Sunday, May 31, 2009

Who took my yesterday

Can ya believe it? Today is the last day. No silly, not THE last day... but this last day of May. How time flies.

Yesterday come and went, just like that...pooof and it was gone. But it wasn't an entirely wasted day when you consider all the things you want to do...."thinking" you know, is a very tiring and strenuous endeavor. And that's what I do best. If I did everything yesterday that I though about doing, I would have not one thing to do today. Then I would be writing the same thing tomorrow about today. Makes sense to me.

One of my biggest thoughts yesterday was "now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? It's not so much what ya gonna do, but what CAN you do? Can ya still run a mile? Well hell no....are ya nuts? Can ya still do a hundred push ups? LOL.....push this. Can ya still work a 8 hour day? Work ?....8 hour day ?....what are you think'n? Yep, get'n old sucks.

I have a say'n I made up many years ago, "to let a dream die, is to die inside". And I been a dreamer from when I were a young tot. All them dreams have been fulfilled beyond expectations, 'cept'n for one. My shack.

You may ask what "my shack" means...well, let me tell ya. It's no bigger than a place to put a bed, a sink, an old timey cook stove, that old pot belly stove I've always wanted and a 54 inch hi definition flat screen hang'n on the wall...LOL...just kidding. Well, I screwed up that idea when I bought this brand new high dollar motor home. But like my oldest, maybe not wisest, son says to my...."you got your shack" on wheels. So now, what ya gonna do Billy Bob? Gonna leave it at that for today.

It's another beautiful morning in El Paso. Was right on 65 degs when I rolled out of bed and the sun was just peep'n over the horizon. Had just a sprinkle of rain last night....just enough to wet down the front seat on my little Bronco II. Why do I leave the window open know'n there's cats in the area? Speak'n of cats, did I ever tell ya bout the time....Mikey had come to the age. That big boy "marked" everything...bushes, the box of cactus intended as a gift, trash cans, poor Boudreaux's dog dish, steering wheels and of course my brand new shoes. He were "ripe".

More later!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

El Paso...burned out

Today was just another typical day in the desert. Beautiful as usual and not hot.....whoop'eeee!

Made a Walmart run for groceries and some more forks, but forgot the forks. But since I washed dishes yesterday, I have enough forks to last for another week or more. Get the picture???

Will be pulling out of El Paso in a week or 10 days back to boring Deming, NM. But getting back will be a treat from the Big City traffic jams and long lines. I can't see living here in El Paso on a permanent basis. Just way too many people and way too much "hustle & bustle". Give me the wide open spaces, 25 miles to Walmart and 1/2 mile to my nearest neighbor. Somewhere in the desert and mountain views. That would work. Anyone know of a place like that???

Been beat'n my head on the walls trying to decide what to do about this digital tv deal. Found an advertisement for one year of Dish Network for $9.99 a month. Found a new digital ready tv at Walmart for $300. Found a digital converter box at Camping World for $66. Bang, bang, bang head on wall. Now they say we need to replace our antennas to receive good digital reception.....sheesh. Who gets all the profit from this mandatory change??? I think it's all BULL stuff!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Two Days of Nothing

My God Billy Bob, what have you been doing? "Oh nothing"
I ain't got nothing to post 'cause I didn't do anything. Ate me up a chicken and a hand full of jalepenos the other night and paid dearly yesterday and most of today. No details.
Would ya believe it, old Billy Bob done did the dishes when I run out of forks. I gots to go to Walmart and buy me some more.
Was a beautiful day in El Paso up till the wind started blown stuff all over the place. Blowed my satellite dish off the freak'n satellite and had to point it again. And then here come the rain. Just enough to to wet down the ground and settle the dust.
Mamma hummer come in the house today whiles I had a window open. I coaxed her back to the open window and out she went, right past them mean ol' bees. Hope to see some hummer puppies before I leave El Paso next week.
OH!!! Mater plant is grow'n like a well fertilized weed. I'm a think'n if I was to sit out there and watch it, I could see it grow. Would be more exciting than watch'n tv all day.

