Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holiday blues....

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas

  What the hell??? That old fat bastard ain't showed hide nor hair at me house last night. A couple girls from Mexico was roam'n round the park last night sell'n their wares....or so it seemed. Lots of traffic. That was it, Christmas eve at the Falcon Heights Community Park.

I'm think'n that pot of Billy Bob beef stew soup was the bestest I ever did make. It's all gone.....poooof, just like that. Here's what ya do when you're out camp'n an' don't want to go to town to some fancy restaurant. Ya brew up a one pot meal that will last bout 3 days. If'n ya eat it all up in 3 days, and don't throw none away, ya know ya make a good pot of mak'ns.

Holidays.....bah humbug. There was a time when I looked forward to holidays. Especially the 4th of July. Firecrackers an' stuff....you know what I'm talk'n bout. Blam, Booom....rockets, cherry bombs...stuff like that. Blow stuff up. But I suppose Christmas was my favorite of the other holidays. Watch the kids all excitis, smil'n faces as they opened their presents. A big whoop de do. Then a great big afternoon meal with a hunnert relatives sit'n round the table stuff'n their faces. Kids scream'n an runn'n in an' out the doors. Yeah, that was some good times.

But it ain't like that no more. I cringe at the thought of buy'n gifts, wrap'n 'em up, mail'n them out to God only knows where. All the bicker'n an' fight'n over "this ain't what I wanted". "Pappa's cheap, look what he got me". "I wanted a iPod, not a damn old shirt". Then there's all that food. Enough food to feed a army....stuff what nobody likes. Lay'n on the couch beltch'n an' fart'n. And all this goes on for weeks before the grand day and another week after. It's just flat out depress'n to think about. I'm old. That shit don't excite me no more.....git it over with so's I can sit back an' relax (do'n nuttin).

Don't know what to say bout catch'n any bass fishes. The damn things are way out there in deep water where the old Billy Bob is skeered to go. But it ain't always been like this. I remember a time when I were much younger, I weren't skeered of nuttin. Had me a little red speed boat. Motor was too big for that size a boat. Modified that big ol' motor. That sucker go a hunnert mile a hour. Flipped it one time jump'n the wake of another boat. I was airborne....fly'n through the air....scream'n "MOM'S". Had stuff lay'n all over the water. Thought I was gonna die. Now I get over 3 miles a hour in the "bubba boat", I'm say'n "slow this sucker down".

The "bubba boat" ain't the safest boat in the world.....if'n ya know what I mean. It's only 10 feets long and not very wide. If the air leaks out, ya gonna sink. Ya can't stand up unless you're a good swimmer. I don't see no way an old man could ever get back in once he falls out. I'm think'n "bubba boat" weren't designed for old cripple up folks to go fish'n. Plan is to launch this unsafe little bass fish'n boat next week an' go catch me up some fish. "Wear your life jacket Billy Bob. Don't stand up and don't smoke in the boat".

I don't know what go'n on, but my life has been unfold'n right in front my eyes. Childhood memories, early adult life, weird stuff I've done, run'n amuck....good and bad times. I ain't had a good nights sleep since I been down here. Just toss an' turn, wake up all hours of the night.....what the hell??? I've heard of winter blues, but this is ridiculous. I'm gonna blame it all on the holidays. One more week an' I'm good to go.

OFM Barney pulled out early this morn'n. His plan was to head up to Del Rio till he fount out it's gonna get below freez'n up there.....oh hell, I'll let him tell ya in his blog tonight.

Until laters....Merry Christmas. 



  1. I'm having reflections of my early life lately as well. I'm putting it down to slowing down so much that it all caught up with me finally. Mostly stupid stuff where I zigged when I should have zagged. I'll start wondering why in heck did I do that, then I remember: oh, yeah, I was 22 at the time. Or 10. Or even younger. I'm still cringing at some of that stuff. So, go fishing and relax.

  2. The holidays are not happy for me, my mom told us around christmas she was real sick, but not to worry, well we worried a boatload, she was dead by the next august. I have not been the same since, living with so called yahooo relatives, foster homes, had to take a 2 day almost 3 day bus ride to go to California to finally live, my grandmother stayed at the greyhound bus depot for most of those days, she would not leave without getting me.Lived with her went to college and she passed a week before I was to graduate and turn 21 to boot, it broke my heart, was not close to my only aunt from my mommas side, left the area and traveled in the coast areas of california got back to god forsaken oregon and ran into my future husband who also hated god forsaken oregon and we married in north las vegas on the hottest memorial day weekend recorded on a military base, mustered my hubbs out of the army there more money for us.Lived in Colorado for many years then got back to the west,it is snowing in the cascades and winter is here, 200 days of inclement weather, we want to retire to sun and blue skies, but no employment here so no one can sell their tiny homes which we own..and so it goes, never got much for christmas, always forgot my birthdays, big family, daddy went to pieces after Momma died, he took to drink and we were separated, when I got 18 I took a greyhound bus to my Granmother I adored and never looked back, sometimes one has to just take the bull by the horns and make a life for oneself, mostly friends closer to me than any blood relative, most always tried to take advantage of my good heart now I never ever hear from them, my hubbs and only child comes first, she is single lives 4,000 miles from us for her job and prefers the NYC to our little hamlet here..we see her often though..Love your blog read it daily get a big freaking kick out of it, I feel the same about the holidays just to me a big commercial bunch of crap, no sentiments or care for anyone but the almight buck, we volunteer for the poor and hungry and it is growing faster than jobs..others just don't give a crap at all..we are not like that, not having much when growing up, hubbs is from 11 second oldest the other 1/2 sister was 18 years older than him, so he is first born, I am a middle kid in the middle of many..so it goes, happy happy and happy new year!

    1. WOW, you either received some really good drugs for Christmas or have quit taking those that were proscribed.

  3. Give Saddie Mae a big hug and lots of pets. She knows when you are in a down mood.......

    May you have a blessed and peaceful Christmas day.

    Thank you for your blog.

  4. Christmas is never as good as when we were kids. The best part of Christmas these days is New Year's. Merry Christmas anyway, Billy Bob! Thanks for writing a great blog.


  5. I never had christmas when i was young,my dad didn't approve of celebrating any holidays. Now that my kids are grown it doesn't seem that exciting.I just give mine money and they are happy.
    I enjoy reading your blog it really brightens my day,sometimes. lol

  6. I hope you did what Capt. joey recommended.

  7. Once the holidays are over with you will snap out of it. Guess that darn Santa missed a couple of places :(

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