Sunday, August 30, 2015

A couple pcs.....Just a couple???

Man boy howdy. That's bout all I have to say bout that. Remember that "energy boost" I was tell'n ya bout??? Ha, that sucker was gone.....poooof, just like that. I know there's something wrong inside this old body, but try'n to convince the damn doctor of that, just don't work out. We call the doc office. Still no appointment to fix the first thing. What the hell???

I just knowed I was gonna do it, an' that's exactly what I did. My boat build'n table is a total disaster. I glue my fingers to everthing. Big ass hammers an' all kinds of construction tools lay'n on the floor. Leonard was chew'n on a piece of balsa wood.....my wood. Ya got the picture? I got some clean up to do before further boat construction. No pic, I done got it mostly cleaned up last night.

Speak'n of glue, have ya ever use the real thing....CA super glue? All ya gotta do is remove the cap an' you got super glue on a finger or two. I tryed the thin rubber (what ever) gloves. Ha, got me two pieces of wood glued together with a chunk of rubber glove between 'em.
Anyhows, I was think'n...how I gonna get all this glue off'n my fingers. Ha, I been wonder'n that for years. Input welcomed. I grabs holt to a container of Vasoline...I rubs it all over a couple fingers. With a box cutter type knife, I begin to scrape super glue off my fingers. It works, although not the best removal method. No cuts neither. I have clean fingers this morn'n.
Suggestion to anybody glue'n stuff with super glue....invest in some super glue deactivater/remover stuff. I didn't. But will in the near future. 

Speak'n of morn'n, I thought I was [this] close to slap dead this morn'n. I sleeped in the bed again last night. Just the short walk to the pee place, I hurted something terrible in the lower back. Appointment with "this" doc in a couple three days. I was dizzy. Cain't see straight. I cain't hardly breath. Somebody call 911. Now, three hours later, I'm feel'n much better.....somebody give me a light.

Speak'n of "give me a light....Ha, I'm do'n pretty damn good with the smokes. Yesterday I only had me one cough'n fit, an' it weren't bad at all. That crap come right up. Eleven smokes in a 18 hour day. An' work'n on a boat, some of them, burned down all by themselfs with out any help from the old Billy Bob. I'm sooo freak'n proud.

Don't say I didn't warn ya, here's what I been do'n for the last two days....bout 14 hours total construction time.
*I recommend you click a pic to see a much better view*

Boat deck stapled to a board before installation of frams an' bottom planking. Keep that sucker flat an' square so's it don't warp. 
 Much sand'n required before bottom planking. Dang, took me hours. 100 grit an' a 1x4 stick.
That's look'n pretty good Billy Bob, ya got the bottom planking glued down. "Let me see yer super glue fingers".
 Bottom is put on an' boat removed from building frame thingy.....chunk of plywood. Look'n like a boat.
 Side planking glued in place an' trimmed. Hot damn, we build'n a boat.
At this point, a batch of epoxy resin was mixed up an' the interior was resin coated. Water proofing an' extra strength. Topside curved frames installed. I quit for the day.....damn, it's dark outside.

At this point, I am at a stand still on the hull. Ya see, some "finished" parts need to be installed before the top PVC planking is installed. Painted floorboards an' "mirror finish" varnished interior side boards in the two cockpits. Interior to be painted.....dark red, like the red on the tug boat, or gray primer. Hard decision....think'n the red.

Here the red I'm talk'n bout. God I love this boat.

Ok, that's all the boat build'n stuff I'm gonna tell ya bout today.....BUT.....stand by, there's more to come.

Frick, it's been rain'n all morn'n an' it's still cold outside....68 degs.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Where my boat....Oh!! there it is

I'm gonna make a quick update on what's go'n on at Billy Bob's house. Not a damn thing.

Little things piss me off. Ok, we talk'n bout the USPS delivering a 1949 Chris Craft Runabout boat.
Yesterday early morn'n, my package was delivered to Carrolloton, Ga. That's where I'm camped....or close by. Out for delivery at 9:05am. At 11:30am the postal delivery lady zoom by the house do'n a hunnert mile a hour. She don't stop for nuttin. "Were my boat lady"?

So's this morn'n, I do a USPS tracking on my boat. What the hell, it's back in Atlanta again....after a trip to Acworth Georgia, where ever the hell that is. Now the delivery date has been changed from yesterday to Monday. Grrrrrr....where is UPS when ya need 'em?

