Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tour of The Field Lab

Got up bright and early this morning.....like 7am if you call that early. Fired up the Onan and brewed up a fresh pot of coffee while I pondered the idea of taking all my filthy clothes to the laundry in Terlingua. That was it....just pondered the idea, but I did take a ride to town. I think they was closed except for Kathie's little snack shack....what had people sell'n stuff and eat'n up a storm. Got gas at the Fina....my God...$2.69 a gallon. I was skeered to ask how much water was.
On the way back, there was this feller standing in the middle of the road waving his arms for me to stop. It were Chuck, what scared hell out of me the night before. There sat the whole crew, Chuck, Aunt Kathy, them other folks and John Wells.
We sit around and "chewed" for a while and then I followed John out to his Field Lab for a standard grand tour. The man has got all his "maters" in one basket. Very nice set up. Seen all them longhorns just waiting at the end of his drive for him to come home. One great big ole one....musta weighed 2000 pounds soak'n wet and a spread of 8 feets. Don't be mess'n with Johns herd....they big.
Then just like that, I was back at Kathleens R/V Resort. Ate me up some grub and took a long nap. When I waked up, I hear my awning mak'n noise. The winds was blow'n and dirt was fly'n. Put in a couple anchors and all was well. Then I hears this thunder'n sound off to the south. A storms a brew'n....I can see it now. Wake up tomorrow morn'n to a lake outside my door and mud everywhere. Na....never happen to a nice guy like me.
Pics??? You want pics? Well I plumb forgot to take any. Next time....I promise.
Until next time, this is old Billy Bob signing off.

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