Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Maters A Grow'n

Yesterday were just too much for this old body. Woke up this morn'n stiff'ern a board. Drunk me up a pot of strong stuff whiles I was wait'n on that other eye. Laid me back on the couch watch'n t/v and soak'n up on the a/c. I'm begin'n to think get'n old sucks.

Went off to the golf course this afternoon and struck me up a great game of 83....what was much better than I had expected. Hit that golf ball right over them trees just like Tiger Woods would a done if his ball was the same place what mine was. Come this close to getting rained on bout hole 13. The mountains were gone.....in a black cloud....rain com'n down. But it missed old Billy Bob by a couple three miles.

Yep....the mater plant is definitely grow'n. Got a stem working it's way up one side reach'n for the sunshine. Leaves are all green and look'n happy. Maters in 48 days.


  1. What type mater plant are you growing want to get one going myself but unsure?
    glad you had a good day yesterday.

  2. Don't know what type it is, but it is supposed to produce in 50 days and is a medium size....I throwed the instructions away...LOL.

  3. Sounds like something I would do.lol
    I was just thinking about size of "maters" if they would fall off.
    am going to try cherry tomatoes

  4. That topsy turvy is all the rage everyone seems to be buying them. Looking forward to seeing how yours turn out.

    Glad you had a good golf game. I took a golf class in college cause I figured it would be easy (little did I know)...never managed to hit that ball very far. I got a C in the class but I really deserved an F, I guess the teacher felt sorry for me, lol!!