Monday, August 3, 2015

Days fly by when you're hav'n fun....Fun???...HAHAHAHAHA!!

"Oh my God Billy Bob, don't ya know what time it is an' what day it is....were the hell ya been"?
Yeah I knows what time it is, it's 10:30pm. If'n you're in the military, that's 2230 aclock. An' yeah, I knows what day it is....monday, right?

Ok, with that out the way, I been very sick for the last few days. My energy level has falled to zilch....nada....zero with a capitol -O-. That's why we made this doctor appointment ya know. Oh, you didn't know??? That an' my swolled up feet, what when we go to see the doc, they was back to almost normal. Just a bit of swell'n in the ankles. 

Doctors appointment went just fine today. As far as I know, they gonna drain some blood out me tomorrow morn'n an' replace it with some "piss an' vinegar".  Shoot, I'll be back to my old self in nuttin flat.

Oh wait, let me start from the begin'n. After bout 4 hour sleep last night, I get up out of the 'bed' at 4:30am. I gotta go pee again. I feel one them backards leg cramps com'n on, so's I brew me up a pot an' stay up watch'n "stupit crap" on the TV an' read'n "stupit news" on the computer. Appointment is at 8:15. We get there on time an' in nuttin flat, here come the doc ask'n me all kinds of questions. "DO YA SMOKE"? "Do ya drink"? "Do ya do drugs"? How many meals ya eat a day"? "Are your feet always this cold"? How long this lump been on your back". "Does this hurt"? He check all kinds of stuff an' all the while, he's writ'n stuff in a book (computer). Nuttin was done today other than what I just say. After the lab results from all that blood they gonna drain out me, the doc will have a better picture. Maybe even fix sump'n...."something" for those that don't own a redneck dictionary.

It looks like my stay in Georgia will definitely be extended. There ain't no way in hell I can drive all the way to Texas in my present condition. One commenter ask'd bout driv'n a Texas registered motorhome pull'n a Georgia registered "billy jeep". Well, I done it before, for 2 years, when "that jeep" was registered in New Mexico. Cops never say a word. They know better than to mess with the old Billy Bob.....maybe.

Let me tell ya bout my trip to Walmart. Robert an' DIL Mandi drive me an' help me shop. My God, I spended $275. Would yu believe???...Walmart had Advantage II for Leonard, the "damn cat". Put some on him an' he ain't got a flea one. Not that I can find anyhows. Thank ya kindly Mr. Google for the review results on flea medication for cats. Frontline Plus, you in the dumpster.

Speak'n of damn cat....last night I brewed me up a big ol' bowl of Mini Wheats an' ice cold milk. I'm sit'n here at the desktop eat'n away. Leonard jump up, stick his paw in the bowl an' it come tumbl'n down, right in my lap. Yes I called him "DAMN CAT"....loudly!!! Ya see, ever time I eat a bowl of cereal, I allow Leonard to sip up on the milk while I'm eat'n. So I cain't blame the cat. That what I gonna do here in a few minutes.

Ok, Me an' Robert go to Home Depot today to pick up some 1 x sticks for the homemade shed doors. A spool of 6/3 wire was added to the list. I'm gonna have me some full voltage in nuttin flat. A 110 foots run from the breaker panel. Confusion says...."Wire is cheaper than a brand spank'n new air conditioner". Take my word for it.

As of today, I have 10 more days till I receive the radio-frequency ablation to my lower back nerves. Three locations. They gonna kill them suckers. Wished it was yesterday. The hip pains, I don't know what we gonna do bout that.

  Ok, I'm gonna fix me a bowl an' eat it up. Watch some "stupit crap" on the TV an' read some "stupit news" on the computer. How bout that Trump guy, The Donald??? He's mak'n headlines. "That's all I got to say bout that".....Gump.


  1. Could be worse. You could be in hospital, strapped to a gurney with all the new baby docs taking turns fixing what THEY think ails you!

  2. You keeping busy and soon gonna have real 'lectricity.

  3. Like the old saying goes...growing old ain't for sissies! Hope you get good news from the doc.

  4. At least where you are is a pretty nice area with a lot of family to visit. In a couple of more years I can see me sitting here in north Alabama year round doing nothing but playing pasture pool, visiting my little bit of family that is left and catching catfish. It could be a lot worse for sure.

  5. hi BB. about the sufficient amount of electric . 3 wires is only enough for a little 30 amp service , you need 4 wires for a 50 amp service . your can change you house to 50 amp so very easily . i had it done to my house and you are an electric redneck guy so i know you know what i am taking about !

  6. hi BB. well since you already purchased the 30 amp wire you can put both a 20 a 30 and a 50 amp just in case barney wants to come visit with you this way you have a welcoming plug for him too .

    1. According to my copy of the NEC, 10 gage is 30 amp and 6 gage is 65 amp wiring.

  7. hi BB. yeah with a big # 6 wire and a big # 8 wire and a little 10 wire you will need a 4 inch conduit to fish all those wires through . all you need now is a couple of 45 gallon drums dug into the ground and poke holes in the second one and you should have a nice septic tank and leach field for all your black water problems . hey tomorrow do not forget to watch the donald show on fox tv . it will be the best entertainment ever . mr. teflon don himself again the rest of the republicans .

  8. Hey, where you at Billy? One of your regular readers here and I'm missing your post! Hope you are alright after your doctor appointment.

  9. Yeah, I'm missing you too.

    Scream! I hate that way of proving I'm not a robot. "Pick out the cakes" - what!
    wondering if I have that robot gibber on my blog. No matter, I can't even access my own blog anymore. Screwed up internet connect. Screwed up everything. I give up....but don't you. Hope the doctor is giving you relief and the will to keep on truckin' or Jeepin'.

  10. Hope you are all right, Billy Bob. Am getting a little worried.