Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Updated update....Yesterday is gone

Yikes, "I tole you to hook up "that jeep" and leave yesterday Billy Bob...... now look what ya done went an' done". Holy crap, the wind is blow'n a hunnert mile a hour this morn'n. If'n ya ever drive a big ol' motorhome in gusting wind on the port quarter, ya know what I'm talk'n bout. It ain't no fun. Did ya ever stand out in a open field an' spit in the wind? That's what I'm talk'n bout.

I slept in a little late this morn'n. Already 8am an' I ain't got nuttin ready to hit the road. I could probly cure that in right bout a hour or two. It ain't like I got a ton of junk lay'n in the yard what has to be pick up. The distance I got to travel ain't all that far, so get'n out of here long bout noon or something like that is fine. The most dreaded task is find'n a gas station "Sally da house" will fit into. Gas station designers piss me off. They never took into consideration that motorhomes use gasoline too. The pumps are like this l l (perpendicular to the store front) instead of like this  =. It do make a difference when you are almost 60 feets long.

I was stand'n there at the stove last night cook'n me up some stuff. Don't know what ya call it, but it were something like carne quisada....a Mexican dish. Only it a whole bunch more "hot" than carne quisada. Any hows, here come nephew Joseph with a big ol' plate full of groceries. Grill chicken breast, hot link on a stik, a pile of mash taters an' gravy and corn. Now what would you do? That's right, put the "stuff" in the frige an' chow down on free food. Damn that were good.

Yesterdays trip to Walmart proved to be successful for a change. Usually I get all flustered an' start cuss'n. There weren't nobody stand'n round talk'n and block'n the aisles. Most everthing had prices. Checkers were wait'n for someone to check out. No lines. Even the Walmart greeter had a smile on her face. Picked up my meds and a basket full of groceries....all in bout a hour or so.

Ok, got stuff to do......laters

Ok, here's the deal. Pulled out of El Rancho Abraham RV resort somewheres around 10:30. Hell, I don't know, who watches time? Then I pulled into the one and only gas station in Sinton that "da house" will fit into. Oh great, they got plastic bags over the nozzles. On up the road a piece, I pull in and fill my propane tank. Then I got lost. How the hell can ya get lost??? I ain't say'n.....would embarrass me. By the time I reached Alice, Texas, my knuckles was sore for sure, grip'n that steer'n wheel like that. I mean to tell ya, the wind was blow'n "da house" all over the place. As I headed south out of Alice on 281, the winds subsided a bit. Still blow'n bout 15 or 20 mile a hour, but better than what I just come out of. Fount me a gas station and put a hunnert dollar worth in the tank ($2.97 gal.). Good to go. Only bout 85 miles to destination Falcon State Park.....or the free Community Park.

See ya down the road a piece. Oh, did I mention it's almost 92 degs???? Acord'n to my therm thingy.

Just a shortie to let everbody know the old Billy Bob an' Sadie Mae make it to Falcon Heights all in tact.
I say a buffalo. Details tomorrow.


  1. There was a Walmart greeter? Around here they are a thing of the past.

  2. Walmart greeters never really left in the Grand Prairie store. They were moved about 20 feet away and had to spend hours just standing there watching the door. When we came back from MN in October, the greeters were back at the doors. I talked with one greeter who has been there 20 years. He told me that now there is a policeman with him/her---on the opposite side of the same door all the time. Theft is a HUGE problem for the store. Empty pill boxes in among shirts---(the bottle has been removed from the box!)---and similar. Some of the thefts are right out in the open, though. Yesterday I saw a woman filling her cart with groceries. She had four kids, all eating donuts. No way did she pay for those. She would've had to spend a long time waiting in line at a checkstand BEFORE she started collecting her groceries. I've seen the same thing happen with fruit. People walking along eating while they put stuff in a cart. Actually saw a woman on the coffee aisle last week---took the top off a cappuchino container---pulled off the foil inside---and smelled whatever it was! At my shocked expression, she said she wanted to be sure it was the right kind. She took it while I was looking, but it may have ended up back on the shelf. Our Walmart is the pits. There's a Kroger in the same block, but sometimes their prices are so much higher............. Put up with the crap, or pay the price, I guess?

    Sorry about filling up your blog. Hope you have a good day. It's windy here, too. Temps supposed to drop.

  3. Now Billy-Bob is this the same lake that a man and his wife was shot in the head a few years back?? Just asken

  4. Yep I see where you are. Wish I was there but my mail did not arrive yet.

  5. Glad you and Sadie Mae made it down safe and sound in this wind :)