Friday, August 21, 2015

Still kick'n....a little bit

It's been a hard four or five days....an' it's been a pretty good four or five days.

I am still hav'n a hard time try'n to get food into my belly, an' then when I do, I get the burps an' "da pharts". Been too weak to do much of anything. I have attempted to go out on the deck an' get me some fresh air an' sunshine....when it ain't rain'n.

My freak'n der'maters are in trouble. The split. Throw 'em in the dumpster. I ain't eat'n no split maters. They ain't full size neither. Take a whole mater to make a mater samich. We ain't talk'n bout no more maters....I'm done, finished. Did you know???.....Walmart here in Georgia sells some the best look'n maters ya ever see in yer life? At $1.97 a pound, they better look good.

Been spend'n a ton of computer time research'n the construction of a 1949 Chris Craft Runabout model boat. Oh my God, it's gonna take 14 years fore I finish one. It's not so much the construction as it is the finishing of the mahogany planking. Jist to give ya a idea, the planking of the mahogany will take no less than maybe bout a month to install an' sand it down to a fine smooth surface. It has to be installed perfectly, with no cracks, no surface glue marks, not a scratch nowheres. Ha, I'm think'n I can do that. Sections of the mahogany planking will be stained darker than the topside decks (color contrast).

The entire boat will be fiberglassed for strength an' seal'n of the wood. Three coats of finishing epo*y will be applied an' sanded to a "plate glass window" surface. Just to reach this point of construction should take no less than 2 months. But....the old Billy Bob, he don't mess around....maybe a month.

To give ya a idea what I'm talk'n bout, take a look at this beauty......Holy Cows!!!

Anyways, this afternoon, I bited the bullet an' ordered this sucker. Along with a ton of required "stuff". Should receive it in a couple days....Monday. Then, that'd all you gonna hear bout for the net 14 years....how to build a boat.

The macerator shit pump was installed an' the black water tank was emptied out in bout 5 minutes. Pump'n that grinded up stuff right bout 50 feet into the septic tank clean out.
I'm think'n this is gonna be a cats meow. Not never ever gonna use that nasty 3 inch drain hose for the rest my life. But I'll still carry it with me just in case. I was borned at night, but it weren't last night.

Ok, it's 3:30 oclock in the am. I got to go to bed...see if'n I can go to sleep. "I'll bee bauck".......


  1. That Macerator pump good for you there, no trips to the dump station while you are there. Perfect.
    Gonna be an awesome building that boat.

  2. That boat is a beauty. Maybe when you do some work with the wood it will become easier. Then you'll finish it in a few weeks and have nothing to do. Oh well, enjoy it and keep us informed of the progress.

  3. Shame about the 'mater plants. Nothing beats the taste of home grown 'maters.

    Nice looking boat. Good luck with the build!

  4. The only thing I can grow is aloe plants, and they are running me out of room they grow and multiply so fast! They are good to have on hand though, for any kind of burn or wound.

    Good luck on building the boat. It should be easy for an old salt such as yourself.

  5. Not much grows in the gardens this time of year here in Texas. That is gonna be a good looking boat model.

  6. hi BB. hey BB . if you use your maceratored black water and though it on you matters you would get a better result , that macerated sh*t is good fertilizer ,it makes everything nice and big and green . and it's free for you !

    1. I'll fully agree, Louie. Those Porta-Potties round here are taken and emptied on farmers big fields. But what a stink that is, considering it being a big truck tank.
      I once was along on one of the farm deliveries. The crops grow really well.

  7. " 14 years " ? Surely you jest; yet a long slow process of perfection is your way, Billy Bob and you can do it. I will place my bet on you finishing it easily within a year. Any takers?

    The boat I see is fantastic, isn't it? A real beauty - a prize winner. Hurry up - anxious to see your work. Should you not complete other projects first though. I'm awful starting projects, then get excited over another so much I lay others aside. They say I'm just like my dear grandmother - they called her Half-Done Polly. Ah well, projects abound for when I get old and have plenty of time for playing. btw, shouldn't you be sleeping instead of blogging in the middle of the night? I frankly hate long sleepless nights. They make me senseless the next day and often several days.
    Too bad about tomatoes this year. Hearing and having of splitting little fellows. That's all I got...little fellows, those purple or black cherry ones. What a disappointing gardening season it's been for me too.


  8. Sorry for mistakes above. I forgot to edit! See, I'm a bit senseless at the moment, it appears.


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