Tuesday, August 25, 2015

YO....I'm back

It was 2 freak'n hours, try'n to make a link to 'Billy Bob's Hobby Shop'. There is no link.
Ya see, with all the boat build'n stuff I'm gonna be post'n bout, an' since nobody read'n "this" blog gits all excitis bout my boat building posts, I have decided to start a boat building blog with a link over there on the right. Ha, Blogger don't let me put a link over there. What the hell can I be do'n wrong?

An' you think I got a problem with that? Well let me tell ya bout E-bay. They have a item I can find nowheres else on the internet an' I was need'n it right now. So's I clickity click. "Your password is wrong". It's been a while since I order from E-bay, but this was a occasion of "have to". E-bay send me a email with a link to change my password. Ha, that don't work. Password to short. I add a letter an' it says invalid. Another 2 hours an' I still ain't got a E-bay password. I gave up.

My order for boat stuff was ordered last week. A whole bunch of stuff. All on one order. Amazon took my 1 order an' divided it up into 6 orders...scattered out all over the country. One order has arrived. The rest is due here between tomorrow an' next Monday. That sucks....I'm impatient an' very excitis. Note: The letter X works cause I'm on the other computer.

Ok, here' the deal on build'n the newest addition to my remote control boats. Robert has cleared a spot in the new shed an' placed a big ass fold'n table an' my old office chair for the construction of the 1949 Chris Craft Runabout. His idea is that it will get me out "da house" an' off'n my ass. We'll see how that works out. But I bet ya a dollar, in less than a week, I'll be build'n the boat in "da house".  

Did I tell ya bout the leak'n water line under the kitchen sink? Well, it's fixed. We replaced the flexible hoses with brand spank'n new ones. Well Robert did. No leak. Why the hell does stuff keep break'n at my house?

Still no word from the doctor's office for my next appointment. Something has got to be done. Everthng I told the doctor was hurt'n, he has not addressed any of them. Just a couple blood tests an' that's it. Blood tests all come out nuttin wrong.....I'm in good health....hahahaha.

As far as my back issues, "my god....I hurt". Other than the continual pain in my hip, the F5-S1 hurt like a sum-a-gun every morn'n. It ain't supposed to do that with a "killed" nerve in that joint. If I could just have me ONE day of no pain!!!! Git'n old has it's drawbacks. In fact it sucks.

Speak'n of git'n old, I'm 30 days away for another year on this earth. Think'n I'll celebrate this year. Maybe a trip to Longhorn Steakhouse.
Do you know how long it's been since I been in a steakhouse? I'm think'n it was back in 200? when I took Louie out to eat on one fine even'n in El Paso, Texas. For a few years, I didn't eat much beef. I was a chicken pork chop kind of guy. Now I'm burned out on chicken....an' pork taste just like chicken. I don't know where to buy good eat'n fish what ain't raised in China. Walmart is out on this category. Their fish comes from China.

It sure is hard to write a blog. There ain't nuttin go'n on worth a diddle to write about.

Sadie Mae an' Leonard are get'n along pretty good. Although, Leonard ain't allowed to mess with "da dog". We all sleep together in the bed at night, but not on top each other.
Speak'n of night, I been hook up a electric heater for the last 2 nights. May get into the upper 50's for the next couple nights....62 last night.   


  1. Please, keep the boat building right here. I'll forget to follow along if you move it somewhere else and I've enjoyed following your other builds.

  2. looking for the boats and stuff and for more things ya gonna do .
    Keep at it BB.

  3. Billy Bob is a month ahead of me building that boat, maybe i'll just let him forge ahead and show da wayy.

  4. What do you mean nothing to talk about? Loved today's post and it was interesting.

  5. I love it when the nights get into the upper 50's. Windows wide open and just a sheet over me, and it's the best weather of the day.

    I'd be aggravated about Amazon splitting the order up into 6 separate orders, but that's the way they do things I guess.

    So ya got a boat-buildin' house now. Your boy takes good care of you!

  6. I decided I need to start doing something about my back, in part from reading here. Went to the doctor for the first time in 15 years or so, and will get an xray on Friday. Started taking calcium/magnesium tablets, and tonight went to the Vitamin store and got some liquid multivitamin-everything-anyone-ever-thought-about-putting-in-a-vitamin-pill and the joint fixing supplement. In 30 days I should have a new back if I believe the CD a friend gave me. Didn't buy that company's vitamin fix. I"ll let you know if this all does give me a new back. The doctor gave me prescription strength Advil. It doesn't do much.

  7. Always good to hear from you, BB - even when you think you got nuthin' to say. And I agree with Linda - keep up here with your boat-building. Who says we are not interested in that???

  8. hi BB. hey billy do not move to , or create an other site ,we all are waiting to here from you right here on this site . it is sure nice to see that your still kicking , i worry about you when i do not here from you every day , why do you have to torture me and most likely many other people by making us worry for days and days if and when we will hear from you . i need to here from you every day . and yes i remember very well that i owe you a nice stake dinner . it was the texas road house in el paso tx back in 2009 that you bought me a nice stake , it was so good ,thank-you . i am lucky to get the night temperature down to mid 80's i don;t know what i would be capable of doing just to get such a nice comfortable night temperature as you are getting ,to me you are in heaven . winnipeg manitoba's temperature last night was 37° . did you down load windows 10 ? and if you did how do you like it ? how many cigarettes are you now smoking every day now ? for the first time in my life i can vote for the next president of the usa . and i think there is only one person that can give us hope and make this country great again so i am exited and i can't wait to vote . are you ready BB. ? have you decided how you will vote for ?

  9. hi BB. ya i was thinking about that nice shed . you will need a refrigerator to hold and keep all the beer nice and cold and you will need a nice toilet with a macerator to get rid of all the beer and pizza when you done with it .also a nice wall air conditioner would be nice for your comfort .