Saturday, December 8, 2012

It ain't funny....no more

Boy howdy does it feel good to feel good or what. That ol' flu bug or what ever it was is completely gone this morn'n. Still a bit on the weak side an' I got this funny taste in my mouth....you know, like dinosaur poop.....or something like that. I 'member one time I woke up with a dinosaur lay'n in bed with me. Damn....what was I think'n?

I noticed when I turned 70 year old, my life changed. I was officially "old", so I figgered I was gonna do what old people are supposed to do.....nuttin. I 'member when I were a young man I would see some old guy sit'n on the porch do'n nuttin, an' I would say...."damn!!!....hope I never get that way". Well, ya do get that way.....like it of not. Your attitude changes, your body deteriorates before your eyes, ya sag in places what used to be muscles, your git up an' go has got up an' gone. You're an old man.

I rekon one the worst things bout get'n old is when you lose your ability to look on things with humor. Humor has always been a important aspect of my life. Now it seems I am los'n that ability also. The little things that I found to be funny are now just an event....nuttin to get excited bout. But I'm gonna keep chug'n along in hopes I'll find that lost humor again. Stay tuned, the old Billy Bob ain't done yet.

All that stuff I was gonna do yesterday is sit'n there wait'n in the same place it were yesterday. I didn't do squat yesterday. Not that I had much to do. Laundry is still in the basket wait'n to be put up. Water is wait'n to be pumped into the fresh water tank and one seat cover is lay'n on the floor. What the hell did I buy seat covers for???

I can hardly wait the cold front next week. Gonna freeze my ass off I betcha. One night has been forecasted to get down to 36 degs. YIKES, that's cold. "Break out the Mr Buddy heater Billy Bob". Oh nevermind, they done changed the forecast. Weather forecasts suck when they keep chang'n them. But still....I'm break'n out the Mr Buddy heater.

Ok....got things to do.....laters


  1. I'll be 70 in Feb. so I know what you are talking about. But try to keep your sense of humor. The older you get the more you need it!!!

  2. Hey, you older guys are starting to worry me....I'm 5yrs behind you. I still have my humor, the problem is finding people who recognize it......
    It was 20o here this A.M...Pushed some snow around then went snowmobiling!!
    Come on up to Washington if you want to cool off..

  3. Darn Billy Bob you sound like a procrastinator! Hope that doesn't mean I will get worst at putting off stuff...thought I could not get worst than I already am! :-(

  4. I know what you mean about seeming to lose your sense of humor! 68 last month and I don't find too much all that funny now.

    Of course, could be because of the election or news or taxes or...well, ya get the picture!

    Just keep on plugging, my friend! All us old farts have to stick together!

  5. I look at it as,,i can do things whenever i want,,put em off forever, if i want. Then one day i just jump up and do it....just doesn't concern me now. Do or don't. Maybe i will, maybe i won't. lol,,

  6. I like your style, billybob! Reading your posts for some time tonight gave me some grins and a few chuckles. Feeling as you do about housework but paranoid I'll be found dead under it all by some official stranger one day soon. Being old and withered with no chance of bouncing back doesn't seem one bit fair. Come New Year, I'll make a stout resolution to start perking again and un-wither myself. Stay well BB and keep on keepin' on. I hear it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings. Say, who is the chap with that fancy straw hat up there up top? That's a very healthy goatee he has. Distinguishing. My neck of the woods experiencing "odd" weather but I'm not complaining, mind. Sort of waiting for 'the other boot to fall' and a blizzard to whirl down suddenly on top of me.