Until we meet again.....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lost in El Paso

Got up bright and early this morning and prepared myself for a hard day on the streets of El Paso.
Cranked up the old Bronco II only to hear it miss'n and sputter'n. Ha, so what's new? Popped the hood and grabed hold that distributer thingy and gave her a twist to the advance side. Whoa.....too far. When it sounded prurty good, I were done. How sweet it is.
First place I went was to the auto parts store since I knew where it was located.....just down the road bout 4 miles. Was there in no time flat, run'n smooth as a silk head piller. Got me a brand new set of spark plugs, what I might put in in the next couple weeks.

After that, it was all down hill for the next two hours try'n to figure out where I were. Found the "smoke" shop after I was almost in Mexico, but then, I done lost the street I got there on. So's I followed the one I was on. Big mistake. Anyhows, I made a 20 mile circle right around where I wanted to go. Put a hundred mile on that little Bronco II just to go 20 miles. LOL.....funny now!!!

Well, the bees ate up all the sugar water in the pan and in the hummer feeder. Poor little hummer been fight'n them bees ever since they, the bees, found a good place to eat.
Guess I'll just start a bee farm....can ya eat bees?

So proud of my mater plant. Growed another inch or two over night. Gonna give it some liquid neutrition tonight. By the time I get back to Deming, it should have a few little flower thingys on it. Then.....real honest to goodness maters. Can hardly wait.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh My.....Too Much Gas

Bright and early sun shiny day here in El Paso. Had plans to go downtown for the festivities, but got involved with fix'n stuff. Remember that dash air I was gonna fix last week? Well....today I put the guage on and proceeded to screw up the whole concept of dash air conditioning. Put in too much refrigerant. But, them fans I never heared before was a spin'n like Uncle Johns wind turbines. Now I have come to the conclusion that the system has air in it....from the leak, what may be fixed with the sealer I put in it a month ago. Has it really been a month? Maybe 3 weeks. Back in Deming, I'll have the system leak checked and evacuated before I put any more refrigerant in it. If'n I wait long enough, I won't have to fix it till next year.

Had same ol' bee problems on the hummer feeders today. Must'a been a gazillion of them critters. Another blogger suggested I put a pie pan with sugar water to draw them away from the feeder, but that didn't work either.
Momma hummer sat on the nest all day. Hope to see the hummer puppies before I leave. Funny thing....momma would leave the nest every time I opened the window to take a pic. I think she wanted to come in to say howdy.

How bout the mater plant? That sucker get'n big

By Special Request...Terlingua

Was back in 01, round bout winter time when old Billy Bob were retire'n from The University of Texas. I had done bought me one them motor homes, what was named "Alice" and had the sailboat up for sale. Lived on that old sailboat for 7 years, so living in a MH shouldn't be much different.

Bought all kinds of stuff for that "maiden" voyage cross country all the way from south Texas to the mountains of California. Bought "first mate" Vickie Lynn all sorts of city folk clothes, shoes and all. We head'em up to San Antonio and points west. This were Jan. 02, so's the weather was perfect....that is until the furnace went out in Del Rio, Big Bend, Carlsbad Caverns, Cloudcroft, Deming, Las Vegas, Death Valley and Mt. Whitney.

Back to the original intent of this post....Terlingua, Texas. Me and Vickie Lynn, my "first mate" ya know, spent 4 days in Big Bend where's it were cold at night....I mean cold....14 degs on a good night. Look'n at our GPS and travel guides (Walmart Rand McNally Road Atlas), we drove through the Big Bend National Park to Santa Elena Canyon.......

wheres we found this old dirt road....bout 18 miles long what went to the Park entrance somewheres west...what was the direction we was a go'n. It were't nothing but washboard the entire trip what "Alice" were pissed. Stuff was fall'n everywheres, dirt and dust was com'n in every little crack an cranny no matter what speed we was go'n....what was no more than 25mph. Named that old dirt road "dirt road".

