Wednesday, December 26, 2012

One more week....

Boy howdy am I ever so glad that stuff is behind me. It's not a new year yet, but that's just around the corner. One more week of holidays......yeee haaa, can't wait.

Dang, and I thought I was the only one that didn't do holidays and stuff like that. Thanks for the comments to set my mind at ease. I'll never feel guilty the next time I says "bah hum bug". Actually, holidays are a good thing. Perks the economy up a bit with all the stuff people go out and charge on their credit cards. Banks get a big boost from interest. Grocery stores make a kill'n. Oil company stocks skyrocket from fuel sold for travel to "grandma's house". Your local Walmart appreciates your business.

Holy crap. I thought I were gonna freeze to death last night. But when I take a close look at other people around the country, I ain't got it so bad. It got down to a whoop'n 40 degs last night. Wind was blow'n a hunnert mile a hour. This is gonna be one bad winter I mean to tell ya. What's next....snow? Ok, so I have a big advantage over most people in the US. Me an' Sadie Mae can jump in "Sally da house" an' go somewheres where it's nice and warm. Lay out in the sunshine if'n we want to, while everbody else is all wrap up in blankets in front a roar'n fireplace blow'n "winter smoke" out their lips. Boy howdy I sure don't miss that one bit. That's why God invented the deep south.

Now there was a time.....I lived in West Virgina for 10 years. Right on the mighty Ohio river....an' that sucker would freeze over in dead of winter. I'm think'n WV is bout the coldest god forsaken place on the planet Earth. I like to freeze to death. There sure weren't no fish'n I can tell ya that right now. Golf balls had to be spray painted black just to get a glimpse of them before they buried in 2 foots of fresh fallen snow. What the hell was I think'n when I moved to West by God Virginia?

I was read'n a book. A western book. The guy says to the other...."I thought you said you was from California" The other guy says...."when I'm in Texas, I'm a Texan".  Now I ain't never though of it like that. I don't rekon it matter where ya come from, but where you're at. I was borned in Missouri, raised in Missouri, California, Idaho, Nevada an' Texas. So what am I??? I'm think'n Texan....'cause that where my heart lives. Texans, whether borned there or not, are a different breed of people. Proud people. Give ya the shirt right off'n their back......for a dollar. Stop to help ya change a tire out in the middle nowhere. Yup....ya gotta love Texas.

I were think'n.....when did I come to Falcon lake last year when I catched up a hunnert fish. So I went back in my blog. Dang!!! It were February 16th, not December like what I was think'n. So in other words, I'm here way too early. "So now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"??? I got me some choices ya know. I could pack up an' go somewheres else until the bass start their spawn and then come back. I could go to the gulf coast somewheres around Brownsville....be nice an' warm there. Maybe a trip up to Del Rio for a week or so. Or....I could just lay back an' wait right here for free.

Ya know what??? My batteries still ain't got fully charged after fix'n the charge controller the other day. Somewheres in the system is a problem. Somewheres I am losing voltage. So's I make me up a list of stuff what uses battery power. Even stuff ya wouldn't think bout....like the little circuits what run the refrigerator, furnace, amplified tv antenna, propane monitor, system monitor, water heater.....ghost circuits....stuff like that. And that damn porch light what was left on. Yesterday, I turn off the tv antenna and the outside mirror heater. Next I gonna be pull'n fuses....until I find the problem. Then fix it....maybe. Wish me luck, 'cause that all I got left. 


  1. Thank you for coming by this afternoon. Sorry I was feeling so bad that I had trouble being a nice host.

  2. Back in the day, John Denver told me West Virginia was Almost Heaven. I believed him!

  3. "Texans, whether borned there or not, are a different breed of people. Proud people. Give ya the shirt right off'n their back......for a dollar."

    jajajajajajajaja....you are TOO much Billy Bob! :D

  4. Happy Festivus Billy Bob.