Yesterday I feeled better than I feeled in the last 3 weeks. I actually had me a little energy. But I eat that up real quick. Back to sit'n on my ass do'n nuttin.

Did I mention my lower back pains? Well, tonight I'm gonna do something different. I'm gonna either sleep n my office chair or I'm gonna sleep in my "that chair" recliner. Seems like ever time I sleep in my number bed, the numbers do a hurt'n on my lower back. Got up again this morn'n hurt'n like a sum-a-gun. All bended over. Something ain't at all right.

The thought is cold weather is git'n to me. Stress level is way up there an' a slight case of depression has set in. I spended a winter in Deming New Mexico back in bout 2006 or 07. My God, I like to freeze my ass slap off. That was when I vowed to never ever in my remain'n days to spend a winter where it gets "super"cold under 40 degs. An' I didn't....until now. Well there was a couple occasions where it got into the upper 20's for a day or two. I'm talk'n night time temps ya know.

This winter, there will be a 150 watt light bub placed in two compartments under "da house". This is to keep my water lines from freez'n slap up an' I ain't got no coffee water in the morn'ns. You do know that the factory installed propane furnace has been removed....right? At 60% efficiency, that sucker had to go. But I do have sufficient heat to keep "da house" somewhat comfortable. A 18,000 BTU Mr. Buddy propane heater an' two 1500 watt (5000 BTU each) electric heaters. I've used this set up for bout 6 or 7 (maybe 5 or 6) years now an' wouldn't have it no other way.
"Well wait  minute Billy Bob, couldn't you reinstall the furnace"?

Hobby stuff: I got me 6 or 7 plastic containers all sorted out with my boat build'n stuff. These will be placed in arms reach of the hobby table Robert set up for me out there in the shed. For internet search an' building instructions, the laptop will reside in the shed. Until it gets too freak'n cold out there to build a boat. We even gonna build a hunnert-ten to 130 degree heated paint spray booth. What ya think bout that.
JB, make sure you order medium CA (super glue) an' accelerator to set the CA glue off with. The CA comes in 2oz bottles. Think'n two ain't gonna be enough, but that how many I got for a good start.

Louie, no I ain't got Windows 10 downloaded yet. It's ready to install on the new Dell computer, but not ready on the laptop. I'm gonna do the laptop first to make sure I like it before installing on the Dell. Laptop  Waiting on confirmation from Mr. Gates.

Update....Oh shit, I forgot to publish this stiff. Better late than never I rekon.

Ok, I like USPS. The nice delivery lady pull up in the yard an' says...."Are you Billy Bob"? I am now the proud owner of a 1949 Chris Craft boat model. Of course I just HAD to take a look see what was in that package. Dang, a whole bunch of wood.
"Well shoot Billy Bob, let's build a boat". An' that's just what I did...I started. In nuttin flat, I had all the frames ready to glue n place. Then just the hell of it, I installed the keel an' the "butterfly" dooflotchy keel pieces. Well shoot, let's install the chine too. Sanding has been started for the installation of the PVC plastic bottom.
Pics will follow tomorrow. You be sooo proud of the old Billy Bob. He know some shit ya know.

Ok, till tomorrow....pooof, I'm gone.       


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Let's build a boat....here on Billy Bob's Place

Ok, I'm just sit'n here with nuttin to do....I want to write something.
"What da hell ya gonna write Billy Bob"????
Shoot, I don't know....what ya wanna know?

After yesterdays comments...."to hell with Billy Bob's Hobby Shop". I was hav'n second thoughts bout it anyhows. But remember, you ax'ed for it. Any an' all boat construction stuff will be posted right here on Billy Bob's Place. In detail. Pics an' shit. Are ya sure this is what you want???

A comment from JB says he is gonna build the same model boat I'm gonna build. That's great news. I got some great links he may be interested in of other people that builded this boat. Let me know if'n ya wanna see 'em JB.
Ahh shoot Jb, here's a sample... Dumas Chris Craft 1941 Racing Runabout build. Enjoy...see ya in a couple days.

Gypsy, you can have a the 50's temps you want. I'm gonna close the winders, turn on some heat an' wrap up in some covers.....sleep like a baby.

