guy is saying.

  3. I've been taking Vitamin C for years, but it didn't helpp me with the pneumonia I had a few weeks ago. I'm even thinking about getting a flu shot, which I haven't done in years. Don't trust 'em, and think it's just a money making scheme for the drug companies. But I don't think I could survive a bout of flu. You have more interesting decisions to make than I do!