Now here we was, almost in Mexico, out in the middle of nowhere and not know'n what way to go. Then....we see a sign....ghost town. Well yeah, we went to take a look. I tell Vickie Lynn, my first mate ya know, that I could live in a place like this. It was love at first sight. Mountains, desert, weird people everywhere, wild animals run'n the streets.....yep, old Billy Bob like this place. We look at everything....I mean everything....took pics and left the area the following day.

Since that day in Terlingua, I've had "terlingua on my mind" in dreams, trip planning and in my heart. Yeah, there are other beautiful places all over the west, but Terlingua is "top'o list", a favorite. Been back to this wonderful place on 4 more Texas trips and on the last two...after my plumbing surgery, spent some quality time look'n and "testing" the area and meet'n some wonderful people. One day old Billy Bob gonna turn that dream into reality. I can "do it" ya know.

A Day of Golf

Here's my better report for the day......lolololol hahahaha lmao!!!!
Woke up this morning going through my usual routine of put'n on a pot of coffee, tak'n a quick whizzzzz, put'n Lug Nut out to pee while Sadie Mae lays her butt in bed. Just about the time I get settled down to my first cup, that little fan in the computer starts mak'n those same old weird sounds. Smack it a few times and all is well. Must be all the dirt and sand I've picked up in my travels.
Looked out that window with the hummer feeder and "yikes", it were covered with bees eat'n up all the food. They was stick'n their heads all the way in them little holes what are designed for humming birds, not bees. Up in a tree I spied a humming bird nest. That's number two in my 60 some odd years. I stoled one from Calif. back in 03, but the damn cat put a hurt'n on it what I had to reshape and spray it with hair spray. With a "momma" sit'n on her eggs. I suppose this means I'm gonna be a grandpa again.
Turned on the tube just to hear the noise and low and behold....a golf tournament. Not that I would spend the day watch'n golf....but I did. In fact, I watched the whole thing and when them wet mop broom commercials came on, I switched channels. Well lookie here....more golf. Yep, all day.
Boy howdy, let me tell ya bout a mater plant. It grow'n like a weed. Gonna be eat'n mater sandwiches in no time.
That's it folks....that was my day.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trip'n Around El Paso

Where does time go when you're having fun? Got FAP'ed on my satellite dish, so I was off line while they spanked me for downloading too much bandwidth. You would think they know who I am by now and let me use as much bandwidth I want.

Yesterday it rained....and rained....and rained. All the dog poop in the yard got wet, so's now I got to let it dry before I can pick it up and throw over the fence in the neighbors "yonke" yard.

Today, my Canock buddy Louie and I went for a cruise down to Harbor Freight....then Pep Boys...then look'n for a cheap place to eat. We ended up going east about 30 miles or so, just far enough to go through a check point where Louie had to go an tell them he was not a US citizen. Here we go....we gonna be in jail for sure. They checked his passport, driver license...what he had to explain why he had a Texas driver license.....looked him in the eye and lied through his teeth. Anyhows, we drove a few more miles to the top of a hill and low and behold, there was the Guadalupe Mountains way off in the distance. Bout 90 miles away. You did know they are the highest peak in Texas....right?
Came home, ate up a big old pork chop and some watermelon.....what sucked.

Back at the RV park Louie asked me if I was sure the 'mater plant was grow'n. Has he lost his mind. Why sure it's grow'n.

That was all the excitement for yesterday and today. Hope to make a better report tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Maters A Grow'n

Yesterday were just too much for this old body. Woke up this morn'n stiff'ern a board. Drunk me up a pot of strong stuff whiles I was wait'n on that other eye. Laid me back on the couch watch'n t/v and soak'n up on the a/c. I'm begin'n to think get'n old sucks.

Went off to the golf course this afternoon and struck me up a great game of 83....what was much better than I had expected. Hit that golf ball right over them trees just like Tiger Woods would a done if his ball was the same place what mine was. Come this close to getting rained on bout hole 13. The mountains were gone.....in a black cloud....rain com'n down. But it missed old Billy Bob by a couple three miles.