See what I'm do'n here? Try'n to answer a few comments.

Shadow....I sure do hope you get yerself some relief from vitamins. I have too much damage from a few work related accidents an' Mr. Arthur Ritis. Vitamins would do me no help.

An' then there's Louie. Sorry Louie, but I ain't gonna get in your political questions.
Glad you tole me what year it was when we had that steak dinner. Ha ha Louie, I ain't gonna live in the shed, just work on my boat project until it gets too cold to go out there. Shoot, I may not even last that long before I'm build'n a boat in "Sally da house".

Ok, that's it. Now what ya wanna talk bout.
I know, let me tell ya bout a boat I had when I was way much younger. I lived in Texas City....bout 1967 I'm think'n. I fount this bout 24 foots Chris Craft cabin cruiser. It needed some help....rotted wood an' stuff. I fixed all that. Me an' XX wife "yo mama" took the boat out for a even'n cruise in Galveston Bay. Ha, we spended the night in Galveston Bay. Took on a few gallons of water too....bout 50 or so. A few more trips out on the water an' I burn the motor slap up. The boat was parked in the back yard an' wheels began to turn. I can make a open big ass fish'n boat out of this cabin cruiser. A few hunnerts $$$$ was spend on a stack of mahogany. The cabin was removed an' took to the dump--ster. A hunnert HP outboard motor was placed on the rebuilt transom. I got me a fine look'n fish'n boat. In the mean time, I weren't catch'n no fish an' I wanted me some fried shrimp. Let's convert it to a shrimp'n boat.

An' that's what I did. Picked up a rudder, shaft an' prop, with all the installation stuff. Throwed the hunnert HP outboard in the dumpster an' installed the engine out of my "up on blocks" Corvair....4 cylinder air cooled. Behind the Corvair engine was a 4 speed truck tranny. Don't laugh, it worked just fine. Well, there were occasions when things didn't go so well. Like the time the prop fall slap off an' we had to go overboard to find the not only the prop, but the nut that holds it on. Or maybe the time the clutch was no longer a clutch. Cain't go nowheres. Drive a few 16 penny nails on the clutch an' go like hell back to the dock.

I know I've touched on this story before....remember when the Coast Guard was look'n for me an' BIL Martin? Anyhows, a hurricane come very close to Texas City an' sink my Chris Craft shrimp'n boat. Throwed the boat in the dumpster.

Ok, now for the sad part of today's post. With all the health issues that took control of my life, I'm think'n "this really sucks". The first 10 or so years of back issues, I kind of accepted what it was...pain all the time. But it got worse. An' worse. That is where I am today. But it goes much further than that, I have a ton of other issues. After my heart surgery, it still works. Just don't know how good. Sometimes it beats like hell....shakes my body. My lung issue will never improve...accord'n to the doctors. I am down to less than 10 smokes a day, what helps with the cough'n situation. But shortness of breath, it helps none at all. I may need to get surgery on my foot. The Arthur Ritis is get'n worser. I have other issues that I won't touch on today. I feel I am stuck in Georgia for much longer than I was think'n.

Oh shit, this is too depressing. I'm out of here for today.    

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

YO....I'm back

It was 2 freak'n hours, try'n to make a link to 'Billy Bob's Hobby Shop'. There is no link.
Ya see, with all the boat build'n stuff I'm gonna be post'n bout, an' since nobody read'n "this" blog gits all excitis bout my boat building posts, I have decided to start a boat building blog with a link over there on the right. Ha, Blogger don't let me put a link over there. What the hell can I be do'n wrong?

An' you think I got a problem with that? Well let me tell ya bout E-bay. They have a item I can find nowheres else on the internet an' I was need'n it right now. So's I clickity click. "Your password is wrong". It's been a while since I order from E-bay, but this was a occasion of "have to". E-bay send me a email with a link to change my password. Ha, that don't work. Password to short. I add a letter an' it says invalid. Another 2 hours an' I still ain't got a E-bay password. I gave up.

My order for boat stuff was ordered last week. A whole bunch of stuff. All on one order. Amazon took my 1 order an' divided it up into 6 orders...scattered out all over the country. One order has arrived. The rest is due here between tomorrow an' next Monday. That sucks....I'm impatient an' very excitis. Note: The letter X works cause I'm on the other computer.

