Friday, May 29, 2009

El Paso...burned out

Today was just another typical day in the desert. Beautiful as usual and not hot.....whoop'eeee!

Made a Walmart run for groceries and some more forks, but forgot the forks. But since I washed dishes yesterday, I have enough forks to last for another week or more. Get the picture???

Will be pulling out of El Paso in a week or 10 days back to boring Deming, NM. But getting back will be a treat from the Big City traffic jams and long lines. I can't see living here in El Paso on a permanent basis. Just way too many people and way too much "hustle & bustle". Give me the wide open spaces, 25 miles to Walmart and 1/2 mile to my nearest neighbor. Somewhere in the desert and mountain views. That would work. Anyone know of a place like that???

Been beat'n my head on the walls trying to decide what to do about this digital tv deal. Found an advertisement for one year of Dish Network for $9.99 a month. Found a new digital ready tv at Walmart for $300. Found a digital converter box at Camping World for $66. Bang, bang, bang head on wall. Now they say we need to replace our antennas to receive good digital reception.....sheesh. Who gets all the profit from this mandatory change??? I think it's all BULL stuff!!!


  1. I too dont know what to do about the new TV digital era coming up. In Del Rio you have to have cable or you have a blank TV. In Houston there are a ton of free channels so I dont have to fork out for cable but I am afraid to buy a new HD ready one for fear my house will be broken into again.

    Got a converter box at Target for $5.00 after I used my $40.00 coupon. Only problem is I cant move the tv to get to the back to connect the box, lol.

  2. I can't believe you don't have one of the boxes yet. I got mine when they first released the coupons waaay back when. It is a real simple set up.. Just do it, or give of on TV, IMHO< do not go with satellite,

  3. Ben, I've opted out of getting the box all this time due to the areas I travel, where if I pick up one English speaking station, I am lucky. Living in a motor home complicates the problem further of where am I gonna put a "box"?
    Why not satellite? LOL...another "box".

  4. zi picked up a little thingie that uses USB port on the computer. copy this link.. http://www.sabrent.com/#itemID=159&section=Product&itemName=TV%20TUNERS

    Works like a champ..