Yep....the mater plant is definitely grow'n. Got a stem working it's way up one side reach'n for the sunshine. Leaves are all green and look'n happy. Maters in 48 days.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tour of El Paso

This morning "old crookit eye" straightened out right on time....bout 8:3oam. For those that don't know bout "old crookit eye", I drop stuff, walk around in crooked parallel lines, bump into stationary items and can't see worth a crap. Was a beautiful morning.

Tour guide Louie "the Canuck" come by right after my nice cool shower and shave. We was headed off to somewhere in El Paso....didn't matter where....just somewhere. Holy cow, we was gone all day. We was in Texas, New Mexico and almost Mexico. Wonderful day.

Made a stop at the local casino where we eat'em up a nice lunch and dropped a few coins in the slots. Thirty minutes after the first spin of the wheels, I done paid for my lunch, the $5 I lost in that other machine and made a cool profit of $2. How bout that??? I were hot!!!

Drove along the river look'n for some freak'n City park....what has a lake....what we found after an hour of searching. I could catch a fish in that lake.

Looks like tomorrow will be a golf day....right down the street bout 5 mile. Gonna hit that golf ball so hard it gonna take a week to find it.

I swear, my mater plant growed today. The one I put in there last night was much smaller. Is it possible???
Still have Terlingua on my mind.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Bummer & A Winner

Yesterday was a "bummer". After my usual 2 hour "get that other eye open", I decided it was time to check that leak. First thing I did was remove the "dog house" cover for the engine. In doing so, my back went "click" and old Billy Bob was on the floor. Took my right leg right out from under me. After checking "stuff" on the engine, I hobbled outside and put my gauge on the low pressure port and low and behold....it had pressure. HUH???? There ain't supposed to be pressure when ya got a leak. Cranked the engine and put the a/c on hi cool and low and behold.....it were cold. New ball game now!!! Oh, by the way, I was a refrigeration mechanic for 30 years before I retired, so I knows a little about what I'm do'n. How bout a hi temp. cut out??? Or a hi press. cut out??? What about them fans....I ain't never hear them run?? Now all I need is some hot weather to check "that" out.
Not only did I hurt my back yesterday...what is better today, I was sick all night long. Ain't gonna tell ya what I ate for lunch......it would make ya sick.
Today I got a very important chore done....before noon. I did my dishes. Well, most of them.
Went off to Home Depot and bought me one them topsy turvy thingys along with a "mater" plant and some dirt. Old Billy Bob gonna be grow'n "der'maters" in his motorhome. Put it all together and then I read instructions. Rather than take it all apart again, we gonna try it like it is. I mean, the roots be in dirt....what more does it need? Gave 'er a drink and hung it up.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Breezy day

With todays winds, I decided I would do something other than work. Had everything ready to go for checking for the location of my refrigerant leak, but the winds began to blow before breakfast. Got the humming bird feeder hung outside that window, but no hummer. Walking across the roof of a motor home, duck'n under tree limps in the wind was a bit nerve racking. Did you notice I said "trees".

Found a cleaning lady here in the park to help remove 6 months of sand, dirt and general cleaning...top to bottom. It's amazing how fast that stuff collects when you let it go.

Ate my last rainbow trout from my trip to Yuma, Az. back in April. It was fun to catch them, and just as much fun to eat them. Yum, Yum!!!

My friend Louie wants to take me to Juarez, but there ain't no way this old feller gonna cross that border. Eight more killed thursday and four more yesterday. Nope, ain't gonna do it.

Gonna be a beautiful day tomorrow, so maybe, just maybe, I'll find that pesky leak.

Friday, May 15, 2009

a sleepless night

Just a bask'n in air conditioned comfort in El Paso, Texas. Believe it or not, I already miss Terlingua and the wide open expanses of the desert....although, El Paso is also desert wasteland, much the same as there.

My first night in El Paso proved to be "a sleepless night". Trucks and cars driving past the R/V park up into the wee hours of the am. A bit warmer at night than down in Terlingua. Used a/c up till about 2 am when it finally shut off.

Weren't an hour after I arrived in El Paso, a lone 'hummer' was look'n in my window. So's tonight, I went to Walmart...only 5 miles...and picked up a nice hummer feeder. Will hang right outside the window he was look'n in. Gotta love them wild animals.