Ok, here' the deal on build'n the newest addition to my remote control boats. Robert has cleared a spot in the new shed an' placed a big ass fold'n table an' my old office chair for the construction of the 1949 Chris Craft Runabout. His idea is that it will get me out "da house" an' off'n my ass. We'll see how that works out. But I bet ya a dollar, in less than a week, I'll be build'n the boat in "da house".  

Did I tell ya bout the leak'n water line under the kitchen sink? Well, it's fixed. We replaced the flexible hoses with brand spank'n new ones. Well Robert did. No leak. Why the hell does stuff keep break'n at my house?

Still no word from the doctor's office for my next appointment. Something has got to be done. Everthng I told the doctor was hurt'n, he has not addressed any of them. Just a couple blood tests an' that's it. Blood tests all come out nuttin wrong.....I'm in good health....hahahaha.

As far as my back issues, "my god....I hurt". Other than the continual pain in my hip, the F5-S1 hurt like a sum-a-gun every morn'n. It ain't supposed to do that with a "killed" nerve in that joint. If I could just have me ONE day of no pain!!!! Git'n old has it's drawbacks. In fact it sucks.

Speak'n of git'n old, I'm 30 days away for another year on this earth. Think'n I'll celebrate this year. Maybe a trip to Longhorn Steakhouse.
Do you know how long it's been since I been in a steakhouse? I'm think'n it was back in 200? when I took Louie out to eat on one fine even'n in El Paso, Texas. For a few years, I didn't eat much beef. I was a chicken pork chop kind of guy. Now I'm burned out on chicken....an' pork taste just like chicken. I don't know where to buy good eat'n fish what ain't raised in China. Walmart is out on this category. Their fish comes from China.

It sure is hard to write a blog. There ain't nuttin go'n on worth a diddle to write about.

Sadie Mae an' Leonard are get'n along pretty good. Although, Leonard ain't allowed to mess with "da dog". We all sleep together in the bed at night, but not on top each other.
Speak'n of night, I been hook up a electric heater for the last 2 nights. May get into the upper 50's for the next couple nights....62 last night.   

Friday, August 21, 2015

Still kick'n....a little bit

It's been a hard four or five days....an' it's been a pretty good four or five days.

I am still hav'n a hard time try'n to get food into my belly, an' then when I do, I get the burps an' "da pharts". Been too weak to do much of anything. I have attempted to go out on the deck an' get me some fresh air an' sunshine....when it ain't rain'n.

My freak'n der'maters are in trouble. The split. Throw 'em in the dumpster. I ain't eat'n no split maters. They ain't full size neither. Take a whole mater to make a mater samich. We ain't talk'n bout no more maters....I'm done, finished. Did you know???.....Walmart here in Georgia sells some the best look'n maters ya ever see in yer life? At $1.97 a pound, they better look good.

Been spend'n a ton of computer time research'n the construction of a 1949 Chris Craft Runabout model boat. Oh my God, it's gonna take 14 years fore I finish one. It's not so much the construction as it is the finishing of the mahogany planking. Jist to give ya a idea, the planking of the mahogany will take no less than maybe bout a month to install an' sand it down to a fine smooth surface. It has to be installed perfectly, with no cracks, no surface glue marks, not a scratch nowheres. Ha, I'm think'n I can do that. Sections of the mahogany planking will be stained darker than the topside decks (color contrast).

The entire boat will be fiberglassed for strength an' seal'n of the wood. Three coats of finishing epo*y will be applied an' sanded to a "plate glass window" surface. Just to reach this point of construction should take no less than 2 months. But....the old Billy Bob, he don't mess around....maybe a month.

To give ya a idea what I'm talk'n bout, take a look at this beauty......Holy Cows!!!

Anyways, this afternoon, I bited the bullet an' ordered this sucker. Along with a ton of required "stuff". Should receive it in a couple days....Monday. Then, that'd all you gonna hear bout for the net 14 years....how to build a boat.

The macerator shit pump was installed an' the black water tank was emptied out in bout 5 minutes. Pump'n that grinded up stuff right bout 50 feet into the septic tank clean out.
I'm think'n this is gonna be a cats meow. Not never ever gonna use that nasty 3 inch drain hose for the rest my life. But I'll still carry it with me just in case. I was borned at night, but it weren't last night.

