Friday, May 15, 2009

a sleepless night

Just a bask'n in air conditioned comfort in El Paso, Texas. Believe it or not, I already miss Terlingua and the wide open expanses of the desert....although, El Paso is also desert wasteland, much the same as there.

My first night in El Paso proved to be "a sleepless night". Trucks and cars driving past the R/V park up into the wee hours of the am. A bit warmer at night than down in Terlingua. Used a/c up till about 2 am when it finally shut off.

Weren't an hour after I arrived in El Paso, a lone 'hummer' was look'n in my window. So's tonight, I went to Walmart...only 5 miles...and picked up a nice hummer feeder. Will hang right outside the window he was look'n in. Gotta love them wild animals.

Located a few parts for the motorhome online. That mean I will have to do the work myself....bummer. Hope to find the refrigerant leak on my dash air tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to have it back on line before I head off to Deming, New Mexico in three weeks.

If all goes well, I will have good news tomorrow night when I make my post.
Until then....have a good'ern


  1. Well at least you can fix your own RV if push come to shove. Having mechanical skills is a great way to save money, wish I had some of those.

    Have a great time in El Paso but whatever you do DONT GO TO JUAREZ!!!

  2. glad you made it to El Paso ok

    Was glad to hear you made it to El Paso without any trouble.
    May all you troubles be "little Ones" LOL
    in hot Baltimoe