Located a few parts for the motorhome online. That mean I will have to do the work myself....bummer. Hope to find the refrigerant leak on my dash air tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to have it back on line before I head off to Deming, New Mexico in three weeks.

If all goes well, I will have good news tomorrow night when I make my post.
Until then....have a good'ern

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yup It Was

It were just that today...a scorcher. But let me tell ya bout the other day, my second day at Terlingua Ranch. It were 106 in the shade with a scant 2 mph puff of wind every hour or so. But today we had a steady breeze what evaporated what little sweat there was and "air conditioned" my body. That's what them swamp coolers do.

Took a ride down to the Grub Shack for breakfast, a big ole sausage and egg sandwich, and thought maybe see John and Chuck down there. But they were probably both painting containers. They have a standing bet as to who will finish first. The odds are in Chucks favor with only one container, but he has a/c at home....laid back watch'n t/v in the recliner.

Made my way up Ranch Rd to go to the lodge, but when the pavement run out and my poor little Bronco II was cry'n "washboard", I changed plans. Took a couple tour out some other roads that looked like possible "homesteads", but as usual, found nothing I was interested in. Where's all the trees, creeks and cool???

Well I have decided to hook up stakes and head for El Paso for some repairs on my motorhome.
Good bye for now Terlingua Texas. "I'll be back"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Down And Out

Whoa.....didn't feel worth a crap all day. Musta been something I ate last night....like that old nasty smell'n chicken. But I rekon a little water in my system wouldn't hurt....even though I don't like water. So I drunk sum anyhows....this afternoon.
Practiced "retirement" today....all day. Just layed around and did nothing. In fact, I practiced so hard I got tired and had to lay down and take a long nap. Spent a coupl'a four hours on the internet look'n at wind generators.....I can build one them things. But where would I put it on a motor home?
Had to crank up the a/c for a spell this afternoon. It were blister'n hot and not a whisper of wind. So what if I used a couple gallons of gasoline.....I was cool. Tomorrow gonna be another scorcher.....can hardly wait.
That was the rest of the story.....

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Trying Day

Well, first off, it didn't rain at my house. I told ya so when I seed them stars. Now tonight may be a different story, but you'll never know till tomorrow night when I makes me post.
Got up bright an early again this morn'n....lol...8am. What is it with this climate that makes ya sleep all day. Skipped my breakfast, but drunk me up 2 pots of coffee before I got that other eye to work'n like it sposed to.
Loaded the dogs in the Bronco, along with a bunch of dirty clothes and headed off to town. Holy Cows, $2.00 a load fer a washer and $2.00 to dry 'em. Now I know why all the locals wear dirty clothes....just kidding locals. But that's what I would do.
Made another trip out to Johns place just to shoot the breeze and see if he done any work. Bout all I seen was he had moved his solar oven and had a little chicken buzzard in there with spices all over it.

Got my first close up with the Longhorns....I mean close up. I stopped to wait for a whole herd to get out my way and jumped out with my camera to get a few good shots. Didn't get many 'cause here they come right up to me look'n for a handout. They was want'n something to eat. Hey cows, I ain't John ya know.
Anyhows, these big ole cows was tell'n me to either get in the car or give them some vittles. What do you expect "Old Billy Bob" did???

At the Field Lab, I run round the place with my camera shoot'n anything that didn't move. Then sat on the veranda jaw'n with John, when up the driveway comes that whole herd of Longhorns. John gatherted up an bucket of vittles...snacks and drove off to the end of the drive. It weren't no time until up the drive come one them longhorn...Benita I think John called her.
Now what ya think bout that???

That was my exciting day...until I got back to camp. Put out the awning and weren't no time the winds said..."put it back up"....what I did. Was thunder, light'n and all kinds of clouds, but no rain at Billy Bobs camp. See....I told ya so!!!
Until tomorrow......