Ok, it's 3:30 oclock in the am. I got to go to bed...see if'n I can go to sleep. "I'll bee bauck".......

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Good news today....I rekon they are

With everthing I buy, I o a ton of research on the item before I click..."add to cart". For days I researched a black tank macerator (poop grinder) an' hoses for "Sally da house". I made my choice an' it will be here tomorrow from Amazon.com. You cain't beat Amazon for not only prices, but for delivery time. Ordered day fore yesterday night (8pm).

This device will pump poop 350 feet through a 3/4 inches water hose. An e*tra (* don't work) 21 foot 1 inches hose was also ordered. Will let ya know how it works when "we" (Robert) gets it hook up. Robert requires supervision ya know. Septic tank is 50 feet from the black water tank....which will require bout 15 feets of 1 inch PVC pipe. No more talk bout poop.

Tons of research has been done on the Chris Craft runabout boat project. Holy cows, this project is gonna be way way e*pensive. An' it gonna take way way longer to complete than I was think'n. The hull is a easy build. Just some sticks an' a bunch of glue. Then comes the tedious job of installing the mahogany planking an' the tiny little pvc caulk strips between each mahogany plank strip. Any staining should be done before the planking strips are glued down to the hull. Then sand that sucker down to 220 grit. We talk'n bout 2 to 3 weeks of model boat construction e*pertise just to get to this point.

Then comes the net tedious job....fiberglass. The entire hull will be fiberglassed with 2 oz fiberglass cloth an' West Marine epo*y resin. Thinned 70/30 with denatured alcohol. The resin is applied in thin coats....bout 3, until the cloth is no longer visible. 24 hour cure time between each coat with fine sanding between each coat. The finish coat should be a glass finish. This is the point where wet finish sanding is done. 600 grit all the way up to 12000....or something like that. A mirror finish should show up before the 2 to 3 coats of Krylon clear coats are applied. At that point, the entire surface is compounded an' buffed. Damn, we talk'n a couple months.
Second thoughts???? Maybe.

Ok, I decided I would attempt to install Windows 10 on the laptop.  If I like it, it will be installed on the new computer. I clicked to reserve the update/upgrade, got the confirmation an' now all I got to do is wait for Microsoft to send it to me for installation. Or how ever they do it.
Just checked the new computer. Win 10 is already downloaded an' ready for installation. Oh my, what do I do???

In case ya didn't know, the needles in my back the other day was NOT shots. As in injections. I had already got them. These were a tubular needle thingy with the radio frequency thingy in it to zap the nerves. Heat 'em up an' electrocute them....or something like that. Anyhows, I have very little back pains. Only moderate hip pain. Have taken NO aspirins in the last 3 days. This shit feels pretty good.

My energy level is still very low. When the doc said my blood work was all good, why the hell don't I have no energy? He is gonna put me on some vitamin B12 pills....or so he said. Maybe after the results of the last blood let'n the other day. Damn that girl was good with that needle.

I been try'n to increase my diet to 3 meals a day. Ain't had one yet. I cain't look at breakfast for at least 2 hours after I get up. An' by then, I done drink enough coffee, I don''t want no food in my belly. People on a diet to lose weigh should drink lots of coffee. Kills the hunger lickity split. As of the other day, I'm 12 pounds under my normal weight. Do you know how long it will take me to gain back 12 pounds??? Try bout 2 years. But I can lose it in 2 weeks.

Guess it won't hurt nuttin to tell ya I'm still on my smoke reduction. Yesterday was 10 smokes. That's bout a a 60% decrease. I plan to stay at this number for a few more days before I go for a 8. My cough is almost completely gone....but still have episodes.....cough my fool head off git'n that stuff up.

Ok, golf game is almost over an' Robert is brew'n up some hamburgers. Got to go.    

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A feeble attempt to "catch up"

Ok, where do I start? How bout today's procedure to kill some nerves? Ok, here ya go.

I was think'n I would be all nervous an' skeered of them blasted needles, but guess what. I just stick my hand out an' tell that girl...."take yer pick". She did.....same vein I would'a pick. No...I did not watch, I'm a sissy ya know. Then here come the doc an' he say...."are ye ready, follow me". I undo's my drawers so's the doc don't have to go through my pants sight unseen. The nice girl injects some sedative in me an' before she finish the second one, the damn doc is jab'n that big old killer needle in my back. I says to him..."SHIT!!!, ya could'a wait till the sedative take effect ya know". Three more jabs in my lower back an' "doc is gone"....pooof, just like that. I'm helped back to the little room where Robert is wait'n for me. Ha, I'm out of it an' cain't walk a straight line.

