Friday, August 28, 2015

Where my boat....Oh!! there it is

I'm gonna make a quick update on what's go'n on at Billy Bob's house. Not a damn thing.

Little things piss me off. Ok, we talk'n bout the USPS delivering a 1949 Chris Craft Runabout boat.
Yesterday early morn'n, my package was delivered to Carrolloton, Ga. That's where I'm camped....or close by. Out for delivery at 9:05am. At 11:30am the postal delivery lady zoom by the house do'n a hunnert mile a hour. She don't stop for nuttin. "Were my boat lady"?

So's this morn'n, I do a USPS tracking on my boat. What the hell, it's back in Atlanta again....after a trip to Acworth Georgia, where ever the hell that is. Now the delivery date has been changed from yesterday to Monday. Grrrrrr....where is UPS when ya need 'em?

Yesterday I feeled better than I feeled in the last 3 weeks. I actually had me a little energy. But I eat that up real quick. Back to sit'n on my ass do'n nuttin.

Did I mention my lower back pains? Well, tonight I'm gonna do something different. I'm gonna either sleep n my office chair or I'm gonna sleep in my "that chair" recliner. Seems like ever time I sleep in my number bed, the numbers do a hurt'n on my lower back. Got up again this morn'n hurt'n like a sum-a-gun. All bended over. Something ain't at all right.

The thought is cold weather is git'n to me. Stress level is way up there an' a slight case of depression has set in. I spended a winter in Deming New Mexico back in bout 2006 or 07. My God, I like to freeze my ass slap off. That was when I vowed to never ever in my remain'n days to spend a winter where it gets "super"cold under 40 degs. An' I didn't....until now. Well there was a couple occasions where it got into the upper 20's for a day or two. I'm talk'n night time temps ya know.

This winter, there will be a 150 watt light bub placed in two compartments under "da house". This is to keep my water lines from freez'n slap up an' I ain't got no coffee water in the morn'ns. You do know that the factory installed propane furnace has been removed....right? At 60% efficiency, that sucker had to go. But I do have sufficient heat to keep "da house" somewhat comfortable. A 18,000 BTU Mr. Buddy propane heater an' two 1500 watt (5000 BTU each) electric heaters. I've used this set up for bout 6 or 7 (maybe 5 or 6) years now an' wouldn't have it no other way.
"Well wait  minute Billy Bob, couldn't you reinstall the furnace"?

Hobby stuff: I got me 6 or 7 plastic containers all sorted out with my boat build'n stuff. These will be placed in arms reach of the hobby table Robert set up for me out there in the shed. For internet search an' building instructions, the laptop will reside in the shed. Until it gets too freak'n cold out there to build a boat. We even gonna build a hunnert-ten to 130 degree heated paint spray booth. What ya think bout that.
JB, make sure you order medium CA (super glue) an' accelerator to set the CA glue off with. The CA comes in 2oz bottles. Think'n two ain't gonna be enough, but that how many I got for a good start.

Louie, no I ain't got Windows 10 downloaded yet. It's ready to install on the new Dell computer, but not ready on the laptop. I'm gonna do the laptop first to make sure I like it before installing on the Dell. Laptop  Waiting on confirmation from Mr. Gates.

Update....Oh shit, I forgot to publish this stiff. Better late than never I rekon.

Ok, I like USPS. The nice delivery lady pull up in the yard an' says...."Are you Billy Bob"? I am now the proud owner of a 1949 Chris Craft boat model. Of course I just HAD to take a look see what was in that package. Dang, a whole bunch of wood.
"Well shoot Billy Bob, let's build a boat". An' that's just what I did...I started. In nuttin flat, I had all the frames ready to glue n place. Then just the hell of it, I installed the keel an' the "butterfly" dooflotchy keel pieces. Well shoot, let's install the chine too. Sanding has been started for the installation of the PVC plastic bottom.
Pics will follow tomorrow. You be sooo proud of the old Billy Bob. He know some shit ya know.

Ok, till tomorrow....pooof, I'm gone.       



  1. Will do on the glue B.B.thanks fer the tip. my back was hrtin every mornin then i found out i had gained 22lbs. so upped the air in my number bed bout 5lbs. pain is gone. i wish it was as easy fer you. Heck the mail took 7 days to make a amazon prime delivery that started 22 miles north of me in fort worth they sent it to atlanta then dallas and around,if they had asked i would have drove up there to pick it up.lol,gotta love it.

  2. By the way i kinda like the windows 10,seems easier to get around on,and you can turn a bunch of stuff on/off as you want.

  3. I'm not going to jinx myself by saying I love the US Postal Service and have NEVER had a problem with it.

  4. Wow you are making a great deal of progress with the building of the boat. Can't wait to see the pictures.

  5. The ole Billy Bob can build anything!! Don't forget to post pictures when you are done building it.

  6. You gonna be havin too much fun now, get to work BB.

  7. bb you are like a kid on sugared cereal. keep it up. I think it keeps you young to have something to work on. you sure have smarts and talent.

  8. hi BB. it will be sure nice to see tomorrow your start of your boat building and the nice work space that wonderful son robert made for you . do you think i can get you to spray paint my car when you have that nice 100° to 130° spray paint booth . my car needs a new paint job because the humidity from the gulf of mexico every night attacks my paint with salted dew and has started to eat the clear coat off the top surfaces and now it is starting to work on the paint , pretty soon it will start rusting the sheet metal ,so please can you and wonderful son robert please save my car ? so i was waitting for your opinion on windows 10 before i download it , i do appreciate your friend JB.'s opinion and now just waiting for your opinion . nice as always to see your still kicking .

  9. Just this week read something about Windows 10...when I realized there's no way I want that. Ever. Some big issue that quickly made my decision.

    Man, you are getting 'with it' on the boat. Interest in a new project stirs the juices, didn't you know. Bet that was the energy "attack" you had. I'd call it an 'attack' if I were so lucky for a bit of energy. Gotta get me some of that Ensure, I'm hoping.

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