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Storms a Brew'n

Got up early (8am). What a beautiful morning it was. Don't know what the temp was, but I know it was someares bout 70 deg. Spent the day mostly sleeping since there was nothing else to do.....cept'n fer da dishes. Sat outside and watched a couple birds look'n for food, so I opened a can of corn for them. Should'a gave them bread 'cause they never touched the corn. But I bet ya it will be all gone in the morning.
John Wells stopped by to see the dogs this afternoon while he was out delivering fresh baked bread from his solar oven. I didn't get any.

Bout supper time I seen these clouds making their way to Billy Bobs camp....probably gonna drop a lake right outside my door.
Weren't but an hour later and here comes the winds, blow'n stuff everywhere. Decided maybe I might oughter put up the awning....what I did. Then off to the north I sees bunches of lighting......it gonna rain. If I see stars, how it gonna rain?

Didn't feel worth a crap all day after I ate some pancakes for breakfast. Maybe I better lay off the cakes for a spell and eat sum greasy bacon, eggs and fried taters. Ya know greasy bacon ain't good for ya....but it sure is gooood.

Tomorrow should be laundry day if'n I get up early. If it don't rain, I may run out to Johns spread and watch him paint. I might even help him....but it ain't likely. With my schedule as it is, I hope I have time before it gets dark city.

I'm out of here till tomorrow....have a good'n.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tour of The Field Lab

Got up bright and early this morning.....like 7am if you call that early. Fired up the Onan and brewed up a fresh pot of coffee while I pondered the idea of taking all my filthy clothes to the laundry in Terlingua. That was it....just pondered the idea, but I did take a ride to town. I think they was closed except for Kathie's little snack shack....what had people sell'n stuff and eat'n up a storm. Got gas at the Fina....my God...$2.69 a gallon. I was skeered to ask how much water was.
On the way back, there was this feller standing in the middle of the road waving his arms for me to stop. It were Chuck, what scared hell out of me the night before. There sat the whole crew, Chuck, Aunt Kathy, them other folks and John Wells.
We sit around and "chewed" for a while and then I followed John out to his Field Lab for a standard grand tour. The man has got all his "maters" in one basket. Very nice set up. Seen all them longhorns just waiting at the end of his drive for him to come home. One great big ole one....musta weighed 2000 pounds soak'n wet and a spread of 8 feets. Don't be mess'n with Johns herd....they big.
Then just like that, I was back at Kathleens R/V Resort. Ate me up some grub and took a long nap. When I waked up, I hear my awning mak'n noise. The winds was blow'n and dirt was fly'n. Put in a couple anchors and all was well. Then I hears this thunder'n sound off to the south. A storms a brew'n....I can see it now. Wake up tomorrow morn'n to a lake outside my door and mud everywhere. Na....never happen to a nice guy like me.
Pics??? You want pics? Well I plumb forgot to take any. Next time....I promise.
Until next time, this is old Billy Bob signing off.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hot Day In The Desert

Holy Cowz was it ever hot today. 106 deg at 2pm....can you believe that?
Slept so good last night that I forgot to get up this morning. Missed going to the Grub Shack for a bite and meet up with Chuck and John.
It was so hot today that even Lug Nut refused to go rabbit hunt'n. That's unusual for him to lay around all day and whin'n bout how hot it was.
LOL....Chuck just came by to check up on me and scared hell out of me. I were sit'n here concentrat'n on what to write and someone yelled "BILL" right outside my open window. He brung his wife, Aunt Kathy and a couple other people....but I don't know them either.
Well shoot....there's nothing else to write about tonight, so's I'm gonna put this in the mail.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Terlingua Camping

After a few days of traveling I-10 just to stay at a State Park to do a little fishing, other arrangements were made. Didn't like the State Park, so here I am in Terlingua Ranch camp'n out under the moon and stars.
Pulled into Kathleen's RV Park at 5pm and 101 degs. Set up all my "stuff" and had a pork chop and tomato for dinner. It was still 95 degs at 8pm.
A feller by the name of Chuck come by to welcome me....how the hell did he know I was com'n to camp out for a couple weeks.
Gonna try my luck early in the morning to meet up with John Wells, from The Field Lab, at the Grub Shack.
I heared a critter.....javelina????
That all I have to say bout that!!!