 Robert pull the bandage off a while ago an' says...."hey daddy, you got holes in yer back". Take a pic, I wanna see.
Ha....that's a nasty pic. Then wrinkles is from the bandage. Not sure if the bottom one is a injection spot or not.

Ok, here's the deal....accord'n to the nice nurse lady. It will take 7 days for the nerves to die an' I will feel a burn'n pain back there for a few days.....think'n seven of 'em. I was hope'n this procedure would help my hip pains, but nope, it didn't. Doc says we gonna go back an' work on the S1 nerve to take care of that. A different procedure.....a different time. Follow up on Sept. 8th. 

Now, bout my "other" doctor. Went in yesterday to discuss the results of my blood work. Ha, everthing was just fine. With the exception of a slight high cholesterol number. He says not too high. Damn, I forget to ask what the number was. Blood sugar was 90. Another blood lett'n an' a pee test was performed to check some other stuff. My energy level is still very low...an' I feel like shit.

Me an' Robert discussed my energy level. We come to the conclusion that my eat'n habits is gonna change. Ya see, I'm very very particular bout the stuff I eat. If'n I don't like the taste, I ain't gonna eat it. Now Sadie Mae, she don't give a care either way, she will eat anything. So, Robert say I need to write a list of stuff I CAN eat an' he will see to it that that's what I get.

Other good news....I'm sooo proud of the old Billy Bob. He has cut his daily consumption of little cigars in half for 4 days now. I'm cough'n up much much less pflem than when I was smok'n a pack an' a half. Last night I celebrated. Me, Robert, Yo Mama an' HIL Harry went to the chinese eat'n place. Man boy howdy did I ever fill my belly up with some good eat'n. I was stuffed. Now all I got to do is fill my belly up every day to see if my energy level returns.

Ok, tell me what ya think.....

  1949 Chris Craft Runabout. This should keep me occupied this winter while I'm stuck in "da house" all day. Yes it's gonna be remote control. I ain't never build a fast boat before. This one goes fast. The kit will be ordered from Amazon in the near future.

Speak'n of remote control boats, the Mississippi river boat is ready for a water test an' the Lackawanna tug boat has fully charged batteries an' is ready for the water. Damn, I can hardly wait.
My son Jesse has a swim pool just wait'n for a couple boat trials. Although, I would much rather go down the road 10 miles an' put the boats in the lake. Picnic area right next to the waters edge. Gooses an' ducks to talk to......shade trees an' never crowded. 

No word on the 5 acre piece of property yet. But I ain't really excitis bout it neither.

Have not downloaded Windows 10. I'm think'n I'll try to download it on the laptop an' see what I think of it before I download it on this machine. Some the reviews I read, there are issues. I am too freak'n old to be deal'n with issues.

Doors are instaled on the shed. A little roof thingy over the doors was builded an' installed.

Ordered an' received my mail. Hot damn, the registration for "Sally da house" was in it. Good until Sept 2016.

Ok, I'm out of stuff to talk bout. See ya next post....when ever that will be. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Feel a bit better today.....gonna write something

Since I ain't got enough energy to go outside an' mow the yard, I rekon I'll attempt to tell ya something.

I'll start off with the smok'n thing. I started off yesterday morn'n cut'n back. Take a couple puff an' put it out. A while later, fire it back up an' take a couple puffs. All total, for the entire day up till 1:30am, I smoke a total of 14 "little cigars"....smokes. That's bout a 50% decrease....an' in only one day.
Today, I just finished puff'n my 4th "little cigar" smoke after 5 hours of be'n fully awake. My goal today is 12 smokes. Ha, in a week, I should be down to bout 4 a day. That would be great in my book.

I sleeped in the bed for the last few days. Ain't had me one of them backards leg cramps. Last night an' night before, I sleeped something like bout 8 hours each night. Ain't done that in a long time. Although I did get up one time to take a leak each night. But I still ain't get'n a restful nights sleep.

obert's shop is com'n along just fine. He's hold'n off on hang'n the doors until I'm well enough to help. He's a good boy do'n that.
Ha, the other door is hid behind this one.

