Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thanks for the comments...

Gooolleee.....or something like that. That what Gomer would say. I'm speechless......
Thanks for all the support.

Ya see, when I made that post yesterday, I were just think'n out loud. And I talk to myself too. An' I give some purty good answers too. But anyhows....I been read'n a lot of blogs what ain't on my followers list. You know, just surf'n round from blog to blog. I found there are other people with a like minds as mine.....think'n bout settle'n down in a little sticks & bricks, park'n "da house" out back, redneck style, up on concrete blocks and do'n nuttin the rest of my life. That's been on my mind for quite some time now.

As far as "go'n out of business", I don't rekon that's gonna happen any time soon. I remember when I was in the commercial refrigeration business, I would hate to get up in the morn'n an' go to work. During the 80's crunch, I was los'n customers right an' left. I was contemplat'n shut'n down the business, but I had a family to support. I had to keep on keep'n on. So I rekon as long as you keep send'n me money, I'll keep on blogg'n.

Ok, what did the old Billy Bob do yesterday? I were sit'n here freez'n my ass off an' got to think'n bout coffee. I like my coffee ya know. But it ain't been tast'n right with this nasty water I been put'n in my fresh water tank. Need me a new water treatment system. I used to have a excellent one, but it broke a few years back. Flooded the carpet from the bedroom all the ways to the front windshield. Anyhows, me an' Sadie Mae load up in "that jeep" and head off to town. Home Depot to be exact. Fount me a filter thingy what take everthing out the water but the "wet". No more bugs an' stuff float'n round in my coffee. Ummm, good coffee......almost. "Clean the coffee pot Billy Bob....it's nasty". Ok, how the hell ya clean a coffee pot???

Cold last night??? You betcha. Although it could have been worse. But let me tell ya bout winter in south Texas. It don't last long. Not the miserable freez'n cold like up north what last for months on end, but just a couple few days of lower 40's at night then back up in the 50's. I used to go to the fish'n piers in the dead of winter. Nuttin to keep me warm but a light jacket and the exhaust pipe on a little Honda generator. I was tough back then ya know. That's winter in south Texas....enjoy it.

Now let me tell ya bout Sadie Mae. She's a good dog an' all that, but she's completely worthless. She don't do nuttin. She don't play, she don't socialize, she don't do nuttin. Eat, sleep, run in an' out the door a hunnert times a day....and roll in grass clip'ns an' burro poop. That what she do. I had just sweeped all the floors in "da house" from where she brung in a whole bucket full of grass clip'ns. No sooner I get done, an' here she come again....all covered with grass clip'ns an' poop. Shake it all over the floor. Not just one day, but every day. This dog ain't right. Damn!!!

I'm think'n it's bout time for the old Billy Bob to be head'n further south. I think I done wored out my welcome in this part of the country. I cain't go too far south or I would be in Mexico by morn'n. An' there ain't nuttin to do in Mexico but git in trouble. It's still a bit early to go to Falcon Lake....fish ain't bite'n. But.....I could go to the Community Park in Falcon Heights an' camp for free as long as I want. Or I could stay at the State Park for $98 a week with all the electricity and water I could ever want. Decisions decisions.

Ok, got things to do......laters.



  1. Go to the state park, most times someone is there so it would be safer, sure it costs a little bit of money but you will be safe..Clean water, electricity, wow sounds like a good bet for only $98 which you said it would cost..be safe, warm, clean water and lots of electric to keep you warm when the weather dips.How fortunate you are we get 200 days of crap weather here, killer like to come up here in the pacific northwest kill people and throw them in pristine national forests or at the beach areas, go figure, I figure it is because the weather is pure crap from about november thru sometimes may, oh, my..Snow is in the mountains so some people get to work, but unemployment is staggering, many love Oregon but they have to have lots of prisons for those yahoos who kill and do crap, schools they don't fund they will with the governor who is 3rd time as a governor..Washington it is staggering unemployment right across two bridges from Oregon, many think there is work here, there is not! But at least they fund schools, libraries and a tiny bus system, not many living jobs here so many suffer from hunger and no medical at all, still it is green and when it was sunny for 211 days this year lovely, but in almost 35 years here that was a big exception, mostly cold, damp, windy and kind of like hell, people love it, i am a californian and I loved living there until their prison systems multiplied faster than the population and they started paying high school educated prison guards more money than college educated teachers with many degrees and many people work for pennies cause they are from countries where dirt is a dinner..so I am glad to live in a state that allows same-sex marriage a marijuana law that will bring billions to the poor, hungry, unemployed masses...they will tax it more heavily than the beer, wine and cigarettes which are the highest taxed in the nation..I don't care who loves whom, and the marijuana will be closely monitored...live and let live!!!!!!happy holidays too!

  2. $96 a week at the state park. I expect to be there about Jan.1

  3. I'd be for the state park myself. The price is certainly right!

  4. Glad you have decided to kepp writing I like reading your tales daily.

  5. Nothing wrong with thinking about changing your lifestyle as you get older.
    Hubby and I are in the same boat. There comes a time when going from one place to another, coping with all the challenges that are involved, gets to be too much. Tioga George is catching some flack because he's doing lots less traveling now. Looking for something to do. He's writing "stories" of his boyhood days. Fun for him, and for many of his readers. No matter what you decide to do in the future, I look forward to keeping up with you on your blog!

    Had to laugh about your description of Sadie Mae. We have an 8-year-old Yorkie who was like that. She was brought in as a puppy to "play with" our other Yorkie who was a year old at the time. Those two dogs never really played together. They got along all right, but he was always high energy and she was laid back. We lost our "good boy" in October. Now we have a new puppy. Four months old. Believe me, things are different around here. The new kid on the block has turned the old one into a puppy again! Completely different dog. The young'un gives her a real run for her money. You decided not to get another dog. Makes sense for you, since you have to let yours in and out. We are fortunate. Here at home we have doggy doors. Puppy did get a surprise bath the other day when he decided we needed a crater in the back yard!

  6. Run some vinegar through you coffee pot a couple times. use a filter so you can see all the crud coming out. Then run clean water through it a few time. Nothing like nasty coffee.