Catch Up

Break'n Camp
Tuesday 4-5-09
Yesterday was just another day. Spent some time think'n bout what I gonna do. It's 900 miles to St. Louis and 1200 miles from there to Deming. Not sure I want that many miles with the way I have been feeling. Pretty much decided to just head west to Terlingua and look at some property, but then again, it's out in the middle of no where....and hot.

Campground Billy Bob
Sunday 4-3-09
All is well in the campground. Angela and grandkids slept in the tent and Old Billy Bob slept in da house.
Up early to the barking of a dog....Oscar. Angela let him out early to do business and he was talk'n to the neighbors..."Hey, git up...the sun is shin'n". By 8am, everyone was up whin'n bout the pesky skeeters. Matt arrived safe and sound around 9am and began taking down the tent and round'n up their gear.....supposed to rain....very soon. But it never did.

Da Keys Are In Da Car
Saturday 4-2-09
Got up early this morning when my trusty alarm went off. It were Lug Nut pok'n me with his cold nose want'n outside to pee.
The kids will be here later this afternoon to put up a tent and "camp". This is gonna be funny. Kind of like watch'n Mexican TV...ya know what's go'n on....just don't understand how or why.

Update....Kids arrived about 4pm...the wild bunch. Matt set up the tent just like a pro....but it took him a while to figure out them colored hoop thingys. Then he build a real nice campfire. Never figgered the boy had it in him. After I found out he was a boy scout up till he was 24 years old, I figgered he was a campfire pro also. Good job Matt.
Then wouldn't ya know it, the keys got locked in the car....and of course, the other set was at home in the jewery box....duh!!! Watch'n Matt shimmy behind the wheel of my little Bronco II kind'a put a grin on my face. Will let ya know tomorrow if'n he made it home to retreive the spare keys.
Angela and the grandkids bed'ed down at 10:30pm. Wheewww!!! I need a break from all this excitement. Too bad poor Matt had to go home to work. He's a hoot.
Forgot all about the cake I made today. Guess what we gonna have for breakfast....pineapple upside down cake.

Skeeter Farm
Friday 5-1-09
My God....did ya see that skeeter bug? There's gazillions of them...everywhere...eat'n anything that moves. Sprayed me....sprayed the dogs, sprayed the ground and they still here....big suckers.
Nathan got sick with a fever.....lucky not the "swine" flu. Sorry Olama, but it's called SWINE flu...pigs....oinkers....pork chops.
The campground filled up by 8pm with pop ups, 5ers and a few motorhomes. Kids and dogs everywhere.

Golf Gods
Thursday 4-30-09
What started off to be a terrible day, turned out to be just perfect.
By 9am, when darling daughter was to show up for the day, this old body was feel'n like crap. Called dear daughter to postpone our visit till later....like tomorrow.
Cooked me up a couple big 'o pancakes, along with another pot of coffee. Out of nowhere I hear this voice calling. It were the "golf Gods" speak'n to me...."Billy Bob....Yo Billy Bob....if'n ya go swack some golf balls, ya gonna feel better". Since I never doubt the word of the Golf Gods, I headed for the golf course. Wonderful...absolutely wonderful game. Struck an 85.
Took me a short nap just to make sure I didn't over exert myself with all the chores I had intended to do. After my nap, all them chores were just ambicious (?) dreams....cept for one. Pulled out the dog clippers and did a number on Sadie Mae. Took a couple hours counting a few breaks. Sadie is happy and I'm happy.

Wore Slap Out
Wed. 4-29-09
After a good nights sleep, I was awakened by Lug Nut the "alarm clock dog" at precisely 6:30am.
Decided I may as well stay up since it was a beautiful look'n morning and I had a gazillion things I wanted to do today. Yeah right!!!!!
Waited all day for my darling daughter Angela to call. At 4:30 I decided if I was going to eat today, I need to do something NOW. Fired up the grill and cooked me up some rib tips and taters. Was just finished eating when Angela and grandkids (Katelynn, Nathan and Hanna)showed up. They was hav'n Subway for dinner. (pics) Had a wonderful visit even though I was feel'n my usual self...."am I gonna die today?" Don't ever have open heart surgery unless it's absolutely necessary.
After a couple hours of watching young grandkids kids run'n round like little banshees, I was wore slap out.