 If'n ya look closely, this is the structure that the slide out was sit'n on. Then turned into a big ol' 10 foots long work bench. By "Billy Bob" design.

From another location, Robert installed these nice storage shelves. Half that stuff will be stowed on a shelf under the big ol' workbench. Maybe.....

A second "wheeled" 6 foots workbench has been added....no pic yet. Damn, I can build me anything in there now. Table saw yet to be added. Oh yeah, almost forget, 4 florescent shop light are work'n fine. 

I been put'n a lot of thought into this upcom'n winter. I got to keep myself warm in "da house". Although, I have been invited into "yo mama's" house, where it's nice an' warm, access to the refrigerator, hours upon hours of bout 200 TV channels sit'n in a great big ol' recliner. But I don't want to do that. "Sally da house" is my home....I can make out.
Blankets, I need me some new blankets to replace all them ones I throwed in the dumpster. I don't sleep with my Mr. Heater turned on, so along with a couple electric heaters an' bout a hunnert pounds of blankets, I should be very comfortable.

Then I got to think'n bout what I'm gonna do dur'n the day light hours. I got computers an' a blog, what more do I need. Ha, I need me a hobby project. Now where am I gonna display another big ass boat? I pretty much decided against build'n the sail'n boat I used to lived on for 7 years. I'm afraid that would be a 2 year project with no plans to go by. I ain't sure I got 2 years left to be build'n a big ol' sail'n boat.

Robert come home last night an' he says, "daddy, I fount this piece of property just up the road a piece". It's 5.291 acres full of trees with bout 1 acre of cleared field. 209 feets off the main road....electric an' water available....$$$$$$$$$$$. Just a thought. Shoot, I could build my "dream" RV shelter. We'll see......big maybe.

The last couple days, I been feel'n a mite better than last week when I thought I was gonna die. The dishes have been warshed an' put up, a few items pick up off'n the floor, trash bag took out....damn, I need me a nap. I been drink'n up some gereric Ensure. On my second box of 12.....good stuff. Chocolate flavor.

Ok, see ya all laters. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

A little blog catch up

I've attempted to sit down an' write a post for the last 3 or 4 days. Nuttin happened.

My doctor appointment weren't nuttin more than that.....just a appointment with a hunnert questions. You know..."in what great state is Dallas located"? "What was the name of George Washington's mistress"? Then there was the blood letting the following day. Now I am wait'n patiently for the results an' where the doc is gonna start.

While I'm wait'n though, I ain't get'n no better. Well, maybe I am. But not what you can tell from a distance just by look'n at me. Maybe by monday, I will receive a call fro the doc's place an' we will get some repairs on the way. Energy level is my highest concern right now.

 "Ya wanna rassle"?
"Sure, why not"?

Leonard has a appointment next week to get his nuts huevos cut slap off. I'm think'n that's good news. No spray'n stuff in "da house"....yeah, that's good news.

Ok, I took apart an' fixed my broke Canon A1300 pocket camera. A. I received the fix in the mail a couple days ago...a Canon A1400. See how long this one will last.

Plans are in the mak'n for my "winter in georgia" stay. Big ol' propane tank. Portable, but big as hell. Think'n maybe bout 30 gallon. Hell, I don't know. An' I ain't gonna go take a pic of it. Gonna take 2 people to go have it filled. 

Have my computer hook up to Robert's wifi so' gonna download Win 10 any day now. Read'n reviews....damn, I got to make some changes when I get it. With Windows 10, they know everthing bout ya....when ya get up in the morn'n. What ya eat for breakfast. Every web site ya go to. Balance on yer check'n account. Everthing!! But, you have the option to change that....which I will.

An attempt is be'n made to cut back on my smok'n. With my breath'n issues as they are, I need to do something to help. With COPD, my lungs will never repair themselfs, but if'n they stay like they are today, I an live with that. Wish me luck.

Only 5 more days for the back procedure. Damn, I can hardly wait. I been in pain like I been shot in the back with a .357 magnum. I'm just hope'n that the nerve kill'n will help get rid of some this hip pain.

