Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lost in El Paso

Got up bright and early this morning and prepared myself for a hard day on the streets of El Paso.
Cranked up the old Bronco II only to hear it miss'n and sputter'n. Ha, so what's new? Popped the hood and grabed hold that distributer thingy and gave her a twist to the advance side. Whoa.....too far. When it sounded prurty good, I were done. How sweet it is.
First place I went was to the auto parts store since I knew where it was located.....just down the road bout 4 miles. Was there in no time flat, run'n smooth as a silk head piller. Got me a brand new set of spark plugs, what I might put in in the next couple weeks.

After that, it was all down hill for the next two hours try'n to figure out where I were. Found the "smoke" shop after I was almost in Mexico, but then, I done lost the street I got there on. So's I followed the one I was on. Big mistake. Anyhows, I made a 20 mile circle right around where I wanted to go. Put a hundred mile on that little Bronco II just to go 20 miles. LOL.....funny now!!!

Well, the bees ate up all the sugar water in the pan and in the hummer feeder. Poor little hummer been fight'n them bees ever since they, the bees, found a good place to eat.
Guess I'll just start a bee farm....can ya eat bees?

So proud of my mater plant. Growed another inch or two over night. Gonna give it some liquid neutrition tonight. By the time I get back to Deming, it should have a few little flower thingys on it. Then.....real honest to goodness maters. Can hardly wait.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you went for a long ride today, lol.

    I laughed so hard when I read:
    "Got me a brand new set of spark plugs, what I might put in in the next couple weeks." I take it you are a procrastinator?

    Like I said before at least you have mechanical abilities, I have to call AAA or take it to my local mechanic.