Three Hour Road Trip
Tuesday 4-28-09
Didn't take Old Billy Bob long to pick up stakes and leave Lake Texoma State Park. I knowed I was low on propane, so's I left early for to go look'n for some to put in my tank. Didn't take long after I stopped and asked at a truck stop. Just up the road a piece....Shady Oaks RV Park....nice look'n park, but HOLY COWS....$2.98 a gallon for propane????
Was all up hill from then on. Turn here and turn there...turn again and again and I'm there. Damn them maps are cool when ya don't know how to get there.
Arrived at Steven F. Austin State Park right at 1pm. Took three trips around the campground before I decided on a spot. Went back to the check in place and paid my dues to the nice counter lady....for a week.
Just in case ya didn't know, there is a golf course right next door. Just had to go play a round...in the rain.....just a sprinkle every once in a while. Since it had rained kitty puppies and doggie puppies before I got here, the course had way too many water hazards in the middle of the fareways. Only lost one golf ball 'cause I can't hit it that far......right in the bottom of a big gully....with water in it...and weeds...and snakes....and critter eyeballs look'n at me. I ain't go'n down there for a 50 cent golf ball. Struck a 91 what was better than I had expected with the conditions as they were......wet.
Back at camp, I layed back in one my old raggidy chairs and relaxed. Yes, this is the life.

What The Hell Was That
Monday 4-27-09
Was lay'n in bed this morn'n bout 5:30am and I hear this God awlful sound what waked me up right quick. I were think'n I was in truck stop somewhere. Weren't nuttin but a big diesel thash truck with "cherry bombs"...glass pacs...straight pipes... slam'n and bang'n a dumpster up and down. He were pick it up, then slam it to the ground bout 10 times. I rekon to scare any raccons out before he turned it upside down in the mouth of that trash truck.

Ain't no sunshine again this morning. Only clouds, wind and now here come some rain. How I gonna catch a fish in the rain???

Update.....is that sunshine??? Sure nuff is. Maybe gonna have a nice day after all. I'm go'n fish'n.

Update....yeah it was sunshine alright, but not for very long. Weren't 10 minates after I started fish'n, it started rain'n. Now there are tormado warnings just a few miles north of here and headed this way.

Blow'n Wind
Sunday 4-26-09

Packed up and left the island via the ferry to Walmart in Aransas Pass...Texas that is. Weren't nothing but a little breeze out the southeast, so I were sav'n gas. After 2 hours camping in the Walmart parking lot, tak'n up 6 parking spaces, I was ready to hit the road again.

Now, let me tell ya bout blow'n wind. By now the winds had picked up a bit, but they were still behind me for the next 10 miles....until the freak'n road turned due east....right into the wind. Bout another 20 miles, all hell broke loose. It were blow'n a gale and I was going right into it for the next 100 miles....blow'n all over the road. Keeping a 35 foot motor home towing a "toad" with 300 mph winds slam'n ya from the side and front ain't no easy task.

I knowed I weren't gonna make it to Houston like this, so I pulled off at the first State park I could find. Lake Texoma State Park. Since fishing is free (no license required) in Texas State parks, I signed up for a 2 day tour. Ok fishies....look out, here come Old Billy Bob with his fish pole.

Backed "Sally", right into site number 131....bout 100 yards, from the lake and all them fish's I'm gonna catch. First thing I see is a bunch of deer laying in the yard....bout 6 or 8 of um. Lug Nut started shak'n and whin'n....that's what he does when he sees a wild animal. Sadie Mae just sat there eat'n grass and then puk'n all over the yard. The nice lady what checked me in said to keep a look out for raccoons in the dumpsters (see above). Did I mention the alligators and rattlesnakes???
Hmmmm, Maybe I should put out some food and get me a good close range shot at one....snapshot...sheesh!!!

"That's all I have to say bout that" until something happens.....like catch a fish.