My house is a total disaster. I got dishes piled up in the sink, on the counter, on the stove. Tools lay'n on the floor....the same floor what ain't been sweeped in a week. The desktop I cleaned off is again a total mess. Groceries from the last trip to Walmart is still in a couple bags on the floor. I'm think'n bout a hour or so work for a normal person, or a couple days for me. Damn I hate warsh'n dishes.

I ate mater #3 off'n the mater plants. Not the best maters I ever eat, but when ya grow maters in a bucket, what do ya expect?

I rekon that until my next post, this will have to do. I ain't got a damn thing new to write about. Sorry.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Days fly by when you're hav'n fun....Fun???...HAHAHAHAHA!!

"Oh my God Billy Bob, don't ya know what time it is an' what day it is....were the hell ya been"?
Yeah I knows what time it is, it's 10:30pm. If'n you're in the military, that's 2230 aclock. An' yeah, I knows what day it is....monday, right?

Ok, with that out the way, I been very sick for the last few days. My energy level has falled to zilch....nada....zero with a capitol -O-. That's why we made this doctor appointment ya know. Oh, you didn't know??? That an' my swolled up feet, what when we go to see the doc, they was back to almost normal. Just a bit of swell'n in the ankles. 

Doctors appointment went just fine today. As far as I know, they gonna drain some blood out me tomorrow morn'n an' replace it with some "piss an' vinegar".  Shoot, I'll be back to my old self in nuttin flat.

Oh wait, let me start from the begin'n. After bout 4 hour sleep last night, I get up out of the 'bed' at 4:30am. I gotta go pee again. I feel one them backards leg cramps com'n on, so's I brew me up a pot an' stay up watch'n "stupit crap" on the TV an' read'n "stupit news" on the computer. Appointment is at 8:15. We get there on time an' in nuttin flat, here come the doc ask'n me all kinds of questions. "DO YA SMOKE"? "Do ya drink"? "Do ya do drugs"? How many meals ya eat a day"? "Are your feet always this cold"? How long this lump been on your back". "Does this hurt"? He check all kinds of stuff an' all the while, he's writ'n stuff in a book (computer). Nuttin was done today other than what I just say. After the lab results from all that blood they gonna drain out me, the doc will have a better picture. Maybe even fix sump'n...."something" for those that don't own a redneck dictionary.

It looks like my stay in Georgia will definitely be extended. There ain't no way in hell I can drive all the way to Texas in my present condition. One commenter ask'd bout driv'n a Texas registered motorhome pull'n a Georgia registered "billy jeep". Well, I done it before, for 2 years, when "that jeep" was registered in New Mexico. Cops never say a word. They know better than to mess with the old Billy Bob.....maybe.

Let me tell ya bout my trip to Walmart. Robert an' DIL Mandi drive me an' help me shop. My God, I spended $275. Would yu believe???...Walmart had Advantage II for Leonard, the "damn cat". Put some on him an' he ain't got a flea one. Not that I can find anyhows. Thank ya kindly Mr. Google for the review results on flea medication for cats. Frontline Plus, you in the dumpster.

Speak'n of damn cat....last night I brewed me up a big ol' bowl of Mini Wheats an' ice cold milk. I'm sit'n here at the desktop eat'n away. Leonard jump up, stick his paw in the bowl an' it come tumbl'n down, right in my lap. Yes I called him "DAMN CAT"....loudly!!! Ya see, ever time I eat a bowl of cereal, I allow Leonard to sip up on the milk while I'm eat'n. So I cain't blame the cat. That what I gonna do here in a few minutes.

Ok, Me an' Robert go to Home Depot today to pick up some 1 x sticks for the homemade shed doors. A spool of 6/3 wire was added to the list. I'm gonna have me some full voltage in nuttin flat. A 110 foots run from the breaker panel. Confusion says...."Wire is cheaper than a brand spank'n new air conditioner". Take my word for it.

As of today, I have 10 more days till I receive the radio-frequency ablation to my lower back nerves. Three locations. They gonna kill them suckers. Wished it was yesterday. The hip pains, I don't know what we gonna do bout that.

  Ok, I'm gonna fix me a bowl an' eat it up. Watch some "stupit crap" on the TV an' read some "stupit news" on the computer. How bout that Trump guy, The Donald??? He's mak'n headlines. "That's all I got to say bout that".....Gump.