Sunday, May 31, 2009

Who took my yesterday

Can ya believe it? Today is the last day. No silly, not THE last day... but this last day of May. How time flies.

Yesterday come and went, just like that...pooof and it was gone. But it wasn't an entirely wasted day when you consider all the things you want to do...."thinking" you know, is a very tiring and strenuous endeavor. And that's what I do best. If I did everything yesterday that I though about doing, I would have not one thing to do today. Then I would be writing the same thing tomorrow about today. Makes sense to me.

One of my biggest thoughts yesterday was "now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? It's not so much what ya gonna do, but what CAN you do? Can ya still run a mile? Well hell no....are ya nuts? Can ya still do a hundred push ups? LOL.....push this. Can ya still work a 8 hour day? Work ?....8 hour day ?....what are you think'n? Yep, get'n old sucks.

I have a say'n I made up many years ago, "to let a dream die, is to die inside". And I been a dreamer from when I were a young tot. All them dreams have been fulfilled beyond expectations, 'cept'n for one. My shack.

You may ask what "my shack" means...well, let me tell ya. It's no bigger than a place to put a bed, a sink, an old timey cook stove, that old pot belly stove I've always wanted and a 54 inch hi definition flat screen hang'n on the wall...LOL...just kidding. Well, I screwed up that idea when I bought this brand new high dollar motor home. But like my oldest, maybe not wisest, son says to my...."you got your shack" on wheels. So now, what ya gonna do Billy Bob? Gonna leave it at that for today.

It's another beautiful morning in El Paso. Was right on 65 degs when I rolled out of bed and the sun was just peep'n over the horizon. Had just a sprinkle of rain last night....just enough to wet down the front seat on my little Bronco II. Why do I leave the window open know'n there's cats in the area? Speak'n of cats, did I ever tell ya bout the time....Mikey had come to the age. That big boy "marked" everything...bushes, the box of cactus intended as a gift, trash cans, poor Boudreaux's dog dish, steering wheels and of course my brand new shoes. He were "ripe".

More later!!!

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  1. like my oldest, maybe not wisest, son says to my...."you got your shack" on wheels.

    I agree with your son. So where are you going to park your "shack" now? Will you stay in NM or will you return to Terlingua for the summer?

    Love to hear more about Mikey, I love cats...