Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Let's build a boat....here on Billy Bob's Place

Ok, I'm just sit'n here with nuttin to do....I want to write something.
"What da hell ya gonna write Billy Bob"????
Shoot, I don't know....what ya wanna know?

After yesterdays comments...."to hell with Billy Bob's Hobby Shop". I was hav'n second thoughts bout it anyhows. But remember, you ax'ed for it. Any an' all boat construction stuff will be posted right here on Billy Bob's Place. In detail. Pics an' shit. Are ya sure this is what you want???

A comment from JB says he is gonna build the same model boat I'm gonna build. That's great news. I got some great links he may be interested in of other people that builded this boat. Let me know if'n ya wanna see 'em JB.
Ahh shoot Jb, here's a sample... Dumas Chris Craft 1941 Racing Runabout build. Enjoy...see ya in a couple days.

Gypsy, you can have a the 50's temps you want. I'm gonna close the winders, turn on some heat an' wrap up in some covers.....sleep like a baby.

See what I'm do'n here? Try'n to answer a few comments.

Shadow....I sure do hope you get yerself some relief from vitamins. I have too much damage from a few work related accidents an' Mr. Arthur Ritis. Vitamins would do me no help.

An' then there's Louie. Sorry Louie, but I ain't gonna get in your political questions.
Glad you tole me what year it was when we had that steak dinner. Ha ha Louie, I ain't gonna live in the shed, just work on my boat project until it gets too cold to go out there. Shoot, I may not even last that long before I'm build'n a boat in "Sally da house".

Ok, that's it. Now what ya wanna talk bout.
I know, let me tell ya bout a boat I had when I was way much younger. I lived in Texas City....bout 1967 I'm think'n. I fount this bout 24 foots Chris Craft cabin cruiser. It needed some help....rotted wood an' stuff. I fixed all that. Me an' XX wife "yo mama" took the boat out for a even'n cruise in Galveston Bay. Ha, we spended the night in Galveston Bay. Took on a few gallons of water too....bout 50 or so. A few more trips out on the water an' I burn the motor slap up. The boat was parked in the back yard an' wheels began to turn. I can make a open big ass fish'n boat out of this cabin cruiser. A few hunnerts $$$$ was spend on a stack of mahogany. The cabin was removed an' took to the dump--ster. A hunnert HP outboard motor was placed on the rebuilt transom. I got me a fine look'n fish'n boat. In the mean time, I weren't catch'n no fish an' I wanted me some fried shrimp. Let's convert it to a shrimp'n boat.

An' that's what I did. Picked up a rudder, shaft an' prop, with all the installation stuff. Throwed the hunnert HP outboard in the dumpster an' installed the engine out of my "up on blocks" Corvair....4 cylinder air cooled. Behind the Corvair engine was a 4 speed truck tranny. Don't laugh, it worked just fine. Well, there were occasions when things didn't go so well. Like the time the prop fall slap off an' we had to go overboard to find the not only the prop, but the nut that holds it on. Or maybe the time the clutch was no longer a clutch. Cain't go nowheres. Drive a few 16 penny nails on the clutch an' go like hell back to the dock.

I know I've touched on this story before....remember when the Coast Guard was look'n for me an' BIL Martin? Anyhows, a hurricane come very close to Texas City an' sink my Chris Craft shrimp'n boat. Throwed the boat in the dumpster.

Ok, now for the sad part of today's post. With all the health issues that took control of my life, I'm think'n "this really sucks". The first 10 or so years of back issues, I kind of accepted what it was...pain all the time. But it got worse. An' worse. That is where I am today. But it goes much further than that, I have a ton of other issues. After my heart surgery, it still works. Just don't know how good. Sometimes it beats like hell....shakes my body. My lung issue will never improve...accord'n to the doctors. I am down to less than 10 smokes a day, what helps with the cough'n situation. But shortness of breath, it helps none at all. I may need to get surgery on my foot. The Arthur Ritis is get'n worser. I have other issues that I won't touch on today. I feel I am stuck in Georgia for much longer than I was think'n.

Oh shit, this is too depressing. I'm out of here for today.    


  1. Hey you still got stories to tell and a boat to build that gonna keep ya pretty busy, looking forward to the progress reports.

    1. I hope I can continue to keep ya entertained George. Maybe one day, the old Billy Bob will be back in full form.
      Ha ha, hope ya like a whole passel of boat pics.

  2. I'm kinda in your boat too.. Lots of health issues with a major surgery looming next Monday. Hope your'e feeling better than me.

    1. I knowed if'n I whined enough, people would be interested in boats...wooden boats.
      So sorry to hear your health issues requires major surgery. I'm gonna be think'n bout ya hon.
      Good luck an' get better soon.

  3. THANK YOU fer the link Billy Bob, i be studying up on it, After 4 decades of plastic hobby i have decided to test my talents in the wood boat's,look's to be one heck of a challenge, but i be ready fer it. IF YOU got any more them links i would like to check 'em out ,maybe save em fer when i has a problem figuring out things,takes me a lot of thinking..............i sure hope your health gets better Billy Bob,i ain't much younger than you,but i see why they say "OLD AGE" is only fer the brave.

    1. Jb, I'm a gonna email ya a whole bunch of links. When ya get my email, reply back so's we can keep in touch with new ideas an' stuff. As you click each link, bookmark the link 'cause you gonna wanna go back an' read 'em again....I promise you. If I duplicate a link, that's 'cause this computer stuff confuses me.
      Also, while you're do'n your build, you can send me some pics an' I'll put 'em on my blog as you progress.

    2. Sounds good to me Billy Bob. ntexman@gmail.com,

  4. hi BB. you asked us if we are sure we want to here from you and your boat building and health and your every day to day stuff your going through . the answer is yes i am sure this is what i want .
    so did you down load windows 10 yet ? and if yes , how do you like it ? i am very happy to here you are down to a very respectable 10 cigarettes per day . good going billy . i am sure glad that we are now going to here from you every day now ,that's wonderful . now i do not have to worry about if your still kicking or not . and that great billy that you will be taking care of all your health issues so that you will be ready to roll next fall and winter of 2016 . ok billy looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow

  5. At least you are still in Sally da house. I had to sell the Sandcastle and I'm stuck in an apartment in Minnesota with winter coming. Wanna trade?

    Nevermind. My pain is not nearly as bad as yours and I don't think you'll trade winters without trading pains.